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Watford 2 Sheffield Wednesday 1 (02/10/2007) 03/10/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Five Thunks from Wendy.

1- Has any defence ever been as thoroughly unable to cope as Wednesday were with Doris’ first-half onslaught?

2- Marlon King without pace is of limited threat.

3- How did we manage to so nearly snatch a draw from the hands of what should have been a comfortable victory?

4- Why have half of football’s lost souls ended up at Hillsborough? (Kavanagh, Johnson, Jeffers…)

5-  The “stand off” against the opponents’ team huddle is still completely ace.


1. Tapps - 03/10/2007

My “Thunks” :

1) How did we ever think of letting Darius go….one of his first half touches to Johnson in front of the Main stand was “worth the price of admission alone”

2) Why do our right backs need gloves on the mildest of evenings/afternoons?

3) Poom is still making me nervous

4) Tommy’s playing well

5) It’s difficult to decide who is worse, United or Wednesday.

2. John - 03/10/2007

Also “worth the price of admission alone” was Doyley’s defence splitting pass

3. Tim Turner - 03/10/2007

Aidy’s continued faith in Marlon is beginning to annoy me now. I understand that having missed most of last season, he needs time on the pitch to get back to full match fitness – but wouldn’t it have made sense to replace him with Ellington after an hour last night and try to regain the initiative we’d lost, rather than continuing to hope that Marlon would catch up with one of the long balls we keep pumping hopefully down the wing?

And why is Marlon spending so much time out on the wing, anyway? He’s at his best with the ball at his feet in the penalty area, so why not leave the touchlines to the wingers and full-backs and get into the danger area a bit more often?

4. Adam J - 03/10/2007

Reply to the original 5:

1) I didn’t think I he would be my favourite current player, but what passion!
2)Limited threat but threat none-the-less
3)True, we ran it too close. I hate it when we dominate but don’t score.
4)Good question, and I’m not the man to answer it
5)Love it!

5. Jamie - 03/10/2007

Is it me or does Poom sound like a wanky web 2.0 site that Google would buy in a whim?


6. Patrick Crozier - 03/10/2007

Have we had a comfortable victory so far this season? I get the feeling we’re going to have to get used to this: narrow victory followed by narrow victory followed by promotion.

It’s not a million miles away from the way England won the Rugby World Cup all those years ago.

7. Ian Lay - 03/10/2007

Tapps… to answer number 2. Whilst listening to the game on 3CR, Neil Price also mentioned this. “To help with long throws” was the general opinion. I mean it wasn’t exactly cold last night was it?

8. Tim - 03/10/2007

>3) Poom is still making me nervous

Ain’t he just. Anyone noticed during the warm ups there is hardly any communication between the three keepers, methinks Mr Poom thinks he can’t learn anything from Our Alec. Bad mistake.

>5) It’s difficult to decide who is worse, United or Wednesday

No contest. Bhalti pies at Wednesday and Bryan Robson at Utd. Sorted ?

9. Mark - 03/10/2007

After 20 mins I thought we were on for a huge win…in the end we were lucky to hold on!

Still disappointed with the midfield and King is unfit.

Henderson MOTM.

10. Matt Rowson - 03/10/2007

Patrick – yes, one comfortable victory. Gillingham. Unfortunately that was a reserve side…

11. NRC - 04/10/2007

I’d noticed that with Poom at the warm ups too – also he seems distinctly unhappy booting the ball upfield in the good old Watford tradition, motioning to pass out to his full backs who refuse to take it.

12. Kris - 04/10/2007

For those opening 20 minutes we showed where we want to be. We’re just not there yet. So being tops at this point while still ironing out the bumps (okay – some of them pretty big ones) is amazing.

I have loads of issues with our season so far (when we have such a big squad – why don’t we used it? Why hasn’t Aidy brought in a center-mid on loan? etc etc..) but we’ve lost 1 so far and drawn two. We’re two points clear of Addicks and 3 of West Brom AND a number of supposed challengers have thrown away loads so far. 11 points more than Blunts, 10 more than Saints, 8 more than Wolves. And we’ll get better as the season runs.

Lots to complain about but look at the table, STFU and let Aidy do his thang. The future is bright!

13. Ian Lay - 04/10/2007

From reading BHappy, reading match reports on various sites and of course listening to the games on 3CR it’s obvious that we are not playing as well as we could be. However, the sign of a good side is to win when you are not playing at your best. And the lack of competition in the midfield places due to injuries is going to have an affect. We are top of the table and I’m sure we can play better and will play better. But on the flip side, don’t know if anyone has noticed, so far the only team we have played in the top half of the table is Wolves.

14. Adam J - 04/10/2007

Couldn’t agree more.

15. Matt Rowson - 04/10/2007

Ian, at this stage having lost (to us) makes it more likely that you’ll be in the bottom half than the top. The top half features a number of sides that you’d expect to be struggling in the longer term, so I wouldn’t read too much into that statistic.

16. JohnM - 04/10/2007

Does anybody else feel that as we are leading the division with basically the same team( plus MK ) that came out of the premiership that Aidy and the managment should be looking to shake things up because,should the current team go up it is likely to come straight back down again. As we have a couple of points to play with lets give Ellington a run. Give Macca another try and Rinaldi a go. What about Tommy behind the strikers, he created a good goal for Derby against us a couple of years ago. Bove Gav a rest and lets try Mariappa defensive midfield. All this stupidity is based on the fact that some of the best football I have seen this year was ‘Watford’ v Gillingham. Am I the only one thinking like this – probably!

17. JohnM - 04/10/2007

Correction – that should be ‘Give Gav a rest’ – bloddy keyboards.

18. Matt Rowson - 04/10/2007

If we were playing Gillingham every week I’d be tempted to agree with you…

19. Ed - 04/10/2007

Ipswich home was a comfortable win, or close enough to one. Other then that it’s been a nervy start.

20. Simon - 04/10/2007

I’m delighted we’re top (obviously) and there’s obviously a lot to come.

I am a little surprised though with the number of people who think we were fantastic in the first 20 minutes on Tuesday and that’s exactly where we want to be. My take on it was that we were playing a really really high tempo long ball game and that Sheff Wed just couldn’t cope with it defensively. That’s all well and good and it’s definately useful we can do it (it’s amazing how playing on that sort of thing to go a couple of goals up helps) but I didn’t think we actually did too much different for the rest of the game. Wednesday sorted themselves out a bit though and things got harder (let’s not forget that we went 2-0 in the first 20 but conceded 2 or 3 chances at the other end). We almost got sucked into the trap that if we kept just bashing long balls (slightly less aimless even than usual) they’d continue to make mistakes.

I thought the attempts agains Blackpool to play from the back, although not especially successful all the time were comendable and need to be persisted with. They seemed to have been specifically told to play more like that but weren’t necessarily quite sure of how to do it (we’ve been playing pretty direct for a couple of seasons now and the movement wasn’t quite as it should have been). In particular, I’d like to see more of the central midfielders (or one, at least) coming a little deeper to collect the ball from the cernte halves and also see more movement across the back 4. It was very apparent that Jay Demerit (who, don’t get me wrong, I think is a good player) on a number of occasions stayed where he was rather than dropping off 10 yards to give an angle for Shittu.

I short, I think we do need the ability to play the ball from the back through the fullbacks but there’s little point in Poom rolling it to a fullback who then has no outball and lands up pinging it long anyway.

I also think that we’ll start to see more form some of the flair players. King, Ellington and McAnuff aren’t a million miles off the pace and all three have shown flashes of their potential this year. We’re very fortunate that, in the meantime, we’ve got some points together which takes the pressure off them and the team. Let’s just hope that when we hit a point in the season when Henderson, for example, can’t buy a goal (it’s bound to happen or else he’s on for a hell of a total) the others come to the fore.

21. Ian Lay - 04/10/2007

Agree with you completely Matt. Just playing devil’s advocate. Just like I used to do on WML! 🙂

BTW, can you get a Rupe Award for BHappy?! 😉

Don’t answer that!

22. stephen hoffman - 05/10/2007

i was just wondering do you think marlon’s injury has made him lose a yard of pace? — as what happened to shearer and probably owen after injuries or do you think it’ll be a couple of months and marlon’s pace will be back . i think if you look at shearer and owen they adapted there games when they lost a yard of pace, i think king has to do that now .what our people’s thoughts on the matter i think king can still be a good player , he just has to adapt to not being as pacy as he used to be.

23. stephen hoffman - 05/10/2007

with mcnamee im sorry but there is two better left wingers than him at the moment ,i know it’s harsh but i cant see macca in the team for the sake of his career he should probably move on , i can only ever seeing him being a fringe player at watford.

24. East Stand Man - 05/10/2007

What ever happened to Gladys Protheroe. Will Aidy recall her to the midfield as a last minute loan signing. Go Gladys Go!

25. Esp - 05/10/2007

I beg to differ Simon. You wrote: “I also think that we’ll start to see more form some of the flair players. King, Ellington and McAnuff aren’t a million miles off the pace”
Whilst I agree that McAnuff and Ellington are flair players (my only reservation being that Duke has a reluctance to head the ball; he thinks of himself as ONLY a target man where he should also play the knock down ocassionally) – No my difference of opinion is with you stating that King isn’t a million miles off the pace. He is imho.
Ironically he doesn’t look match fit to me and his huffing and puffing just make him look like he is trying too hard with little end product after his (still) excellent first touch.
I think all his recent goals have been penalties so not much yet from open play. I cannot see him starting against Scunny. I think Ellington and Darius will get the nod and I would think it’s worth getting Prisken off the bench at some stage too. Mind you if King comes off the bench and scores it will do his lack of confidence the boost he probably needs.

26. Markymark - 06/10/2007

Esp:You were wrong,very wrong indeed! King did start and he scored from open play.Whats more, Duke didn’t even get on ,instead AB plumped for Priskin!

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