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Watford 1 Newcastle United 1 (13/05/07) 14/05/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Match reports.

The final one-word match report of the season is:



1. david c. (watford) - 14/05/2007

Got flagged (the big one being passed around before KO) in The Moon over the Water by The Toon Army at lunchtime but didn’t mind because you just have to admire their passionate support.

I enjoyed hearing the Reds sing “you’ll never walk alone” , the Pompey chimes & even the (cheating) Hammers’ bubbles.

Can’t wait for them all to come back again. Bring it on!

2. Dave - 14/05/2007


3. Apperley 'Orn - 14/05/2007

Good bloody riddance to all that nonsense. I no longer have to endure the smug, smirk-ridden boat races of those muppets Linekar and Lawrenson.

Oh, and I may even be able to justify spending money on going to a game or two next year as I won’t need to remortgage the house to do so!

Why was I so excited at the prospect of NOT NOT football this time last year? Must be something funny in the Cardiff air…

4. Nick Gibb - 14/05/2007

ALittleLessConversationALittleMoreAction (next year please Aidy)

5. Marky C - 14/05/2007


Still it was good send off for both Ben & Alec and fair play to the Geordie fans stayed to clap our boys as they went round the pitch – it’s good to see that there are some fans out there who I guess appreciate that a smaller team can make it to the top league now and again without shedloads of cash to spend. Only 3 months til we start again!

6. terminaleyes - 15/05/2007

Thank god the PremierBore is over and we can get back to proper fans supporting proper teams.

PremierBore, over hyped, over priced and over.

7. Ralph - 17/05/2007

A truly awful season.They couldnt even organise the lap of honour properly!

8. hornetboy84 - 31/05/2007

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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