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Watford Legends v Watford IFC 16/04/2009

Posted by Ian Grant in Thoughts about things.

We don’t usually do this sort of thing…but, y’know…

A team of Watford FC Legends, led by the man who has started more first team games than any other player, former Hornets Assistant Manager Nigel Gibbs, will be back in town on April 19th to take on a team from Watford Internet Football club at the Met Police Sports Club in Bushey.

The game is being played in aid of DebRa, a charity close to the hearts of the WIFC squad, which provides specialist nursing, counselling, welfare and respite to sufferers of a condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa. DebRa also funds extensive medical research into the condition, which affects the children of one of WIFC’s founding players. EB is a genetic condition which causes the skin to break at the slightest touch, causing painful, open blisters and wounds. EB can mean a life of extreme pain, disability and, at its worst it is fatal in infancy.

The match is open to all, and there will be a number of fund-raising activities taking place during the day, with the fixture itself kicking off at three o’clock. Players already confirmed for Gibbsy’s squad include Watford ‘s all-time leading goalscorer Luther Blissett, double promotion winner Steve Palmer, all-action midfield star Andy Hessenthaler and former player of the season Marcus Gayle. The team also features BBC Three Counties co-commentator and FA Cup Finalist Neil Price, and his team-mate from that magical day at Wembley in 1984, Steve Terry. The team of legends also has the full support of Graham Taylor, who has already given Gibbsy a huge vote of support on the charity event’s web-page, which can be found on-line at http://www.justgiving.com/wifc.

For more information about Watford Internet Football Club, a team of Watford fans who play in a National Supporters league, can be found at www.watfordifc.com.


1. Esp - 20/04/2009

The match finished 4-2 to the Legends and there was a great turn out on a really sunny day and I know that Simon Devon and the wifc organisers were very pleased with the turn out and the amount raised for the DebRa charity which on the day and via their “just giving” web page stands at over £5,000 which is way beyond what they hoped for)

Pete Fincham playing for the Legends rather than the WIFC will be dining out on his “assist” for a Luther Blissett goal for many years I would imagine and it was amazing to see the fitness levels of players such as Hessenthaler and Palmer and the only recently retired Marcus Gayle

There was als a raffle where signed shirts/balls and other prizes were won and a Ferrero Rocher world record eating competition involving Neil Price, Richard Walker and others which could have ended up very messily indeed

I am sure photos of yesterday will be around the www soon as I witnessed both SD of the wifc and Paul Goss of this parish on the touchline with some impressive camera kit

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon out for everyone (of all ages) who attended

2. Esp - 20/04/2009

Unofficial photos can be found here:

WIFC v Watford Legends
3. Ian Grant - 21/04/2009
4. Dave Jackson - 21/04/2009

Well done for organising such a fun event. Maybe it could become an anual occasion?
On that form we could have used Hessy on Saturday, the guy never stops!

5. Esp - 21/04/2009

I think Alan Cozzi has some competition – some really EXCELLENT shots from Simon Devon aided by the weather, his camera and the speed of play 🙂

Thanks ig for the link

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