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Watford 2 Colchester United 2 (10/11/2007) 10/11/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Five Thunks from Colchester

1-  Fair play to Colchester… their open, positive approach was as vital in earning them a point as our wasteful finishing and inept defending, speaking of which…

2- When Kevin Frisbee scores against you, you know you’ve got issues.

3- Marlon had failed to find the target with two chances that I had already pencilled in as goals; I didn’t expect him to score the penalty.

4- Adam Johnson.  Wow.  We should all be praying for an improbable Middlebrough revival.

5- Gavin Mahon.  Covered, battled, blocked, fed, spread, chased.  Terrific.



1. Meldrew - 11/11/2007

Mariappa and Shittu were like the Chuckle Brothers today.
Mahon was excellent.
Today we lacked humility and I found it quite distasteful. Stewart and Williamson played as if they were above Colchester.
We urgently need to sign a centre half on loan and Stewart needs some competition at left back. Mahon is a shoe-in every week for me at this level but Williamson has a lot to prove.

2. Wolery - 11/11/2007

What a stonkingly good second half. Almost makes you wish for the days of mid-table obscurity, so that you can sit back and enjoy it more. Almost…

Jay DeMerit has clearly been this year’s unsung hero. Without him, Danny looks half the defender. (Mind you, 0.5 x 1.5 = 0.75, so I suppose the net effect is still to get three-quarters-of-a-defender.)

I soooooo hope I’m in the crowd to see The Day When Lloyd Doyley Scored. Today’s effort was row W, not Z, so he’s getting closer.

Agree, Gav is fighting back. That was excellent from him today.

And on a selfish note – boy, how my family & I miss our seats in the Lower Rous. With all the second half goings on at the Rookery end of the pitch on Saturday, I’m beginning to hate the Vic Road end with a passion.

3. Red - 11/11/2007

Agree with your comments Matt but it was a game we should have won. Perhaps the best game was at Ipswich-does this point the way for the rest of the season for all the challenging teams? We are all inconsistent, so, is this our bad patch? Re my recent question about why do we always kick the ball out from the kick off and the idea it pins the opposition in their own half. Did anyone tell the U’s? Met with some Charlton fans on the train back they think they have a chance but then again I told them so do we!

4. Markymark - 11/11/2007

29 shots says it all.Note with Mariappa at CB we have conceded 3 v 2 poor teams and Shittu does not look as good!Whats going to happen when we play better teams than Norwich and Colchester ?

5. DW - 11/11/2007

I understand your point Wolery but as someone mentioned after the QPR game lets enjoy the journey and not worry all season about promotion. Promotion would pay for a new Vicarage rd but I as I left on Saturday listening to the Derby West Ham result I don’t burn with excitment about promotion like I did in 81, 99 or even 06.

6. Lesley-Anne - 11/11/2007

Disappointing that we didn’t win after the performance at Norwich but agree it was a very exciting match. Didn’t hear the boos that the papers make a big thing of. I was in the Rookery and nobody around me was booing.

It’s taken Danny and Jay a long time to build a good partnership but now they have Danny clearly does miss Jay. Hope he’s back before we play Bristol City. This wasn’t a match where we didn’t create chances, we just didn’t finish well enough and our defending wasn’t good enough to keep a clean sheet. Thought all our players did at least ok, with the exception of Stewart, who looked really poor at times. Definitely the right decision to sub him.

We need to be able to bring our away form back home!

7. Esp - 11/11/2007

Gavin gets better and better I agree but he needs Simpson to grant an interview with him for an improved contract so he has to prove his worth in a potential Premiership side before he’s allowed to get his pen out. (Sorry to remind the reader about the “pen”!) I thought Tommy Smith (and, predictably Doyley) was awesome today almost as good as the Colchester goalie, but, that, said not many of the 29 shots we had were on target, Marlon’s spot kick and the 2 goals obvious exceptions.
Stewart and Shittu both had imperious off days but the performance was not disheartening. West Brom and Charlton’s current form is disheartening though and those 8 points look a lot narrower than the 8 points looked last week if that is mathmatically possible!
Next week’sopponents Barnsley lost at Wolves yesterday but Mick McCarthy had a major tantrum about the vocal Wolves fans frustrations and he claimed that “Moans and groans don’t help anybody and we were maybe feeding off each others frustrations”. A timely reminder then to keep behind Aidy and the team even when we don’t get the 3 points we crave. It’s not our divine right to expect entertainining football but the team have a right to expect us to keep behind the team. Some journos today claimed that we were getting restless. I hope not.
Final thunk is that it is great to see Darius equalling Marlon on 9 league goals and they are both pushing former Golden Boy Phillips who is currently second in the sharp shooters charts

8. Pete B - 11/11/2007

29 shots? Not sure who counted them. Sporting Life had 14. That seemed closer to the mark. Colchester played well. Our defence didn’t.

9. Holly - 11/11/2007

another example that we cannott deal with a footballing team. After we went 1-0 up Smith had great chance to make two, however skyed it, then we were under pressure and should of been 2-1 down at HT. Colchester’s movement was excellent, PLatt and Lisbie and Yaetes were a handful, Stewart, Shittu (1st Half) were disappointing, Marriappa great on the ball, but couldnt deal with Platt’s strength. Mahon very good, Williamson ran alot, but we still lack that ‘creator’ we so need, maybe Yeates ?? Darius looked heavy legged, his lack of ‘quality’ showing when 1 on 1, he would struggle in prem again. King penalty awful, i dont think anyone thought he would score, however great goal. Alledgedly Downing has asked for Transfer, so Johnson on way back, that will seriously cause us an issue, as Smith was poor 1st half, great 2nd but doesnt score goals. I hope we dont have a blip any bigger than last 2 home games ……

10. Joe Richardson - 11/11/2007

One of the things I take most heart from in being a Watford fan is that I can be delighted by a win, but not heartbroken if we lose (or in this case come from behind to draw!).

Arsenal and Man U fans take winning for granted and so enjoy few of the euphoric highs that I have over the years. At the other end of the scale they are massively affected by dropping points at home. I never want to feel like that!

This result perhaps balances those games where we ‘stole’ 3 points, e.g Wolves and Southampton.

11. Esp - 12/11/2007

Agreed Joe – if you want euphoric highs every week you go to Old Trafford, Ashburton Grove or find a dealer outside Destiny or the local comprehensive.
If it’s frustration, panic, occasional ecstasy and imperious higs and lows (sometimes only minutes apart) you go to the Vic. Danny Baker said as much when he recommended a listener (on air) one day to come and see us when he wanted to watch a London football team where he could experience everything (relegation, promotion and the occasional season of mediocrity)
Holly too was spot on with Darius – he never was or will be Premiership quality cos he falls short of the major attributes of quality, temperament, speed and skill. Excellent goalscorer at THIS level but little more unfortunately. Nice hair though

12. Mark - 12/11/2007

GVery end to end game…too open I suspect for Aidy’s liking but good to battle back and really we should have won but maybe Colchester earnt their point.

13. Mick G. - 12/11/2007

Holly -“Darius looked heavy legged”
Were you watching the same Darius as me?
The guy ran the length of the field on at least three occasions.
I’ve never seen him look so fit.

14. Markymark - 12/11/2007

When on earth is Ellington going to get more than 5 or 10 minutes to display his quality.Granted Hendo & MK have deserved to start but why not bring one of them off earlier!

15. Mick G. - 12/11/2007

Markymark — Hendo can’t be taken off because he’s playing so well and doesn’t deserve to be..
Marlon can’t be taken off because he’s Marlon and Aidy rates him the best in the Division (even when he misses penalties!).And the boo-boys would have a go.

16. Tapps - 12/11/2007

I presume the reason Jordan Stewart leaves the tunnel and walks onto the pitch as opposed to running like the rest of the team is down to superstition rather than retaining that bit of extra energy. If so then it ain’t working. His positioning was questionable for their goals and his tender embrace of Johnno after the wunderkid was tripped in the penalty area was plain embarrassing – even more so once Marlon muffed.

17. East Stand Man - 12/11/2007

This was a great game of football, nothing more nothing less, and should be viewed in that light, not two points lost, one point gained, the second half was sheer emotion.

Thought that Danny and Adrian did OK. Clive Platt – what a player, just how the hell DO you defend against him? Is there a new strain of gentically modified players being bred, Platt, Facey, Danny S to name but eight.

Gavin Mahon – the main man (again). He gave an exemplary display. Ran the mid field.

From my view point that second half Richard Lee save was world class. It looked all the way a goal.

We coulda, shoulda won but credit Colchester, Gherkins and all.

18. Esp - 12/11/2007

Marky Mark – re: Nathan’s limited time on the pitch – you answered your own question in the 2nd sentence! Nuff said 🙂 We carry a big squad and have 4 or 5 strikers cos of injuries surely.
Marlon & Darius have 18 goals in total, no manager changes a performing partnership unless you are Avram, Arsene or Rafa – Tinkermen

19. Markymark - 12/11/2007

I know but there have been times when MK or Hendo or both have been or looked tired so why not bring the Duke on then.We need to play him for long enough so he can score to boost his confidence!!!

20. Esp - 13/11/2007

You make a fair pouint there marky.
I would argue though that it is just hendo who looks tired (especially in the last third of any match). Matt R reported as much when we bought him – his reputation was that of someone who didn’t last 90 mins. Isn’t that correct Matt?
With Marlon I think it is more about confidence; ironocally I think he looked disinterested at the beginning of the season because he was unsure of his part in Aidy’s plans with a Hungarian international and our highest ever signing (a striker of course) both possible after his place. I may be wrong of course and he may simply not have been match fit but I think confidence is the key with Marlon. The penalty miss will have devastated him but yet again you may have seen in Marlon a tiredness that I haven’t witnessed up to now.

21. Mick G. - 13/11/2007

Markymark – A run in the Carling Cup would have given Nathan the opportunity to play for ninety minutes and show us what he can do,boost his confidence etc.
But we chose a risky strategy and made an early exit.

22. DM - 13/11/2007

Ellington should have been on for Stewart at least 20 minutes earlier. Colchester were teetering and the extra striker would surely have been too much for them. It’s a minor quibble though.. as has been pointed out that was a brilliant game of football and I’d much rather watch that than mind and spirit crushing thrashings in the not, not.

23. Matt Rowson - 13/11/2007

esp – no; I just didn’t think he was very good, on evidence elsewhere thencefar (not good enough for Reading, unspectacular at relegated Gillingham). I was wrong, obviously.

DM… I thought we lost a bit of momentum when Ellington came on, actually, not for the first time, and that Colchester started to look dangerous again (perhaps due to our new defensive shape). And it’s officially the Premier League again now, so perhaps we should resort to just calling it the “not”. ?

24. Holly - 13/11/2007

If we sold Ellington in January as he must of thought coming to Watford would give him 90 mins 1st team footy, how much would we get ?

My guess is £1.5 tops, so if we had waited till Jan, would WBA sold for that figure ?

£2M wasted possibly

25. Back from Hammerau - 13/11/2007

Anyone know why we’re already 3 games into November and the yellow balls haven’t come out yet, where as the Premiership (apologies Matt) seems to be using them when it didn’t previously? Could this be confusing the players?

26. East Stand Man - 13/11/2007


Never mind the players I’m confused. Yellow balls,Yellow shirts, Premier leagues. Hells teeth – where will it all end. They will be playing cricket with pink balls next..

Wer’e on the road to no-where

27. Markymark - 13/11/2007

Holly: He won’t go anyway but if and when he may eventually go it will probably be more like £2 million.Anyway,Cook cost Fulham £2.5 million and has hardly had a look in;Is Bouazza worth up to £4 million ?Its not only us who may have wasted money- besides we can afford it esp if we get promoted ( another £50 million in the bank! )

28. Ralph (Stratfordonavon'orn) - 13/11/2007

If I can stick my nib in…….I did hear a couple of comments around me about the manager not knowing what he was doing and when Duke came on there seemed to be a lot of confusion between the bench and Lloyd. It seemed quite simple to me. You take a defender off and put a forward on, you play three at the back. It’s not rocket science Lloyd!
I thought Colchester were probably the best attacking side we have played at home this season. They always looked as if they could score and of course they did. They were both good goals so no complaints from me. It was the most exciting game I have seen since Cardiff (yes, the playoffs).

29. Markymark - 13/11/2007

Malky Mackay and Matt Jackson proved a formidable central defensive pairing for Watford reserves as they drew 0-0 with Brighton
Get MM back in the team NOW for Mariappa who looks good but is too short for a centre back and is about as tough in the tackle as Peter Crouch!

30. David, Aylesbury - 14/11/2007

I thought Mariappa had a decent game against Colchester – it was Dan Shittu who was struggling, particularly in the first half. I can’t reacll him being beaten in the air so much and Mariappa won far more in the air against Platt than Shittu, despite his lack of height.
I would rather play McKay than Jackson, but the lack of pace they both suffer from is a major concern. If either of them was to partner Demerit it wouldn’t be quite so bad, but as they are replacing him and partnering Dan (who i don’t think is as quick as Jay) then it would be a risk.

31. Markymark - 14/11/2007

Fair points David.
Going back to the subject of Ellington.He could be the most expensive player or forward to go so long without scoring! Not a record we fans want him to have eh?

32. Esp - 15/11/2007

David wrote: “..but as they (Mariappa/MacKay) are replacing him and partnering Dan (who I don’t think is as quick as Jay) then it would be a risk” … Somewhat of an understatement David! But Danny is a big bruising hulk and as an oppo forward I wouldn’t want to have to face the brute! Also I think MacKay will certainly play in a handful of reserve games to keep his fitness up but he is much prized by Aidy on the line and my feelings are that his first team playing days are over. With Jackson back and others now fit we seem to have ample cover and we need to blood the youngsters for the possible Premiership season ahead. Something which wil be wasted on MacKay I fear as he won’t be Premiership class in a year’s time. I have changed my mind over Mackay as the season progressed cos when Gavin had an early season blip in form I was citing Mackay as a possible replacement captain. Even that is not needed anymore as Gav has found his form

33. Markymark - 15/11/2007

ESP: Of course MM would not be prem next season! He wasn’t even prem class last season! However, in the championship he is proven quality having helped West Ham,Norwich and Watford up in successive seasons! So he has the experience,know how etc in this division.Thats why I’d much rather have him at centre back whilst JD is out injured.Lets see if we can keep a clean sheet with Mariappa alongside big Danny……………………

34. stephen hoffman - 16/11/2007

williamson had a good game we played very well in attack our defence was just well pretty rubbish .. remember this colchester beat west brom so we were playing with humility and it’s utter cobblers to suggest we didn’t

35. Jimbo - 16/11/2007

As long as we hang on to Johnson, we’ll be OK.

36. Hornboy - 17/11/2007

Bad timing Jimbo!

37. Jimbo - 20/11/2007

Irony not your strong point Hornboy.

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