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Watford 1 Blackpool 1 (28/09/2007) 30/09/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Five Thunks from Blackpool

1- We looked ragged and scruffy.  This is a bad thing.

2- For the third home fixture running we played a side who passed the ball well and created next to nothing.  This is a good thing.

3- Jobi McAnuff came on with a rocket up his backside.  Oh for such competition in central midfield.

4- Big Doris would never have been subbed on the merit of his performance.  But Marlon needs to be The Man.  And needs a goal…

5- If we can be so far off our game against a confident side and still create a hatful of chances, we’re doing something right.


Q.P.R. 1 Watford 1 (22/09/2007) (again) 25/09/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Match reports.

Tell you what, though: cracking game of football. In itself, without all of that stuff. Cracking.

Last week’s spectacular, improbable comeback against Southampton is the one you’ll remember, I imagine, when you look back from wherever we’ve ended up in May. But it was office daydream football: last kick winners, terrace cult heroes coming good, dizzy celebration all around. And willing opponents, worthy of a share if only for ambition. All amid sunshine and shirtsleeves, sure sign that the season has yet to truly begin.

This, on the other hand…a proper scrap, frantic and angry and engrossing. Penned in by Loftus Road’s four walls, it cannoned around with rude energy and raw urgency, lost in its own little world. No, it wasn’t very pretty. In large part, it wasn’t even very good. It didn’t half make you feel alive, though….

Naturally, you might be more concerned with how we should be doing in These Fixtures against These Opponents, with points targets and league positions and all of that palaver. Seems like a dreary existence to me, I have to say. Seems like you might’ve started to think that there’s nothing more to this season than its conclusion, a be-all-and-end-all. An all-engulfing expectation.

Don’t let that happen, eh? Because it’d be an awful shame if we didn’t enjoy the journey. Up there, football is rarely this pure, this essential. Rarely this bloody competitive, which is surely the point of it all. This is a division yet to be ruined by money…although we’re playing our part in its gradual demise, multi-million pound substitutes and all. It’s more than just a waiting room, this place.

We didn’t play well on Saturday. It wasn’t your armchair fan’s idea of a decent game. But you still got to see Adam Johnson continuing to find his evidently gifted feet. You still had that brutal clash between Darius Henderson and Danny Cullip, the latter very much the winner on points. You still had Gareth Ainsworth in all of his erratic, scraggly glory. Above all, you still had a game that swung beautifully between two thoroughly committed sides, then left both sets of fans with plenty to chew over on the way home.

Me, I’m in no hurry. Last season was long enough, thanks. This one…well, it’s only just begun.

Q.P.R. 1 Watford 1 (22/09/2007) 23/09/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Five Thunks from Loftus Road…

1- Worrying that we got so ragged and desperate when a man to the good.

2- Good job QPR’s strikers can’t shoot.

3- There can’t be many players who contribute as much as Marlon is when they are off their game.

4- Danny Cullip hasn’t mellowed with age.

5- Four points from two away games isn’t half bad.

Watford 3 Southampton 2 (15/09/2007) 18/09/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

With apologies for tardiness, to Markymark in particular, five thunks from Southampton.

1- Jordan.  Magnificent.  His slide into the far post towards Smith’s cross was almost a “Robbo vs Charlton” moment.

2- Who do you play up front?  Seriously?

3- I make that 14 goals and four wins in our last four at home against Southampton?  Can we play you every week, etc.

4- That Jhon Viafara’s a bit of a bastard isn’t he?  Wouldn’t mind him being our bastard, mind.

5- Kelvin Davis.  As predictable as Corn Flakes.

Watford 2 Ipswich Town 0 (01/09/2007) 03/09/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Five thunks from Ipswich

1- Early goals are kinda handy in setting a positive tone… might have been a bit edgier otherwise.

2- The Duke looks a lot of fun

3- Doris knows when a ref is going to let him get away with murder…

4- Lloyd Doyleee.  Quite splendid.

5- Ipswich.  Graceless and whiny, as ever.  Before you can deserve anything from a game, you need to have a shot chaps.