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Wolverhampton Wanderers 1 Watford 2 (11/08/2007) 13/08/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Five thunks from Wolves:

 1- Set piece delivery (except that one).  Good grief.  Any scope for signing Peter Kennedy back from Portadown in a specialist role?  We could maybe pay him in Guinness…

2- Marlon. Balls of steel.  But suddenly I’m wishing away the rest of August.

3- Doris, Kabba and Shittu all involved on the first day of the season.  Who’d have thought it?

4- Jay Bothroyd.  Hilarious.

5- Darren Ward.  That’s twice in two encounters that Marlon’s made you look like a muppet.  Why not return to the Vic in February dressed as a bog-eyed frog and save him the trouble?



1. Mark - 13/08/2007

Excellent win!

Thought we deserved a least a draw and well its good to have some luck back.

2. Tim Perkins - 13/08/2007

Darren Ward. Always quite rated him at the Vic. But bejeezus he’s gone wobbly since he left. Opening day candidate for an unopposed nomination into the “Hall of Arse..”

Just hope Marlon is around in February to turn him inside out and upside down, again.

3. Kris - 13/08/2007

I can’t believe what a fantastic opening day. We come back to win at Molineux and ALL of our closest rivals for promotion drop points.

Kabba has even stoppen flailing his arms and got down to business – who knows – the striker to excite us all may end up being him.

4. Barry - 13/08/2007

What a fantastic start to season, or just pure luck, who cares either way. Shittu was immense, Doris made me regret calling him every name under the sun at Anfield last season, Marlon was just Marlon, but my day was made more special by Darren Potter, he may not remember his old geography teacher, but I certainly remember him, so Darren, cheers for the foul that led to Jordan Stewarts free kick, and that deflection to take it past your keeper! He still might not know all the continents of the world, but he made my day on Saturday.

5. Dan Roe - 14/08/2007

Agree with you on all points, really. Slightly reassuring to hear Betty saying after the game that he was well aware how terrible the set-piece deliveries had been. Honestly, we might as well have been wearing stockings over our heads because three points from that game was daylight robbery.

Really liked what I saw from McEnuff, but the other wing is still a problem. Tommy Smith’s only discernable skill is running really fast in a straight line. And we’re still a striker light.

6. himji - 14/08/2007

Good match and a great result (of course).

wondering what the thoughts on Poom are? I know he’s not Foster but I’m sure Foster would have leapt at the ball (the goal they scored) rather then what Poom did which was go for it, bottle it and then go in with his legs (which will never win him the ball).

He didn’t really get to do much else as our defense was so good (and thier attack was so poor).

Also, we really are missing AY as he was out Deadball specialist 😦 I wonder if Williamson can step up to the MArk, Aidy seems to think he can, maybe he will start to shine as he get’s experience

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