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Watford 1 Barnsley 1 (11/04/2009) 11/04/2009

Posted by Ian Grant in Match reports.

1. A telling memory of How Things Used To Be from the recent Clough documentary: Forest players in the centre circle, turning to greet and be greeted by each of the stands before kickoff. We used to do that too, a line of players in the middle of the pitch. It meant something. Now, it’s not until we’ve had a pedestrian parade of players and officials across the full width of the pitch, followed by an extended mingle with nibbles and a free bar, that we get to applaud and be applauded by our team. Or the first two or three of our team, to be precise: by the time you get halfway down the line-up, everyone’s got bored and the remaining players just wander into position rather than bother to sprint purposefully towards the Rookery. Something essential has been lost here…and for what, exactly?

2. A reminder to those of us – well, me – who are sometimes guilty of over-romanticising the more elemental end of this division’s rich spectrum that for every game like Tuesday’s, it throws up (in every sense) a dozen or more like this. It was forgotten as it happened, when it happened…and it happened very little.

3. We’re about ready for bed, by the look of it. In Jack Cork and Ross Jenkins, we have two (one borrowed) extremely fine young midfielders who don’t need to play any more football for a while. The lack of back-up in that area is terrifying for what it says about our finances, our manager’s common sense, or possibly both. Or perhaps we’re trying to reduce Cork to a broken, shattered physical wreck in order to bring the asking price within the pint-plus-crisps range that we might just about stretch to. Elsewhere, we just look stale and stodgy; Danny Rose’s thoroughly random cameo at least added some colour to what was otherwise a great grey smudge.

4. Was Adrian Mariappa wearing Lloyd Doyley’s boots?

5. Barnsley: Jon Macken and Darren Moore, plus an apparently inexhaustible supply of ineffective pale, thin types with lank shoulder-length hair;  they merged into one after a while, to the extent that I’m not completely certain they didn’t bring a substituted player back on after a rest. In the relegation stakes, they looked dead certs, ready for shooting, in comparison with that lively, upbeat Southampton side. It doesn’t work like that,  though: but for a flying save from Scott Loach to prevent a doubling of their lead, they would’ve won this; that wouldn’t have made them any good or anything, but it wouldn’t have made us look too clever either.

6. For all that, first one to complain about the season petering out into nothingness is a complete plum.


1. Sirhornet - 11/04/2009

Agree 100% about Cork & Jenkins. Loach’s kicking also needs some attention too. Do Barnsley form a heavy rock band after matches?

2. Ian Lay - 11/04/2009

Can I be a plum? Please! Please!

3. stephen hoffman - 12/04/2009

ian much as prefer southampton to barnsley both in the way they play and the way there players are , for god sake anyone with rob kozluk in there team are going to be a dirty niggly side , southampton look more relegation bound for the simple fact southampton had no defence in our game and barnsley did have quite a strong one at that- they also had one of the better players on the pitch if not one of the best in jamal campbell ryce – and a very stodgy yet strong midfield who overpowered ours. we didn’t really deserve a point if im being honest but then we were due for some luck.

4. benno - 12/04/2009

tired we may be, but too tired to look before making a pass, instead of just swinging a foot and hoping it reaches a man in yellow?

5. Red - 12/04/2009

Strange, I thought you could put the Tuesday and Saturday match in the same category-blooming awful. It is no good saying these were the types of matches we would have lost at the start of the season. These are games on recent form (pre international break)we should have won. They were both poor sides and we were very lucky in both matches. Next season I would like to see some entertaining football from US, two good cup runs, only being out by Premiership sides (like this season) and finish in the top third. I would not wish promotion on us, as the programme keeps reminding us- there be monsters. Very tired players, going through the motions.

6. Wat4Steve - 12/04/2009

1 The players look like the season over, but isn’t that worth celebrating? Who would have thought around Xmas that we might have nothing to play for with a month to go.

2 The best thing to say about the game was we didn’t lose! At times this year we would have done. Even when we play badly and that as bad a performance I have seen this year we look difficult to beat. Remember Barnsley did and still have a lot to play for and just wanted it more IMO as did Southampton Tuesday night.

3 The squad does look thin I noticed more up front that in midfield when Tamas left the field I thought we lost something. Hoskins whilst be may be able to do Smith’s role in the hole, certainly cannot lead the line.

4 Re the midfield, who, out on loan, would you put on instead of Cork? Buck likes two in front of the defence to protect first and then build. Willamson and JJoT (both box to box, the former with little or no end product) cannot do that job. Useless can protect but cannot build and the same could possibly be said of Al, although the latter is young and may learn. I think you might find the young Irish boy, Kiernan, will get a chance before the season is over and I believe Brendan also feels Harley could do that job if needed.

5 What will the summer bring?

5a If you read between the lines Tommy is off as it appears Tamas may be (if his agent gets his own way). Useless, Williamson and Sadler will not be missed IMHO and should knock £1M off the wages. Jay, JJoT , Jobi, Hoskins, Bangura will undoubtedly be allowed to go if the deal is right for Club and player. What will we be allowed to bring in?

5b Will Buck stay? Ok he has said he is happy but what would you expect him to say. He is a Reading boy. Coppell looks like he will be relieved of his duties should they not go back up and Watford have gone one record as saying Brendan was mislead over the state of the club Finances when he took the job. The press are linking Dennis Wise to Vicarage Road, GOD HELP US!!

………… It could be a long summer.

7. East Stand Man Expat - 12/04/2009

Well I am glad I only paid £10 for that. Why is that whenever there is a super saver and I’m not talking about Scott Loach we get a big crowd and inevitably give a poor performance. The Get-What-You-Pay-For mantra springs to mind.

IG – No mention of the maltese mosquito or whatever Mifsud is called. His substitution antics were comical to say the least. If he had been allowed he would have shaken every players hand then the referees and linos and then would have gone to the Barnsley end asked hem to line up on the pitch and personally thank each individual. If that had been his second yellow would the substitution have been allowed to take place?

All in all a grey day but I’ve seen many before. At least we got a point and I claim my plum.

8. Ian Grant - 12/04/2009

@Red. Sorry, I just can’t see that. Tuesday’s game was packed with goalmouth incident at both ends and saw us miss enough chances to have won several times over. Southampton played an admirable (if foolhardy) part in that, but we more than contributed to the entertainment value too. And I fail to understand how we were “very lucky”. In contrast, yesterday saw us create barely a half-chance apart from the equaliser; ninety minutes of entirely uninspired huffing and puffing, fortunate indeed to yield a point.

9. Weymouth 'Orn - 12/04/2009

How many saves did their goalie have to make?
Why are JJ and Williamson out on loan when our bench looked so threadbare in comparison to a couple of months ago?
And, if Danny Rose is the answer, what the heck was the question??

10. ramsgate horn - 12/04/2009

Not a pretty sight yesterday. Agree with the comments saying we were tired and lacking in inispiration.Thought Cork and Jenkins worked hard but looked jaded,both however,deserve credit for persistence and determination.Agree also with wat4steve re Priskin and it shows what a good season he has had, that supporters are now missing him if he is subbed or doesnt play. 2 re centre mid;is Rodgers likely to try ROSE as cover seems his only option unless he is going to blood one of the really young l,lads, or put Smith in and try one of the youngsters on the flanks.3 Barnsley needed it more yeterday and made it tough for us i would say they deserve to stay up, we thankfully are edging clear, think the saiints will go down with Charlton and either forest naarwich or maybe Barnsley.

11. Esp - 12/04/2009

Wat4Steve wrote:

“but isn’t that worth celebrating? Who would have thought around Xmas that we might have nothing to play for with a month to go..”

Absolutely not Steve.

The players minds might be on the beach in Spain already but I have paid a lot of money for a season ticket and I expect nee DEMAND value for money; Brendan would do well to remind the players of that fact

Agree with ig’s assessment of the match but one furghre factor didn’t help my enjoyment of the game – the fact that the bloody referee had lost his pencil. It was a joke how many fouls he let go and I think the ONLY yellow card was that one for Mifsud’s ten minute stroll to the bench.

I’ve paid to go to Narch tmorrow and I hope the Watford team turn op this time

12. Wat4Steve - 12/04/2009

The question Weymouth is………. Who is going to play in ‘the hole’ next year when Tommy Smioth departs in the summer?

13. Pete Bradshaw - 12/04/2009

Red… I didn’t go the this game.. Lenny Henry as Othello made for a more family Easter outing. But the Southampton game was tremendous I thought – one which we should have won by a distance but could have lost by a goal. The Saints played passionately of a little naively. From what I ‘ve heard of the Barnsley game, it can’t compare.

14. Pete - 12/04/2009

Weymouth, Danny Rose is 18 years of age and to my eyes a very, very promising player. Which prompts me to talk of the total idiots at the rear of the Rookery (right side) who felt the need to systematically abuse him before and after he came on yesterday. This after having distinguished themselves with chants about Jesus, Jews and Nazis. Fair play to those other fans who got sick of the vitriol and challenged them. Made me really consider the renewal of my season ticket for totally non footballing reasons which I find really sad.

15. Andy Castle - 12/04/2009

Here we are in April more or less safe (barring a four game melt down and Norwich going on an unlikley winning run) and I’m thinking back to when we were actually in the bottom 3 and more qualfied pundits than me saying “we’re going down with Rodgers in charge” (rescinded – sort of – 10 days later).

Yes there is a lot more to do to get us back in the shape of our pre-Premiership squads of 98-99 and 05-06, but the 200 mile round trip to the Vic is now something to look forward to rather than fear. BR is doing a good job and has made some astute loan and permanent signings as well as making us harder to beat. We are still the 5th top scorers in the Championship, so who knows where we might have been…….

The real challenge is about to come with the will they/won’t they questions surrounding Tommy, Tamas, and many others about to be answered.

Personally I am looking forward to the summer break with more confidence and hope than for a few seasons now. When the doubts set in I time warp back to dark and dismal Novembers of the early and mid Seventies on the Rookery terraces watching another divsion 4 defeat and no sign of Elton John or Graham Taylor coming over the horizon.

16. Wat4Steve - 12/04/2009

The point ESP is we all thought not so long ago that we would be in a relegation dog fight and we are not, such has been the impact of late. I didn’t mean the players should put their feet up!

Unfortunately it happens to all teams this time of year. I remember Graham Taylor bedding young players in the last few games when we had nothing to play for.

Now we have recalled Hendo (Jnr) I would like to see him get a run along with Kiernan and maybe Steponov with a view to a perm deal in the summer, at least 3 players would have point to prove.

17. markymark - 12/04/2009

Wat4Steve: You seem to know all the ins and outs at the club why can’t you tell us who’s going to play in the hole?

Will Hoskins maybe? Oh don’t tell me he’s leaving too…..

Do you also really think Coppell is going to leave Reading if they don’t go up and then Reading are going to poach Rodgers off us (as he’s a Reading man as you say ) then we will bring in Dennis Wise as Manager much to the fans annoyance….

you seem to know far,far too much!

18. Weymouth 'Orn - 12/04/2009

Pete (14)
My point about Danny Rose has nothing to do with Jews, Nazis etc.
And I’m not talking about systematic abuse.
It is simply that on the basis of seeing “that miss” on t.v. and thirty or so minutes yesterday (which included a shot from one side of the area that went out for a throw on the other side of the pitch) I don’t feel that he was the right person to bring on when we needed to win a game. At times his headless chicken running reminded me of Tommy Mooney at his worst.
I don’t doubt that Danny has talent and his time will come.But remember,we are still not mathematically safe.Nearly, but not yet.We need the best players on our books out there and we can experiment as much as we want when it is clear which three teams will be relegated. As of now, the wheels could still come off – a loss at Norwich tomorrow won’t help, especially if other results go against us.

19. Luke Fairweather - 12/04/2009

RE: Pete 14…

Hey Pete, I didn’t hear it from the LR, but none the less…I have been going to games at the Vic for a long time and, on the very few occasions that this happens, I am always shocked, like it is some thing that is supposed to happen at other clubs, but never here. And mostly it doesn’t. That’s part of what makes the Vic work for all of us.

A black player racially abused in our manor? To those in the Rookery who confronted this idiocy, I thank you. To those on steward duties or on some other form of social responsibility that day…what happened? Where were you?

Let’s have those seat numbers and mug shots Constable please….Who purchased these tickets? Which credit card? We have the technology …come on Constable, it is not that hard.

The game was pants as well.


20. rodge,Brechin Horn - 12/04/2009

Would these be the same idiots who spent the whole of the second half at Donny abusing and threatening fellow WFC fans for their race.Watford fans fighting amongst themselves !! After 40 years made me (and my pals) ashamed to be part of a WFC crowd.

21. Kris - 12/04/2009

Wat4Steve – The position in the hole can be played by Hoskins. I’d say that’s his best anyway. I feel he and Priskin could form a good partnership. But the question (which I posed in the Saints-comments) is who we’ll have left after August. And probably more crucial – who will be brought in?

I still maintain we’ll ship out more than most of us expect. I feel certain that at least part of the reason we have so many midfielders out on loan is the financial situation.

A comment on people complaining about our performance against the Tykes I can definitely understand the complaints from people having paid good money to be entertained. But for someone with a long distance relationship with the Horns I find the complacency understandable. We were well and truly screwed for a long time but through hard work our boys managed to turn things around and even the press seemed to look positively at us for the first time in 5 years or more. So having battled hard to turn it around it’s difficult to remain focused with little to play for.

A long time ago I commented on BSaD that I’d take the thrills of a relegation battle over mid-table safety in the run-in of a season. To be honest I prefer how this season has been. Things looking bleak, then the football started to change and with a string of great results suddenly we were looking up towards the playoff positions. I think mid-table safety can be a little dull but I don’t think I have the stomach for relegation battles like the one faced by our two most recent visitors and ourt next opponents as well. Imagine if the 3 sides going down this season are Addicks, Saints and Canaries? 3 sides with fine pedigree and recent visits to the premiership (neither premier nor a ship isn’t it?). Mid-table is a pretty good place to be IF there is cause for general optimism… and in my mind – we certainly have that even if we’ve been slacing off a little recently.

22. SteveG - 13/04/2009

I’m with Andy (15) looking at a glass half full. OK – so Saturday was poor, but keep an eye on the bigger picture… and the biggest thing of all is that we are going to be playing in the second tier again next season, which was by no means a certainty three months ago.

Yes, Cork and Jenkins look shattered, and were outmuscled by a physical Barnsley team, but they have been a great partnership, and if we can find one Jenkins, O’Toole, Mariappa or Doyley emerging from the academy each year then it’s doing its job well.

We may not have the cover in midfield (and I’m sure it is finance that has led to all four going out on loan), but maybe we do try a few experiments – Smith or McAnuff centre midfield with Priskin and Hoskins up front to give one of the youngsters a rest might be worth a try.

And while I agree that Danny Rose looked lightweight and out of his depth on Saturday, couldn’t much the same be said of the early appearances of one Ashley Young a few years ago?

Last, but not least, we grabbed a point that we honestly didn’t look like getting and arguably didn’t deserve (although 0-0 would have been a fair reflection of the game as a whole).

After a miserable evening in the pub seeing us outclassed by Reading, I thought we were going down. I think I’ll settle for mid-table. By my reckoning we have taken 22 points from the last 12 games – that’s about the same as Wolves have averaged over the season.

And still we’re whingeing??

23. Wat4Steve - 13/04/2009

MarkyMark. No I don’t know that is going to happen re Coppell but it wouldn’t surprise me and has been reported in most of the red tops. It is however common knowledge that Gimpson mislead Buck and he isn’t / wasn’t happy. Wise has been seen at the Vic recently and he is a close friend of the Russo’s and likely to be saked from his Newcastle post in the summer. I sincerely hope it doesn’t happen but there is so much uncertainly it wouldn’t surprise me.

I do know nowever that Rose is here as is Stephenov and Cauna with a view to joining next season. Buck is a massive fan of Rose and tried to take him to Chelsea’s, Brendan believes his best position is through the middle in ‘the hole’ and wants to have a look at him in training with a view to a season long loan next year. Think about the logic you don’t get a loan player in pay his wages and sit him on the bench particularly when, as has already been alluded to, the season is over.

I also know Brendan is not a massive fan of Hoskins as he is a lazy trainer and Brendan values work rate from his players but as he already proved, with Rasiak and Doyley, he is prepared to change his views. There will be an epic clear out over the summer, mainly fringe players but Watford also need to consider that we only have one or two saleable assets and as well as redcing the wage bill we have bills to pay and no cash at the bank.

Without doubt some of this will happen and some of it won’t it they these things work. For the club to move a player on you need an offer that is acceptable to both club and player and it impossible to gauge what other club are thinking. I do know however that the Russo’s are prepared to back Buck and Buck doesn’t not believe any one player is indispensable He was happy to let Smith go in Jan but Tommy rejected a move as he felt he wouldn’t be able to live with self if he went and Watford were relegated.

24. markymark - 13/04/2009

Wat4Steve: Worry not. It appears Mr.Its not what you know its who you know Wise may well be off to QPR ( god help them!)

“Former Newcastle executive director Dennis Wise is poised for a swift return to football as manager of QPR after holding talks with Hoops co-owner Flavio Briatore and chairman Gianni Paladini.” (Various)

25. Dave Hart - 13/04/2009

I get the funny feeling that Smith might stay after all. I feel that out of McAnuff, Priskin and Smith, only one will stay, and my money is on Smith. Priskin’s agent is demanding a new contract (which we can’t afford), and McAnuff is one of our highest earners.If as many clubs are interested in Priskin as his agent claims, then it might drive up the price.

The important thing is to get players like Loach, Doyley and Marriappa on new contracts, as well as Smith, if he stays.

Did anyone else notice the row between Marriappa and Demerit after Barnsley’s goal? Aidrian was absolutely furious with him. As he is in contract discussions with us, it suggest that Demerit is off in the summer; they clearly can’t get on. I suspect that Rogers doesn’t like him travelling to play for the USA.

Anyone else notice that Theo has been banging in the goals whilst on loan at Southend? Let’s hope that this loan spell helps him to work on his game. We need to start blooding some of the kids from our academy in the last couple of games really. If ever there is a time for them to be thrown in, it is now.

26. Sequel - 14/04/2009

According to a Naarch-supporting eye witness, we looked ok in the first half yesterday, but were distinctly second best in the second half. We must have been seriously knackered to allow Doherty to score.
Oh, we now have the same number of points with which Leicester were relegated last year. Still, it’s only Brum on saturday…..

27. stephen hoffman - 14/04/2009

your talking rot about williamson he has the ability and the end product hence why he was one of our best players from september to november then rodgers play him at right midfield , left midfielder , behind the strikers anywhere but his natural position. williamson is a good passer of the ball , a good tackler and a livewire who can chip in with a few goals – but then rodgers doesn’t like him so it dont matter what i think.

as for southampton i thought we played much better there at least we were creating chances and running at them-and that unlike barnsley was a thoroughly enjoyable match.

28. stephen hoffman - 14/04/2009

dave yes marrriapa and demerit had an argument so what i have arguments with friends but we patch it up after- it means absolutely nothing apart from in a good sense they both have a passion for the club. wat 4 steve why r u always so negative williamson and o-toole in my mind are both good players , rodgers isn’t going to leave , tamas- if he wants to leave fine let him – no use carrying a bad attitude , tommy i reckon will stay as will jay and aidy.

29. SteveG - 14/04/2009

I, too, think that Smith might stay. Partly because I think he does have a genuine attachment to the club, but mostly because, good player though he is, I’m not sure that there are that many places that he could reasonably go.

Presumably money would play a big part in any discussions about a move (both his wages and a sensible fee to the club), but football must also have some bearing on this, and I just get the feeling that Smith would actually want to play somewhere, rather than get paid more to sit on the bench or play in the reserves. It may have done wonders for their bank balance, but I can’t see that in footballing terms the moves to ‘higher things’ for Helguson, Shittu and Bouazza have advanced their playing careers much, if at all. It may be that there are advantages to being a big fish in a small pond.

How many teams would there be where Smith could be guaranteed a reasonable amount of first team football, where the prospects of success were significantly better than ours, and who could afford the fee and the wages that might tempt him away? I think you are looking at a small band at the top of the championship or the bottom end of the premier league… and he might not be the right player for them anyway. There have been some premature farewells to Tommy before … I hope that he’s still with us next year and I don’t think it’s a lost cause, but as has been previously mentioned, there are possible alternatives even if someone does turn up with the money and the right deal.

30. Pete - 14/04/2009

Weymouth. Wasn’t alleging you were involved in the abuse because of your opinion on a player. Respect your right to have opinion on any player.

Luke – I didn’t suggest the abuse to Rose was directly racist (just vindictive, ridiculous and unfair from self proclaimed “loyal supporters.”)

31. simmo - 14/04/2009

If you thought the Barnsley game was bad, then be grateful if you didn’t make the journey to Naaridge. The players (with the exception of Tommy) looked like they were putting on the suntan lotion ready for a few weeks time.

The trip was only memorable for the best own goal by a Watford player that I can ever remember. If you have not seen the goal, it made the Sheffield Wednesday own goal a few weeks ago look like a simple tap in. Step forward Danny Rose.

Mr Rodgers, if he is the answer then it must be a very stupid question. Yes I know he is young and learning but he needs to learn fast otherwise he is going the way of some of our other great hopes from the past.

32. NickB - 14/04/2009


There is a handful of truly obnoxious individuals in that part of the Rookery. The club needs to do more to weed these cretins out. I found the only answer was to move.

33. tet - 14/04/2009

I heard there was a lot of aggrivation between Rose’s family/friends at the Doncaster game and a few Watford supporters who thought he could of tried harder said so and it kicked off, this apparently also spilled over into the car park after the game. As good as he may be I haven’t seen it. I thought he was very poor against Barnsley and with an own goal on Monday things are not looking so Rosey for him.
I think the incident was the reason for the abuse hurled at him. I’m not saying it’s right but I think it’s the reason.

34. Dave Hart - 14/04/2009

Wise left Newcastle earlier this month, by the way.

35. Fran - 15/04/2009

Tet, Rose had a cracking game at Doncaster, so any abuse sent in the direction of him or his family had nothing to do with his work rate during that game. I haven’t seen the same from him since, but he was great that day.

36. Old Git - 15/04/2009

Don’t let’s forget Damien Francis against Fulham in the Prem. A real net burster. That is still my favourite.

37. Wat4Steve - 15/04/2009

Hoff you’re welcome to your opinions on Williamson it doesn’t make them right or mine wrong. I disagree, and we have been a better team without him, (only an opinion). Ability to play in front of and protect the back four….. No he hasn’t, not in my opinion, his tackles are reckless and often mistimed again only an opinion, keep your toys still ;o).

As for where he plays we tried him behind the forwards and he was pants taken off at half time. We tried him on the wing and Buck bought Cowie, he clearly doesn’t rate him. How many goals / assists did he get this year? Compare that with say JJoT who has played a lot less football, who has proved he can play further forward behind the striker……. hence no end product. IMO you are confusing busy with quality. Williamson is a busy player, expect his (Williamsons) loan deal to be made perm in the summer.

I like JJoT but he is aplyer who could bring in cash and clubs appear to be interested, I would like him to stay but I personally doubt he will. I never said Buck would leave……… you must learn to read the post and not between the lines. I was only sharing what a) I know and b) is common knowledge.

To all those that think Tommy will stay well that will ONLY happen if he signs a new contract on a lot less money. He and DeMerit are the highest earners on the books and we cannot afford them. Smith’s contract is up next summer and the Russo’s will not let their biggest asset go for free.

It’s not negative it’s reality if people woke up and realised the crap we are in the fans would be less surprised / shocked when these players ala Shittu / Henderson are actually sold. Personally I am glad the Russo’s appear to be more open about the previous regime who clearly hid behind lies and half truths and when challenged threatened legal action.

38. Dave Jackson - 16/04/2009

About three years ago, while he was training with Watford, I got chatting to D.Wise at a park in Radlett. We both had our lads with us and had a kick-around. He was extremely friendly and not what I’d expected at all. Not saying he’d therefore be a suitable manager for us, but he didn’t come across as the nasty thug he’s often portrayed as.

39. Old Git - 16/04/2009

That’s very reassuring, Dave, to know he doesn’t actually attack people all the time. But had he thought you might have been a taxi driver, or a Leicester City player, you might have had a different experience.

40. simmo - 16/04/2009

Old Git – I do agree that Damien’s own goal was good but I think the keeper was already beaten. Admittedly it took some skill to kick the ball in the opposite direction to the one he meant but it was a tap in compared to Rose.

Rose had to bend his shot with pace, round the keeper before being tackled by a Norwich striker. If Norwich have scored a better goal all season I would be surprised. In fact the only goal we scored which I felt was better was Rasiak’s against Charlton.

41. markymark - 17/04/2009

Wat4Steve: Smith and Demerit ARE NOT the biggest wage earners at the club!
McAnuff earns more than both and even the likes of Williamson,Eustace,Hoskins are on about the same amount (about £7k a week!)
When Demerit was stopped in his mini a couple of years ago he was quoted as being on £3k a week.His wages have probably doubles since-hes’ definately not on more than £7k a week whereas its well known that JM is on £10k plus a week!

42. Ian Grant - 17/04/2009

@ Mark, Steve and all: Fascinating as the trading of randomly-generated numbers is, you can have too much of a good thing. If you want to play Top Trumps with your inside knowledge, there are plenty of other places to do it; the general idea is that comments have something to do with the piece that we wrote. Thank you.

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