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Watford 2 Nottingham Forest 1 (10/03/2009) 11/03/2009

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

Five thunks from a good win over Forest

1- Good stuff again.  Another goal would have been nice, we were better than Forest but they weren’t so ineffective that a goal on the break was out of the question.  And Forest looked too good to go down, obviously.  Ha ha.

2- Not that Earnshaw or Tyson got a moment on the ball throughout the game.  Full marks to Williamson and Mariappa after a bit of wobbliness on Saturday.

3- Tamas Priskin may have set a new record for backheels within a fifteen minute period at the start of the second half.  Comes to something when Jobi McAnuff’s accusing him of being too flash.  Great fun though.

4-  Lloydinho. After wobbly spells in his Watford career, surely he’s now a cast iron Watford legend.  The focus on him in the celebration for the winner was marvellous.

5-  Not that it’s a surprise, but Billy Davies proved himself again to be a graceless nerk.  “Knew what sort of game we were going to get here”.  Sorry Davies, have you been paying attention?  All I saw was your lot chasing shadows as we played you off the park for long periods.


1. Winslow 'Orn - 11/03/2009

Billy Davies is one of the most irksome individuals to ‘grace’ the beautiful game. He’s up there with Colin.
Great win – the magnificent magyar is on some streak causing me and I suspect, many Watford supporters, to happily eat our words!!
Still only 6 points clear of the dreaded drop zone – will two of the three relegated sides go down with over 50 points this season?

2. Luke Fairweather - 11/03/2009

If the key word from the Valley was “dink” then surely tonight it was all about the “looper” and the “slider”.

14,700 on a night when there was plenty of footie on the telly to keep us away. Impressive.

Good to hear the Rookery rejoycing so lustily at the final whistle and demonstrating that clenched fist gestures are not just the reserve of the management. Staying up, yep.

Billy Davies, more proof that many see only the game they expect to see, rather than the reality before their eyes. Agree MR, just not paying attention. The myopia of visiting mangers may continue to be an advantage perhaps?

My Manc supporting mate declared Priskin as “not unlike Berbatov” …good grief. He did not show up with his little girl tonight but brought a Chelsea supporter instead. Give me strength, I am off back to the Rookery. Anyone need a WFC hat and scarf for a 6 year old girl?


3. Johnny Boy - 11/03/2009

Agree an extra goal would have eased all our concerns but maybe the lack of it kept the support more vocal – even the lower rous is getting quiet noisy!
Although Jenkins and Cork put in solid performances they did not look as ‘fresh’ as normal so maybe we need to respect BR when he rests players unlike the reaction post Plymouth.
Both Raziak and Tamas, flair players, looked dead on their feet by the end given the work effort they had put in,. In Raziak’s case, literally, as I felt that once he went down he just didn’t have the energy to get up, hence the stretcher – when is the last time he played 90 minutes?
Thought the referee was a bit pants, missing a lot of pushing etc even when it appeared to happen right in front of him. A minor niggle on an otherwise enjoyable night.

4. somerset 'orn - 11/03/2009

Another accomplished win, well done Brendan and the lads -we did what we had to do at the back, and restricted Forest’s opportunities very effectively, and although we laid siege to their goal for long periods without creating that many clear-cut chances, we did what we had to do upfront as well, and took our opportunities with aplomb when they came.

Note to Tamas – the odd backheel to try and unlock a stubborn defence when the ball is close to the danger area is a welcome addition to our repertoire. But if you’re gonna use it out on the wing 50 yards from goal in preference to a simple short pass, it might become predictable to defend against! I think he might receive a word or two of advice about showboating from Brendan today.

Shame about Rasiak’s injury, he didn’t deserve that after a superb performance. From my restricted (and probably blinkered) view of the tackle from the Rookery it’s tempting to blame the ref, who showed no interest in curbing Forest’s increasingly physical attempts to level the match at the death, as they discovered that his taste for whistle blowing appeared to have evaporated. If he’d blown up for the very similar tackle from behind on Priskin moments earlier – and numerous other overphysical incidents towards the end -Rasiak might have had more protection.

The last 9 games have been a revelation. Watford is a club that’s healing itself of the poison administered by the last regime – even when we enjoyed success in 2006 something never felt 100% right about it all – but now you can feel the enjoyment and togetherness in the stands, the supporters are getting behind the manager and vice-versa, and the players look like they’re having a fine time. Let’s just hope the recovery process encompasses the bank balance as well: We came out of the last transfer window with a stronger squad and if we can do the same in the summer window, next season could be a joy.

5. JohnF - 11/03/2009

Good stuff but a pity the ref didn’t provide a little protection for our two front men near the end. I just hope that Raziak isn’t badly hurt but it didn’t look good, he lay very still for a long time. We have noted Jon Harley’s tendency to be silly and get booked before and now it means two games suspension. Hopefully others will be back in time for it not to make too much of a difference,
Good to see Priskin doing a bit of showing off. Rubbing Davies’ nose in it is a good thing to do. Roll on Saturday and just hope they aren’t tiring.

6. MintyJaffa - 11/03/2009

For me the best thing about last night was never doubting a team without Smudger would win!

Who would of thunk that in the dark days before Xmas???

Deffo agree Matt, Lloydinho for President of the world!!!

7. DM - 11/03/2009

Another great win, and I will concede on the Plymouth question now, given two well-earned wins in the games since.Three more wins should do it, and another on Saturday would really relieve the pressure. Full marks again to all concerned.

Minor quibbles –
1. That subs bench. A GK, 2 full backs, a winger and a central midfielder is a bit lacking. We were crying out for a striker to replace Priskin or Rasiak, who were both puffing (totally understandable given their efforts in the last two games). Can we get the kids back from their loan spells for Saturday ?

2. Mariappa and Williamson – great second half each, but a bit nervy early on, just like Saturday. Our defence is much improved, but there is a long way to go on that score.

8. Jamie - 11/03/2009

Great to be able to win without Smith I agree. That’s a big tick.

Also I have to again give credit to NotEnuff. He worked really hard for the team last night and was my MoM. More of this please.

Lastly, love the way that Williamson combines elements of good old hoofing, back post headers and some tasty chest traps when bringing the ball out. Very un DeMerit!

9. Sirhornet - 11/03/2009

Great result and performance. Had Cowie scored we could have seen a rout. The ref had a strange game, not even booking a Forest player for a forearm smash in the first half and (luckily) also missing a blatant handball in the area from Cork in the second.

I agree with the points about Jenkins, might be time to bring LW back in the starting 11 for the games before the international break, he is only 18 after all.

As for Lloydy, the highlight of the match for me was his 60 yard sprint from right to left in the second half to disposess cleanly a breakaway Forest player. Is it me or have his (and the rest of the team’s) fitness levels improved of late? He looks less bulky than before.

On the subject of Lloydy, does anyone know which part of the Carribean his family hails from? Surely he could be candidate for international honours. (Yes I know- Doyley and interantional in the same sentence!)

10. Sirhornet - 11/03/2009

Look at the post Sheff Utd posts. Is it the same team? are we the same people? Unbelivable transformation!

11. Back from Hammerau - 11/03/2009

Mintyjaffa – Will Lloydinho be able to combine his duties as Mayor of Watford with those of President of the world?

Another good performance although it would’ve been nice to have a different ref and an attacking option on the bench to bring on for the last 15-20 minutes.

12. Wat4Steve - 11/03/2009

1 – Priskin I have to be one of the few who have always liked him. Glad to see some of you eating your words! Defo my Watford Player of the season, he has been a different person all year (if not acknowledged by most of the crowd) but most recently he’s been different class to EVERYBODY else around him. 7 goals in 8 games is there another striker in that sort of form in the country? And how opportunities does he create with his flicks. If fear if he keeps this up Watford won’t be able to resist an offer in the summer, anyone know when he contract is up, it might be end of the season you know!

2 – A good game, Agree we were better than our one goal lead suggested. Cowie is a deceptive player but boy is he going to frustrate me if he keeps missing clear cut chances! He could have 6 or 7 goals by now in his short stay. Still to date his misses have not cost us the match so……..

3 – Lloydinho – I must be watching a different player. OK so it adds fun to the proceedings and Brendan changing the style of play has helped him in that he does not need to be as comfortable in possession of the ball but I do not understand all the plaudits, he is still a liability. The guy has strengths don’t get me wrong, he has pace and power but still cant make a simple pass. I thought you went to Charlton Matt? Surely Lloyd was to blame for the first, did he not fall over the ball in front of Mariappa and take him out of the game leaving the Charlton player to tuck the ball into the net? And the second I would argue he should have at least challenged from the corner in stead of allowing a free header! – His best moment last night was again falling over the ball in the first half, lucky it was out of play at the time. A decent squad player as he can cover anywhere across the back and will always give his best regardless of bad! If we are to progress we need another Centre back and a left back.

4 – I wonder where five wins out of next 6 games would take us………………..? Maybe optimistic but have you seen the fixtures? 6 or 7 wins out of our last 9 games isn’t an impossible task is it – Still 66 points probably isn’t enough point to make the play off’s…………. is it? [Slaps oneself round the face] – “Wake up fool”

5 – Don’t think anybody has mentioned this yet but was last night LATS???? – ‘Life After Tommy Smith’ something which seemed unthinkable only a month or two ago. I think the bench looked weak and I know for a fact Hoskins has fallen out with Buck but if we got a youngster in on loan ala Sinclair or something could £3M for Smith actually make the team stronger? Thought T & G played well together, McAnuff MkII is vastly improved, Cowie looks a steal, Harley and Cauna as cover……….

13. JM - 11/03/2009

Another solid performance from the lads last night.

Oddly, (I’m quite possibly his biggest fan) I thought Tam had one of his worse games for a while yesterday; nonetheless he was solid and took his goal well. I think MacKay might be talking him down as the “best finisher in the league” when it comes to one-on-ones! He’s the best in England! (Only an ounce f sarcasm there…)

Another disappointing referee, oh dear I’m starting to sound like Warnock…

The Vicarage Road has a collective voice! Who’d a thunk

Are we ever going to have to un-hoist our flags, playing like this at home?

14. Wat4Steve - 11/03/2009

Winslow, on the basis you need one more point than the team that finishes 4th from bottom. i.e if your in the bottom three you need to get out! Then 50 points is very rarely enough. In fact last year you needed 54 and this year looks like it is going to be just as close.

50 points would have only kept you up once in the last 5 years…..

15. Matt Rowson - 11/03/2009

Wat4Steve re your third point… at Charlton, the first goal was a mix up but both Lloyd and Mariappa were culpable, neither took control of the situation. For the second Doyley was blatantly fouled… watch the replay, Kandol uses him as a vault to reach the ball, Doyley doesn’t get off the ground.

16. Andy - 11/03/2009

Good win that was. Of all the passes that needed to be bang on the money, Doyley got it right for the second goal. What a pass.

Re: Billy Davies, yet again the comment disguises the ol’ chestnut that he really wanted to say which is “we knew it was going to be long ball, physical stuff from Watford”. Just goes to show he wasn’t actually watching us run rings around his static midfield.

As for Tam “Snake” Priskin, what a cool head and dead-eye shooting (like his near-name-sake), definitely a striker on the up. Bang. I just wish he didn’t look like a little lost pony when he’s up front on his own trying to chase the ball down.

Roll on Saturday

17. Stinger - 11/03/2009

In fairness to Davis, the comment could be interpreted many ways…the fact that we’ve had a lot of toss about the “direct” tactics, route 1, hoofball or whatever you call it might be a little defensive from the yellow side of things?

For my own part I am merely chuffed that we seem to be playing well and hope that it will continiue for when I make my getting-to-be annual visit to the Vic for the Barnsley game (not easy getting over for games from Sweden).

18. kris - 11/03/2009

Wat4Steve – re. your point 5. True it was good to see we could create chances without Tommy. Gives me hope for next season when he – most probably – will go elsewhere.

Your claim about hoskins makes me curious as well as slightly worried. someone else claiming to be ITK states he’s out with a virus and you’re claiming he’s fallen out with Rodgers. I hope you are the one wrong here. I like Hoskins and feel he is the natural heir to Smudger’s position as supporting striker/in the hole, and I always felt that a Hoskins/Priskin pairing had loads of potential. With our option to take Rasiak permanently unlikely (imho – due to wage demands) I see our striking options next season as Tamas, Will and Theo (who scored again last night in Saaarfend’s 3-1 win). A Rasiak type forward would complement the others fantastically but big Greg is probably out of our league financially.

Anyways – a well pleased Horn here – keep it up.

PS. Lloydinho could easily juggle Mayor of Watford and President of the world with an England career – no problem.

19. Wat4Steve - 11/03/2009

Matt your defence of Doyley is admirable. But why the hell was in the centre of the pitch challenging Mariappa for the ball when he was supposed to be playing full back? IMO the replay’s clearly show him getting in the way.

“Doyley doesn’t get off the ground” – That’s my point entirely. He should have done this is a guy who’s trade is in fact a centre half and he can’t jump! Arm on the shoulder is a good old forwards trick and happens every time the ball goes into the box the defender needs to deal with it.

As I have said many a time before Doyley is an athlete not a footballer. I agree is playing well every dog has a few good days but we need a proper left back!

Hoskins is apparently a lazy trainer, Rodgers isn’t the first to have a problem with him. He may well have had a virus last night Can’t believe Brendan would bite off his nose to spite his face when there was a lack of a forward on the bench! But I know for a fact at a recent training session he fell out with Buck.

Something like……..
Brendan call Hoskins over noting he doesn’t appear 100% committed. “Something wrong Will”
Will replies “No Boss”
Rodgers “You don’t appear to be going flat out”
Hoskins “Saving myself for the game gaffer”
Buck “Well if you don’t pull your finger out you won’t need to worry about the game!!”

20. Wat4Steve - 11/03/2009

Sorry Matt Just seen it again still Doyley both goals the ball was already over his head before Lloyd even tried to Jump. Kandol only did what any forward would.

Ironically only Lloyd complained that says a lot in my book!


21. Tapps - 11/03/2009

1) Note to Tamas – best to showboat in the 89th minute not the 44th – however, I’ll let you off this time seeing as it was such fun.

2) Would prefer a “You’ll never beat Lloyd Doley” chant from the Rookery rather than the “Lloydinho” which just sounds just a little like we’re taking the p*ss.

3) It feels like we’ve had about 4 seasons wrapped up in one this year. Blackpool 3-4 feels like an eternity ago – it’s been a crazy ride.

4) I was in such a good mood when I got in but then listened to David P*eat co-commentating and…….do ITV really pay him?

22. simmo - 11/03/2009

I think that I must have been watching a different match to everyone else. I thoroughly enjoyed the match as the players gave 100% and of course we got the right result. But what has happened to the possession football we were promised under Brendan. When we really needed to keep the ball in the last quarter of the game we reverted back to the style we used earlier in the season.

Against Swansea and Palarse we were in complete control of the game keeping possession of the ball during the 90 mins. However last night was a throw back to earlier in the season where we found ourselves desperately defending a lead in the last 20mins and just hoofing the ball out of defence during that period. The only difference to earlier in the season was that we were a much better organised unit in defence and therefore held on for a win. It was a great match to watch because of that but let’s not kid ourselves that this performance was good enough to win against the best teams in the division.

Regarding Tommy Smith, am I the only person to feel that we did miss him. Lets remember with him in the team we have been beating teams much higher in the league with something to spare. Against Nottingham we just about scraped home. Is there really anyone seriously suggesting that we are a better team without him?

If we can keep this squad together, including Tommy, Cork Rasziak and Hoskins, then with a few additions we have a chance of being in a promotion battle but without them I worry that we may just find that next season will be another battle for survival.

23. stephen hoffman - 11/03/2009

any news on raziak’s injury?

24. Matt Rowson - 11/03/2009

Steve – I guess you see what you want to see. Watching the replays again doesn’t change my opinion either… Doyley’s trying to cut the ball out, it’s not unreasonable to expect Mariappa to go with the centre forward. Either way they mess it up between them.

But the second one is clearly a foul. Kandol has a hand on each of Doyley’s shoulders which is why he doesn’t leave the ground.

Simmo… you’re being a bit harsh I think. We did contain Forest pretty comfortably… there was some decent possession stuff in the corner between the Rookery and the Main Stand, we made a couple of unfussy clearances but were far from flattered overall. I agree that we missed Smith, we were always going to… I think the relief is that we looked a decent side despite that.

25. Esp - 11/03/2009

Minor quibble number 2 to add to DM’s quibble about the lack of quality and experience on the subs bench which I have agreed with elsewhere is the poor corners of McAnuff.

He did have a fantastic game don’t get me wrong (tough choice between him, Williamson M and Cork for MotM) but I would like to see Cowie taking more corners and Smudger too on his return. JM’s corners are often too deep and very rarely hit a Watford target player. Teams such as Chelsea and Man United regularly score from corners and other set plays and that is crucially missing from our game imho.

Thunk 4 – absolutely; Lloydinho future mayor of Watford, future coach anad future inductee into the Watford hall of Fame is challenging Smudger for the Player of the Season title and Matt he is already a legend in my eyes. As I played a very minor role as being part of the committee that several years ago endorsed Lloyd as the player that the City ‘Orns chose to sponsor (and WE STILL DO) I take full credit for his legendary status 🙂

Thunk 5 “graceless nerk” indeed!!
But he’s not alone is he?? – him, Warnock and many others have (quite wrongly) stated in post match interviews phrases along the lines of “You know what you’re going to get with Watford….” Really??

Long may Championshiop managers continue to have no answer to our playing style AND more crucially – continue to completely OVERLOOK the fact that many weeks ago we completely changed our style, formation and tactics. If they’re too lazy to employ scouts to watch us or have no idea how to play us – that suits me fine 🙂

26. tet - 11/03/2009

A mate phoned me who couldn’t make the game ten minutes before the end.
Question: How are we doing?
Answer: Cruising.
Conversation finished I then realized what I’d said, it made me nervy especially during there last corner. In my last post I may of joked about the possibility of us making the play offs but in reality I’m a long standing supporter who has been battered by decades of mediocrity with occasional season’s of euphoria, I suppose that could be said of most other fans which is why we love the game.
Those moments of pure joy when spread over a long period are quite rare. At the moment we are going through one of the good times but there’s always a nagging doubt that Doyley and Mariappa could clash heads and make me eat humble pie. It could easily have been Cruising my ar**. We needed to have taken the chances gifted to us in the first half if only to help this poor old fart’s ticker.
Good result, another great night out long may it continue.

27. Esp - 11/03/2009

stephen hoffman – one WFC message board this morning reported Malky as saying that Rasiak’s injury is a fairly minor groin strain

Don’t expect him back by saturday but he seems likely to feature in the upcoming Cardiff and Ipswich away games.

Those 2 games btw if anyone is not yet aware will be missing Jon Harley who has totted up 10 points after last night’s yellow. Let’s hope Captain USA is recovered by Saturday to ensure our first choice back four are back on duty

Oh – just read JM and I agree wholeheartedly; the Rookery were in fine voice. Keep it us chaps – us old ‘uns in the Rous stand do enjoy hearing you sing above our transistor radios; chattering dentures and clanking Thermoses

28. JohnM - 11/03/2009

Proof of the pudding is in the eating—Guess BR has prooved his point about Plymouth.
Despite his initial success, I was probably one of the few that felt A.B. was ‘batting above his average’ as a manager. However, as I previously stated on this site, I felt very uneasy about BR’s appointment, and hoped I was wrong. I think I am. He has certainly turned a struggling team around, and the improvement in some (seemingly) poor players is startling. He has also brought in some little known players with near instant success. Further, he has quickly offloaded some of the previous regimes dross
Dare I say it, but it reminds me a little of G.T.’s first season. Not saying he is another G.T., but the signs of improvement are very promising. I suspect that several ‘top’ names may go at the end of the season, but I have a feeling that BR already has some irons in the fire—.
Wonder what will happen to Ellington and Derby at the end of the season?

29. DM - 12/03/2009

Simmo – we got ragged in the last 15 minutes, but it’s too simplistic to suggest we reverted back to the style used earlier in the season. We got ragged because Priskin and Rasiak (and to a lesser extent McAnuff) were blowing bubbles by then. I can recall several passes played out of defence to the front two or McAnuff, which they needed to hold up to allow us to keep posession, but a combination of tiredness and some lusty Forest tackling allowed them to win the ball back and pile the pressure back on. Hence our clearances got longer and longer.

I say we dealt well with that last fifteen minutes – for all that Forest launched the kitchen sink – Loach didn’t actually have a shot to save….

30. Old Git - 12/03/2009

Regarding the tremendous turn around in Priskin, from powder-puff to powerhouse, does anyone else remember how abjectly and hilariously useless Ross Jenkins (the first) was until GT arrived? GT turned a gangling misfit into a Total Legend. I remember one match, in the days of Mike Keen, when he was crunched very badly and won a penalty. As he received lengthy treatment, we were all joyously shouting ‘Great! We’ve got a penalty AND Jenkins is injured!’, blithely unaware that we were puring scorn upon a True Hero of the future.
OK, it’s premature to compare Super Tam to Super Ross but it is still fairly remarkable how a new manager can bring out things in players who many spectators had written off.

31. Esp - 12/03/2009

Old Git – Priskin’s turaround in form is totally down to the supporters with our negative chanting and getting on his back earlier in the season

Brendan picked up on it and told Tamas (through an interpreter) to go and prove his detractors wrong; Rodgers had faith in him, we didn’t – but WE played our part. Result: 10 goals and chanting his name from the Rookery and all 3 stands

Booing isn’t always wrong and sometimes achieves the ultimate desired affect – Tamas WILL score more goals than Smudger this season ad will give hima run for his money as Player of the Season (to be announced first to the £99 + VAT per head supporters yet again at Shendish Manor) – You read it here first 🙂

Esp (with tongue firmly in cheek)

32. East Stand Man Expat - 12/03/2009

OG – Yeah I remember the early Ross Jenkins days – we used to call him the lamplighter as we couldn’t really see any other reason for employing him. GT not only got the best of Ross but two or three others as well that had languished under Mike Keen – Bobby Downes springs to mind. Since BR has been in charge we have seen a transformation of not only Priskin but Macanuff and Doyley. Jeez its amazing what a few wins will do to the spirits.

33. stephen hoffman - 12/03/2009

wat 4 steve your criticism of doyley in my opinion is completely unfair , as the second goal build up shows yesterday he is definitely a footballer .

as for hoskins -what proof do you have or do you just like shit-stirring ?

34. Wat4Steve - 12/03/2009

If think TP’s turnabout is quite simple we are playing it to his feet instead of hoofing it forward and asking to win it in the air or kicking it into the corners and asking him to chase it! I think the saying is “Horses for courses”, Simple’s!!

Also goes to prove how much your average spectator really knows about football ;o)

35. Simoninoz - 12/03/2009

Old Git,
Whilst your comments about Ross Jenkins the First’s transformation from “Galloping Hairpi” to “Super Ross” are broadly correct, the metamorphosis did not have to wait until GT’s arrival. He was voted WO Player of the Season in 75/76, the first year back in Div 4 and under Mike Keen; over a year before the advent of GT.

36. Old Git - 13/03/2009

My memory’s not what it was….although being Player of the Season in 75/76 is perhaps not the accolade it might seem.

37. JohnF - 13/03/2009

Hoskins is fit and will probably play tomorrow. He has been ill with a bug, which I hope hasn’t been passed on to any more of the squad as we may well be without DeMerit, Smith and Rasiak.

Starting to look a little depleted so they’ll need all the support we can give them against Wednesday who are a tough team and doing well at the moment.

Wat4Steve, I am not sure what you meant at the end of post 34 (things get a bit out of order) but I guess you mean the treatment that was meted out to TP because he didn’t “win” the ball in air and flick it on into no man’s land, like so many of our big forwards over the years. Have to say Rasiak is much better in that respect.

38. Back from Hammerau - 13/03/2009

There was one ball played by Lloydinho high into the East Stand during the first half that underscored the wisdom of BR’s comments during the Fans Forum about the advantage of playing him on the left.

39. stephen hoffman - 13/03/2009

hmm looks like you were talkin out of your ass wat4steve -hoskins had a viral infection and may be back in the squad for saturday

40. JohnM - 14/03/2009

I have no recollection of the 75/76 POTS, but I remember enough of that season to state that the award to Ross Jenkins (I think he was leading scorer with 12(?) goals) probably reflected on the dire performances of the other players—. Off the top of my head, I believe, amongst the dross that season, were Roger Joslyn, Alan Mayes, Keith Mercer, Alan Garner, Andy Rankin, Bobby Downes (butt of the boo boys) and Luther Blissett (‘only plays when the sun is on his back’ Mike Keen). The next season, under G.T., they looked world beaters. As said before, I’m not stating that B.R. is a new G.T., but there are early parallels in new player success and improvments in performances of existing players. Also, like G.T., he insists on adoption of his football ideas, and dumping those players who do not adapt.

41. Wat4Steve - 14/03/2009

Learn how to read Hoff – At no point did I say he wasn’t picked becasue…

I said he had fallen out – FACT. Buck doesn’t rate Rasiak either but he still picks him. With a small squad he would stupid to bite of his nose to spite his face.

JF exactly, people also forget he is still young and learning. Forward don’t mature till their late 20’s.

42. Simoninoz - 14/03/2009

John M
I hate to be a nark, but Ross J # 1’s Player of season award was in 75/76. GT did not take over the next season, but the one after, 77/78. Anway, we can all agree that Ross developed magnificently from a shaky start, GT is God and Mike Keen had a good eye for a player, but was found wanting as an all-round coach.

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