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Help to keep BSaD online! 03/01/2008

Posted by Ian Grant in Nonsense.

When we finally packed it in, we promised ourselves and everyone else that we’d keep BSaD online for ever and always, as an archive of ten-and-more years of Watford-related stuff. Thing is, that costs us money. So, if you’d care to donate to our running costs, we’d be enormously grateful. You can do it here. Much obliged. You’re lovely.


1. graham walker - 03/01/2008

Can you give us an indication of what the costs are ? It may help me decide on the weight of the wad I am prepared to slip across to you


2. Apperley 'Orn - 03/01/2008

How much does it cost per annum?

3. Ian Grant - 04/01/2008

The annual cost is a bit over £90 in total; it’d be more, but we’ve already received very generous help in paying for the domain name itself.

Many thanks to everyone who’s donated money so far. We had no idea what the response would be, but it appears that BSaD is still very much in your affections; that’s really lovely to know. It looks like we’ll be able to keep it online for a while yet. Mick Quinn was unavailable for comment, sadly.

Much appreciated, anyway.

4. Jamie - 04/01/2008

Please update as things go. I’m sure it is against your principles Ian but you could always post to WML and be sure of many donations.

5. Ian Grant - 04/01/2008

Thanks, Jamie. We had thought of that…but we didn’t want to bother people if we didn’t need to. From the very generous donations we’ve received so far, it looks as if we’ll be able to leave the mailing listers in peace for now…

6. Apperley 'Orn - 04/01/2008

I’d still hit WML Ian, then maybe you will get enough to keep it going for many years to come.

7. DM - 04/01/2008

Mr Ig and Mr Matt.

Rest assured of another donation from this neck of the woods once I reach the oasis that is January payday…..

8. MP - 04/01/2008

I have linked your donations page on Gloryhorns, so hope it brings you some poundage.

9. Ian Grant - 04/01/2008

Saw that, MP. Nice one! Really appreciate the help.

10. Esp - 06/01/2008

Re: BSaD
Have you thought of publishing the 2007/8 fixture list now on BHaPPY Mr Grant? 😉

RIP BsAD and thanks for the memories

11. The Red Devil - 25/05/2010

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