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Crystal Palace 0 Watford 2 (29/10/2007) 30/10/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Five Thunks from Palace

 1- Our awesome forward line once again dissipated to very little on introduction of substitutes…

2- Frank Songo’o is Franz Carr’s long lost brother.  Lots of irrelevant frippery, no end product.

3- The squalor of Selhurst doesn’t really come across on the telly.

4- Colin enjoyed the game a lot more after the ref failed to award Palace a penalty.

5- That beard.  Crikey.



1. Markymark - 30/10/2007

King : continues fine form with another trademark goal
Hendo : No real chances but lead the line in typical aggressive style
Priskin : Looked off the pace
Ellington : Showed some good touches but whats with the Bin Laden style beard!?

2. Marc - 31/10/2007

The beard truly was a thing of beauty. From a distance I thought his head was upside down.

3. Chris D'Souza - 31/10/2007

Re the beard…. perhaps it’s because he’s showing his devotion to his faith (in the way *he* feel best) and isn’t concerned about the irrelevant connotations that may bring? 😉

Though saying that, he hasn’t really lived up to the promise that his first couple of appearances gave. Not that I’m blaming Ramadan or anything, but not eating or drinking during the day is going to take it out of a professional sports man 🙂

4. Adam J - 31/10/2007

When we get the world cup in 2018, what do you reckon the chances are that the new re-vamped Vic could hold a couple of the games?

5. Lincoln 'Orn - 31/10/2007

Me own five from Palarse;
1. The rat on the Duke’s chin is clearly a falsey!
2. I tend to think we would miss Hendo more than Marlon if they were to get injured as our style of play depends on the big man making a general nuisance of himself which at present he is awesome at.
3.Johnson looks real quality and also is prepared to dig in for the team, a true Betty player me thinks.
4.Williamson or O’Toole for the visit of Brom.
5.Jordon looked like the Baddy in a Bond film when he appeared in the second half leant up against the steps of the Directors box with his comedy flowing blond mane.Maybe the Duke is his evil assassin.Look out Tapas there’s a gun in that bees nest.

Roll on Saturday.

6. Al - 31/10/2007

Colin who?

7. Kris - 31/10/2007

5 wins and 3 clean sheets in a row. Impressive – yet still not as good as last time we went down from the Premiership. And that season – as you will recall – we finished 9th.

8. Matt Rowson - 31/10/2007

Adam – about as big as my chance of playing in it. And however remotely you rate my chances now, you’d rate them even lower had you seen my non-performance at lunchtime today…

9. Esp - 31/10/2007

I told that nice Scott Field, Head of WFC Media last night after the Watford Fans Forum that a line of t-shirts emblazoned with “Welcome Back Robbo” would have sold like hot cakes this week in the Buzz store – his reaction put any thoughts I may have had of landing a job in Watfords’ marketing department sound less than promising.
Thoughts on this Hollowe’en night fellow BHappy’s: Do you think we are in for a Baggies hat-Trick or a Hornets Treat on Saturday? (Did you see what I did there?)

10. Dave, Hornets Sweden - 31/10/2007

I didn’t think it was a penalty. If the Palace player had made any attempt to play the ball he wouldn’t have got Gav upside the head. His own blody stupid fault. Credit to the Palace players who didn’t make a big deal of the non-award. Considering the mauling Darius was getting all game it was only fair as well.

The beard…what can you say….

11. Wrighty - 31/10/2007

My Five

1. The substitutions seemed to be soley to give the players a run out
2. Johnson is a very, very fine footballer
3. Freedman’s hair, do you think that colour is natural
4. Lee, Demerit & Shittu are a better unit than Poom, Demerit & Shittu
5. Jordan’s sulk, for t.v. viewers, was almost as good as the goals

12. Fran - 01/11/2007

Lloyd’s ‘shot’ was one of the comedy moments of the season so far.

John-Joe O’Toole chases the ball like a mongrel puppy. And is just as adorable when doing so.

The Palace ‘ultra’ flags were quite a sight before the game. Good for us that they never reappeared.

And Jay DeMerit’s tackle on Songo’o said ‘Welcome to the Championship’ very eloquently.

13. Markymark - 01/11/2007

Kris ( Mr.”half glass empty”): Do you think the team/squad we had last time we were relegated was as good as this one!? I think not!

14. East Stand Man - 01/11/2007

My five thoughts

1. Never mind the forwards the Golden Boys Back Four were absolutely bloody tremendous

2. Why did the big screen keep cutting to a still showing “an evening with Colin” half way though the replay of the first goal just as Tommy was about to strike?

3. First game that John-Joe O’Toole looked slightly out of his depth. But a great prospect.

4. How come we only took 867 fans to Selhurst but 200,000 odd to Coventry. Discuss

5. Maybe the Duke has decided he needs a second career as some beatnik jazzy type. He’s gotta come good.

15. Mick G. - 01/11/2007

This is the strongest squad we’ve had in years,and certainly a better one than when we last went down.
Now we must try to keep Johnson – for the season at least,if not for good.
We also need decent support for Richard Lee.

16. Matt Rowson - 01/11/2007

East Stand Man, re point 4 – not complicated. It was on the telly. Palace is probably harder to get to than Coventry for many. And, to top it all, it cost £30. Ludicrous.

17. East Stand Man - 01/11/2007


Yeah I know. Easy question – and it’s a dump

18. JohnM - 01/11/2007

For those of you worrying about what happened in 2000/2001 now is crunch time. Back then the Horns were beaten 3 – 0 on the 31st Oct. by a weakened Man U in the League Cup or whatever it was called then, although with Dwight Yorke and Solskjaer in attack were they really weaker! That defeat, although we won against Grimsby the following Saturday, effected the team in my opinion and there was not another victory till 29th December. If that happens again we won’t go up but hopefully it won’t – lets ask Tommy Smith, he was in the team then I think

19. Esp - 01/11/2007

Err, as the etiquette or Bhappy tradition seems to be to post 5 points mine are as follows:
1. Congratulations from this Kent ‘Orn to Aidy Boothroyd on his Manager of the Month for October; there really was only one contender and I’m glad we have dropped the “Betty” tag..
2. As a Hornets fan of just over 10 years we are a third of the way through a season which will deliver our THIRD Premiership campaign in 9 years. Am I a glory hunter?
3.I think the “Evening with Neil Warnock” in November referred to above may well deliver more laughs and entertainment than this week’s Fans Forum with Aidy I know of at least one fan who would love to be there (and she knows who she is)
4. On current form and confidence I predict a win by at least one goal on Saturday, despite the opposition and my desire not to see Paul Robinson suffer too much (like his namesake at Spurs) and
5. It would be great to see an Autumn Report here on Aidy now that we are 33% through the season from one of BHappy’s esteemed Editors as only they can create new topics I believe. I implore you NOT to call it the “Watford Gap” which has been done to death in the red tops 🙂

20. Mick G. - 01/11/2007

East Stand Man,re point 4 – 200,000 to Coventry ??
Our home gates are only one- twelth of that.
Was there a long queue at the turnstiles ??

21. Jimbo - 01/11/2007

Not only that, but Selhurst can’t take 200,000 at the away end.

22. tet - 01/11/2007

Matt, plus £18 for children, crazy money for a family.

23. Tim - 01/11/2007

Matt is spot on re. point 4. Selhurst is a festering toilet of a ground, remote from any public transport and fit only for a carpet bombing.

Cov. was a quick blat up the m’way in a warm car with a decent stereo and it didn’t put 30 quid in the Tangerine idiots pocket.

Respect to those that did get their visas and inoculations in time though.

24. Mick G. - 02/11/2007

A wee spot of concern re tomorrow:
How many times have managers of the ‘Orns won the Gong of the Month Award and gone on to lose the next game?

25. Kris - 02/11/2007

MarkyMark – I completely agree, the squad now is far better than last time. Also we have a mad yorkshireman in charge as opposed to an arrogant Italian p***k. I believe we will go up directly – all I’m saying is it’s early days yet, and there’s a huge task ahead of us, part of which is to stay focused.

Tomorrow will be a huge test, but even bigger will be the match after that. We could easily lose tomorrow (we could easily win) as West Brom are probably the best side in the league (besides ourselves) at the moment. But nomatter the result tomorrow we have to continue putting pressure on opponents and force them to make mistakes which Marlon will exploit as only he can. Another 5 in 5 for November? I think so!

26. Markymark - 02/11/2007

Kris: I think we can take care of WBA tommorrow as they are much better home than away! I say 2-1 hornets!

27. Esp - 04/11/2007

Mick G was correct today (with reference to the manager of the month gong voodoo) and I was wrong with my prediction
I am now ending any further predictions due to ther oft repeated phrase that the form book is usually no guide to a result.
After this afternoon I will let other people confidently predict that WBA will very comfortably be in the Play Off positions or automatic promotion positions at the end of May. A bad day at the office Aidy but I think “we can learn from this” as we do from other adverse results

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