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Ipswich Town 0 Watford 0 (21/03/2009) 22/03/2009

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

Five thunks from the first points dropped at Portman Road in four visits…

1- As a denouement to the “should he have rotated or not” Plymouth discussion, we looked completely knackered.  Started both halves brightly and on top, flagging by twenty minutes in, hanging on by the end.

2- Jenkins and Cork have both been terrific, and both did good things in this game… but both look shadows of the players of two weeks ago and our bench was painfully short of options and cover.  Whatever the need to get salaries off our books, shipping O’Toole AND Eustace AND Bangura out suddenly seems a little rash.  We could do with Brendan securing a loan midfielder, as has been mooted.

3- Scott Loach.  Big respec’.  Admittedly Ipswich’s approach didn’t test the less reliable aspects of his game, but a flawless performance from the keeper today culminating in a phenomenal save in the second half.

4- Ivan Campo.  At Vicarage Road earlier in the season he looked out of place… the game blustered past him.  Here, at centre-back, he was the game’s dominant outfield player.  We might have helped Tamas by not sending EVERY ball at him up in the air, mind.

5- Pies.  Is a pie at a reasonable temperature more or less likely to have been reheated from the previous week?  Dad suggested the former… my feeling was that something dodgy was more likely to have been reheated to intolerable levels to kill off anything lurking… thoughts welcome…



1. Sequel - 23/03/2009

Didn’t go to the game, but any away point is a precious commodity these days.
On the subject of pies: Most establishments cook them from frozen in an oven and then transfer them to a hot display cabinet. According to food hygiene law, hot food should be maintained at a temperature of at least 63 degrees Centigrade, which, if the pies were luke warm, suggests that the Tractors’ food outlets haven’t had a visit from the local Environmental Health Officer lately. I should take your thermometer with you next time, to be on the safe side.

2. Dan - 23/03/2009

We do have Lee Williamson available, and more than capable of taking the place of Jenkins or Cork for a game. I am surprised he has not been used, as Jenkins in particular seems to be feeling the pace. The international break should do them both some good though.

Campo… he’s also a dirty git. Priskin showed the more frustrating side of his game – after he felt wronged by the (lack of) decisions early on, he seemed to just assume he would be fouled every time he challenged Campo for the ball and therefore didn’t bother making any effort at all. We missed Rasiak’s presence, I suspect he would have given Campo more of a battle.

Loach was fantastic. And to be fair he came, and took, a number of crosses.

Two or three more wins out of the last seven and we should be alright.

3. Matt Rowson - 23/03/2009


I’d have given Willo a run also. But he wasn’t even on the bench. Assuming that he has a knock, the fragility of our squad was suddenly sharply in focus… a bench comprising one (albeit versatile) defender, a nippy striker and two wingers…

4. DM - 23/03/2009

When Cowie was signed, was he not touted as a player that could cover central midifeld, if required ? Was there a case for moving him inside and seeing what Cauna has to offer in the last 20 mins of this one ?

Regardless, the two week break will help Jenkins and Cork restore some energy, but a glance at the fixture list shows the games come thick and fast after that. The mooted loans would be very handy indeed….

5. Matt Rowson - 23/03/2009

DM – Cowie was knackered as well, we badly needed fresh legs in the middle. Notwithstanding which… it did seem peculiar, given the make up of the bench, that Cowie should be replaced not with Cauna or Young but with Will Hoskins.

6. Old Git - 23/03/2009

I tried to get a pie but someone had eaten them all.

You eh Matt?

7. Matt Rowson - 23/03/2009

You’ve got to be quick off the mark in this game, OG

8. Simon - 23/03/2009

When we played there in the snow a few years back (the famous Darren Bent game), the pies at Ipswich were the only thing that got me through I reckon. They were probably only luke warm but I was cold enough they felt roasting hot. I reckon, after two balti pies and two oxos each before the game to keep warm, my mate and I must have been the only ones who left the ground feeling nearly as sick as Mr Bent himself.

9. Esp - 24/03/2009

All this talk of pies?? Is the subject of pies just “filling” to avoid crusty old posters talking about a match that kinda passed them by? I DO hope that this site isn’t turning into BSaD; let’s stick to plain old facts rather than irreverance and surrealism 🙂

I thought after some rather boisterous and noisy awaydays the travelling ‘Orns might have been able to muster a bot of an atmosphere and taken advantage of the strangely subdued home fans silence but either the pre-match beers in the sun or the lack of a full house rather took away the atmosphere for me. The players didn’t help either with the tiredness of a shorter than usual 3 day break between matches and a lack of passion and attacking flair.

I was going to post some player ratings but it was fairly evident from being at the game that most of our players wouldn’t have mustered more than a 7 and, has been said elsewhere, Jenkins and Cork in particular wer jaded and probably needed a rest. Lack of credible experienced options prevented that happening. Oh for an O’Toole or a Bangura on the bench. Loach was the only player who possibly deserved a commendation and this extended run is boosting his confidence spectacularly.

A total of 4 points from the 3 away matches we are in the middle of would be great although picking up just one further point at Donny Rovers won’t be a disaster…. with Rasiak injured time for a first team start for Hoskins me thinks which will do his confidence and his resale value a lot of good

10. MP - 24/03/2009

I ate two rather tasty Chicken Balti pies, which were at a good temperature… although taste can be exagerated when you’re starving hungry.

So maybe I ate all the pies?

11. Old Git - 25/03/2009

I thought Mariappa had a very good game.

12. Jeremy Clarkson - 25/03/2009

JC here.

…if anybody is going to eat all the pies it will be me..

…or Paddy Kenny or before that Mick Quinn

13. Esp - 26/03/2009

Matt one other point please refrain from using words such as “denouement” in your Thunks

We’re NOT all Guardian readers 🙂

14. Wat4Steve - 26/03/2009

2- Jenkins and Cork have both been terrific, and both did good things in this game… but both look shadows of the players of two weeks ago and our bench was painfully short of options and cover. Whatever the need to get salaries off our books, shipping O’Toole AND Eustace AND Bangura out suddenly seems a little rash. We could do with Brendan securing a loan midfielder, as has been mooted.

…………………..AND Williamson

15. JR - 26/03/2009

I had a brace and quite splendid they were too. I wonder what the total Watford pie consumption was.

16. Johnny Boy - 27/03/2009

Given the recent anouncement re Lee W , I believe the Rookery need to work on another ex Kingston Trio song, written by Pete Seeger – Where Have All the Flowers Gone

Where have all the Midfielders Gone
From Vicaaaarage Road –
Where have all the midfielders gone
Gone on loan everyone
When will they ever return
When will they ever return

OK, songwriting is not my strong point.

17. ramsgate horn - 31/03/2009

Theres a point re the midfield , seems daft loaning willo out when he is the main cover in centre mid. Cowie can supposedly play there and now we have a youngster from spurs Danny Rose. still seems a little threadbare to me? I like willo and would have kept him we may need to save some money on salaries but this is too risky and possibly bredans first mistake lets hope Cork and Jenkins are fit and raring to go for the run in

18. Esp - 01/04/2009

ramsgate horn – Brendan’s first mistake?? Surely forcing a square peg into a round hole (Bridcutt) and forcing the team to play in a Chelsea style formation whilst not playing to the team’s individual strengths was his first big mistake.

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