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Watford 3 Wolverhampton Wanderers 0 (02/02/2008) 03/02/2008

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Five thunks from Wolves

1- John Eustace.  A signing after ig’s own heart – he was eulogising 20 minutes in, and the new man had barely touched the ball.  He made a difference in any event – shouting, organising, and stabilising the whole side in a way that made last weekend’s shambles a distant memory.  The team has a leader, at last.

2- Leigh Bromby.  Wow, that throw.  Distance, trajectory AND accuracy… Doris is going to love that.  Defended well also – won a large number of headers for a smallish centreback.

3- Steve Kabba.  Steve bloody Kabba.  Terrace hero.  Who’d have thought it?  The “tackle” out on our right flank at the end of the first half is a highlight of the season already.

4- How much tamer did Wolves look as a consequence of our having a bit of spine, at last?

5- And a clean sheet to boot.  Big hurrahs all round.  More, please.



1. Red - 03/02/2008

We played against a very good side, fast and passing along the ground for the most. But we beat them! We scored three! The team looked confident yesterday and now the fight for places is real. Matt R looks as though he knows what he is doing and has time for other things on the wing. Hurrah. I really enjoyed yesterday, Am I getting carried away?

2. Jamie - 03/02/2008

That’ll learn me to stay at home.

Damn you all.

3. Mark - 03/02/2008

Excellent allround performance.

Great defence work in the 1st half where we looked very comfortable despite Wolves having most of the ball.

The news guys fitted in very well and Kabba did look rather pleased to score!

I thought it was harsh to take him off instead of Ellington who was one of the poorer players in my view.

Think DeMerit was injured but Marippa and Bromby did the business instead.

2 nicely taken goals by Smithy.

4. NRC - 03/02/2008

More committment, less aimless heading and just giving it back to the opposition to shoot, more composure, more passing – it isn’t rocket science! Now beginning to worry a lot less when Kabba’s name is read out. It would be fun seeing Aimsworth supplying the strikers for longer, get back to the three wingers for two places that worked so well at the beginning of the season. Hats off to Aidy for buying sensibly in what must be a mad market, we now have reasonable competition in most places and that can only be a good thing.

5. Kris - 03/02/2008

I was wondering if you could keep it down to just five chunks after yesterday Matt. How about Mariappa and Smith? Both fantastic. Or Aidy – for getting the signings and the tactics just right?

Anyways – I can’t argue with the ones you have chosen – what a way to break the jinx at the Vic. And the new boys (including Sadler) looks to have made us a more complete unit. And Kabba – oh Stevie – I punched the air when he scored. Nothing odd in that – but most of my joy came from HIM scoring rather than Watford. He has shown a new side to himself lately – if he can keep that up – Hendo, Ellington and John may have to battle it out for the other striker berth.

6. tim wells - 03/02/2008

Just whats needed given recent results, 1 LEIGH BROMBY, a titan at the back, best long throw seen since lee sinnott in the 80s. 2 great to see things turning round for kabba , a goal at last , deserved because of work rate, and attitude after such a lean spell. 3 ellington and macanuff getting into good positions, but need to finish better both should have scored but worked hard.4 marriappa crucial interceptions kept wolves at bay when they were almost clawing their way back. 5 SMITH 2 goals 2nd one a peach great runs. Bad points; 1 i suppose it was understandable due to low confidence but after the lead came which was areal god given opporunity, we sat back allowed them far too much possesion rather than getting in their faces, on another day we may have got punished 2 not that much creativity in midfield. in the first half front 2 didnt get going for a while 3 i thought we missed king he holds the ball up so well/ and makes things count , both runs and finishing. still a cracking result its a new era for the team some good players to come in John, Francis , Demerit and shittu hopefully we can still go up

7. Tops - 03/02/2008

I caught myself screaming ‘GO ON STEVIE’ over and over again after the goal. A little embarrassing, but I was so delighted for him!

Eustace could well be the key signing – on the evidence of yesterday he sits deep, wins the ball and then gets his head up. Him and Williamson could be a very decent partnership, as I think Williamson looks a lot more assured as the ‘attacking’ midfielder rather than as the ‘holding’ one. Time will tell.

Also, well done Rookery, for once. Positive and loud, especially in the run up to the second goal.

8. Mick G. - 03/02/2008

What a performance!What a turn round in a week!
Tommy Smith and Aidy Mariappa were excellent throughout.And so was Doris when he came on – putting himself about a bit when they were waiting for the final whistle.
Kabba ran himself into the ground and his joy on scoring was something else.
All three new guys contributed the thing we’ve been missing for a while – the ability to play the ball along the deck.
Well done Aidy Boothroyd.
Great day.And hopefully a turning point.

9. Esp - 03/02/2008

I had my own WO headline worked out “Repeat of 15 years ago” when after we were thrashed 4-1 by Wolves in the cup we beat them 3-1 in the next league game
Still, I would be a real Victor Meldrew if I complained that I couldn’t use it cos the clean sheet must have pleased Aidy just as much as the performances of Bromby, Eustace, Kabba and Ainsworth and of course the first league home win for nearly 4 months
Referring to Matt’s thunk 2 – Darius WILL love Bromby’s throw which is more accurate than Doyley’s and as good as Mayo’s and the 3CR commentary team were saying just that after the first half and of course they got their wish when Darius came on
Finally it is great to see a real leader emerging – Lee won’t have to worry for long about the burden as Eustace will get the armband as soon as he puts faces to names.
Courting controversy – Mahon had to go, he’d had his day

10. Nick Gibb - 04/02/2008

Really please for Richard Lee – skipper for the day and a deserved clean sheet (after some of the recent horror shows in front of him).

Didn’t see that one coming over the last few seasons when the manager clearly did not rate him.

I’ve not always been his biggest fan but I have to admire the improvements he has made to his game and his sheer determination to reclaim the 1st team shirt.

Other players react to being dropped by sulking, lashing out or agitating for a move… how refreshing to see someone putting in some graft!

11. m.scholfield - 04/02/2008

Wonder what the team will be when we play Ipswich away which obviously is a real tough one.Assuming Shittu is okay I would actually play him & Demerit ( if fit ) with Bromby at right back and Henderson starting ahead of Kabba with John on bench if fit?
This line up would be a bit tough on Mariappa who hasplayed well for him in the past 2 matches.

12. Apperley 'Orn - 04/02/2008

I could make it 20, but here are my 5 , if I may be so bold:-

(1) Not so much a back 4 (5 if you include Eustace) as a bloody great brick wall – not seen such an assured rearguard for a long, long time.

(2) Smith, Kabba, McAnuff, O’Toole – how many miles did these guys cover between them? Ran and ran all night long.

(3) Atmosphere – early goals certainly play a big part in lifting the crowd don’t they? Not a boo-boy in sight, we really were the 12th man.

(4) Referee – take a bow Mr Probert, best ref I’ve seen all season. Let the game flow (much to JJ O’Toole’s annoyance at one point!) whilst keeping that thug Kyle in check.

(5) The big difference though was clearly the fact that my daughter was in attendance for the first time – clearly a lucky mascot and I shall be writing to the club imploring them to send complimentary tickets for every home game between now and the end of the season… ;o)

13. Tops - 04/02/2008

m.schofield: would you really drop Kabba? He was magic. Surely dropping him sends out all the wrong signals.

PS Oh, and I forgot:



14. stephen hoffman - 04/02/2008

I would drop demerit if your going by form that has to be it bromby and shittu in defence , and then mariappa at right back , doyley clearly needs a rest , as for the rest well it’s a tough one i might be tempted to try henderson and kabba.

15. m.scholfield - 04/02/2008

Yes Tops simply cos I feel that at Ipswich we are not going to “out football” them so we may as well try to out muscle them and that means Hendo and Shittu from the start plus Bromby at right back and Stewart in for the suspended JM left midfield.

16. Ian Lay - 05/02/2008

Stewart at LM seems the most likely choice Mike. Ainsworth I suppose would be another option but Stewart is probably better defensively whilst still being alright going forward. And as we are going to a team that hasn’t lost in the league at home all season Stewart makes more sense. But if Stewart wants away then giving Ainsworth a chance to establish himself in the team and provide competition for JM maybe be a better option. Oh to be a football manager! 😉

17. Back from Hammerau - 05/02/2008

Well done to Aidy for his signings.

When were he last so assured at the back, especially pleasing as two players had only joined a couple of days before, one had one whole game under his belt and Mariappa’s hardly a veteran.

Should we keep the back 4 unchanged on Saturday?

Should Aidy consider relieving Jay of the captaincy?

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