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Watford 2 Ipswich Town 1 (30/08/2008) 30/08/2008

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

Five thunks from the very fun indeed win over Ipswich.

1- Forget the detail. Forget the football. When was the last time we had as much fun at a football match? Or a celebration to match that of the winning goal?

2- Speaking of which… just how good was John Joe? As with many young players, it’s a matter of focusing on the good bits and hoping he works on the not-so-good bits some of the time. Not today. His introduction changed the game, he was ferocious and aggressive, and Ipswich completely failed to cope. Tamas Priskin, in arguably his finest half in a Watford shirt (minus nine minutes) benefitted no end.

3- Why did our players keep falling over? Whilst Ipswich failed to have the same problem?

4- Appalling second minute gaffe aside, Mart Poom looks like a fine goalkeeper again, and not the nervous, creaky old man of last season.

5- I know that not everyone shares my hatred of Ipswich. But really, what a joy to see Ben Thatcher swiping the ball upfield in desparation as we poured forward like a river in the second half. “You’re not very good”. “One-nil to the football team”. Bollocks to the lot of you. Ha ha ha ha ha.


1. Apperley 'Orn - 30/08/2008

That has to be the most satisfying win I have witnessed in a long, long time, bar none…

2. Anon - 30/08/2008

Watford are a very average football team with a crap ground and empty stands! Mind you i don’t blame people for staying away, i wouldn’t pay to watch that every week!! (Even at reduced prices – £10 a ticket i do believe)

3. Matt Rowson - 30/08/2008

Normally I exclude vacuous meaningless comments that add nothing. But our anonymous friend from Ipswich above helps to illustrate point 5. Ignoring the fact that IPSWICH were doing the hoofing and we were playing through them on the ground. Really, very funny indeed. Today just gets better.

He gave his email address too, which kinda spoils his refusal to give his name.

4. DP - 30/08/2008

Are Ipswich the new Wolves ? Certainly the arrogance of their fans – “1-0 to the football team”, “Boring Watford” etc. – just wasn’t remotely justified. For the record, there was only one bunch of hoofers at Vicarage Road on Saturday, and they were playing in blue…..

5. watfud - 31/08/2008

The second half was a stormer today, definitely the most enjoyable period of football at the Vic for a very long time. As the cliche says, it’s a game of two halves and that it certainly was, with JJ giving his best performance to date. I agree with DP, Ipswich have taken Wolves’ ‘good passing team’ crown as Wolves seem to have taken the step up and are actually producing this season! As for their fans, pfft…

6. Lincoln 'Orn - 31/08/2008

I couldn’t help but have a little chuckle when I read your comments about the Ipswich fans singin about their so called ‘footballin team’ being 1-0 up. Am I mistaken or is there another Ben Thatcher currently playing in the Championship. How on earth could a team containing the Shirley Crabtree* of football be described as a footballing side. Message to anon, get back in your tractor and f**k off back to your swedes n turnips.

*To those of you who are too old to know who Shirley Crabtree was, he was a big fat wrestler in the Dickie Davis era of World Of Sport in the 70’s. I believe Thatcher on many occasion has tried to replicate his infamous forearm smash. Nice football!!

7. Dave - 31/08/2008

Dont worry about us Anon. It’s not always that bad. Sometimes the away team are quite good!

8. duds - 31/08/2008

Yep – a very enjoyable game and a thouroughly deserved win for the second half performance.

Aidy should take the plaudits for the inspired half time substitution and change around – John Joe was like a man possessed and we looked a lot more solid at the back.

But what was the booing as they went off at half time all about – it’s only the 2nd home game of the season – idiots.

We’re going to do ok this season

9. Anon - 31/08/2008

I think you guys were watching a different game!! I give watford full credit for attempting to play football this time but lets face it… you cant!! It’s ok Boothroyd saying ‘we’re gonna play football’ but you need the players to do it!

Don’t get me wrong i actually quite like watford, my sister in law supports them and we have some good banter, but i think the fact that none of the comments above actually give Ipswich any credit for playing Watford off the park (as quoted by Aid Boothroyd himself) in the first half only shows the arrogance of their fans!

Good luck for the rest of the season!!

10. ncfc - 31/08/2008

Ignore the Ipswich fan, this is exactly what you expect from them – no class. what esle do you expect from a side who boo their own players at even the slightest failing?

I think the Ipswich fan above should probably have a look at the 10,000 spare seats at PR before commenting on you having empty stands…

11. Red - 31/08/2008

What can we say? I was, to be honest, going to be happy with a draw, just pleased with the football (YES FOOTBALL) played and more importantly the fact we played as a team, looking as though we wanted to win a game. JJ showed this new attitude, OK a bit of a bull in a china shop but did’nt he just stir things up. I had hoped the chant “boring. boring Watford” was going to be disproved, and it was big time. 1-0 to the football team? What game were they watching? Great atmosphere as well. When was the last time I sang “2-1 to the football team?” Huge fun on the train back to London listening to the Ipswich fans talking about who their next manager will be. Let the good times roll. Thanks Ade, players and loyal fans.

12. rookerythoughts - 31/08/2008

My personal favourite from the Ipswich gentry was “We’re just to good for you, we’re just too good for you…”

Very rarely have I left a Watford game with such a broad grin plastered across my (increasingly broad) chops.

13. Matt Rowson - 31/08/2008


you’re kidding yourself. Boothroyd acknowledged that Ipswich were much the better side, no argument there, but you completely failed to take advantage, and were gifted both the goal (by an appalling mistake) and Lisbie’s chance (by a dubious failure to call offside). You murdered us for ten minutes after the goal but we gradually built as the first half went on and by the half hour it was evident that you weren’t actually hurting us very much.

And in the second half, yes, we pissed all over you. For a team that’s incapabale of playing football, we were more than good enough to dick you. That will do, for the moment.

14. rookerythoughts - 31/08/2008

Anon – the arrogance of OUR fans?!

To quote 2,000 Tractor boys yesterday –

“We’re just too good for you..”

I think you lot lost all right to call anyone arrogant with the airing of that little gem.

As for “Same old Watford, always cheating” I find that “Same old Watford, beating Ipswich” has a better ring to it.

15. plbaxter - 31/08/2008

Living in Cheshire, I only get to see the televised games and those played in the North West so this was my first view of the “new” Watford. What a refreshing change! I would even rather watch our disorganisation at the start of this match than the completely skill-free offering that was Stoke 0 Watford 0 last season.

Great to see JJOT showing such get up and go- in the few games I’ve seen him play he seems to have something about him and I can’t understand the stick he gets on some other message boards. I hope being brought off at half-time won’t traumatise Jordan Parkes- he looked very nervous and probably needs another season to develop before being thrust into the first team.

By the way, Matt, with the advantage of watching the match on TV, I’m afraid it was clear that Parkes was playing Lisbie onside for his chance.

16. Aylesbury 'Orn - 31/08/2008

Duds – I think the fans were booing the ref off at half time for his failure to award a penalty when Priskin tripped over himself when rounding the Ipswich ‘keeper.

On a different note, I was sat in the same row (B – west of the rookery by the building work) as some particularly vociferous and unpleasant looking Ipswich fans who disappeared at half time, presumably to the bar where they’d clearly been beforehand, never to return. The stewards reaction to their behaviour? To ignore it.

Other than that, a great day and a great pleasure to silence those bleating Ipswich fans!

17. Esp - 31/08/2008

Message to Anon from a Watford fan who was actually present at the post match manager’s conference (thank you Scott Field at WFC for my invite)
Your manager Jim Magilton said:
“We were sloppy in possesson, had no belief depite having the experience.”
“Our quality on the ball was poor”
“Sluggish poor start – Watford looked nervous i the first half”
“We fell to a sucker punch”
“Our 2 strikers stopped running in the 2nd half”
“We’ve had a desperate start to the season”
“We were stunned, folded and capitulated”
“The international break can’t come soon enough for us we will accentuate the positives and re-group”

All of these are ACTUAL quotes and you may have a copy of my notes if you disbelieve me

Genuine Waford fans can get a fuller appraisal in the Free WO on Friday

(Note to Matt – I hope this post isn’t as vacuous as my last unpublished one….I unforgivingly mixed my keepers up, putting Loach in goal at Forest sorry!!)

18. Nick Lewis - 31/08/2008

To Matt Rowson. I read the Observer mate. It’s an intelligent paper. I didn’t expect to read a comment of irrational hatred from a contributor. ‘With a vengeance’, eh? WTF is going on?
We’re your lucky team, sunshine, as you’ll have noticed. You’re our bogey team, as the last seven meetings testify. We’ve hardly been blessed with luck against you, have we? I’m curious. Why this hatred? I don’t ‘hate’ anyone, even those I’m supposed to, like Norwich. So what’s going on, eh?
(Perhaps we could arrange to meet when we play you at home?)

19. Back from Hammerau - 31/08/2008

I won’t join in this new not-quite-so-local rivalry other than to observe that Ipswich really should work on their defending at corners. Or did they just think that without Bolton’s star acquisition, we no longer pose a threat in that department.
Well done to Aidy with his substitutions. Jordan Parkes was looking decidedly out of his depth and bringing Damian Francis and Liam Henderson on showed we weren’t settling for a point.
Matt – agree about Poom. He’s asserting himself at the back and proving a real obstacle to the opposition.

20. Matt Rowson - 31/08/2008


sorry mate, football’s not about being rational. Out of context the comment is wholly disproportionate but I make no apology either for the strength of emotion suggested or for directing it towards Ipswich. The piece in the Observer is taken down over the phone; I’ve been doing it for a while so I know the bloke who transcribes it quite well. I was chatting to him about not liking Ipswich and he asked if he could put that in the piece – so any out-of-kilterness about such a statement in the Observer should only partly be laid at my door.

As it goes…. I went to school in Chelmsford, where the Ipswich mafia were loud, aggressive and obnoxious. I have little doubt that I was just as obnoxious, but there were more of them than there was of me, and whilst I may have grown up in 20 years in my head they are still irritating teenagers.

But bollocks to rational. I’m a mathematician, I have enough of that during the week. And much as I’ve met several perfectly pleasant Ipswich fans since school, your lot didn’t collectively cover themselves in glory yesterday as the chants quoted in this thread imply.

No, you’ve not had the breaks against us. We’ve had a long run of wins, some of them more merited than others. Long may that continue.

21. Nick Lewis - 31/08/2008

Wouldn’t have thought there were that many Town fans in Chelmsford. I went to school in Colchester, much nearer to Ipswich, but most people supported ‘trendier’, ‘cooler’ teams like the ones in London or the big Northern clubs. Ipswich were, and are, much too unfashionable.
Shame you had that experience. I and most Town fans would condemn that attitude. We’re not a big enough club to crow.
I reserve my, not ‘hate’, but slight disdain, for the big, rich clubs who can always buy their way to success. I feel more of a kindred spirit with other small, unfashionable clubs like mine and yours.
Anyway, I appeal to your more rational side by wishing you the best for the season. Provided you don’t finish above us.

22. duds - 31/08/2008

aylesbury orn

you’re probably right.

I think I just got carried away with the bloke who sits in front of me- now he is an idiot -constantly moaning and shouting about anything and everyone – particularly priskin. hasn’t even got the decency to applaud him when he turns it on in the 2nd half

23. Matt Rowson - 31/08/2008

That was part of the issue, I think. Many of these nouveau-Town fans had had earlier loyalties to the sort of team you refer to, but jumped a bandwagon when it became cool to do so.

I share your general attitude, I think (if not in degree), but have always felt that Town fans en masse have been guilty, as have others, of a “we’re rather too good for this” mentality despite being as much a fixture in the division as we are. And the superciliousness that comes of supporting a “passing team” (even one that can’t catch flies away from home) really isn’t very attractive.

24. GraemeB - 31/08/2008

Welcome to the site anon. Nice to hear an alternative voice. And no surprise to learn that folks from East Anglia, always noted for being a bit slower than the rest of the country, think Ipswich still play good football. Sorry chum it’s all changed!

25. Red - 31/08/2008

Just an observation. Charlton fans asked us to stand up if we hate the Palace. Ipswich fans asked us to stand up if we hate the scum (Norwich), Perhaps we should just focus on our own teams performance and realise that if Luton do go bust who are we going to hate?

26. Chris - 31/08/2008

If there ever was a place for irrartional hatred surely it’s football, I save mine for Sunderland

27. Adam J - 31/08/2008

Huddersfield was my first Hornet lose. Have never forgiven them for that, and never will.

28. JOHN M. - 31/08/2008

Not being able to attend matches this season, I find the previous comments fascinating re. irrational hatred—which also extends to irrational liking—I have always liked Ipswich (after Watford) and always tended to keep an eye on their results. I have absolutly no idea why—I have had no connection with east anglia or Ipswich whatsoever. I have always had a dislike of Norwich, too—Perhaps there is somwthing in re-incarnation, and I was once an Ipswich supporter.

I seem to remember, when Luton stayed up with us in the old first division with a last gasp win, many watford fans cheering the news—being in the same division meant they could look forward to another season of first hand hatred. It WOULD be a poorer outlook for us Watford supporters if Luton dissappear.

29. Simon in Oz - 31/08/2008

The match was live on Pay TV here, so a rare treat to see the GBs play….and what a match! JJO’T appears refreshingly different from the typical modern footballer, who often seems to be a perfumed metrosexual with a 200 pound heaircut. I reckon JohnJo’s Mum cuts his hair in the kitchen and I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes his boots home wrapped in newspaper. On the pitch, nostrils flaring as he runs and runs he reminds me of Tom Walley.

30. Anders - 01/09/2008

Well, that was a rather superb second half. I’m quite amazed by the start we’ve had this season. I expected a struggle, not mainly because of the players we lost, but because of Aidy’s words about creating a new style for this season. Changing the style of play is usually not done over night, and I still feel we will struggle away from home this year as a result of it. Our direct, counter-attacking style of early last season (and the seasons before) is very effective away from home. While I welcome our newly found ability to express ourselves and boss the game at home, I would rather prefer we stuck to our ugly ways of previous seasons for tough away games.
If we’ve suddenly become Arsenal home /and/ away that is perfectly acceptable also.

31. Royston RoF - 01/09/2008

Just a point on Priskins penalty – or not.

For those that watched on Tv and have a video reply…freeze frame and go tgrough very slowly frame by frame from the angle behind the goal.

Watch the defenders kneee as he crosses priskins path, not his arm on the back of Priskin.

His knee catches Priskins ankle at the same time as the “push”.

This slight touch lead to Priskin tripping himself up. All eyes were on the top of half of the body not what went on at ground level.

That was a 100% penalty.

Even priskin would not have “dived” with the goal at his mercy and even if the ref thought he made a meal of it then the yellow card should have come out. very poor refereing in my book howevre you look at it.

32. Andy C - 01/09/2008

Best moment for me this weekend was to see Aidy try and take the initiative and change a game. Too often last season we continued playing the same way despite it being obvious the game was going and got caught out. If he made substitutions it was too often just a a like for like swap and always seemed to be when winning the game was already beyond us. Bringing JJO’T on at half time really changed the way we played and allowed us to impose our game on Ipswich and as you say in thunk 5 allowed us to completely knock them out of theirs. Here’s to hoping that this postive and agressive mentatility continues 🙂

33. JohnF - 01/09/2008

First game of the season for me as I have been away most of the time so far. Looked at the team and thought it was OK, then the start and after Poom’s second minute disaster you could just see the confidence drain away. Then the frustration set in and a silly booking for Eustace. However, confidence did start to build. We created chances and heads went up. They closed down Smithy and Williamson to stop them playing and that had a big effect. Unfortunately it took us a while to take advantage of the holes chasing those two were leaving in their midfield. I thought Parkes started tidily but they did put pressure on him and with others struggling that made it difficult for the lad. I still think he is an excellent prospect and he needs games at this level to come on.
Second half and hats off to Aidy for really getting them going. JJ was an inspired substitution and he delivered. I agree that Priskin looked much more comfortable with some support, not just left on his own and very isolated at times. If the booboys can leave him alone then he will develop into the player we know he can be (still young for a main striker). As the confidence flowed then they did well and there were no poor prformances in the second half. Particular praise for MacAnuff who had the best half I’ve seen from him in terms of end product. I like the new flexibility and the football was much more entertaining. Ipswich fans: don’t believe the media hype from last season, just be grateful that your club is solvent and doing OK and note that the empty East Stand is because it isn’t safe now. Next game lets pretend that we’ve kicked off 5 minutes before the real kick-off and Poom may be awake a ready to play.

34. The Great Big O - 01/09/2008

I was at Vicarage Road on Saturday for my 2008/9 debut. I’d left the searing heat of Portugal at 11am and by half-time it already felt like a long hard winter.

But the second half was the most uplifting I’ve had at Watford since last autumn. A smart tactical change, lots of spirit, and inspired aggression from the boy John-Joe. The winner – to complete the comeback – was thoroughly deserved and greeted with delicious delirium.

Ooh. I like football again.

35. DM - 01/09/2008

Duds – Was that the usual bloke ? Bloody idiot that he is. Priskin’s going to get better and better if he gets a decent run in the side. How about Peterhead eh ?

Some thoughts from a TV viewer.. Firstly Boothroyd – quite an explosion of pent-up frustration when JJOT scored – I must admit, top marks are due to Boothroyd so far this season. He has done well to motivate this group of players to a better than expected start to the season. Not only that but on Saturday, as mentioned earlier, for the first time since our promotion season, he made a substution that changed the course of a match. Good stuff from the manager.

And Jobi McAnuff really impressed from what I saw of the game. He came in for some stick about lack of end-product on here over the summer. I and others maintained that last season he struggled as he rarely got decent posession of the ball. Now we’ve started passing the ball more, it will give him more chances and he will create plenty of chances and goals for us, if we can keep him. On Satuday, as he was a couple of licks of goalpost/crossbar paint away from two assists and a goal.

36. stephen hoffman - 01/09/2008

maybe anonymous is watching a different game in the first half for the first half hour you were the better team , not in the footballing stakes but simply because our defence in particular bromby , demerit and the young parkes decided to go absent without leave – considering that – if you were a much better side then watford you would have scored 2 or 3 goals then – the next 15 mins we had a clear penalty not given and the ball hit the post -add that to jobis first half miss . in the second half it was end to end but we were the better team , we would have won easier if mcanuff hadn’t contrived to miss an open goal – how he ever did that i dont know .

funniest chant by ipswich was about there goalie england no.1 – yep it was pure class watching him spill the ball every time jobi shot it straight at him – at least poom after his mistake learnt and made a couple of good saves jobi shot at wright before and he dropped it and got away with it – so what did he do drop it again the next time jobi shoots – muppet. in the second half watford were playing ipswich off the park -who resorted to hoofing. oh and by the way to the ipswich fella in the second half our midfield made your midfield look invisible – and we didn’t even have smith playing well today.

oh and i thought our defence was bad – but ipswich’s defence resembled a division three side.

oh and is it me , or is doyley becoming more proficient going forward?

37. stephen hoffman - 01/09/2008

priskin did not trip over himself tv replays clearly showed he was tripped and all the papers , +bbc and sky sports say it was a clear cut penalty why is it with tamas like everything has to be his fault – ie he must be so bad he tripped over himself he didn’t he was fouled.

38. DW - 01/09/2008

This game sums up why my season ticket at £360 is such fantastic value for money. What other legal activity in life can make grown men (plus a few women and kids) jump, scream, shout with unadulterated excitement and hug the bloke next to you like he has just saved your life. Whatever faults football has (and god knows it’s a long list) it still has that ability to deliver the most unbelievable euphoria.

I thought the miss from 5 yards was our last chance but the energy of Henderson and quality from McAnuff & JJ ensured we got the 3 points. I mention Henderson’s effort but in no way is that a slight against Priskin who had another quietly effective game; he is not far off from being a decent championship forward. I can’t wait for the next game, roll on the 16th for the game against Plymouth.

39. Simmo - 01/09/2008

I really enjoyed Saturday’s second half performance so I find it difficult to criticise but do so because of the comments above.

What is everyone’s obsession about MacAnuff! He is one of the poorer wingers I can recall in 35 years following Watford. He rarely puts in a quality cross (which is a pre-requisite for a winger) and has scored very few goals for a forward player. I assume that we now expect brilliance from Tommy Smith so his performance on Saturday was just an average one for him, yet MacAnuff puts a cross in and everyone is wild with delirium about his performance.

I must have a fading memory but I cannot recall much “end product” from him on Saturday unless you feel he excelled in managing to miss from 2 yards out with an empty net in front of him. Would you all be extolling his virtues if the game had ended 1-1. Unless I am mistaken the cross for the first goal was a great corner from Williamson and the second came from a shot by MacAnuff which the goalkeeper should have saved with ease. Apart from that, in all honesty, what did MacAnuff contribute. With JJ playing so well I would favour Sadler at left back and Harley playing on the left of midfield with JJ playing just about everywhere.

I will support every player in yellow including MacAnuff but please let us not go overboard about a less than average performer giving an average performance. I realise it is only a pipedream but if Adam Johnson returned would any of you really want MacAnuff in the team?

Anon and Nick – If you have a hotline to Magilton ignore my comments about MacAnuff and rely on all the other comments. MacAnuff would fit your team to a tee!

40. Wrighty - 01/09/2008

as for who would replace Luton should they go bust, surely it has to be QPR

41. ramsgate horn - 01/09/2008

Great game.;early stages seemed as if we were going to be well beaten freak mistake from Poom, but although i reckon this sort of error ie; dodgy kicked clearances is a bit of an achilles heel from him, as i have seen him make errors lwith kicking last season albeit that didnt actually cost goals. this year he is playing well and redeemed himself in the second half with a fine save from Walters. 2 hats off to Eustace steady in midfield and a thumping header for an equaliser, good to see a player who doesnt always get credit for the donkey work he does get some of the glory! , Macanuff tricky in spite of a glaring miss, O,TOOLE stirred things up showed predatory insticts to score winner PRISKIN created for others unlucky not to score himself Boothroyd a fine manager, shuffled his team well, in the post match conference, he didnt want to put pressure on his side but make no mistake he will motivate even a depleted side like ours to do well given the luck, it seems to suit him better woking with a tighter younger squad, Ipswich are a good footballing side but ROBSON ,WARK ,MARINER, COOPER GATES, MAGILTON WE GAVE YOUR BOYS A HELL OF A BEATING

42. Tom - ITFC - 01/09/2008

I am an Ipswich fan who went to the game. Most of the Ipswich chants (and there was a particularly aggressive air to the away support, perhaps because it was a later kick off and they’d been in the pub all afternoon) were about Watford’s lack of support for their own team. The ground was, even taking into account the early goal, COMPLETELY dead until you scored, or reacted tamely to the odd bit of banter in the same stand. That is pretty poor – Ipswich are hardly that vocal at home, but at least we make some attempt to get behind the team. You guys did nothing. Hence the wind up attempts, which you have all got so upset about. I counted the number of times Watford just hoofed the ball up front, esp. in the first half, versus the times Ipswich tried to play football. Still, you deserved to win, and we fell apart in the second half when we should have been 2-0 up in 20 mins.

43. Simon - 01/09/2008


I’ve been critical in the past that McAnuff has flattered to deceive somewhat and there’s been not enough end product to his game.

On Saturday though, his contributions included the following:

Run and ball through to Priskin for the penalty incident
Cross for John Harley’s header against the post
Turn and shot deflected over in the first half (not sure why it wasn’t a corner)
A dreadful miss (but he’d bust his nuts to get there at least – I’d rather see players get into those positions and miss than not get there at all)
A shot saved by Wright who only just managed to scramble the ball away form Williamson.
Shot saved by Wright leading to O’Toole’s goal.

If that’s your idea of an avarage performance with no end product then I’d like to see a half decent one.

I think the new style and formation suits him as it allows him to get into that space between the opposition’s defence and midfield so we’ll hopefully start seeing rather more from him than we did last year (when I agree he flattered to decieve). Remember that he had a header cleared off the line against Charlton and put in the cross for Harley’s disallowed goal against Palace too.

44. Pete - 01/09/2008

Most fun since away trips to Soton, Coventry, Norwich etc etc and IPSWICH last year! I can understand Matt’s feelings about Ipswich fans as they were certainly the same away last year – living in the past and having a go at WFC when it was them resorting to total route one in an effort to get back in the game. (As a slightly connected aside why does the Forest announcer insist on mentioning European Cup wins before the sides come out both before game and at half time?! Live in the present please)

Saturday only slightly spoiled by the total idiot who sat next to us in the Rookery who abused our players – particularly young Parkes – at the top of his voice (on Family Day) from about the 10th minute. He screamed for so many to be subbed cos they were “f***in useless p*****” that he had used about 5 subs with a quarter of an hour gone. We felt obliged to move away from him & our regular seats for the second half and now feel we’ve got to get to those new seats for every home game!!

45. Matt Rowson - 01/09/2008


you were doing so well mate, coming across as perfectly reasonable but you just could help yourself could you? Vicarage Road has always been quiet, we know, it’s a bit rubbish but it’s nothing new and nor is visiting fans mocking us for it (you could have sung a song about Elton John if you’d wanted, he’s a homosexual you know…)

Not sure we’re terribly upset about “wind up attempts” though (I’d read that as tedious smugness to which many Ipswich fans often resort, but that’s by the by) – actually they were very funny when they flew back in your face in the second half when we passed you off the pitch and YOU resorted to lumping it.

Yes, you should have been further ahead at half time. We were a shambles early on and there for the taking. As it was, your only goal was a bit of a gift. You probably came closer to scoring again in the second half on the break than you had subsequently in the first, but too little too late.

46. Esp - 01/09/2008

A little research which won’t make it into the Free WO report as you know I like brevity (!?!)
That match was the first time we have come back and won a league game after conceding first since the match at Colchester’s old Layer Road stadium at the beginning of the 2007/8 season and the last time we beat the Tractor Boys 2-1 was away at Portman Road on Aidy’s last birthday
This was Aidy’s fourth victory in four attempts against Jim Magilton’s side and finally I agree with the Ipswich fan who decried our lack of vocal support at home
We have an empty Main Stand which eminates no crowd noise whatsoever, they’re only kids in the Vic Road stand and we’re too old in the Rous so the onus is on you guys to get behind the team
Sort it out……please!!

47. Wrighty - 02/09/2008

Transfer window shut, smudger still a hornet, breathes sigh of relief

48. DM - 02/09/2008

Simon – thanks for that run-down of McAnuff’s contribution. Saved me the effort.

Simmo – Keep watching. Now he’s getting the ball to feet more often I think we’ll see a far more consistent level of peformance and end-product from McAnuff.

49. Simmo - 02/09/2008


I really do want to join the “MacAnuff love-in” but lets also look at what he didn’t do which I believe as a winger he should be doing regularly.

Apart from the cross for Harley (which I feel Harley made a great effort to connect with rather than the quality of the ball put in) how many other chances did he create from crosses. The pass for Priskin wasn’t that difficult and it was Priskin who made the move round the defender and keeper to create the penalty. I lost count of the number of times he gave away possession with sloppy play (something which Lloyd is always criticised about much more than Jobi).

I accept he can perform a trick but does it ever produce anything? IMHO only on very few occasions. That is why I say he is much more suited to Ipswich than us.

I would rather we perservered with Lewis Young or some of the other youth players than have a player who is all show with very little substance.

50. Esp - 02/09/2008

In case Anon logs in after the return game could our editor please cut & paste “Watford are a very average football team with a crap ground and empty stands!” into one of the “thunks”
From where I was sitting the Rookery, Rous and Cic Road stand were at least 80% full and 16,345 isn’t bad for a “holiday” fixture.
Credit to the Tractor Boys for bringing a ggod crowd but then again I don’t think the M25/A12 journery is too arduous, not even for us!
Maybe the Watford stay aways felt the scoreline was going to be too predictable; the third time we had scored 2 goals and won on the trot – Good luck against Wigan in the Cup though Anon – you’ll need it
Finally in his Rookery blog Lee Coan dubs O’Toole “Harrow’s Ronaldo” – I hope that nickname makes it into a Rookery chant
“JJ – JJ – Look at him Go!! – He is the Harr-ow Ronal-do!!”
Can’t think of a tune yet though – I’ll work on it!

51. Old Git - 02/09/2008

Not QPR, Wrighty, I wouldn’t want us to hate them. My friend Chris supports them and so I always go and sit with the home supporters at Loftus Road. Even when I forget myself and leap skywards (e.g. that wonder strike from young Ashley a couple of years back ) I have always found the Rangers fans hospitable and humorous. After all, from where they are based they could be Chelsea supporters but they choose not to be. And it’s quite funny that Ian Dowie is their manager.
And let’s not waste our hatred on Luton anymore…let’s feel sorry for them instead.
Save your hatred for MK Dons and all they stand for.

52. East Stand Man Expat - 03/09/2008


I missed the game being away in bloody Poland for someones bloody wedding.

When was the last time we won a league game at HOME coming from behind?

53. Esp - 03/09/2008

Strange but true:
The last time before the Ipswich match that all 9 of: Poom, Doyley, Demerit, MacAnuff, O’Toole, Williamson, Smith, Priskin and Francis all featured in a game was in fact the last time we came from behind to win a league match
(December 4th 2007 – Layer Road versus Colchester) – it’s obvious they should all feature in all squads from now on!!

54. JonM - 05/09/2008

East Stand Man Expat – last time we won a league game at home coming from behind?

9th April 2007 v Portsmouth in the Prem
We went a goal behind before running out 4-2 winners (Bouazza 2, Mahon & Priskin scored for us).

55. Back from Hammerau - 05/09/2008

Old Git – How long will Ian Dowie survive in the job at Loftus Road before the billionaires bring in a foreign ‘big name’?

Would QPR still be as lovable with Vialli at the helm?

If we’ve got to choose new local rivals to despise Palace would have my vote.

56. JOHN M. - 05/09/2008

New local rivals given Lutons (probable) loss of league status?
In my (very) young days at vicarage road I seem to remember our rivalry with QPR being rather more fierce than in recent years. However, in my local suburb of Watford, there are an unfeasably large number of QPR supporters—I don’t think I would fancy the unpleasantness of a Luton style hatred on my doorstep! But with Vialli there? Within two seasons QPR would be in administration and the billionaires busking in Shepherds Bush.

MK Dons seems a good suggestion—they are geographically quite close to Luton, too!

57. St. A 'orn - 06/09/2008

East Stand Man Expat – last time we won a league game at home coming from behind?

I have an advance on the Portsomuth game:

17 Sep 2007 – Watford 3 Southampton 2

Two late goals from Hendo to come back from 2-1 down.

58. Esp - 07/09/2008

Sorry St.A ‘orn!!
Shittu scored first in the Southampton match on 41 minutes so we didn’t come from behind in that one
Rasiak scored the Saints equaliser just before half time but it was the second goal of the game so Jon M is still correct
Sorry to be pedantic but I am factually correct – check the OS mate 🙂

59. Matt Rowson - 08/09/2008

esp. Yes we did. We were 2-1 down and came back to win 3-2. Who scored the first goal is neither here nor there. So you are factually talking bollocks.

60. East Stand Man Expat - 08/09/2008

Jon M, St A’orn,Esp, Matt

Thanks for the replies. Can’t make head or tail of the Southampton game but I think we won and it all sounded terribly good fun.

I was at the pompey game tho’ – a blinder of a goal from Gav and a as you say a rare goal from Tamas heading back across the keeper.

Can’t wait till Saturday

61. RS - 08/09/2008

Good call losing the orange background! Keep up the good work.



62. Back from Hammerau - 09/09/2008

“you are factually talking bollocks”

Isn’t that an oxymoron?

63. St. A 'orn - 09/09/2008


1-2 down = behind

3-2 up = having come from behind

There’s nothing wrong with being pedantic, as long as you do it properly.

64. Esp - 09/09/2008

Err, after my Grauniad style faux pas in wrongly correcting St A’orn I am guilty of both talking bollocks AND of being an Oxymoron, whatever that is 🙂
Fact remains though that the boys still done good in coming from behind in the last game against The Tractor Boys and I think that gives the home fans some cause for optimism after some of the tawdry displays at the end of last season
Bring On Sheffield United!
ps I agree about the new BHaPPY background – a lot more pleasing on the eye and less like reading some awful Wolves fansite!

65. Old Git - 10/09/2008

An Oxymoron is a stupid person from very near Bushey.

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