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Watford 3 Derby County 1 03/05/2009

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

Five thunks from the closing day win over the Rams

1- OK, so final day of the season, not much to play for (save finishing above Palace, always nice…).  But given that… what a very fine way to end the campaign.  Nigel Clough’s assertion that the first goal was pivotal was probably fair enough – the game was wide open from the start – but the implication that the Rams were worth something woefully optimistic.

2- As for the Hornets… a melancholy aftertaste on the conversation that must have taken place on hundreds of walks out of the ground.  “How many of that lot will we see next season?”.  Loach, Lloydy yes.  Cork, presumably, no.  The rest… all open to debate, varying degrees of maybe.

3-  Lee Hodson.  Good work, sir. Puts boot through the ball?  Tick.  Overlaps like a loony?  Tick.  Encouraging.

4- Who would have taken a penalty in the second half?  Lloydy, maybe the popular vote.  But would you have denied regular taker Smith on what may be his last appearance for us?  Or what about Rasiak’s hat-trick?  He’d have been the first Watford player on this ground since 1997 to score one…

5- Would Nigel’s Dad have ever played Robbie Savage and John Eustace in the centre of the same midfield?  Hmmm.  And did anyone else notice Rob Hulse throughout?


1. Walker (R) - 03/05/2009

Add to that an enterprising cameo from Cauna.

I like Rasiak – puts me in mind a bit of Wilkinson. Wins headers and gets fouled outside the box, comes alive around and inside it and has a genuine eye for goal.
Would you forsake one or two cheaper options to ensure his signature at his age, however? Not so sure.

One last passionate plea to all readers here: Don’t forget just how parlous the financial state of the club is. Okay, the ar$eholes have left the building, but their legacy is STILL being unravelled now.
Should what you consider the crown jewels be sold, I think we have enough folk at the club with Watford at heart for us to accept these decisions as being in the wider interests of the club and not for any other reason.

Hard times ahead but I’ll end on a positive by admitting my surprise at just how well Rodgers has done since taking over and reckoning he might just be the right man to turn water into wine next season.

Believe me, we WILL need that to happen come August.

Top blogging Matt and ig, have a good summer all.

2. Jamie - 03/05/2009

Who got the hatrick in 1997 Matt?

3. kris - 04/05/2009

As per usual I followed the game from the comfort of home. I really must make it to the Vic again some day 😉

A couple of comments on your Thunks 2 and 3 in reverse order.

Re. thunk 3 – Lee Hodson getting a 1st team match under his belt – fantastic. Our youth development programme has always been one of the things that made proud to be Watford. And with the current financial climate it is evermore important for clubs like us to develop our own talent. I read somewhere that of 25 1st team players, 13 came through our own academy. And in our matchday 16 we have Doyley, Lee, Jenkins, Mariappa and Smith at least.

Re. 2. Rumour has it that of our “crown jewels”, Smith and MacAnuff are leaving but Priskin is staying.This should make room in the budget for Rasiaks alleged 5k/week salary. While I am sad to see Tommy go, doesn’t he half deserve it? Get one more stab at the big show. As for MacAnuff, well, under Brendan Rodgers he’s been a key player but I feel we can survive without him. The rest of the squad I agree – it could go either way. And now even Loach is rumoured to have caught the eye of ManUre. I am interested to see which of our youngster will break through this time. Will Theo Robinson finally get a chance with us? What about Antal should Lee decide against extending his contract? No matter who is in our squad come August, it will be an interesting summer.

Thanks for this season just gone. I think it was you Matt who wrote early on that no matter what, this season would turn out loads more fun than the previous and it turns out you were right.

It will be a long baren spell throughout the summer without match thunks to discuss on here. Have a great summer – see you in August.

4. Adam J - 04/05/2009

Jamie: It was none other than Super Kevin Phillips.

Bring him back to The Vic next season? Doubt his legs could hack it in Division One but would I reckon his goal scoring would be great for us next season.

5. Matt Rowson - 04/05/2009


Bristol CIty (H). Trefor’s book bizarrely records it as Phillips 2 plus an own goal, but that’s not how I remember it… re-reading ig’s BSaD report, the “own goal” consisted of a defender booting it off the line, off Phillips and back in past the defender. That’s Superkev’s goal in my book. And in any event, if not the last hat-trick at the Vic was Connolly’s against Ashford. Phillips it is then…


rumour has lots of things. Personally I’d suggest that of the “big four” (Priskin, Smith, Demerit, McAnuff) we can probably best afford to lose Demerit, not that I’d choose to ship any of them. Following that… probably McAnuff given our cover in wide positions, particularly if Cauna comes back.

And there will be stuff up in the summer, if no thunks. Promise.

6. Simon - 04/05/2009

I think it’s incredibly diifcult to predict how our squad will look after the summer. Clearly there will be a lot of departures to reduce the wage bill and raise some funds but there will no doubt be some of the bigger name players (and Smith may be one despite the rumours) that stay.

On the positive side, the two players that Rogers has signed permantly to date (Cowie and Williamson) would not have been on many (any?) fans’ radars before they signed and both look so far to have been excellent buys. With a bit of luck there are a few more gems to be unearthed.

So far as this season is concerned, most on this site commented at the start of the season that they’d be happy to finish comfotably mid-table. Although mathmatical safety was only acheived in the penultimate game, we eventually finished up 13th and 12 points clear of the drop. Another mid-table finish with a reduction of the wage bill and further progress off the field (including, primarily, maintaining a closeness with the fans that has been often lacking over the last few years) would suit me fine. To acheive those relatively modest goals will still take an awful lot of work though.

7. simmo - 04/05/2009

Totally meaningless game but good to see the team play without any inhibition. It is a pity that the team cannot be kept together because I would have liked to see this team try a full season together. My guess is that they may have challenged for the play-offs next year.

Well done Matt an Ig for your thunks throughout the season. This really is the only place where you can have some intelligent chat about the team (even if, Matt, we had many a disagreement over the course of the season). Look forward to hearing from you over the summer but hope you have a great break.

One last thing……Walker (comment 1). Have you come out in sympathy with the rabble up the road who seem to have changed their name to L***n (R) ?

8. Esp - 04/05/2009

“Would you have denied regular taker Smith on what may be his last appearance for us…?”

Yes that is probably true but it is horrible and very sad to read it in print – Player of the Season and a true Watford legend in my book – if he ever did come back would he be the FIRST Watford player to play for us over 3 spells does anyone know?

I’m pleased that BHaPPY will be still be running with whims, thunks and stuff before the start of 2009/10 and heartfelt thanks to ig/matt and the regular contributors for the last few months entertainment – blogs like this are what t’Internet was invented for…..enjooooooy the summer 🙂

9. toby harper - 04/05/2009

i wasnt at the match as you can see by my name but i am really happy that the team finished the season on a high.
i would like to see the same team next season with a few more playmakers chucked in though, we didnt really pick up the idea of pass and move till about halfway through the season. i very much doubt there will be the same players however we can be optimistic. maybe next season we can reach top flight football just so we can embaress scum even more.

look forward to next season and what lies ahead. c’mon you golden boys!!!

10. Wat4Steve - 04/05/2009

1 Rasiak and Priskin to seem to be a perfect combination strength and guile. And with that combination in mind Matt whilst I will get no thanks for saying it I feel Smith is likely to be sacrificed he must be our most saleable asset and im sure an offer of £2M from the right club will see him leave over the summer.

2 Useless justified Brendan’s decision to let him go IMO. First half saw Rose and Cork walk past both him and Savage as if they were not there. His distribution is awful and whilst many, including yourself Matt, felt he had a role to play this year I’m glad the decision was Rodgers to make. That said it was fitting to see him score in what is undoubtedly his last appearance at the Vic technically still as a Watford player.

3 Rose, I understand we have a option to bring him back for the whole of next season, I thought he had a great game today in centre midfield, opened the Derby defence up with his vision not afraid to put the boot and as mentioned above Useless and Savage were unable to keep up with his surging late runs into the box. He should of scored but otherwise a faultless performance.

4 Marriapa thought he had another good game at centre back and with the Parkes / Hodson and the ability to bring in good young players from top clubs perhaps it is time to also cash in on DeMerit? Never been his biggest fan (DeMerit) he does wear his heart on his sleeve but he relies on his pace to make up for his poor defensive positioning IMO

A long 5…. Yes the summer will bring changes I am told as many as 15 players could be leaving over the summer Poom (gone already), Sadler, DeMerit, Useless, Smith, Hoskins, JJoT, Williamson L, Bangura, McAnuff and Lee must be the favourites, being high wage earners, many already moved out on loan the others presumably being fringe / academy players not doing enough to earn permanent deals.

Of the list only Smith / DeMerit and McAnuff have been regulars if their wages / transfer fee will allow us to keep Piskin and bring in Rasiak I will settle for that.

Next season, I really don’t think the squad is potentially as thin as some others might even assuming all of above leave / are sold our squad / team could look something like……. 4-4-1-1;

Best 11 – Loach, Doyley, Williamson, Mariappa, Hoyte / ANO (Loan), Cowie, Jenkins, ANO (we are tracking the mid from Ipswich), Cauna or Rose, Priskin, Rasiak.

Squad GK- Searle / North / Antal, Def – Parkes / Hodson, Oshodi, New CB (loan or Bosman), Mid – Rose / Cauna / Kiernan / maybe another loan here, FWD – Henderson / Robinson / Young / Sordell, ANO with a bit more experience (loan or Bosman)

In summary I can see how we can vastly reduce the wages bring in a bit of cash and keep the core of the team together and still maybe add one or two in key areas either on Bosman or season long loan. I am actually looking forward to next season.

11. SteveG - 04/05/2009

Re: Thunk (4). Just for a moment I thought you meant that he’d have been the first player since 1997 to score a penalty. Nonsense, of course, but the fact that it had even a fleeting credibility says something about our lack of confidence in putting them away from the spot over the years.

Agree with thunk (1) – it was a great way to end the season, and while they did have a number of chances, so did we; something like 5-3 wouldn’t have been an unfair reflection of the play!

Good luck to Tommy if he goes, and while I’m sure that we would sell if the right offer came along, I still have a sneaking suspicion that there might not be that many clubs who could both afford him and offer the chance of something approaching regular football. If Cardiff were the club showing the most serious interest in January, that would hardly represent a great leap forward and get the adrenalin racing in the Smith household, I suspect. Perhaps a club like Wolves, Birmingham or a newly relegated Middlesboro or Newcastle would be interested, but there have been many who have said a premature farewell before, and he’s still here!

12. kris - 04/05/2009

Matt, I don’t really consider Demerit a “big” player. There are players other than the top3 that are harder to replace than Demerit. I know Jay is our current captain and I do like him but wouldn’t mind him going for the good of the club.

Thanks for easing my mind re. stuff in the summer. Imagine if all I could do was enjoy the sun and relax. What would life be without this place 😉

13. Sequel - 04/05/2009

Matt. Re thunk 5
I too struggled to find Hulse once the game had started. I looked at their front players each time the ball came over, but he was nowhere to be seen. 15 minutes in, I happened to look at the way they lined up for a goal kick, and there he was in the middle of the back 4! It was then that my son pointed out that they had a midfielder at fullback too. Which probably explains why we started to fill our boots and then thought better of it. Not much of a challenge, was it!?
Would still have been nice to see Big Greg get his hat trick though……

14. Matt Rowson - 04/05/2009

simmo – oh no we haven’t (boom boom)

esp – Luther is the obvious example. Dave Underwood. Dennis Bond too, technically – I think he came back on loan before we re-signed him.

wat4steve – smudger probably our most marketable asset, only his relative age might make Priskin more popular. But I suspect and fear you’re right. Eustace – yes, I did think he had a role to play. And whilst Cork and Jenkins were terrific, I think we got lucky to an extent in that we were relying far too much on two kids in CM, as I’ve said before. Eustace would have been a useful option. Agree about Mariappa and Demerit.

Kris – Demerit may not be a big player in terms of importance, but I would guess he’s a bigger earner.

Sequel – I genuinely couldn’t remember who had been playing CB for Derby and was surprised to note that Hulse had been playing at all when I saw the teamsheet. Presumed that he might have been playing at the back. I’ve still got the pic of him staring gormlessly at Jay Demerit in Cardiff as we go 1-0 up over Leeds on my wall, makes it difficult to take him seriously wherever he’s playing…

15. Sirhornet - 04/05/2009

Great work this season from all at BHappy. Surpassed only by the work of Mr Rogers & the team. Yesterday’s result seemed a million miles away after the gutless capitulation to the Blades in January.

As for next season, I too think we can look forward to many new faces. The one player, alas, who I think we have absolutely now chance of keeping is Priskin. It would never surprise me if he didn’t end up for a top-flight (though not one of the major ones) team in Germany or Holland. His agent has already stirred up trouble and the weakness of the pound makes him quite cheap.

One final thunk, is it my imagination but do the prem league loanees all seem to lack the stamina for 90 championship minutes.

Have a great summer, roll on August!

16. ramsgate horn - 04/05/2009

Thanks to bhappy for all the infomed comment and to all contributors, i always look forward to reading the varying opinions and to hear snippets of gossip and insight about the golden boys, there will come a time to asses the season, when the dust settles, i would like to thank Rodgers and the players for getting us out of trouble hands together for all but especially LOACH, SMITH, DOYLEY PRISKIN , RASIAK, CORK, MARIAPPA also DEMERIT , WILLIAMSON, MACANUFF
A bit worrying and depressing that we may use some of our key players, we will need rodgers shrewd judgement to see us through, lets hope he can get a few bargains in, and shred some of the players who were surplus wihout us really being hurt, have a good summer and thanks.

17. NickB - 04/05/2009

Have to say I’m surprised at the amount of bigging up of Priskin going on; sure, he’s had a decent season in spells and keeps looking as though he MAY turn into a top player, but again yesterday it was all fancy flicks and questionable commitment.

Smith, on the other hand, is a joy to behold: intelligent movement, wonderful close control and rarely gives the ball away cheaply. I just love watching a player that makes the absolute most of what he has and think the only thing that would prevent him looking at home in a decent Prem side (even a Villa or Everton, but certainly the middle bunch) is a lack of pace. If you do go, Tommy, thanks for everything and the best of luck.

Thanks also to Matt and ig for the great stuff on here.

18. SteveT - 04/05/2009

In my eyes it was the perfect end of season game for a season where there has been so much trouble and strife.

Some decent weather and two sides not worrying about the result, but bothered enough to create a decent game. And the chance to blood some more youth (ie Hodson) to boot.

I don’t know what everyone else thought, but I didn’t detect any “this is my last game” body language from any of the players walking around the pitch at the end.

Finally – and I hate to say this – did anyone else think that Hodson looked like a young Nigel Gibbs scuttling up and down the touchline?

19. Dave Hart - 04/05/2009

Wasn’t it Ronnie Rosenthal who scored a hat-trick in 97, against Blackpool? Peter Kennedy also scored three at Southend, I think, although I wasn’t at either game.

I thought that Marriappa played very well, although I was expecting a couple more youngsters to be in the squad. I was surprised not to see either Young or Henderson in the 16, although it was pleasing to see Hodson make his debut. The through ball he played into the box was fantastic.

20. Matt Rowson - 04/05/2009

No… Ronnie only got one that day, big Jase was actually one closer to a hat-trick, see http://www.bsad.org/9798/reports/blkpoolh.html

Kennedy did score a hat-trick but that was away at Roots Hall. Michael Chopra has also scored an away hat-trick more recently at Burnley.

Phillips vs Bristol City was the last Watford player to score a hat-trick at Vicarage Road, although visitors including Andy Johnson and of course Nicolas Anelka have done so.

21. Adam J - 04/05/2009

Esp – Although I do love Ig and Matt’s musings I think you’ll find the Internet was actually invented for Scientific Research

22. stephen hoffman - 05/05/2009

i would keep lee williamson – i’ve always rated him , just think brendan played him out of position -been immense for preston- and with cork probably not being back next season i think he would be a good candidate for being at midfield.

As for smith , i’d be more prepared to get rid of priskin-especially with the comments of his agent – it’s not like he wants to stay – i still think smith wants to stay. Also with the returning of theo robinson it would make sense.

23. JohnF - 05/05/2009

A season that turned out to be interesting and enjoyable in patches. I haven’t a clue what will happen over the close season but my guess is that there will be some surprises. One character that non-one has mentioned that I think we do need to keep is big Malky. I could see him as the next Watford manager and I am sure he has had a major influence on what happened.

Next season I want to be in a position where we are top half of the table but not too close to promotion because we need to get the club financially stable. Past experience has shown that the premier league is destabilising and the last two adventures have finished up nearly bankrupting us in the end. We do need the ground finishing and the East Stand rebuilding plus the chance to build from inside with our own youngsters. That takes a bit of time for them to get the necessary experience.

As far as players, I would be quite happy to see Demerit go as he is unreliable in his positioning and as captain he is not capable of doing the organising necessary. He is also too ready to blame the others for his mistakes. I’d like to see Smith stay as he brings a lot to the party but MacAnuff is replaceable with someone who has a bit more about them defensively (like Smith). Nobody has mentioned Jon Harley who seems to have become a forgotten man as opposed to Sadler who is a forgettable man. Maybe the latter will be rejuvenated as a midfielder but I fear he lacks pace.

Matt and Ian, thanks for your (successful) efforts in running an excellent site and I look forward to the various discussions over the summer as the continuing saga unfolds.

24. Jamie - 05/05/2009

Where would Smith go though? He is not good enough, bit like King, to fit into any Premiership team. I’d be surprised if any came sniffing for him I really would.

If that is the case then surely he’d want to stay at Watford where he is one of the top personnel etc etc

25. Johnny Boy - 05/05/2009

Being a prat I missed the last game as I thought, prat that I am, that the last game was on Saturday and agreed to do something on Sunday -dooooh.
Like everyone else, thanks Matt, ig and all the contributors to bhappy for a very enjoyable season and hasn’t it been interesting – change of manager/chairman/chief excecutive – phantom goal – will malky be the next manager – whose Brendan? – not right, a return to the bad old days of Vialli, doom and gloom – wait a minute, seems to know what he’s doing – jobi, a changed man – good football, good loanees – and finally, Mr T Smith, endorse everything everyone else has said and hope he stays although he did come back a better player than when he left the last time so maybe a couple of years elsewhere then back again to bed in our next, exciting promoted team in 2011!!!!! ( think I’m being a prat again so I will shut up.)
Keep the site open over the summer lads – it could be interesting.
Does anone know – are Kabba and Ellington now out of contract?

26. Back from Hammerau - 05/05/2009

It was an ideal end-of-season game – nice weather, nothing significant at stake and a comfortable win which the BBC’s reporter thought was harsh on Derby.

I won’t try to predict as many as half of the starting 11 for the first game of next season, but BR (and the board) gives me the warm feeling that we won’t be starting the campaign with an unacceptably-thin squad.

More signings of lower-league players of whom most of us have never heard and loanees from the Premiership with the emphasis on versatility.

And thank you to the team at Bhappy Towers.

27. Back from Hammerau - 05/05/2009

Also, is there any significance about which players are and aren’t included in BR’s list of heroes in his column in the programme and the order in which they appear, with some in a different column?

And is the linesman in the picture on the front cover wearing a toupee?

28. Matt Rowson - 05/05/2009

Johnny Boy… not sure about Kabba. Ellington is very much in contract… two years I believe…

29. Old Git - 05/05/2009

With Lloydy Doyle having discovered a previously unimagined body swerve that has him wrong-footing opponents, skimming along the wing and bearing down on the penalty area, it can only be a matter of time before he scores. We have had two very near misses in the last three games. All I ask for next season is that he does it when I am there, in front of the Rookery.
He will make an old man very happy. I will have my medication at the ready, in case of medical emergency prompted by lunatic celebrations.

30. The Great Big O - 05/05/2009

Player of the season – Tommy Smith? Sure, he was consistently good. In fact, every time I saw him he seemed a maturer, more intelligent player. He had an excellent season.

But the season had two distinct halves – and Tommy’s form was consistent through both. You have to look elsewhere to find the players who had most impact on our survival.

Jack Cork arrived in January and subsequently looked the most accomplished midfielder we’ve had in a very long term. But he was only on loan. And, in his first couple of games, we reached the nadir of the season at Reading and at home to Sheff U.

In fact, the player who most influenced the season was Mike Williamson. The league match after Sheff U, at home to Burnley, Mike Williamson arrived and suddenly we had a defence again.

Williamson didn’t put a foot wrong. But just as critical was his impact on his colleagues. Mariappa began to look very decent. Demerit eventually returned to form. We noticed what Lloydinho could do. Arguably Williamson’s presence at the back allowed Cork to flourish too.

At last we climbed the table because the goals we’d always been scoring weren’t being nullified by our defensive inadequacies.

Several years ago, Glyn Hodges won player of the season for his impact over a few games towards the end of the campaign. Mike Williamson was just as influential this year.

Compare Brendan’s first purchase with Aidy’s first, and we can look forward to decent times next year. Enjoy the summer.

31. JohnF - 05/05/2009

Kabba is out of contract I believe and has been told top push off. I don’t know about others such as Sadler.

32. somerset 'orn - 06/05/2009

Well with Mariappa signing a new contract today, and Doyley last week, we can at least look forward to some consistency in our back line from this season to next.

But I’m worried about Ellington – if Derby don’t want him, and it doesn’t look like he’s part of Clough’s plans, they’ll try and move him on for a fee pronto. Nobody in their right mind is going to take on his wages AND pay a fee for him, so unless he’s prepared to take a pay cut to find a new club – which seems unlikely – Derby’s best option is to chuck him back at us sharpish. And unless anyone is prepared to take him on a free, which is also unlikely with his wage demands, then we’re stuck with him. Fingers crossed but I fear the best we can hope is that we loan him out again and get back a proportion of his wages.

Or we may yet see him in a yellow shirt again! I was quietly hopeful that Smith would stay, but in the end we might have to sell him just to cope with Ellington’s wages. Grrrr.

Anyway, just to add my thanks to Matt & Ig for the best WFC read on t’internet, and for hosting the best place to get it all off your chest!

33. Esp - 06/05/2009

Matt – for those that missed it could you reproduce on BHaPPY your comments in last Sunday’s Observer for all to read on here?

I know many would be interested and I don’t THINK you have reproduced it elsewhere

Btw I did have a wry smile to myself when I read the Observer’s QPR fan representative’s answer to the question “What did you think of your manager’s performance?”; he replied: “Which one?”

Oh, and one of the Blackpool fan’s top 5 Championship players of the season was Don Cowie….Hooray to that!!

34. Matt Rowson - 07/05/2009

don’t have them with me… will do it when I get home… if I remember…

35. David, Aylesbury - 07/05/2009

Steve T – no, you weren’t the only one to spot the similarity between Hodson and Gibbs – I thought exactly the same thing. And if he goes on to have a career like Gibbsy’s then I don’t think there will be too many complaints !

36. Nashinho - 07/05/2009

Hang on guys; I am sure Hodson got somewhere like approaching the Derby goal line. In fact maybe even within touching distance of the Rookery/Rous corner flag!
So which Nigel Gibbs are you comparing him too? 😉

Maybe Hodson will be the new fangled wing-back type of Gibbs. Something which Nigel agreed he would never be.

Here’s hoping.

37. Dave Hart - 07/05/2009

According to the BBC website, Sadler has two years left of his contract, Eustace one year.

38. Adam J - 12/05/2009

Any chance of 5 Thunks for the season or some other sort of review???

39. Matt Rowson - 13/05/2009

Yes yes, give me a chance. Got to finish the book, then I’ll be back on the case here…

Anders - 14/05/2009

Any release date set Matt?

40. DM - 13/05/2009

Are you writing a book, then ? ;o)

41. Jeremy Clarke - 13/05/2009

JC here
Thunks of the season????

1. Goodbye AB
2. Goodbye GS
3. Goodbye MA
4. Hello BR
and finally
5. Good riddances Luton …he he

42. Matt Rowson - 14/05/2009

Anders – Aug 28, according to Amazon. They know more than I do.

43. Kris - 14/05/2009

http://www.amazon.com/Watford-FC-This-Day-History/dp/1905411472/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1242308370&sr=1-1 to everyone interested. I for one shall be purchasing in good faith. If your ramblings live up to those you have done online here and on BSaD it will be a good read.

44. Esp - 16/05/2009

Frankly I’m surprised he has the time to answer Anders’ question on here Kris – shirker!!

How are you doing with Paolo’s captions Matt, have you chosen the best ones that have been sent in yet?

Oh – and don’t forget two further significant dates: 13th April (2009) Watford’s rivals L*t*n draw with Chesterfield to confirm relegation out of the Football League and 28th June is Sean Dyche’s birthday AND a fan called Paul Perkins in case that date hasn’t been filled yet 😉

45. Esp - 19/05/2009

Where were you (BHaPPY readers) 25 years ago today (19th May)?

And, before anyone asks – No I wasn’t!!

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