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Ipswich Town 1 Watford 2 (09/02/2008) 10/02/2008

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Five thunks from Portman Road

1- Was there ever a more evil, bloody-minded and unplayable midfield than Eustace and Bangura?  Don’t.  F***ing.  Mess.

2- Dan Shittu.  Bang.  Bang.  Wallop.  Bang. Cramp?  Never heard of it.  Bang.

3- Steve Kabba, a magnificent cameo.  Would still be ferrying balls into no man’s land  up the right wing now, given half a chance.

4- Stephen Bywater.  The ability to kick a ball ought to be a fairly basic prerequisite for a footballer, even a keeper.  Few players have an opinion of themselves so far out of kilter with reality.

5- The cherry on the icing on today’s ample cake was the sound of snivelling observations from Suffolk’s finest on the way out of the ground.  In the face of defeat, fans of “footballing sides” so often seek refuge in perceived aesthetics, as if they should have been awarded goals for artistic impression.  The points being missed in this instance were that our midfield (see point 1) never allowed Ipswich to play their pretty football, and that we put together the best move of the game for the Duke’s goal.  Ipswich couldn’t mix it up, and that they’ve only won once on the road this season is no coincidence.



1. Kris - 10/02/2008

A huge 3 points yesterday. And we’re looking a solid side again. Some fans was complaining about Hendo coming in for Kabba saying that Kabba had deserved a place in the starting 11. But as we are “blessed” with a number of forwards with different key talents, no one is a dead cert in the first 11. For me it’s about horses for courses and Hendo’s power was gold against a supposed passing side who was unbeaten at home. I have a feeling that Kabba, John, Hendo and the Duke will all be very important parts of our winning the league. In defense, I think it’s the opposite. Big Danny will play most games and the rest will fight for the other places (though Sadler seems to have made left back his).

Yesterday’s win was even more impressive when you look at the players we did not have available:
Collins John

When/if we have a 100% fit squad – I think we’ll have a serious positive selection problem – who do you pick?

2. NickB - 10/02/2008

Re point 5: anyone else cringe when listening to the egregious Alan Green wholeheartedly agreeing with the archetypal Ipswich moaner about us being a long ball side? No coincidence he put him on first, either.

Nice to see Gladys P restoring parity – Whitley Bay to Truro in the FA Vase – priceless!

3. Simon in Oz - 10/02/2008

Re: Thunk 1
“Was there ever such an evil, bloody minded…midfield…?”
What about Roger Joslyn and…..well…anyone?
If these guys can use skill along with ‘Studs’ Joslyn’s commitment, we’ll be there for sure.

4. Apperley 'Orn - 10/02/2008

You seem to be forgetting Jay Demerit in your missing players list Kris.

On this form, Jay could be in danger of being the forgotten man at the back. Bromby has made the CB position his own and Big Dan is currently in the form of his life.

We are looking very very solid again – exciting times.

5. Mark - 10/02/2008

We deserved to win the game anyway even if we did upset the Ipswich purists for the final 10 mins or so…their manager seemed to have no complaints!

Another solid defensive performance in the main and a couple of well taken goals.

6. Pete B - 10/02/2008

Re point 5 – Stewart setting the goal up for Duke. who should start wide left? Ainsworth, Stewart or McAnuff. I think I’d go for the allrounder Stewart.

7. John - 10/02/2008

Really enjoyed throwing the “Boring boring Watford” chant backed at the home fans when we had scored.

8. Matt Rowson - 10/02/2008

Simon… I was just too late for Joslyn, I only know of him by reputation. I’ll have to take your (and others’) word for it. But given that we already had Eustace, shoving Bangbang in there as well was a real statement of intent.

Pete… McAnuff and Stewart will benefit from competing with each other. Ainsworth is long-term competition for the right i think… he looked decent yesterday, but did want to come back onto his right on every occasion. Sadler already a shoe-in at LB.

9. Pete B - 10/02/2008

Joslyn and who – this sort of tells its own story. Matt is talking here about the pairing of TWO players. I can’t remember having two midfielders who break up play like this – Joslyn and Booth maybe. BUT will it be enough? Will we need to have someone playing in front of them and behind the front two? What price our 4-4-2? Maybe we will go to 3-5-2 with, for example Bromby, Shittu and Sadler at the back. Bangura and Eustace. Smith and Stewart as wingbacks. Williamson or Williams or Francis in the middle. Henderson and Ellington up front.

Lots of choices!

10. Matt Rowson - 10/02/2008

This was the perfect midfield for this particular game. Much as Eustace and Bangura aren’t PURELY destructive, and much as Eustace’s discipline and influence gives us the security to attack at home (as at Wolves) I’m not sure that who plays with Eustace at home is completely sown up or sorted.

Away from home though, on this evidence, we’re going to be impossible to play against.

11. Jamie - 10/02/2008

Silly game this football. After choosing last week to watch the rugby instead of hoofball v Wolves and generally being a bit down in the dumps about the state of the game, I’m genuinely excited by the prospect of Tuesday’s game v Leicester. I guess that is the inherent beauty of the game…

12. Kris - 10/02/2008

Matt – when Francis is fit it’ll be him and Eustace in what I see as a very good partnership for this league. But I wonder – Williams when he comes back – how will he fit in?

Indeed there aren’t many players who can count themselves certain picks for the first 11. Maybe Sadler and Eustace – oh and Smith.

Whether that’s a strength or a weakness remains to be seen.

13. Mozzallero - 10/02/2008

Had the benefit of watching this game in the stand behind the goal that smudger netted. Loved the chuntering going on around me especially in the last 20 mins. There best chances came from long ball football, which they clearly thought was lonfg accurate pass to feet football. On Ainsworth, loved the endevour, but they soon sussed out no left foot. Good back up for Tom I feel. Stewart however, is no answer (he still failed to get a cross in when running with the ball). I’ve been hoping we would buy a playmaker this season, fore that is what we really lack, in the meantime, Eustace’s no panic kind of destructiveness will do just fine. Big Dans fith game in 15 days was Awesome

14. stephen hoffman - 10/02/2008

sadler was great today great corner for first goal and extremely solid . Got to hand it to jordan stewart today great cross for second goal , and shored up the left.

15. Adam F - 11/02/2008

Everyone’s been talking about Sadler, Eustace and Bromby. But I reckon the best January signing so far has been that lad we’ve just got in up front. What’s-his-name Ellington. Great bit of business from Bothroyd, getting in a quality striker just at the moment we lose King. Quite suprised when we signed him because I hadn’t really heard him doing much in the past 6 months (if not more). But you know what they say, timing is everything. Could turn out to score the key goals. The King is well and truly dead. Well, near enough, he’s at Wigan!

16. Stuart - 11/02/2008


Sadler could be the new Robbo

17. JOHN M. M - 11/02/2008

Just a short note re. Roger Joslyn

Watched him throughout his Watford period – suspect a few opponents suffered soiled underwear knowing they had to face him. However, my recollections of him are coloured by having business dealings with him in early ’90’s, when he was unable to walk without crutches due to football wear and tear. Last I heard he was facing major surgery to alleviate his hip problems—does anyone know his later situation?

18. Peter - 12/02/2008

Shamelessly stolen from Glory Horns –

‘This from the BBC 606 site…

“Tractor People:

I was not at the game yesterday, and there is something I don’t understand, perhaps you can help? Each time Watford “hoofed” the ball away yesterday, didn’t Ipswich get it back? And when your boys (Cruyff, Garrincha and Moore, right? Or do they play for West Brom? Damn, can’t remember) got the ball back, given that Ipswich are such a tremendous footballing side and Watford such a shamefully bad one, how come they didn’t stroke it past our cloggers, move elegantly up the pitch and convert their superior footballing pedigree into a hatful of goals?

I guess they were just terribly unlucky.

Here’s an idea: maybe you guys could get together with the Baggies (and any other like-minded supporters of “real” football clubs) and petition the Football League to do away with this terribly unfair win/lose/draw points system, which allows horrid big bullies like Watford to do better than nice teams like Ipswich, and replace it with a system that rewards teams on the basis of the number of short passes (5m or less?) completed along the floor. Now that would be good for football.”

Well Said that man.

19. Kev - 12/02/2008

“Adam F – Everyone’s been talking about Sadler, Eustace and Bromby. But I reckon the best January signing so far has been that lad we’ve just got in up front. What’s-his-name Ellington. Great bit of business from Boothroyd, getting in a quality striker just at the moment we lose King. Quite surprised when we signed him because I hadn’t really heard him doing much in the past 6 months (if not more). But you know what they say, timing is everything.”

Alternatively, you could just replace the name “Ellington” in the above with “Kabba”?

20. Colin Wiggins - 12/02/2008

I’d love to know about Roger Joslyn too. He was signed, at around the same time as Alan Mayes, by Mike Keen who bequeathed a pretty useful squad to GT when he arrived in 1977. I remember RJ single-handedly turning around the away game at Walsall in our first match back in Division 3, when a 0-2 deficit became a 4-2 victory. And a couple of months later he played a blinder in that epic night at Old Trafford.
I feel very old….

21. JohnF - 12/02/2008

Colin that is great reminder for all the gloomy herberts writing into the Watford Observer that this is the worst in 50 years. Division 3 and struggling was a damn sight worse than top (second top at the time) and in a good position for promotion to the top flight. I was in India on business last week and sitting waiting for my flight in Bombay airport at 2 am when the text came in with the score. Made a dreadful journey so much better. Incidentally Mike Keen lives just down the road from me and is very fit and well. Great player.

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