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Coventry City 0 Watford 3 (23/10/2007) 23/10/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

1- Embarrasingly one-sided; only a second half in cruise control stopped a rout.

2- John Joe O’Toole… attacks the box superbly, unlucky not to score on several occasions in the first half, goalline clearance in the second, Williamson’s not getting his place back at this rate.

3- All too easy for Marlon. 

4- You gotta feel for Priskin, who had two great chances late on but never inspired confidence that he would score.

5- Away games midweek are ace.  Winning helps though, natch…



1. Adam J - 23/10/2007

Things are looking bright(er). And also, this was mentioned a couple of weeks back but I would like everyone to re-visit the league table. Two reasons. 1) Just to look at it and see that the mighty hornets are actually, no actually, 9 points clear at the top.
And 2) to check out where Wolves are placed at the moment. What was that about a gravitational pull???

2. Andy Scott - 23/10/2007

Live in West Midlands, so was able to be at the Ricoh Arena tonight. What a miserable lot of home supporters! Impressed with JJOT and thought he had a better game than Mahon. Would’ve been interesting to see if Ellington had finished off the chances that Priskin wasted one on one with keeper. Still don’t seem to be playing in top gear. A lot of Prem teams would’ve scored 6 or 7 but no complaints from this all round solid performance.

3. NRC - 24/10/2007

Agree about O’Toole and hereby rescind earlier ra-ras for Rinaldi, good call Aidy. Also about Priskin, but at least he was visible on the pitch unlike the Duke, okay he’s not been given a run but if you’re only being given 15/20 minutes make the most of them to make an impression!

Midweek away wins are ace aren’t they, especially when the opposition have such an oddly configured ground that there’s no one to sing back, must be miserable to support a club in those circumstances.

4. Wolery - 24/10/2007

Best chant of the evening? My vote goes to “Your ground’s too big for you”. (Perhaps closely followed by “Why don’t you all sit together?”)

When Watford’s ground re-development plans were announced, some numpties started whining that the Vic’s capacity wasn’t being increased to 30,000. I hope some of those numpties were in the away end yesterday, staring out at the empty seats on three (even four) sides.

May we also never, ever, have a ‘Tesco Stand’, nor have ‘Corner Kicks, sponsored by Neale Construction’.

Still, sod all this. For me, O’Toole made a real difference yesterday. Seemed that we started using our midfield for once this season. Cracking night out.

5. NRC - 24/10/2007

Spot on Wolery, the one thing the Jewson stand didn’t have was any Jewson home fans.

6. Mick G. - 24/10/2007

Embarrasingly one sided — just the way I like it.

7. DL - 24/10/2007

Shittu was immense last night, setting up two goals and some no-nonsense defending when needed.

Marlon was clearly enjoying himself – the nearest Elliot Ward got to him all night was probably when the players walked out at the beginning of the match.

When was the last time we scored three left-footed goals in one match?

8. Kris - 24/10/2007

Ad4. While Priskin missed two sitters, he still managed to get into position for them – that bodes well for him – I am not worried.

9. Matt Rowson - 24/10/2007

DL – don’t know. Peter Kennedy’s hat-trick at Southend ten years ago?

10. DL - 24/10/2007

Matt, I am told that one of those was with his right foot….

11. East Stand Man - 24/10/2007

We have already got more points than the whole of last season. Is this a record?

12. Matt Rowson - 24/10/2007

Dunno DL, I wasn’t there. BSaD is explicit about the second, a free kick. The write up of the third implies that he had time to pick his spot, so probably left footed also. The first is the only candidate.

Failing that… other high scoring left footed players have been Mooney and Doris, but both have scored a fair proportion with their head. We might be going back to Hodges and Holden. That 7-2 against Bradford maybe?

13. Esp - 24/10/2007

Family comitments prevented me going last night but if I see enough Virgin Media / Sky or ITV highlights of this match I will certainly consider in a few years time claiming that I was among the 2,000 + Watford fans who WERE at the Ricoh to see it. Damn these half terms where you have to spend time with the kids!! Talking of matches you wished you had witnessed….what was yours?

14. Mark - 24/10/2007

Best performance of the season.

Everyone was excellent and 3 well taken goals to boot with many more chances created.

Yes Coventry were woeful but we made them look so.

15. Back from Hammerau - 24/10/2007

Why did I choose to go to our previous game at the Ricoh when I got very wet and saw what was probably our worst performance (if it could actually be called a performance) of the season with only a power failure to enliven things and decided to give last night a miss?

Incidentally, “Ah nice roar” is an anagram of “Ricoh Arena”.

16. Lincoln 'Orn - 25/10/2007

I was also gutted at not being able to make the game due to a death in the family. I had planned to go until the morning of the game. Listened to the commentary and even Pricey was more complimentary than his usual self. It sounded a great performance and after watching the highlights Marlon looks back to his old self which can only be good news. What a turnout as well, was there really 2,200 hornets there?. That just makes me even more gutted I missed it. I also witnessed the shocker in the rain 2 seasons ago.
Bearing in mind the only other game I have managed to get to this season is Leicester away it’s perhaps as well I couldn’t make it!!Roll on Palarse and let’s give Colin another good gubbing!

17. Tom Bodell - 25/10/2007

Atmosphere was excellent, view was excellent, team was excellent.

Coventry fans should be ashamed of their lack of atmosphere, then again, their team is hardly inspiring to watch! The food was way overpriced, the menu miniscule and the programmes virtually un-obtainable!

Still we won, onwards and upwards…

18. simonw - 25/10/2007

hello esp:
missed matches…???
how about watford 7 – 1 southampton….
after we’d lost the first leg 4-0, i decided NOT to take the day off work (where my shift ended at 9.30pm)…
i was working as a junior journalist in the bbc tv newsroom, and one of my tasks that night was to “write” the fotball results. so i kept both a professional and emotional eye on one score in particular.
HT 2-0; FT 5-1; AET 7sodding-1 !!!
ah well,l i got the commemorative biro at the next home game – mansfield or someone?!

19. Colin Wiggins - 25/10/2007

Ricoh Arena is also an anagram of NO HAIR ACE. Obviously a reference to our Gavin.
And at about 4 o’clock this morning I woke up and thought of another four letter word from MART POOM. ‘Moot’…as in a moot point. That’s nineteen now.
Stress getting worse……

20. Steve C - 26/10/2007

MARTIN POOM ON is an anagram of PROMOTION MAN. An omen?

21. Ian Grant - 26/10/2007

Hang on, Steve…you can’t just add letters! That’s blatant cheating. Otherwise, you could have “DARIUS HENDERSON TOP SCORER IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP FOR THE HORNETS HURRAH”, which is an anagram of…

22. Adam J - 26/10/2007


23. Bob Howard - 26/10/2007

Hooray, someone else missed the 7-1. I thought I was the only one to see the 0-4 and miss the 7-1! I was living near southampton so went to the away leg. Normally I would have made the trip for the home leg but at 4-0 down I decided save my money for a league game.
In those days there was no teletext, no sky sports news and the radio was useless. The first I heard was on the 10 o’clock news on radio 2 (?). The fulltime score was 5-1 and we were in extra time. Imagine the emotions – Yeeeesssss, fantastic, Oh sh*t I’m not there! Can I get there for extra time? Don’t be silly it’s a 2 hour drive. Gutted and Elated at the same time.
Also missed the sunderland 8-0 thanks to my “mate’s” wedding!
Also missed the grimsby 7-1 in the early seventies to earn a few bob helping my Dad on a building job.
Not a hatrick I’m proud of.

24. Colin Wiggins - 26/10/2007

Is Latin cheating, ig? PROMOVERE (to move ahead, advance, push forward) becomes, in the future tense active indicative…. (as any fule kno) PROMOTAM (I shall move ahead, advance, push forward), which is an exact anagram of MART POOM. I’m surprised nobody spotted that one!

As Caesar said (Commentarium de Bello Gallico) ‘Postremo ipsam ad Alpis promotam’ (after this, I shall advance to the Alps).

So that’s twenty words now, nineteen English, one Latin and I am stopping before my brain explodes.
I shall now retire to my monastic cell and quietly devote myself to finding twenty words from the letters of RAY LUGG.
Don’t expect to hear from me soon……

25. Ian D - 26/10/2007

ahhhh…Ray Lugg, wins tackle against Lawler, crosses and Barry Endeans head puts thick heavy mud laidend orange leather ball (with laces) past fatty Lawrence..
…..those were the days of when men where men….wearing cobnailed boots and the only sustinance for any injury was a cold sponge put in your privates

26. JOHN M. - 26/10/2007

Finally, after years of people telling me how wonderful the Southampton match was, and no-one ever admitting they were not there, I finally discover I was not the only person in Greater Hertfordshire to miss the match.
However, I did see Sunderland, Grimsby, and Scullions’ wonder goal against Stockport—so I suppose I have done relatively well!

27. Esp - 26/10/2007

Colin – my anagram solver tells me that Aidy Boothroyd comes out as “A Dirty Boyhood” – I hope that won’t be the title of his autobiography when it’s penned. I hope someone uses it first!

28. Adam J - 27/10/2007

Has anyone read this:

talk about making predictions too early in a season! i hope he’s right though.

29. Sequel - 27/10/2007

Here’s another one! I missed the Southampton game (I’ve no idea why); Also missed the 8-0 over Sunderland (I was in a fishing match, and finished last), but I did see us put 7 past Bradford, which doesn’t quite balance things up…..but I’m working on it.

30. Kris - 27/10/2007

Adam, I read Kamara’s bit a few days ago and two thought sprang to mind.

1. He usually hates the Hornets so writing that must have hurt.
2. I hope the f***er does not jinx us in some way.

Still I can’thelp feeling good about getting some recognition finally – even if it is from Mr. SoulGlo

31. DM - 29/10/2007

To be fair to Kamara (who remains a massive “See you near Trewins”) he’s always been very complimentary of Watford since his fellow Bradfordian Aidy Boothroyd started to make a go of things. I remember having much the same thoughs as Kris during the last promotion campaign…

32. Kris - 30/10/2007

i think a chunk from Palarse should be ” we have to get Johnson on a permanent deal whether we buy, abduct or steal – or con Boro – we must have him… he’s our precioussssss”…

33. JonM - 01/11/2007

DL & Matt

Last time we scored 3 left footed goals – Portsmouth at home last season?

Bouazza penalty, Mahon belter & Bouazza’s 2nd…

34. Adam J - 02/11/2007

Oooooo, nice one. Very nice. But a nice grin on my face. It’s a cheeky answer. You always have to look in the most obvious of places! I take my cap of to you soon

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