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Watford vs Tottenham Hotspur 03/12/2008

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

New manager?  Tippy Tappy football?  Chairmen resigning?  Drifting, drifting….?


Floodlights.  Cup quarter final.  Floodlights.  Packed stadium.  Fancy danspur FC.  Floodlights.

Let’s give it some f***ing welly….


1. Sequel - 03/12/2008

Never, on a field, in human conflict, has so much been owed to so many, by so few.
Come on boys, let’s have a performance!

2. Pete - 03/12/2008

And the prospect of Burnley or Derby over 2 legs to get to Wembley!

come on…..

3. Johnny Boy - 03/12/2008

100% agree – Bring it on

4. East Stand Man Expat - 03/12/2008



My feelings have become so indifferent to Watford in the last week (Simpson going/Tippy Tappy football/Chelsea influence) that I needed the impetus of your second paragraph to remember that…………WE ARE WATFORD.

5. Chris D'Souza - 03/12/2008

I f**king hope we do

6. Big Tone - 03/12/2008

Steady on Matt – that’s almost a preview!

7. DW - 03/12/2008

Agreed, last nights results have opened up this cup draw. lets get behind the team, everything else is irrelevant right now.

8. DL - 03/12/2008

If spurs play in wellies we might have a half-chance.

9. Mark - 03/12/2008

Shots on goal would be nice…

Lets have some end prodcut to the nice tippy tappy passing we saw on Saturday.

Maybe the players will be more used to the change in style though?

10. Andy - 03/12/2008

Oh yes, let’s give it some!!!

11. Wrighty - 03/12/2008

Talking of bollocks, only one team seem to own any. If it was n’t for us allowing Woodgate to settle, that would have been ours.

12. derry pigweed - 03/12/2008

The Horns had a good go at Spurs
If they take the game to teams in the Championship like they did to Spurs in the first 10 minutes of each half and can sustain it for a bit longer we will survive and might do even better!

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