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Watford 2 Queens Park Rangers 4 (29/12/2007) 29/12/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Five Thunks.

1- What a jolly splendid sunset over the Rous Stand.

2- I’ve bought a new pair of shoes.  They’re very nice.

3- I’m sleeping on the sofa again tonight, to accommodate visiting inlaws.  Will this earn enough brownie points to fund an away trip at some point in the future?  Will it buggery.

4- If you must think about football, try pitchinvasion.net.  It’s really very good.

5- Oh sodding hell.  QPR were shocking.  Absolutely shocking.  Worst defence we’ve seen all season.  Except Sheffield Wednesday (H) for twenty minutes.  And probably Gillingham.  Oh, and our lamentable nonsense in the first half.  Hope we don’t play anyone else with pace up front when Danny’s away with Nigeria.  For two thirds of the pitch we were OK.  But anyone, anyone is going to look comfortable when you give them a three-nil lead.


1. Markymark - 30/12/2007

Its beyond a joke now truly!
Best away record in the whole league
Home form is similar to a team rock bottom!
Players to go please in Jan : Stewart ( naturally!),King ( if we can get £5-£6 million );Jackson at end of season as will be 36.

2. Tapps - 30/12/2007

Has any team lost possession from the kick off before with the ball apparently still on the centre spot?

3. Ralph (Stratfordonavon'orn) - 30/12/2007

Speechless (delete as neccessary).

4. NRC - 30/12/2007

Moment of truth time isn’t it? Aidy clearly intends to buy and who he buys will probably determine the fate of our season. Problem is (earlier BHappys refer) his record is mixed. I suspect he has a deal ready to roll and that lay behind the Gav announcement. Maybe we can get back to the early season form but who really thinks that even that form would have seen us survive one league up? The gap between the divisions is just so enormous now, we couldn’t hope to spend what Fulham and Sunderland spent in the summer and even they are struggling. Ah well, at least it’s interesting, if more than a tad frustrating but when was it ever otherwise following the ‘orns?

5. Wrighty - 30/12/2007

2 thunks about general stuff

1. If Carlisle really did leave due to ‘not being promised first team football’ as is commonly perceived, who actually is guarenteed first team football?

2. We seem to be short of a combative defensive midfielder who can put in some tackles, break up play, protect the defense and cover when defenders go forward. If only we had a Gavin Mahon type player.

3. (I don’t stick to rules) Happy New Year

6. Paul Wiggins - 30/12/2007

Worst team I’ve seen us losing to three nil. Dont really understand it. We could have done with Shittu on when we had all those near the penalty area free kicks in the first half. Yet despite how bad we were/are maybe it just needs the one player, the one who can beat players -Young, Bouazza, Johnson – who could make the team look good again. Is there anybody out there who can do that???? If so please give Aidy a call – soon!
Most annoying thing was that my brother missed it – had to visit in laws, should have gone with him.

7. Kris - 30/12/2007

Of all the comments so far, I think Ralph in post 3 got it in one.

Premiership – you have got to be kidding.

8. Paul - 30/12/2007

The most worrying thing about this game for me is the match report on the official website. Am I the only person who has read it over and over again thinking this simply was not the match i was at.

Has something at the club gone so drastically wrong that the official report of the match has to be altered in case those who were not there start to think things are going very wrong.

Thankfully it was on telly and watching it again this morning confirmed that we were actually not slaughtering QPR at 0-1, 0-2 ,0-3 or at any point in the game.

9. Holly - 30/12/2007

Shocking, completely shocking.

Only one minor adjustments needed states Aidy, yes that one minor adjustment should be that tiny yorkshireman on his bike off to one of his ‘numerous offers’….. please please please

Thanks for taking us as far as you could, but now the time has come for a change, before we sink down the table, you then leave anyway with us in more debt, ground development half finished and frozen due to lack of funds …..

i we gonna lose majority of home games, lets at least try and play football, i just cant tolerate the rubbish at home this season (inc hull and sheff weds).

finally isnt ellingtons first touch appalling !!! how much ???

10. Holly - 31/12/2007

ps. they tried to do 3 loan deals last week, and every one failed ……. even the scouts dont know who is coming .. worrying

11. John F - 31/12/2007

Some positives from the debacle. Williamson was brilliant. The midfield looked a lot more comfortable and I thought Stewart had his nest game for a while, possibly because McAnuff is really sparking.
Francis still looks like a player who has been out for a long time (we wait and see) and Ellington needs games and a goal. Marlon looked hungry when he came on but still put the ball over the bar when presented with a reasonable chance. Doyley had his worst game in a long time, aided and abetted by our captain (is he really the only one we have who can do this?) while Jackson is just slow. I was not at all sure that the penalty was correct, it looked like shoulder to shoulder and the two footed tackle is allowed if it is on a Watford player. This is a real test for Aidy and we await the outcome with interest. We are second but I agree that we couldn’t survive at the higher level with this team.
Happy New Year to you and yours Matt and thanks for doing this site.

12. DM - 31/12/2007

If that midfield was any more comfortable they’d have been wearing slippers….

13. Wrighty - 31/12/2007

full respect for No. 4, it’s a great read

14. Soupy - 31/12/2007

Does the club do ‘away season tickets’…
If so can I swap my Upper Rous one?


15. GraemeB - 31/12/2007

First of all lets not loose our senses. We are still, somehow, going into the New Year in an automatic promotion spot. I think we would have settled for this at the start of the season. But the real problem is that to develop a club you have to strengthen the squad — and Aidy has not been able to do this.
Compare the QPR starting 11 with the team that started against Leeds in the 2005 play-off final. This is how it’s changed.

Lee for Foster
Jackson for Mackay
McAnuff for Young
Williamson for Mahon
Smith for Chambers
Francis for Spring
Ellington for King

Does this represent an an overall improvement? I don’t think so. And we can’t plead poverty. The sale of Young and Bouazza, plus parachute payments, means there’s no shortage of cash in the coffers. So either this is not being made available to the manager, or the right players are just not prepared to come to Watford on the terms offered.
Meanwhile we have brought in a whole raft of bit-part players — Priskin, Ashikodi, Ainsworth, Hoskins (remember him!), Kabba, Avinel — who either can’t get a game or have yet to prove their worth.
Whatever the reason, there remain striking parallels with the 2000/01 season when we started so well, only to see the wheels fall off in November to leave us stuttering to a distant ninth.
But calling for Aidy’s head is premature. This will be his big test…and it will only take one thumping home win for everything to look so much better.

16. Back from Hammerau - 31/12/2007

Is it worth considering proceeding with all possible speed with the ground improvements so we’re forced to play all our remaining fixtures away from home and get the job finished sooner and at a cheaper rate?
The infection has spread to Saracens who were also poor yesterday (giving Newcastle their first away win in over a year) and also have a better record away than at home.

17. SteveG - 31/12/2007

I’m with Graeme B on this. While clearly it has not been good recently, the Boxing Day performance against Cardiff wasn’t worse, surely, than the dire 0-0 draw on the same day three seasons ago (go back to the archive for a report).

The main thing that has changed has been the expectation – two years ago we were grateful that we had avoided talk of relegation and were starting to think that a play off place might be a real possibility. A representative team of that era would be Foster, Doyley, Mackay, Demerit, Stewart, Young, Mahon, Spring, Bouazza, Henderson, King. As Graeme points out, it’s far from obvious that our present first team is better than this and yet somehow we are expecting them to be world beaters. If Adam Johnson hadn’t been recalled, things might be looking very different at the moment.

And when all’s said and done, after a dreadful run at home we are still second. This may say more about the quality of the league than it does about our present standard of play, but would we really be better off with the tactical and motivational skill of Bryan Robson, the consistency of Bristol City or Ipswich or the sheer stytle and grace of Stoke?

Talk of sacking the manager seems utterly ludicrous to me.

18. nick - 31/12/2007

What?! Lloyd Doyley doesn’t get a “thunk” to himself for stopping the game so wonderfully bizarrely a la Serge Blanco? If only he had just refused to give the ball back and marched off down the tunnel with it stoically tucked under his arm…. what a wonderful way that would have been to end a game that was, quite frankly, already up!

19. Red - 01/01/2008

Why do most people keep mentioning our league position? Who cares about next season, its the quality of football and the passion of the players that we go to watch is it not? Sometimes better teams beat us and they have players that we admire. The problem is I feel that too many watford players are not all that interested at the moment, and we are being beaten by poorer teams. The Southampton match will be VERY interesting. If we win away with a sound performance, what does it say about our professional players, the home supporters and the management? Are our away supporters better than our home? If we lose, then all the moans will be justified.

20. Lincoln 'Orn - 01/01/2008

Agree with GraemeB. Let’s not become too fickle like many club’s fans out there.Yes we have had a bad run and yes the football might not be good to watch but nobody complained at Cardiff when we beat Leeds and had played similar football all season. The only difference was we were winning, just like the start of this season. I didn’t hear the same whinges about our style of play when we were 8 points clear at the top of the league.
My other and main reason for posting is Gavin Mahon’s departure. He wasn’t everyones cup of tea but personally I thought he was a fantastic servant to the club. I think he would be the first to admit his legs have gone a bit but he has done as much for Watford in his time at the club as some very good players before him without getting the recognition. Good luck Gav. Surely a ‘gone but not forgotten’ tribute would be appropriate if not essential?

21. stephen hoffman - 02/01/2008

Williamson was brilliant ? what game were you watching he was awful the one corner he got right led to a goal , all the others were useless straight at the goalie he hardly tackled didn’t protect the back four and got more touches from corners rather than open play ie tackling

22. Ed - 02/01/2008

I’m with Graeme B too, things could be a lot worse then playing poorly and 2nd in the table. What’s more I like Aidy, so he gets my support until things are actually bad.

23. Tops - 03/01/2008

I have to say, Stephen Hoffman, that Williamson was excellent against QPR, and even better against the Saints. IMO it’s one half of the midfield conundrum solved – let’s hope that Williams solves the other half of the problem when he’s back from injury.

PS I want an away season ticket

24. Jamie - 04/01/2008

At least there is the magic of the cup!

I have to keep reminding myself we are 2nd in the league at the moment such is the depressing tone in or around the club.

25. Matt Rowson - 04/01/2008

I don’t know what you’re complaining about Parkins, most of that’s down to you and Waldorf..

(you will tell me when this gets tired won’t you? Good…)

26. DrDave - 14/01/2008

I think I’d rather be Stadler. Parkins can be Waldorf.

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