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Norwich City 1 Watford 3 (06/11/2007) 06/11/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Dave Messenger’s five thunks from Norwich…

1- Oooo, look at the pretty floodlights…

2- I wonder if we’ll meet Delia Smith.  Julian, do you think we’ll meet Delia Smith?

3- Julian, I’m cold.  Is it nearly finished yet?

4- I used to run a fanzine, you know.

5-  Oooo, look at the pretty floodlights….

 Only joking…

 1- John Hartson.  Destined to be Norwich’s Mickey Quinn.

2- Whoever taught Lloyd Doyley overlapping runs over the summer is a genius.

3- Since when have Watford had 2 physios?  Stewart and Mahon were treated simultaneously by Watford tracksuits…

4- Doyley and Mariappa have a £1000 bet on who scores first.  Mariappa must have been counting his winnings…

5- Norwich are shite and bottom.  So 24,000 midweek is fair play…



1. Apperley 'Orn - 06/11/2007

Exactly the type of response required tonight. Why is everyone panicking after the Baggies result? Bad day at the office, nothing more.
8 points clear now, who wouldn’t have taken that at the start of the season?
Delighted that Rich Lee was rewarded with a start despite Poom being fit – above all, he deserves a good run in the side.

2. Kris - 07/11/2007

As I said before the WBA match – it was how we reacted to that result that counted – not the result itself.

Well we’re 8 points clear after a dominating performance – I’d say we reacted just the way we all hoped.

Good to see Mahon, Mariappa and Willo have a good game. I was surprised that Mariappa got the nod ahead of Jackson but fair play to the lad – he did well.

Bring on Colchester!

3. Mark - 07/11/2007

Excellent 1st half and we did ok after they scored but did Lee have a shot to save?

Nice ground and fair play to them for getting 24k (looked pretty full as well)

Good support all around and roll on Colchester.

4. Markymark - 07/11/2007

Bet WBA wish they had the Duke now Kev “the ex shelf stacker” Phillips is injured.Want him back on loan boys? Tough luck!

5. Harefield Hornet - 07/11/2007

Told yer guys, we’re doing OK! Lets stop worrying and enjoy the best start to a season we’ve had for ages……….Boing Boing!

6. Lincoln 'Orn - 07/11/2007

Really pleased with last night’s result as I thought one or two heads may have started to drop if we had suffered another defeat. Great testament to Aidy and the boys that we got straight back on track after the Brom defeat. Didn’t manage to get to the game so was wondering how Mahon performed after the booing on Saturday, was he up for it? I’m a big fan of his and think we do miss him when he’s not playing although like many others I fear this may be his last season in a Watford shirt.

7. Back from Hammerau - 08/11/2007

As Mark Twain once said, “Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

8. Mick G. - 08/11/2007

Didn’t get to the game,but good to read that Gavin Mahon played well.As I’ve said before,he always gives 110% and is just the type of player we need in THIS Division.
The Boo-Boys are a disgrace.A lesser guy’s confidence could be shot to pieces by such mindless idiots.Are they at all related to the “fans” who subjected Jens Lehmann to an embarassing torrent of xenophobic abuse last season??
Looking forward to a more harmonious afternoon — and another three points– on Saturday.

9. Rich W - 08/11/2007

Mahon played well Lincoln Orn – but then you’ve got to look closely at the game to notice. Those looking at just who scores and who saves etc. will never see what he does.
Flimsy without him in central midfield, we’d be for sure, as none of the other options like doing the defensive side of the game.
Too strong for Norwich, and some decent football after the first goal.
Switched off a lot second half I thought, as if realising we could move back up through the gears should they get a goal; which is exactly how it turned out.

10. Markymark - 09/11/2007

Lets not forget one little thing – Mahon is on a reported £10k a week and thats a sh.t load of money for someone with limited ability BUT he does try hard,get stuck in etc,etc,etc

11. Matt Rowson - 10/11/2007

Markymark, let’s not forget that you haven’t got a fucking clue what Mahon earns, and that “he has limited ability” is your opinion, not fact.

12. Rich W - 11/11/2007

Markymark, if there was anyone in an excellent position to know what Mahon earns, it’s me.
Yet I care not for tittle-tattle like that – it isn’t the player’s fault that he’s on X and another’s on Y.
Good job he “gets stuck in etc. etc.” because sure as hell Williamson doesn’t.

13. Back from Hammerau - 13/11/2007

Surely all our players have “limited ability”.

Only Superman has “unlimited ability”. And that doesn’t stop him wearing his underpants outside his trousers.

From what I’ve heard about what a couple of our other players earn, it wouldn’t suprise me if Gavin Mahon gets £10k a week

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