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Watford 2 Ipswich Town 0 (01/09/2007) 03/09/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Five thunks from Ipswich

1- Early goals are kinda handy in setting a positive tone… might have been a bit edgier otherwise.

2- The Duke looks a lot of fun

3- Doris knows when a ref is going to let him get away with murder…

4- Lloyd Doyleee.  Quite splendid.

5- Ipswich.  Graceless and whiny, as ever.  Before you can deserve anything from a game, you need to have a shot chaps.


1. MattB - 03/09/2007

I’m liking the “only commenting on Watford wins” approach…

2. Matt Rowson - 03/09/2007

🙂 Only commenting on matches I’ve seen, to be specific.

3. Tim Turner - 03/09/2007

I’m glad to see someone else noticed Lloyd Doyley’s magisterial performance, marred only by a couple of slices into the stand near the end. He’s getting more involved in the attacks this season while remaining rock-solid at the back. A true star. (And in this age of Baby Bentleys and the like, isn’t it rather sweet that Lloyd’s only just got round to taking his driving test, as revealed the other week?)

4. stephen hoffman - 03/09/2007

henderson got elbowed in that game — the ref did nothing . the ref was a joke especially towards henderson .henderson was kicked , blatantly elbowed ,and sandwiched loads –and what did the ref do nothing .

henderson on the other hand was penalised for backing in , when most of the time he didn’t .

5. Matt Rowson - 03/09/2007

I think Doris gave as good as he got Stephen… as soon as he cottoned that the ref didn’t have a clue he was in with the little shoves as he was about to go up for a header and so forth. I’m not knocking him – as you say, it’s not as if he’s not getting treatment himself. But I don’t think he was an innocent victim in Saturday’s encounter, rather a wholehearted participant in a game whose rules had changed…

6. Dave Jackson - 03/09/2007

Didn’t Marlon seem to perk up once The Duke came on. Looked like they were determined to make the partnership work from the start. Very encouraging, and very exciting.

7. Simon - 03/09/2007

I like Henderson’s physical approach and there’s no doubt he must be a horror show to play against as a centre half but the reaction of many in the crowd to the battering he takes (ie he never gets any protection etc… etc…) has always mystified me somewhat. Given his talents (nice touch and everything at times but the biggest asset he has is his physique and his ability to use it) it’s very much in his interests to make the game a battle and he does it very well.

It’s worth taking the opportunity next time we play to watch only him for ten minutes (whether or not he has the ball) because he’s evil on occasions and he absolutely loves it. As I say, I’m all for it but I’m not going to be shedding any tears for the big man when he gets kicked in the air form time to time.

On the topic of watching only certain players for periods of the game, it’s also worth doing the same for the midfield duo as you suddenly find out exactly how much work Gavin Mahon gets through. He may not be pretty to watch and he’s certainly far from perfect but he’s the sort of player you only ever notice once he’s gone.

8. Markymark - 03/09/2007

Welcome the “Duke”! He looked good when he came on and even in only 20 minutes he and MK showed that they could indeed become a potent strike-force with some interplay.

9. Adam J - 03/09/2007

Doyley was definately the MotM. Rock solid, great performance. I was surprised when he was ahead of Mariappa at the start of the season but I’m so glad he’s come good again. I really hope he scores, can you imagine the celebration! Hmmm…

10. Tops - 04/09/2007

On the subject of Mahon, he has become such a target that you feel large sections of the crowd are willing him to make what they consider to be a mistake. Every time he breaks up opposition play, tracks the spare man into our box, controls the ball and spreads it wide, the boo-boys don’t see it, but as soon as he makes one misplaced pass everybody leaps out of their seats to shout abuse at him.

I don’t think even Gav’s biggest fan would suggest he is the long-term answer if we are indeed aiming for the Prem – he is too slow and his passing is too limited for that level – but we are a much, much better team with him in it. When he plays well, we play well.

So in short, boo-boys, cut it out!

11. Holly - 06/09/2007

Mahon has lost the confidence of the crowd, he often attempts things he is not capable of, he should keep it simple. Unfortuneatly for him, his good things go unnoticed, for example Marlon makes a mistake and its ‘unlucky’, Mahon makes same mistake and its ‘get off the pitch’.

Gavin is in his last year of contract, I dont think he will be offered a new deal, so I expect him to leave at Xmas for a nominal fee, probably to Walsall or someone near his homeland. He has been a great servant to the club, but if we are to gain promotion then stay there for more than a season, we have to play ‘Prem’ish’ potential players. Personally I think Francis when fit with Williamson ‘what a player !!!’ will be a great engine room. Not sure about Williams, Bangura appears to have dropped down the order, but a solid holding midfielder if a little rash. Santiago has been brought in, I think he will be a total flop or within 18 months be worth £5M plus …….. but I understand that he is little risk to Watford’s finances so gotta try these people out.

Hoskins out on loan this week, plus maybe a few of the youngsters, I hope we can bring in a decent winger on loan and probably a left back with Parkes out ……..

12. Meldrew - 06/09/2007

Do you have inside knowledge about Hoskins then?

13. Adam J - 10/09/2007

Why the change in colour? It got me all confused. Easily done I know, but still…

14. Ralph (Stratfordonavon'orn) - 11/09/2007

Tops, you ARE Gavins biggest fan!

15. Tops - 17/09/2007

Too true, Ralph. If only it were not so…

16. Markymark - 18/09/2007

Com,e on! wheres the Saints comments etc?

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