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Watford 0 Plymouth Argyle 1 (15/12/2007) 16/12/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Thunks from Plymouth

1- A keys-locked-in-car disaster necessitated my early departure.  Depressing that the passage of events in the last twenty minutes unravelled so transparently behind the scoreline.

2- Tamas isn’t quite working is he?  Although the fact that we persist speaks volumes about the lack of focus that a King/Ellington forward line would provoke.  Didn’t we miss Doris?

3- Lionel Ainsworth looks like fun.

4- Matt Jackson (again).  Manages to look convincingly like a ball-playing centre-half, strolling around confidently in possession, striking passes with aplomb.  All goes a bit pear-shaped when the ball leaves his foot.

5- Al Bangura. 


1. Meldrew - 17/12/2007

1 Going to home games at Vicarage Road is fast becoming less attractive than visiting the dentist for a filling. We are not only failing to win but the matches themselves are some of the most boring I have ever witnessed in the last 24 years

2 Priskin in his blue boots put in the most powder-puff of centre forward displays since the days of Jamie Moralee. It doesn’t help that he still appears to have the physique of one of the starving Poles that Michael Caine asked for in Escape to Victory

3 Ainsworth looks like fun yet we can’t have that at Vicarage Road can we Matt – therefore Boothroyd brilliantly substitutes him

4 Lee Williamson – a poor mans Derek Payne

5 There can be no more excuses. Boothroyd’s transfer dealings must now be called into serious question. We are not little Watford anymore – how our transfer and wage budget must dwarf Plymouth’s yet how their desire and humilty makes a mockery of that

2. Esp - 17/12/2007

1 – I hope the author was able to get into the car without too much damage to the exterior. There was of course some damage to reputations, league positions and goal differences back inside the ground
2 – Yes we are missing Doris but if we are going up a level next term and Marlon does want away from here a front pairing of any 2 from the Duke, Doris and Priskin scares the shit out of me
3 – Ainsworth does look like fun but does anyone know why he didn’t reappear in the 2nd half?
4- Jackson worries me too; what is it with Aidy’s recent signings? If the likes of Macanuff, Priskin and Ellington are not going to work maybe signings aren’t going to be one of Boothroyd’s strong points as a manager. Let’s hope motivation is though!
5- Great publicity for the Bangura cause and boy did we need him today!

3. WestCountryWatford - 17/12/2007

I was embarrassed to be a Watford supporter on Saturday – not because of the way the team performed, but due to the quiet, non-supportive, expectant, moaning and muttering home crowd. Remember this ladies and gentleman – we are 2nd in the league – yes, 2nd -which is fantastic, but we have not got a god-given right to beat every team in the league and have to support our team duiring both highs and not-so-highs. We have a duty to support out team – this means using your vocal chords in support as well as in disapproval. I am convinced that the nervous, edgy and griping atmosphere conveyed by the crowd translates onto the pitch, hence we get a performance to match.

4. m.scholfield - 17/12/2007

AB signs Ellington claiming that he and Marlon could be a great partnership and yet they have barely had 15 minutes on the field together!Explain AB also why Rinaldi is not even on the bench preferring Mariappa!
With AB its just a catalogue of strange selections,substitutes,timings of substitutions eg Ainsworth.This together with our brand of football is really begining to make me question whether AB is as good as we all believed he is/was!!

5. AndyC - 17/12/2007

We looked very toothless in attack and Marlon is getting increasingly frustrated. We’re just not playing the football he needs.

6. Mike - 17/12/2007

Matt, next time you lock your keys in the car, can you make sure my Season Ticket is in there too please?

Please don’t get me wrong, I love Watford, but in 15 years as a Season Ticket holder, I am struggling to think of a period of time when going to the Vic was so utterly devoid of anything even approaching enjoyment.

Not only does the football stink, but the attitude of our fellow supporters seems to have sunk to a new low too, with a number of fans that show a lack of understanding or appreciation of the game that surely surpasses most other clubs.

7. Matt Rowson - 17/12/2007

To answer some of the above – and playing devil’s advocate to a certain extent…

Ainsworth had to go off because we were bollocks in the first half. Much as Ainsworth clearly has something, it’s difficult to know how to accommodate him if the only option is to relocate Smith to the left where he made precisely no impact. We had to change something, and benefitted from it.

King and Ellington together leaves you with the issue of precisely who is going to be the focus of the attack… both like dropping off, pulling wide and so forth, and good as they might be they’re not Rooney and Tevez. Both needs to play with Doris.

Rinaldi. Good god.

As for the car… it was not MY car that suffered said disaster but, ummm, someone else’s. Mentioning no names, like. Who needed to use MY car to get back home to retrieve spare keys. And being in the company of increasingly grumpy and cold young child, couldn’t really wait. But no, esp, no glass-breaking required.

8. DW - 17/12/2007

1. Richard Lee looks very solid
2. Proof, if ever it was needed, that Gavin Mahon is not the reason that the wheels have fallen off our promotion chariot.
3. Tamas is the most irritating player to pull on the yellow shirt since Ramage, so obviously talented and yet seemingly so disinterested.
4. Marlon has lost his pace that destroyed defences in the 2005/6 season; £5M would be a lot for Watford to turn down………………….
5. Al Bangura holding back the tears.

9. Mike - 17/12/2007

Esp – you mentioned potentially going up a level next season.

Do you think this is still a serious possibility?

I know every team has a “bad spell” but this is now more than a blip, and the home performances for the most part have been utterly, utterly miserable.

We have a virtually fully fit squad, and I can’t for the life of me see how that collection of players is going to turn it round.

More signings in January? I very much doubt it – in my opinion we are more likely to see players going the other way.

10. Nick - 17/12/2007

Obviously the left side has been an ongoing problem that Adam Johnson temporarily more than solved.

The next incumbent(s) was always going to look a tad dull after him but what was AB thinking of on Saturday?

Smith’s tireless industry is an asset on the right but pointless when he’s played on the left.

Having removed Ainsworth for Francis I assumed we were in for a more compact 4-3-3 shape for the 2nd half and frankly not before time. So mere words could not describe my feelings when it became apparent that Williamson was the new wide man…..

Things are worrying when the squad is large yet so many players are deployed out of their natural positions.

11. Pete B - 17/12/2007

Yes, we did miss Doris. Although Priskin is indeed the new Moralee, it was noticeable that nothing stuck with the attack when he went off. As for Mariappa’s appearance… why didn’t he stay at left back and let Stewart move to his more natural midfield. Where indeed he was when they scored, without Mariappa covering behind him. Couldn;t see why O’Toole went off (he’d have been a better target man!).

12. Wrighty - 17/12/2007

As a further Devil’s Advocate.

Both King & Ellington could be the focus of attack if we passed to them rather than hoofing long, high, hopeful balls.

As for Priskin being powder puff or not working, please see above. I mean does anybody think that we should play to players strengthes? What exactly are we going to ask Gareth Williams to do when he comes back from injury, hit long balls, play on the wing, play the target man?

It’s been said many times but we need a plan B.

13. Wrighty - 17/12/2007

I spelt strengths wrong, what a berk!!

14. Del Boy - 17/12/2007

This was really soul destroying. The game reminded me of a cow-pat – flat and it stunk. Just when I thought that we would at least have the consolation of a draw we managed to throw that away. We seem to have gone back some three years, unable to create anything . I think that I will ask Santa to leave a midfielder that can pass the ball and a left back.

Tamas, please get rid of the blue boots!

15. Esp - 17/12/2007

Glad to hear no glass breaking Matt but as I won the WST hospitality draw on Saturday and had a vantage point in front of Messrs Simpson & Ashton I did once think about throwing my glass at the TV screen in the restaurant 5 minutes into the 2nd half!
I also wished I’d done some crafty eavesdropping after the game, it would have been revealing to know what the directors are thinking of our current style of play and casual, careless dropping of points. Do they blame the players, management/coaching staff or the Al Bangura effect (which Priskin is citing in various press reports today)
Did I hear you ask why I wasn’t on the terraces 5 minutes in?
I think you will find it obligatory to ACT like all the corporate suits do at other grounds when you get to rub shoulders with local businessmen. That said there were VERY few people who weren’t in their seats at the whistle to be fair….Plus it was like bloody Siberia out there high up Stanley’s stand 🙂

16. David Hart - 17/12/2007

I get the funny feeling that Henderson and Ellington don’t like each other. King is certainly looking very frustrated at the moment. I wonder if it is getting to the point where he might leave in the transfer window. You generally get more money for a player in January than you do in the summer transfer window. Villa paid silly money for Young this time last year.

I don’t think that Priskin played well either, but punting the ball in the air to him was never going to work, as it is not his style of play. He seems to like making lay offs to other players. He looked very uninterested on Saturday.

King doesn’t seem to like the ball being punted to him either. Henderson is the only player who likes it that way, but more recently, other teams have realised this, and are doubling up on him to minimise his effectiveness. This has been one of the main reasons why we have not been playing well recently. Other clubs have figured us out.

What stands out to me, sitting in the Rous stand, is that we look so much more dangerous when we pass the ball in stead of punting it. We need to start varying our play, and fast.

One point I must ask, is why wasn’t Doyley taking the throw-ins? I think he hurt his shoulder a couple of weeks ago, and I wonder if it still troubling him. I think that we also missed Shittu, who is such a menace at set pieces. Without Mahon and Shittu, we had no-one to take the long throw-ins on the left. This took away some of our attacking menace.

17. m.scholfield - 18/12/2007

I for 1 will not be wasting £25 -£30 on the Watford v Cardiff match on Boxing Day! I would rather find a NON LEAGUE game to go to as we are so piss poor at home!

18. Back from Hammerau - 19/12/2007

Am I the only person who thought that Tommy Smith did OK on the left and that we should’ve continued with him there and Lionel Ainsworth on the right?
It was the fault of neither of them that Tamas Priskin couldn’t be bothered to do much of anything.

So Aidy lied; Jordan Stewart can take throw-ins. I can already picture a question at the next Fans Forum.

19. Esp - 19/12/2007

Mike wrote:

“Esp – you mentioned potentially going up a level next season.
Do you think this is still a serious possibility?”

Well Mike ig on another forum has reprimanded critics of our current form to get a grip and says the way we are playing is solely down to the competitiveness of this league and is to be expected

I am beginning to agree with people who have been saying that our rise to the top was despite of our tactics rather than because of them. Other teams were simply worse than we are and we had a greater degree of luck than the other teams (something I think we have earned)

No Mike, playing like we are at the moment we haven’t a cat in hells chance of going up and our direct playing style must be changed – if most of us are bloody depressed watching this dross than surely to God our coaches are

I wouldn’t mind us losing so much if we were more entertaining to watch!

And I say that in the knowledge that most BHaPPY readers would prefer us to be playing entertaining football in THIS division instead of playing this style of football in the top division and losing every week. Guaranteed relegation is not the reason I support my team

Is entertaining stylish football too much to ask? Ian I fear would say yes

20. Esp - 19/12/2007


A striker’s first touch is vital and when we play the long ball ONLY Henderson’s first touch with his head or chest is effective

Ellington, Priskin, Hoskins and King are NOT ball effective ball winners above their waists but are excellent with first touches played to their feet (except Priskin on Saturday!!)

as Wrighty and every other bloody fan has been saying for weeks

It’s not rocket science!

21. Paul Wiggins - 19/12/2007

No Shittu, no Mahon, no Henderson = little aggression. the team needs to learn to cope without Darius and that means learning to pass the ball.
Watford no longer a little club – thats probably because of the Boothroyd affect.
Boothroyd no good at transfer dealing? – King, Henderson, Foster, Shittu, Mackay, Johnson and others – certainly failures too but not a bad list of successes
Watford crowd – cant remember it being this bad
Priskin – didnt lots of people want him to play last year
Vic devoid of enjoyment – yes, but Perryman, Kirby, Bassett, Lee, Harry Willis, Ken Charlerly, that Kenedy bloke that Lee signed, lots of goalkeepers called Perry, bottom of division four……….
Premier league – I thought lots of people didnt like it – could be argued that Saturday was a good result then!
Directors and hospitality area – empty during Bangura thing
Success – if I went to football for that I would go to Arsenal
Watford – lovely club being spoiled by crowd – or a minority who hopefully will go away soon

22. Holly - 19/12/2007

point 18. above

I also thought Smith was doing fine on the left, he got alot of the ball early doors. In this position he can cut inside aswell which may reap greater return on goals from smudger

23. JamesR - 19/12/2007

Too right WestCountryWatford. I sit in my seat in the Rookery and cringe when I hear the boos from the crowd. I’ve decided that Watford fans aren’t happy unless they are moaning: I mean, how often do you hear loud, consistent and prolonged encouragement for the players? It seems the only time the fans feel they can be vocal is if they are a) criticising the ref, or b) criticising the Watford players.

Yes, what we are watching at the moment is frustrating, dull, devoid of skill or ideas – but does this mean that we need to boo every half time, full time, and every time in between when one of the scapegoats has the ball? Has someone decided that Watford are the new Sleeping Giant and nothing but a win every week will do?

All in all, I find the fans behaviour embarrassing and if I were a member of staff at the club, I would wonder why the club has to have such an unenthusiastic and frankly disappointing fan base.

24. David, Aylesbury - 19/12/2007

I’ve just received Aidy’s weekly e-mail and had to laugh at his comment that ‘teams don’t want to play football against us’. I have seen every home game this season and if there is a team that has not been playing football then sadly it’s been the team in yellow, not the opposition. Even in the games we won and played reasonably well, the away team has usually passed the ball and kept possession better than us. We simply seem unable to string any passes together and instead resort to ‘percentage’ football – and we are not even doing that well either.
As previous contributors have said we have players like King, Smith, Priskin etc who need the ball to feet. Is there any reason to not even try to get the ball down and pass and move ???

25. Wrighty - 19/12/2007

Smith is a good footballer and is one of our best passers of the ball, so maybe put him in the middle.
What do you think?

26. Esp - 20/12/2007

“Directors and hospitality area – empty during Bangura thing”

Paul W much as I hate to defend the Directors I think you will find that Simpson was actually out on the pitch with Al and Claire Ward MP so there’s 33% of our Directors and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that Wilson and Ashton were on the sidelines supporting him

Also, as I was in the hospitality area on Saturday I can vouch for the fact that lots were certainly in the restaurant (I wasn’t in a box so can’t comment on those) there is only 15 minutes to eat the cakes and have the coffee plus the telly was on showing it live so give them a bit of a break 🙂

I also saw Dave M’s mate Rupert in there – I never knew he was loaded!

I haven’t become “one of them” by the way so don’t worry! Shame I wasn’t allowed to wear colours though 🙂

27. stephen hoffman - 20/12/2007

next game i would start francis instead of williamson .. williamson is just too non existant at times , francis looked hungry when he came on ,and was the closest we got to scoring .. as for ainsworth i thought he was very good . just a thought though can he play on the left ? cos if he can then problem sorted smithy can stay on the right. Also i was thinking with our striker’s problems at the moment , would it not be a good idea to maybe give ashikodi a go ? .

28. stephen hoffman - 20/12/2007

as for Jackson i really didn’t think he was that bad against plymouth . i mean shittu has been very shaky the last month and against stoke and plymouth jackson gave our backline i thought a semblance of solidness.

29. Fran - 20/12/2007

Esp, I think Paul’s point was that the corporates were too busy availing themselves of the hospitality to show support for Al. Not what I would call either fans or decent human beings.

30. DL - 20/12/2007

To those who knock our style: if you want to watch pretty football going nowhere, go watch Wolves or Spurs. Let’s not become one of those clubs.
Also, please explain to me the difference between a “hoof” and a “long pass”?

31. DL - 20/12/2007

Whilst you don’t pick defenders for their goal scoring prowess, Shittu scores useful goals and we missed his physicality against Hayles.
You don’t get more solid than Shittu in terms of physical presence and we missed his aggression on Saturday, same as Hendo. We also missed Gav’s industry.

I don’t care if our goals come off Hendo’s backside every week, as long as we pick up points. People seem to forget the horrific Vialli season of passing the ball sideways to each other and not getting anywhere….

Being a supporter means getting behind your team, whether they are playing “nice football” or not, or winning or not. I don’t support Watford to see success: I go because I care.

32. David, Aylesbury - 20/12/2007

I’m not saying teams should pass for the sake of it. I totally agree that the Vialli era was dreadful because keeping the ball seemed more important than actually trying to score with it. But saying ‘go and watch Wolves or Spurs’ is missing the point entirely. I am a big fan of Aidy’s (though have to admit it’s getting more difficult) and when he joined us he talked about playing fast, direct,passing football – and I would say for a while we did that.
Now we seem to have settled on something else, and something which illustrates the difference between a ‘hoof’ and a ‘long pass’.

A ball pinged 40 yards to Smith’s feet or a pass placed accurately for King to run onto is a ‘long pass’….a central defender lumping forward in the rough direction of Doris to see what happens, or a ball to nobody at all (as our central defenders seem to like doing) is a ‘hoof’….

33. Esp - 20/12/2007

I think DL is absolutely right about Shittu I think he is missed especially as he is a player who can create chances, he is not the most skilful of players but if I had him running towards me I would get out of the way plus frankly if Marlon looks disinterested and Priskin’s positioning and first touch are all over the place we need as many players prepared to strike the ball forwards towards that white thing with netting that we have forgotten about

The only thing is we do need a Mahon type player who can cover for the likes of Shittu when they go surging upfield
MacAnuff and Williamson aren’t that player imho and Smudger is too busy creating chances down the channels to do it so we are left with Williams, Hoskins maybe when he comes back, Francis when he plays and a fully fit Bang Bang

Judging by recent events I think Gav has probably played his last match for us already

Finally JamesR wrote: “I find the fans behaviour embarrassing and if I were a member of staff at the club, I would wonder why the club has to have such an unenthusiastic and frankly disappointing fan base”

Not entirely fair James, I don’t know if you are a traveling ‘Orn but in my experience that remark does not apply to the away support for Watford who are generally more supportive and appreciative

34. Wrighty - 20/12/2007

”To those who knock our style: if you want to watch pretty football going nowhere, go watch Wolves or Spurs. Let’s not become one of those clubs.”
I’m sorry DL but who are you to tell us what opinion we should have about our team, that’s right OUR team. Like everything you feel something for, at times you get annoyed and angry with them, at least you do if you have your own opinion, and have the right to crticise, constructively, that’s what being a fan is all about. No two people with have the exact same opinions despite watching the same things, I mean what is everyones all time favourite 11?
As for the difference between a hoof and a long ball, one is put oin the general direction hoping that one of your players can win a knockdown and the other is aimed.
As for going to support Spurs or Wolves you can **** right *** (he says with a grin)

35. Holly - 20/12/2007

just read QPR have attracted another investor, worlds 5th Richest family just bought 20% of club.

Why does no one ever appear interested in buying or making a large investment in Watford ? when i say large I mean ground breaking

36. m.scholfield - 20/12/2007

Pretty football Wolves are you having a joke!? None of McCarthy play good football.Maybe Ipswich at home!?
Ashikodi is not good enough at our level and is another of ABs bad signings of the last year or 2.
Unfortunately, its now a lot easier to count ABs bad signings as they outweigh his good ones now-thats one of the reasons I’m worried about who we may sign in January!

37. Meldrew - 21/12/2007

29 – Fran, I was one of those people who went inside, does that qualify me as not being a ‘decent human being’? I have gone to probably 1000 odd games, Plymouth on tuesday nights etc and at the moment watching the likes of Lee Williamson on £8000 a week is making my stomach turn. Bangura’s plight is worthwhile, but excuse me if I need to get away from the stench that is coming to the pitch for 15 minutes.

38. Matt Rowson - 21/12/2007

This discussion is fast becoming a “greatest hits compilation” of all the wankiest football messageboard conversations ever. Roll on Saturday…

39. Apperley 'Orn - 21/12/2007

That may well be so Matt, but it is still head and shoulders above the diatribe on the 606 boards…

40. Markymark - 21/12/2007

Yes and the cack on the your say Teamtalk page…….

41. Soupy - 21/12/2007

…and far more entertaining than anything occurring on the pitch in recent weeks.

42. stephen hoffman - 23/12/2007

im sorry but when shittu was in the team he was just not solid at the back in november and at the end of october everyone is knocking jackson but in 3 games in defence with him and demerit — that’s after the 1-0 win against sheff wed we kept 2 sheets and only let in 1 goal , with shittu we hardly had any clean sheets in november and october . i dont have a problem with shittu on his day he can be brilliant and i think he’s got potential to be a great defender ,but at the moment he’s too inconsistent he can go from the sublime to the ridiculous in the space of 2 games . Also maybe he needs to curb his attacking instincts a bit cos he ends up going up front and leaving holes in our defence . As for Jackson ok he was rubbish in august and early september but that was because he was clearly not match fit , he went to Blackpool for a month and got that started. Since he’s gone back he’s looked a different player , he is a very good reader of the ball , a good player on the ball i feel , decent in the air from corners as was shown from his unfairly disallowed goal against stoke , ok he’s not pacy but neither was malky and look how good he was in the championship .dont get me wrong i dont think Jackson will be good enough in the Premiership due to his lack of pace , but his skills on the ball ,and reading ability compensate for that in the Championship.

43. stephen hoffman - 23/12/2007

You haven’t even given Ashikodi a chance . How many times have you seen him play , you can’t make up your mind on a player after what seeing him after 2 games .I spoke to a bradford fan about him , and he was very impressed with him , so why not give him a try . I am fed up of everyone criticising Boothroyd’s transfer dealings lets look at it clarke carlisle -good buy danny shittu -decent buy matt jackson -i feel fast looking a good buy ben foster-good spot on loan , adam johnson -good spot on loan , chris eagles -decent spot on loan , malky mackay -good buy , matthew spring –good buy ( he helped us win the championship) tommy smith -good buy , jordan stewart –ok he’s been crap this season ,but last season he was very good ,and at the end of the season before he was good -so decent buy , marlon king -genius buy ,especially since a lot of people thought he was crap at Nottingham Forest and Leeds(on loan ) Darius Henderson -Good buy , Damien Francis -Jury’s out (but i feel decent buy) Gareth Williams – i feel a decent buy -because from what i saw of him against charlton a very good creative midfielder and a good anchorman ,
now the bad buys Steve Kabba , Will Hoskins (but to be fair to Aidy -a lot of people thought this was a good buy ( until they saw him play after a few games , Douglas Rinaldi — on account of going awol , Martin Devaney ( cock up ) Albert Jarret

Jury’s out – Lee Williamson — he started off well but form tailed off at late , i feel he’s got the ability but to inconsistent , Tamas priskin -got the skill,maybe the pace , but not the strength , or at times the shooting ability – i think he might not be sorted to the watford way of football .

If you look the good signings far outweigh the cock ups , and that is a sign of a good manager – so stop slagging Aidy Boothroyd off ,we’re in a much better position now then we were under Lewington and Vialli . Remember even Taylor made some cock ups in the transfer market , anyone remember Dai Thomas , Adrian Bakalli , Des Lyttle.

44. Meldrew - 23/12/2007

Dai Thomas was a legend you bunghole!

45. Dave Hart - 23/12/2007

If you watch the strikers’ shooting practice in the pre-match warm up, you would notice that best two finishers we have are actually Smith and Priskin. Henderson is not too far behind, and Ellington in particular has been awful. King’s finishing in the warm up has been rather inconsistent. Smith’s finishing in particular is excellent.

Judging by Ellington’s finishing in the warm ups, I can understand why Aidy has been leaving him out of the team. He has looked very off form, although that could easily change with match practice.

46. Apperley 'Orn - 23/12/2007

What was wrong with Adrian Bakalli? Surely he was worth it for the name alone…

47. Markymark - 23/12/2007

Yes I remember that Welsh real life hooligan Thomas,what a waste of space!

48. Dave Hart - 25/12/2007

Ah, but he did score in the four nil win at Luton!

49. stephen hoffman - 26/12/2007

bakalli weren’t worth it when i had to sit watford lose 1-0 to leceister in the premier with our forward line led by bakalli looking about as dangerous and penetrating as the teletubbies . to be honest i dont think you can tell a lot by the warm ups some players are just natural footballers ie there will be rubbish in the warm ups but good in the actual game . Remember Moralee always looked good in the warm ups –well from what i saw . I think Ellington had a great game against Sheff Wednesday and hopefully has proved a few of the doubters wrong.

50. Soupy - 27/12/2007

#43 The Hoff – from your list of bad buys you forgot: Johan Cavalli and Cedric Avinel.

But I certainly agree that both Spring and Carlisle were good buys… problem is the very same Aidy let them both leave for a pittance. Spring would walk in to the midfield right now and Carlisle looked a class apart in a Burnley shirt.

Oh and Dai is in my hall of fame. Lay off!


51. Matt - 27/12/2007

43 – Stephen

Contradicting yourself in the space of a paragraph is quite impressive, so congratulations on that, but we really can’t let you include Williams in your “good signing” list on the evidence of one game you saw when you say that 2 games isn’t enough for someone else to judge Ashikodi now can we?

I’ve read your post twice and see no mention of McAnuff – 2 goals in 2 games is NOT convincing me, the lad just hasn’t got it, not good enough.

You mention Foster and Johnson as decent loan signings, fair enough, you’ve clearly forgotten the “delights” of watching Trevor Benjamin attempt to distinguish his arse from his elbow at Crewe – and Eagles was overrated.

Now let’s not forget that the transfer market isn’t all about buying players, who Aidy chooses to let go should also be looked at.

You mention Spring and Carlisle as “good signings”, with you 100% on those, but don’t you feel the squad would be a LOT better with those two players still in it? Our so far fruitless search for something resembling consistency and creativity in the middle of the pitch this year and our somewhat fragile central defence are problems created by Boothroyd selling those players.

52. Back from Hammerau - 27/12/2007

I don’t think you can yet include Cedric Avinel in a list of bad “buys”. (Did we pay anything for him?)
He was a youngster bought for his potential – not as a finished product.
Let’s judge him in a couple of years.

53. jimbohornet - 28/12/2007

Spring I agree we should have kept although I felt he was lightweight at times. Carlisle wanted to move back north and anyway Aidy couldn’t guarantee him a place with his injury record.
Is he really better than Shittu or Demerit ?
We seriously got out of jail against Cardiff – surely we can’t play as badly again ? Aidy, please let Smudger do the set pieces !!!

54. Surrey Horn - 28/12/2007

Echoing some of the comments above about the jeering and negative (non-)support that seems to be coming from some fans at the Vic during this current bad spell, I want to say that, like most Watford supporters I am frustrated and disappointed with our current form, but those of you that choose to boo and heckle, stop for a moment and ask yourself….does it really help YOUR team?
Sat in the Lower Rous, I was near a few of the hecklers during the Plymouth game and as early as the 7th minute they started to get stuck into Priskin and Jackson. Aimed at Priskin were shouts of ‘you’re useless’ and ‘f*@! off back to Hungary!’. Priskin was poor but no one deserves that kind of abuse and it sure ain’t gonna help him to turn his game around….to cap it all, come the 85th they were getting stuck into Marlon as well.

It’s already been said but in pre-season if we had been offered our current position in the league at this stage in the season…..we would have taken it. Yes, there are things that aren’t right and I am sure no-one knows that more than Aidy and the players. It was only two and half seasons ago that we were staring League 1 football in the face. I also disagree , we have had far worst periods at the Vic than our current form…. , not so long ago…. with no inspiration, with players not fit to wear the shirt and worst of all no opportunity!

As fans, let’s do our bit and get behind the boys in a positive way, get off their backs, turn the Vic back into the Fortress it can be (like the atmosphere generated in the play-off semi with Palace, two seasons ago!) and play our part in helping them and Aidy in getting the Orns back to the Premiership.
Happy New Year!

55. jimbohornet - 28/12/2007

Well said Surrey, I agree that many “fans” have forgotten the meaning of the word support. It is when the team are playing badly and struggling that they need a lift from the crowd.
I remember Ken Furphy’s quote about cheering a horse and cart if he brought one on – for today read Priskin or Ellington!
I also remember a season when we could not buy a home win(71/72 I think) and we continually lost 2-1. I and many others stayed and chanted in the rain. Now I witness people leaving with 25 minutes to go after moaning for the best part of an hour. No wonder the players play better away from home with committed away SUPPORT.
Keep the faith and support the team and manager – we are better off than 95% of league clubs and this is not a hard division this year.

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