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Q.P.R. 1 Watford 1 (22/09/2007) 23/09/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Five Thunks from Loftus Road…

1- Worrying that we got so ragged and desperate when a man to the good.

2- Good job QPR’s strikers can’t shoot.

3- There can’t be many players who contribute as much as Marlon is when they are off their game.

4- Danny Cullip hasn’t mellowed with age.

5- Four points from two away games isn’t half bad.


1. Mark - 23/09/2007

I was hoping for a 3 points but came glad just to get a point from a well below performance.

Stewart was awful and I did not think King has found his form yet.

2. Kris - 24/09/2007

At least it’s a point away from the Fortress.

Anyone else worried that whilst getting results, we’re not playing well so far this season?

Another thing – are we hurting ourselves longterm letting Johnson play ahead of MacAnuff? I’d love it if we were able to keep him but it is never going to anything but a loan – and as such – keeping our own players (theduff) from time on pitch. Johnson setpieces show how much we miss someone with a decent delivery but this loan business really does not sit well with me.

3. JM - 24/09/2007

The QPR fans we met up with afterwards said that it was by far the best they had played all season. We should try and avoid playing teams whose manager seems about to be fired! A draw was fair and as Matt said not at all a bad result. I thought Johnson played well (apart from a Ronaldo like tendency to fall over in the box) and deserved his goal. Shittu was very strong in defence. Central midfield remains a weakness, QPR outhustled us at times. Overall though, we have had a great start to the season, looking forward to Blackpool.

4. Tim Turner - 24/09/2007

I though it was disappointing that, as in the Southampton game, we didn’t make the most of our early chances. Aidy’s tactics seem to be the equivalent of telling a boxer to go for a knockout in the first round – but we don’t seem to be able to sustain the high tempo for more than 15 minutes. Luckily we’re good enough to regroup and execute some sort of Plan B – which hasn’t always been the case in the past.

5. Matt Rowson - 24/09/2007

Kris, the signing of Johnson was undertaken in order to put pressure on Smith and particularly McAnuff. McAnuff’s not a kid who’s finding his way in the game, he’s an established pro who has only shown what he can do in fits and bursts so far – he should be able to respond to this increase in competition.

Johnson’s in the team on merit; I agree that we’d be better off if this were a longer-term loan, but that doesn’t seem to be beyond the realms of possibility.

And it does help to have someone in the side who can cross the ball reliably…

6. Meldrew - 24/09/2007

Marlon concerns me. He doesn’t look particularly fit but in the last few games he seems to be playing as if he has the weight of the world on his shoulders – off the field problems?

7. Lesley-Anne - 24/09/2007

Definitely agree with point 2! We commented afterwards that Camp had a lot more to do than Poom but that doesn’t tell the story of the match, only that on the whole QPR’s strikers didn’t trouble Poom!!! I knew if we gave them enough chances they would take one in the end.

Stewart was disappointing; we certainly need cover in that position. Hope DeMerit’s not out for long, still regret that we sold Carlisle. Johnson is a breath of fresh air but his long term future is at Middlesbrough; such a shame that it isn’t McAnuff terrorising our opponents, then we really would have a team to be excited about!!!

8. Markymark - 24/09/2007

Incredible that we’re playing so averagely and yet we’re still top!
Stewart is stalling on his contract talks -would it that bad if he did go on a bosman tho’ admittedly he has improved?
Shame that Macca is now 3rd choice left midfielder/winger.IMO we should never get rid of him as on his day he can destroy any team and his crossing is, with Johnson, the best at the club.
Looking forward to Francis,Bangura & Rinaldi being fit as at present we don’t have anyone good enough to push GM & Williamson who are both off form at present!

9. Kris - 25/09/2007

Markymark – agree with your point on Gav. The thing is BangBang is our only other defensive midfielder and even when Francis, Williams and rinaldi are fit – Gav would still make the starting 11.

I’d love to see us play without Gav for a couplef matches to see how we fare. I don’t know who would orchestrate defense if Gav was not there, but he has been very poor lately and I think he needs a match or two on the bench.

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