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Attention Golfers 14/07/2009

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

Not a headline I thought I’d be using on a BHaPPY entry. Nonetheless… I have been alerted to a golf fundraising day at Bowood Park Golf Club, Camelford on Wednesday September 16th. This is a day after we play at Home Park, Plymouth which is an hour or so away, so folk of a golfing persuasion may wish to make a break of it.

£120 per team of four gets you 18 holes and a two-course meal, plus prizes from the golf shop, raffle and a putting competition. The fundraiser is to raise money for local churches.

Further details available from Jim (who I’m sure will reply to this posting if I’ve gotten anything wrong) on 01840 214877 or jim@benton-evans1@demon.co.uk.

That is all.



1. Joons - 16/07/2009

This being Plymouth, can any black golfers expect to be racially abused like Jordan Stewart last year?

2. Jeremy Clarke - 18/07/2009

JC here

Jordan Stewart doesnt play golf so what the hell are you on about…

3. Joons - 21/07/2009
4. Lloyd - 31/07/2009

A little stereotyped, Joons. Unfortunately all clubs attract all types, Watford included.

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