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Helping Hands 18/05/2008

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

In response to an idle question on WML I’ve dug through match reports and compiled a list of assistees to Watford goals in all comps this season.  There’s obviously a degree of subjectivity and interpretation here, but I’ve tried to use Fantasy League’s fairly solid rules which means being fouled for a converted penalty counts as an assist (not relevant very often) but being fouled for a converted free kick does not (also not relevant often, although Duke does score them in training…).  A few I’ve not been able to either remember or obtain from either site’s match report, these are listed at the foot of the table below.

McAnuff, I believe, only got one “assist” all season – the corner to Doris’ header at Burnley, also Doris’ first headed goal in almost two years.  He was of course out of the side for much of the start of the campaign (note Johnson also only got one assist), and was of course in the side during our, umm, less successful period.  There’s also some value in a show pony winger who scares the crap out of people – how many openings were created by McAnuff being double marked, for example.  Nonetheless, not a great return – compare and contrast with his colleague on the other flank. The OS, incidentally, credits him with 4, which must mean that the unaccounted assists against Ipswich, QPR and Blackpool (see below) were all his – he wasn’t on the pitch to assist with the other two. Odd, anyway.

Williamson in second place is quite interesting, as is that Lloydy was in the lead until Smudger’s hat-trick of assists at Layer Road in December. 

Of Bromby’s two assists, only one was a throw and that’ll be the one we all remember.

And if anyone suggests that Douglas Rinaldi’s assist against Gillingham provides cast iron proof that he should have been in the team all season, I shall not be responsible for my actions…

  Assists Apps Gls Assists vs
Smith 10 45+1 7 Sp h, QPR a, Ba a, Col a, Col a, Col a, CaC h, Sh a,Ch A a, Cov h
Williamson 6 28+5 2 IT h, NC a, Ba a, CP FAC h, SU a, HC PO a
Henderson 5 35+6 13 SU h, SW h, ChA h, WW h, Bu A
Doyley 4 38+0 0 Sh h, ScU a, ScU a, NC a
Sadler 3 15+1 0 IT a, ChA a, NC h
Mahon 3 19+0 0 CaC a, CaC a, HC h
Ellington 3 24+13 4 SW a, WW h, Cov h
King 3 26+2 11 Cov a, Cov a, Bu h
Bromby 2 16 1 WW h, LC h
Stewart 2 34+6 2 CP FAC h, IT a
Shittu 2 38+2 9 SW h, Cov a
Rinaldi 1 2 1 Gg h
McNamee 1 2 0 Gg h
Francis 1 7+5 2 Sh a
Kabba 1 9+7 1 WW a
Johnson 1 11+1 5 CP a
Mariappa 1 15+14 0 NC a
O’Toole 1 24+13 4 WBA a
Demerit 1 32+5 1 BrC h
McAnuff 1 33+8 2 Bu a
Osborne 0 0+1 0  
Forbes 0 0+1 0  
Mackay 0 1 0  
Davenport 0 1 0  
Campana 0 1+1 1  
Parkes 0 2 0  
Avinel 0 2 0  
Hoskins 0 2+1 0  
John 0 3+2 0  
Ainsworth 0 3+5 0  
Bangura 0 6+4 0  
Jackson 0 8 0  
Priskin 0 10+8 2  
Poom 0 12 0  
Eustace 0 13 0  
Lee 0 38+1 0  


Unaccounted for:

Smith goal vs Ipswich (H)
Henderson’s 2nd vs Southampton (H)
Johnson vs Colchester (H) – Stewart ?
Shittu vs QPR (H) – Hendo?
Smith vs Blackpool (A)



Hull City 4 Watford 1 (14/05/2008) 15/05/2008

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

The final five thunks of the season…

1- We were closer to pulling this off than the final scoreline ultimately suggests, and the half-hour during which we lead the game and the hosts were increasingly bricking it was the most enjoyable of the season.  Unfortunately, we haven’t done “keep it tight” convincingly for a while.

2- On which subject… Jay Demerit played like a player on his way through the exit door.  And Richard Lee may not feature again as first choice one suspects.

3- Would be supremely aggravating if, having found a way to employ Ellington effectively, we now lose him.  His linking up with Williamson in the first half in particular was a joy.

4- We were caught on the M1 in a hold-up caused by a driver belligerently trundling along at 65 mph in the outside lane.  When he eventually pulled across to allow the build-up behind him to flood past, I was so shocked to see one R.Styles in the driver’s seat that I didn’t even key his car on the way past.

5- Ultimately, the two goals that qualified us for the play-offs above Wolves were valuable, even if the outcome after the semi-final amounts to much the same thing.  I’m certainly going into the summer more positive about next season on the back of the attacking verve of the last two games.

Watford 0 Hull City 2 (11/05/2008) 11/05/2008

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Five Thunks from the first leg.

1- Yes, okay, so we lost.  And we can’t defend.  And, well, Dean Windass.  But that was rather fun wasn’t it? 

2- Jobi.  Unplayable in that sort of mood.

3- We look a rather tasty side when we keep the ball down.  As against Stoke, we alas looked rather tasty without actually putting the ball in the net as such – and I’d still have swapped all the neat possession for Danny’s bundled goal being allowed.  But it’s a straw to cling to…

4- Nothing bounced for us today, but that’s not healthy to dwell on.  After all, we were in plenty a strong enough position earlier in the season not to have to test our luck.

5-  Wednesday trip now has, perversely, something of an attractive edge to it.  Nothing to lose, everything’s a bonus.  That’s not to say I won’t feel differently at 9.30 if we get gubbed three-nil (and as my co-editor observed when contemplating Hull’s pace on the break with Folan, Fagan and Campbell up front “I can only remember thirty times when we’ve conceded goals like that this season”).  But what if we do it, and you’re not there…?

Five Post-Blackpool Thunks 06/05/2008

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Didn’t go to Bloomfield Road, but here’s five thunks in retrospect anyway

1- So.  Two goals then.  Shame that it had to be Wolves finishing seventh (as they did in 99 and 06).  I’d like to nominate Steve Kabba’s goal as the one wot dunnit.

2- If momentum is the critical ingredient in a winning play-off formula then we’re kinda knackered.  On the other hand, perhaps the suddenly aborted expectation solves one of the season’s biggest probems (yeah yeah, apart from not being able to score, defend, pass, Jordan Stewart etc etc etc)

3- If anyone’s in any doubt about whether getting promoted would be a Good Thing, the alternative would include welcoming back the Nottingham Forest “we won the European Cup you know” brigade next season…

4- The “bring back Theo Robinson for the playoffs” campaign seems to be gathering momentum; I’m unsure as to the wisdom of this, but in any event I seem to remember that a season-long loan prohibits his involvement (even though Hereford’s season is finished).