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Watford 3 Southampton 2 (15/09/2007) 18/09/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

With apologies for tardiness, to Markymark in particular, five thunks from Southampton.

1- Jordan.  Magnificent.  His slide into the far post towards Smith’s cross was almost a “Robbo vs Charlton” moment.

2- Who do you play up front?  Seriously?

3- I make that 14 goals and four wins in our last four at home against Southampton?  Can we play you every week, etc.

4- That Jhon Viafara’s a bit of a bastard isn’t he?  Wouldn’t mind him being our bastard, mind.

5- Kelvin Davis.  As predictable as Corn Flakes.


1. Kris - 19/09/2007

What a rollercoaster.

Fantastic attacking play – if Kelvin Davis hadn’t pulled some gems out of the hat, we’d have won it by a mile. Then again – he did half-gift us the first on, though Noddy did really well to curl the cross back in.

Sloppy defensive play. For their first, Jay gets sucked into going a tad forward and no one covers the gaping hole he left – leaving the Pole free to slot in. For the second – well, Dyer curls it in beautfully – but Shittu allows him space to shoot.

Hendo – what a ride he’s been on so far. Leaving, staying, new contract, benched after scoring and comes on to save us. Two fantastic centre forward goals. It’s what he’s there for – sure, but so was Marlon and Nathan – yet Hendo ended up scoring.

And tonight it’s Cardiff – and ad. 2 – who do we play up front? Well, some people have been suggesting that King should be benched to make way for Ellington/Henderson. I disagree – King isn’t firing on all cylinders yet but give him time and he will. I’d play King and Hendo and bring on Ellington at some point. Aidy has apparently toyed with the idea of deploying all three at the same time but in my mind that just won’t work. At least I can’t find a formation with all three that won’t leave us depleated in other areas of the pitch… Imagine Mahon as the lone central midfielder?!

2. Joe Richardson - 19/09/2007

Been mulling over point 2 in my head all morning – who do we play? Might Henderson and Ellington work well together? The Duke and King started SO well but didn’t take their chances, Henderson took both of his exceptionally. Should he always come off the bench and be our Ole Gunnar? Will the record-breaking Duke react badly to being benched in place of Henderson? It’s a fantastic problem to have.

3. JohnM - 19/09/2007

I response and in agreement the following:

1 – Jordan looking good but a little less of those dolly drop crosses wouldn’t go amiss. Also, Lloyds looks hungry for a goal.

2 – Agree – maybe Betty needs to study in depth the Rafa rotation policy, could be the answer?

3 – Lets not forget the last time we played them in2005 – 2006 in Southampton 3 – 1 to the Horns incorporating a brace from ‘What colour is my hair going to be this week’ Henderson.

4 – Rasiak still looks ok but if Priskin developes we won’t need someone like him!

5 – Begining to like Poon a bit more but jury is still out, but then the poor bloke is following the mighty Foster whose first half performance versus Wolves in 2005 – 2006 is still imprinted on my mind.

4. DW - 19/09/2007

I’m finding it hard to remember a Watford player who has improved as much as Jordon Stewart. The only one that come close over the last 25 years is……………………………., oh hang on a minute, it’s Lloyd Doyley.

5. Markymark - 19/09/2007

Neither King nor Duke score the tap in type “predator” goal.They can both score spectacular goals out of nothing but how often do they come along!? Thats why Hendo must start because he has scored 5 scrappy,”tap in” goals in 3 matches.I am sure he will have a bad spell like all strikers but at least we’ll have someone decent to replace him with!

6. Ed - 20/09/2007

Argh! Too much success!!! 🙂

7. Mark - 20/09/2007

Isn’t it nice to be talking about wins again!

8. Lesley-Anne - 20/09/2007

You HAVE to play Hendo while he’s scoring, especially as he’s the only one currently who seems able to!!

Agree that Jordan and Lloyd are both doing fantastically so far but the player who has surprised me is Tommy Smith. He’s everywhere, from clearing off the goal line, winning the ball in midfield and scoring a brilliant goal!! Definitely our player of the season so far for me.

9. Colin Wiggins - 21/09/2007

That goal against Southampton sure weren’t no tap in! It was an instinctive first-time strike from a very difficult angle, perfectly placed and hit with venom. And the winner against Cardiff showed a brilliant first touch, as he tightly controlled a very awkward ball floated over his head while at the same time resisting a powerful physical challenge from a defender. Hendo did really well to score with what was really only a quarter-chance. Doris’s Day has finally arrived and he has really earnt it, big time.

10. Mick - 21/09/2007

Why does no-one mention Tommy Smith ???
His contributions at both ends of the field this season have been IMMENSE.

11. Dave, Hornets Sweden - 21/09/2007

Jordan was very good…but should never be allowed to take another free kick. Ever.
Some of his efforts were woeful.
Otherwise it was a fine performance by everyone.

Up front?
Rotation has to be the name of the game. I feel sorry for Priskin really. Keep everyone fresh playing two out of three. I think all three will work with the others. I have yet to really grasp what sort of player Ellington is, but the obvious way to go is Marlon for hard work accross the park and finesse, with Doris in for elbows, taking knocks and clogging up the 6 yard box against big defenders.

12. Markymark - 21/09/2007

Lets try it 4-3-3 at QPR who are struggling like hell at present.I think if you do play this formation you need Tommy Smith who at least works hard and tracks back with Williamson & Mahon.Had Rinaldi been fit I would have played him at Cardiff and not Mariappa who is no good in CM.

13. Dave Jackson - 21/09/2007

Agree it’s fun seeing Hendo back on song, but I think the introduction of a class winger helped to turn the game. Hopefully if we go up we’ll have a chance of persuading Johnson to stay.

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