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I’ve got your number… 30/09/2009

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

Right then. Answers to the quiz. Disappointed in the quite pathetic number of people prepared to have a guess… we had three completely correct responses from John Slaytor, Trefor Jones and Avi Govind. At least one of you already has the book… if the other two want a copy, mail/comment me your details. Big respec’ to Mike Peter, as ever, for at least having a punt.

q1a – which is the largest squad number to have been used by Watford?
41. Yves Makaba-Makalamby had no 50 when on loan from Chelsea a few seasons ago, but never made it onto the pitch.

q1b – Which two players have worn this number
Yohann Cavalli in 2006/07 and Lee Hodson last season.

q2 – Which player has made the most appearances for Watford over this period.
Tommy Smith is the answer to this one with 285, some forty clear of Lloyd Doyley (245), who would have been my guess, followed by Neil Cox (242).

q3 – Three players have worn four different squad numbers. Name them.
This is the one that provoked most accusation, discussion and hassle over email and at Cov last night. The answer is Tommy Smith (17 from 1999-01, 9 from 2001-03, 29 in 2006-07 and 21 from 2007-09), Neil Cox (36 in 1999-00, 2 in 2000-01, 29 in 2001-02 and 5 from 2002-05) and Anthony McNamee (33 in 2001-02, 16 from 2002-04, 23 in 2004-05 and 19 from 2005-08)

q4a – Which player appeared in the same shirt number in the largest number of seasons?
Alec Chamberlain – easy points here, surely?
q4b – Which shirt number did he wear?
no. 1
q4c – How many seasons did he wear it for?
Seven – from 1999-01 and from 2002-07, Espen Baardsen usurping for one season
Which two players tie for second place in this regard?
Micah Hyde and Heidar Helguson, with five seasons each at nos. 8 and 18 respectively. Jay Demerit, Richard Lee and Lloyd Doyley record their fifth seasons in their current shirt this season.

q5a- Which player has played the most games in one shirt number?
q5b – Which shirt number?
Micah Hyde again, with 187 in the no 8 shirt. Heidar in second with 177 at 18, Lloyd in third with 157 at 12.

q6- Which shirt number has been used in the largest number of games?
no 8, with three steadyish incumbents in Hyde, Mahon and Eustace. Shirts 9, 5 and 4 each some 40 apps behind.

q7a- Which two shirts have had the largest number of incumbents?
Another hotly debated topic. Yes, OK Walker, 7 is one of them, 33 the other.
q7b- How many incumbents has each of these shirts had?
Nine each. Wearers of no 7 are (in chronological order) Michel Ngonge, Carlton Palmer, Allan Nielsen, Bruce Dyer, Carl Fletcher, Chris Eagles, Damien Francis, Liam Bridcutt, and Don Cowie. Wearers of no 33: Dominic Foley, Fabien Forde, Anthony McNamee, Scott Fitzgerald, Dominic Blizzard, Junior Osborne, Trevor Benjamin, Jordan Parkes and Liam Henderson. None of the wearers of 33 have worn it for more than one season, and it has of course its tenth incumbent this season in Lee Hodson.
q7c- How many shirt numbers have been sported by one player only?

8a- Which shirt number is the most cherished, in that the average number of appearances per incumbent is the largest?
That would be no 8 again, by some distance, with its three incumbents (see above) averaging 123.3 apps each. No 18, averaging 68.5 apps, and no 3, 64.4, some way behind.
8b- And which shirt number has been worn only once by each of its incumbents?
The number 40, worn once each by Theo Robinson against Newcastle at the end of 2006-07, and Andrei Stepanov in his record brief Watford career vs Southampton ast season.

The answer to the tie-breaker, in how many of the 508 competitive games that we’ve played over these ten seasons was the most used shirt employed, is 370.



1. Ed - 30/09/2009

Sorry Matt. I started a response but quickly I was just making up answers.

2. Matt Lovett - 30/09/2009

I would have had a go, but the research required to even give a competent set of answers was well beyond me! Now, if you’d been asking questions like ‘How did the scoreboard at the Vicarage Road end celebrate Ross Jenkins’ hat-trick against Dagenham in the FA Cup 1st Round in 1978?’…I’d be able to tell you that the little dot matrix ‘men’ danced up and down and the scoreboard operator implored the great man ‘Let’s have another hat-trick Ross!’

3. Nigel - 01/10/2009

Sorry to even ask this, but if Alec Chamberlain played for 7 seasons in the number 1 shirt (plus one season in another number) and made a total of 240 odd appearances for Watford then can you tell us how many appearances he made in the No 1 shirt? I find it hard to believe re question number 5 that he didn’t make the top three.
I await enlightenment.

4. Matt Rowson - 01/10/2009


Alec made 288 appearances for Watford, but 110 were pre-squad numbers, 35 were in the 2000/01 season wearing number 13. So Alec wore squad no 1 143 times and comes sixth in the list for question 5 (behind the three stated plus Demerit at 6 and Mahon at 8).

you did ask.

5. Weymouth 'Orn - 01/10/2009

How come you didn’t have the time to get to Reading, yet you have the time to research this tosh?

6. DM - 01/10/2009


In how many of the games in the last ten years have Watford worn each of the following short colours…


7. Matt Rowson - 01/10/2009

My wife was at a funeral on Saturday Weymouth. I was looking after my kids. Nothing to do with time.

DM – red when winning: lots. Black when winning: not so many.

8. Jeremy Clarke - 02/10/2009

JC here

And I thought the answer to all of them was 42

9. Far East Hornet - 04/10/2009

You should get a plus 1 for that comment Jeremy!

10. Weymouth 'Orn - 05/10/2009

Apologies for the intrusion, Matt.

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