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Watford 3 Reading 0 (24/04/2010) 25/04/2010

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Five thunks from a relieved Vicarage Road.

1- Well thank heavens for that.

2- Before the game, agitated assessment of scenarios led one regular BHaPPY visitor to ponder that Crystal Palace, playing at home on Monday against a West Brom side with half-an-eye on their summer holidays, potentially knowing that a victory would keep them up, had the cushiest number. This, he asserted, was the most nailed-on result of the “weekend”. In our nervousness, the parallels with our situation completely avoided us. So… the first thing to be grateful for was that Reading, too, didn’t quite have their minds on the job. We wanted this an awful lot more.

3- It could all have been so different, though. It does rather feel as if the pivotal refereeing decisions have stacked up against us this season… even when allowing for the fact that sides with limited creativity tend to need to focus rather more on pivotal refereeing decisions in assessing their results. In any case, a clear redress of balance today as Martin Taylor allowed Shane Long to get goal side of him in the box and, apparently in slow motion, grappled him clumsily to impede his clear route to goal. We cringed and waited for the whistle. Which didn’t come – the most significant instance of a bizarre refereeing performance. Had Reading scored… well we’ve seen that game so many times this season aready. Instead, Danny Graham’s opener came in the next attack, and we were never in danger thereon.

4- And neither of the above caveats should detract from a Watford performance that was very far from that of a relegated side. At our opponents’ throats from the off we were dominant in every area of the pitch from Aidy Mariappa’s commanding showing at centre back to Jon Harley’s unusually focussed aggression in the centre to Graham and Helguson flaming on together to devastating effect up front. Danny Graham could easily have netted the first Watford hat-trick at the Vic since 1996/97… that would have been the icing on the cake.

5- Special mention for John Eustace, who was every bit a captain today and drove the team on despite again appearing to play on with an injury. A turnaround from twelve months ago that was difficult to anticipate, I can’t have been the only one slightly disappointed that his contribution didn’t see him closer to the top of the Player of the Year awards. If he leaves in the summer, our very best wishes should go with him.


1. winslow hornet - 25/04/2010

What a relief! From reading other forums and hearing some comments made I’m led to believe that Mariappa is a favoured target of the boo boys however I can’t see why. He was superb yesterday and also on Tuesday. Rarely ruffled under pressure he also looks to play the ball out of defence whenever possible.
Danny Graham looked really hungry and hard to fault anyone in a yellow shirt. H didn’t look too happy to be taken off though!

Matt Rowson - 25/04/2010

Mariappa does get more stick than he deserves for me… but he certainly looks better at CB than at RB, as SteveG points out below. Good job too, since assuming that Jay’s off in the summer he’ll be partnering Taylor next season.

Nick - 26/04/2010

Mariappa gets stick because he has been very weak physically this year. The number of times he is beaten in the air or around the goal has been a joke, he also doesnt appear fully committed in 50/50 tackles.

He doesnt seem to be building on the very promising start to his career. I hope next season he does a lot better and plays as we know he can.

2. DP - 25/04/2010

Fully agree regarding John Eustace – my player of the season without a shadow of a doubt, mainly because he’s the only player who actually DID pretty much consistently maintain an acceptable level of performance for the whole season. Compare and contrast with other players who may have shined bright for periods but couldn’t keep it going for a whole season (Cleverley, Graham & Lansbury for instance). He’s also a true captain, rather than the non-captaining captain that Jay has been !

3. DP - 25/04/2010

I would add that Eustace’s fellow players certainly recognised his influence and value much better than the average fan by voting him the players’ player of the season.

4. rousman - 25/04/2010

Hope Eustace stays he is a proper leader & captain. We were due a penalty decision to go for us & we sure got it yesterday.The work rate of Danny Graham is top draw. Now we can go to Coventry next week & enjoy the day.

5. JohnF - 25/04/2010

Phew! I was at QPR on Tuesday and this first half performance was as welcome as Tuesday’s wasn’t. They did take the game by the throat, at least after scoring but it could have been oh so different if not for a bizarre refereeing decision going in our favour for once – and didn’t fate owe us one against Reading. But why was the team so inconsistent? This performance against Peterborough and Swansea……

They played as a team yesterday and were all playing for each other. It wasn’t enjoyable until the second goal though, at least for me; too much nervous tension.

Now we see the start of planning for next season. Who we are stuck with and who might we want? Do we still have any of the dead weight on the books such as Sadler and Ellington? The money situation still worries me so my hopes for next season are to stay solvent and sit mid-table.

And finally, in case you aren’t going to Coventry, thanks Matt (and Ian) for your thunks and reports, they are always something to look forward to.

Matt Rowson - 25/04/2010

Sadler and Ellington do indeed have another full year on their contracts, albeit Ellington’s loan in Greece lasts until the end of the calendar year. They’re the “big two” I think… others on bigger salaries (Hoskins, Demerit, Harley, Eustace) all expire in the summer.

Nick - 26/04/2010

I hope we can find the money to keep Eustace and make him captain next year.

I (very shamefully) knocked Eustace earlier this season due to his habit of flicking the ball on instead of getting it down and playing football on the floor.

I would like ketchup on my humble pie.

6. The Great Big O - 25/04/2010

I couldn’t go yesterday. I’m sure it must have been emotional as the goals went in. But the thunks here are, I reckon, suitably sober. I wanted to call my mates after the game to get a feel of what I’d missed, but it struck me that all I’d missed was a victory – something that hasn’t felt far away most weeks despite our results. So it was, perhaps, just another Watford performance but with a better outcome at last.

We went into this season expecting a relegation battle. In the end we got one – though it was relatively short and relegation was always more of a risk than a likelihood. So this season probably goes down as an over-achievement.

We’d feel better now if results had started poorly and picked up – rather than vice versa – but we shouldn’t forget that Malky has done us proud this year.

Not least because we need him to over-achieve again next year.

I’m looking forward already.

7. Lanterne Rouge - 25/04/2010

I think your report is very gracious in mentioning the penalty shout: yes, it probably was one, but it should not detract from Watford’s utter dominance on the day. I do think it was Watford’s energetic pressing game that did for Reading who were up for the game for sure. Watching the Royals backline, the ball seemed like a hot potato and there seemed to be no room on the pitch at all. Eustace in particular looked a giant of a player in midfield and I thought Doyley was splendid against Kebe.

McAnuff had had a great season but he was terrible on this occasion, much to the home fans’s rightful glee. Only Simon Church after he came on comes out of the game with any credit for Royals. The result is ample payback for the thieving of Brendan Rodgers and “that” goal, even if nobody wants the poor man now.

Matt Rowson - 25/04/2010

Cheers LR. Your take is about right, but the decision was still critical. Had a penalty been converted… well we’ve seen promising openings crumble in the face of knockbacks all too often.

I’ve read rumours that MK Dons are interested in Rodgers. I’m saying nothing…

8. SwindonDave - 25/04/2010

Agree with thunk 5, John Eustace has had a magnificent season Whilst not having the abilities of the Cleverleys etc he cannot be faulted for his commitment and leadership. I would be more than happy to see him back as captain next year,

9. SteveG - 25/04/2010

We’ve avoided both relegation and administration and have done our best to play some decent football – for all the anxieties, not a bad outcome from a season that threatened to disintegrate into disaster.

As you rightly say, Matt, for once the luck was with us – our record when falling behind hasn’t been great, and it certainly looked like a penalty to me. But, if we’d had a fair share of the dubious decisions over the season we would have been comfortably mid table by now, and if the majority had run our way it would not have been totally fanciful to see us just outside the playoff zone. Yesterday the ball ran for us, the shots went in and we won with style. In a parallel universe, the same would have been true against Swansea and Crystal Palace, and if just a couple of penalties had been given, or goals allowed that were ruled out, we could easily have had 61 points instead of 51.

Yesterday confirmed once again for me that the whole defence looks much better with Mariappa at CB, and a good call by Malky, I thought, to keep him there even when Dale Bennett came on.

Jon Harley looked as though he really was trying to make up for the stupidity against West Brom and I also thought Don Cowie was more effective than I’ve seen him previously.

And absolutely delighted for Danny Graham who has run his heart out through good times and bad – it would have been great if he had got the touch to send one of those ‘dinks’ into the back of the net rather than into the Rookery – but you can’t have everything.

Yes of course there are still deficiencies, but the persistent whingers on the WO website or 3CR texts need to get a sense of proportion. Malky may not be the new Messiah, but he’s not just a naughty boy either. He’s young, he’s learning and we’ve survived, with a useful crop of youngsters coming through.

Thanks to all for an interesting, stimulating and quirky forum. See you next season…

10. Tim Turner - 25/04/2010

In a season when it’s sometimes seemed as if our loanees were the only thing separating us from abject mediocrity, it was also good to see us becoming a little less dependent on them.

True, Helguson’s performance was fairly pivotal, but I thought Lansbury was a peripheral figure yesterday, notable mainly for a couple of agricultural hoofs (one upfield, one that shot out for a corner) that were as un-Arsenal as it gets. I wonder if Arsène was watching?

11. Luke Fairweather - 25/04/2010

Huge congratulations to Malky. A first full season in charge, no cash, best players sold, boardroom disharmony, small squad, playing the kids, brink of administration, no great run of luck, a three sided ground, bizarre refereeing, dire away form, an old guard of unmotivated overpaid prima donnas, a score board with digital bi polar disorder, Harry the Hornet on recreational drugs, and don’t mention the pitch…

Any one of the above would usually be acceptable reasons for underperformance, but Malky has navigated a safe course through all these obstacles. A silk purse out of a sow’s arse, indeed.

As with other comments on this list, I too offer up a huge brouhaha for John Eustace, managing to prove that some professional players actually enjoy playing as much as getting paid. If true – that he renegotiated his contract to bring him into contention – great, but to then follow up with displays only ever hinted at in his earlier incarnations in yellow, well, well done that man.

And Tom Cleverly too. I wonder if we will look back wistfully – as Tom bangs them in for Utd and England – in the same way that Preston supporters remember David Beckham. Tom was never “ours” in the same way that “Ashley” will somehow always be ours. But should Tom achieve his potential, I suspect that we might one day fondly remember the days he graced our turf (and yes, I use the term turf under caution).

What an exciting season. Do you know the way to Coventry?


12. MartinG - 25/04/2010

What a season. I’ve enjoyed that much more than the previous few despite being too close to the wire for comfort towards the end. Graham, who I’ve not always been the biggest fan of, was tremendous yesterday. Eustace as well, particularly as he got booked early and had to keep his head thereafter. Helguson’s goal was brilliant but he’s definitely slowing down. I’d be a bit surprised if he was here next season.

Cleverly was behind us in the Upper Rous and had a smile splitting his face when the third went in. He’ll be missed next season but I think McGinn and Buckley will both come good, and Sordell looked lively on Tues so that was encouraging.

A wee mention as well for Harry the Hornet who even managed to get the U Rous singing. Entertaining day all round.

13. Kris - 25/04/2010

So we achieved the goal set at the start of the season. Survival. I for one applaud Malky and the boys for achieve this despite a very thin, inexperienced squad and despite the off field mayhem, power struggle, administration threat etc.

But here we stand. To call it a cross roads is an understatement. We are finally getting rid of most of the overly expensive contracts, Demerit, Eustace, Harley and Hoskins to name a few. Please note I write contracts and not players as I think we should try and retain some of them but more on that in a bit.

This is the time when the management of the club has to take control and make some tough decisions – cut cloth and make sure the budget sheets balance. To assemble a squad capable of surviving in the league while enabling a sustainable business model for the club. That is no small task. Especially with only 2k STs sold so far.

As for the expensive players – Demerit will surely leave but I feel we need to go all out for Eustace and I’d like to see Harley stay also. Hoskins – bye-bye. And what about HH. Rumour is he has already been signed on a perm. But at what cost? Can we afford him – and can we afford not to sign him given the chance. A return of 1 goal in three matches is very good but he was also injured quite a bit.

I see a squad of youngsters, loanees and Scotsmen in our future. And I think we can have a decent enough 1st eleven capable of playing some nice football once in a while. A back 4 of Hodson, Taylor, Mariappa and Doyley will suffice – even with Rich Lee between the sticks (my personal guess). A midfield with Jenkins/McGinn and hopefully Eustace with Cowie and either a new signing, a youngster or a loanee on the flanks. A front duo of Graham and Buckley makes my mouth water slightly. That team won’t win promotion but it will do enough to survive. The problem is depth. We will have even less than we had this season. Our squad will be top up with our own youngster to an even greater degree than it has been this season. And therein lies the risk as well as the reward. They are cheap but are they good enough. We’ll see.

Anyways – this off season COULD be a step towards the Watford virtues of old. Get the economy on track, get the power struggle sorted and rekindle the connection to the community. This is the time to rediscover what Watford is all about.

COYH – can’t wait for next season to start.

Nick - 26/04/2010

Agree with keeping Eustace but not Harley, his legs have gone (in my opinion).

Hoskins seems to be disliked by 3 managers so he needs to move on.

Demerit should also move on, he was a great buy and has served us well but I think its time to part.

I would like to see us add some pace to the side, Buckley looks like he can provide some of this but not on his own and he’s still a young player with lots of learning to do. Sordell looked quick against QPR when he came on but I have heard a deal has been done for HH and we have been paying installments on him.

Matt Rowson - 26/04/2010

Agree about pace, completely. Particularly up front – Doyley, Bennett and Mariappa aren’t slow.

You can have ketchup on your Eustace humble pie with pleasure Nick, and I’ll be saving some tomato relish for you to enjoy with a bigger slice re Mariappa.

14. markymark9 - 26/04/2010

Remaining in the championship not only means we are more likely to bring in a better quality loan player or two ( Lansbury and dare I say it Cleverley again ? ) but also means we will get a share of WBA & Newcastle’s parachute money as they both got promoted at the first time of asking.
Add that to the Championship money ( £2 million ) and the proceeds from Elton’s concert ( up to £1 million ? ) as well as freed up wages of say Demerit,Hoskins and Harley ( about £20k a week in total I believe) and we could be a lot better off than most people expect.
Moreover,there is a distinct possibility that Ashley Young could be off to Barcelona or Real Madrid for up to £25 million which would mean serious money for us as we have I believe a 12% sell on clause!

15. Pete Bradshaw - 26/04/2010

Agree with all you say Kris but I’d be surprised if we don’t get someone else in on loan from the Premiership. Their conveyor belts will continue to spew out talented youngsters who can’t get a sniff of the first team. I would imagine another midfielder is very likely.

16. DM - 26/04/2010

Re: contract renewal – specifically Harley and Eustace.. I suspect we will only be able to offer one of these a deal.. and it’s no contest. Jon Harley is a bloody useful bloke to have in the squad and in an ideal world I’d like to see us keep him, but compared to the immense contibution of John Eustace, especially in this last few weeks of the season, there really is no choice.

We should be moving heaven and earth to find the money to offer Eustace a new deal, as club captain, then worry about the rest later. He has become that important.

17. Richard Johnson [shoooooooooooooooooooooot] - 26/04/2010

Eustace has been immense all season. That is why Cleveley looked so good. Mariappa gets a load of stick but unfortunately somebody has too. Football fans seem to have to have a boo-boy because TalkSport tells them too. The fact that Doyley and Loach got 2nd and 3rd in the POTY votes – ahead of Eustace! – just tells you the level of football intelligence of the average Watford fan

Always liked Hoskins but he was obviously very naughty behind the scenes, hence why he never really got a chance. He’ll move to a northern team in League One next year and be one of the top scorers in that division.

18. Harefield Hornet - 26/04/2010

Wandering miserably down Ellerslie Road last Tuesday night, this result seemed about as unlikely as us signing Wayne Rooney in time for next season!

OK – so Reading weren’t exactly at their best but (dodgy penalty decisions aside) we looked so comfortable during this game it makes you wonder what the hell has been going on during some of the previous encounters at home and most of the away games this season.

Yes – relief – marvellous – great performance – fantastic, but we’ve had a bloody narrow escape and the management & Board need to get their thinking caps on or we’ll be in exactly the same mess come next April.

19. Jeremy Clarkson - 26/04/2010

JC here

We spluttered, we coughed, but we got to our destination, another year of division 2 ( in old money).

Malcky, well done. It must have felt you had put diesel in a petrol engine at sometimes.

20. Weymouth 'Orn - 27/04/2010

Player of the Season – John Eustace.
Inspirational,committed,always giving 100% to the cause – and has been the captain in everything but name for much of the season.
We must move heaven and earth to keep him as skipper for next year – by diverting some Elton money?? (if there is any left)

Also special mention for Danny Graham – began the season running and finished it in the same way.
And Dale Bennett who looked very assured and comfortable whenever he got the opportunity to play.One for the future, surely.

21. duds - 27/04/2010

ah the tribulations of being a watford fan

but i’ve really enjoyed the season – i would have taken not getting relegated back in august and the style of football has at times been great to watch even if the loanees had a fair bit to do with that

of course we had a wobble but that was to be expected and malky must have learnt a lot from his first season in charge.

i really don’t think there is much betweeen most of the teams in the division and so there is no reason not to be confident for next year

and i agree keeping eustace is a must (who were those people slagging him off during the season) and mariappa should be playing at centre back tho i’m still undecided on whether we should get helguson

bring it on

22. Simoninoz - 27/04/2010

Sometime back in December (when we looked good in the table) in this blog I warned against optimism. I smelt 1975, when a good autumn spluttered in the New Year and, whilst nobody quite noticed, we fell behind the pack and, almost carelessly, got relegated (5 points from the last dozen or so matches). As 2010 progressed I really thought I may have been correct and cursed my pessimism.
How pleased am I to have been wrong! The spark of hope came from the bhappy report of the the WBA loss, which produced no points but suggested the boys had the fight that would mean they would not repeat the crime of neglect that occurred 35 years ago.
The last time we avoided the drop with a week to go the following season was…..a surprise. So we cannot rule anything out, although I don’t quite see that we already have an Ashley Young on the books. And you can’t rely on an inspired signing like M King more than once a decade.
Yet we have an admirable stand-in Chairman and a sensible manager. Mid-table for me next year would be very good indeed.

23. Simon - 27/04/2010

I think it’s very difficult to predict what will happen next season or over the close season as there will be plenty of ins and outs at pretty much every club, including our own (even a few weeks into the season this year we were unsure of who might be coming or going and most people will have known little of the majority of our signings in the last year or so prior to their arrival).

There is of course also the very real prospect of sides starting the season with a points deduction for entering/failing to exit administration. Portsmouth, Hull and Palace pring immediately to mind. Even if Palace stay up and manage to exit administration, there seems little doubt that their squad will be substantially weakened from the one that will finish this season.

An interesting summer awaits.

24. Joons - 27/04/2010

1. Given what the Russos tried to do to our club at the end of 2009, I’m just delighted to have a club to support.

2. I’ve always been a massive Eustace fan – it’s nice to see other people jumping on the bandwagon now. His hack on Jobi was one of those moments when you know you’ve done something wrong but it feels great. We should sacrifice other players to get JE signed and made club captain.

3. Well done Malky – you clearly “get” Watford FC and what it means to the fans. Not sure Dyche is an inspirational choice as an assistant – but in Malky we trust.

4. It’s refreshing to see a mature debate on here, which contrasts nicely with the clowns on the Watford Observer site.

5. I would quite like to forget about the stresses and strains of supporting Watford for a few months….roll on the cricket season.

25. Old Git - 27/04/2010

What is this annoying word I keep coming across?…’loanee’.
What on earth is a ‘loanee’? Stupid bloody word. There’s a perfectly good word already…it’s ‘loan’.
If a player is on loan, he’s a loan. Not a loanee.

Bloody hell. Country’s going to the dogs. Don’t get me started.

26. rookerythoughts - 28/04/2010

A real illustration of the importance of the first goal. If we’ve had an achilles heel this year, it has been our response to going a goal behind. All too often have decent starts, largely away form home, been rendered useless by conceding first a goal and then the match.

Had the ref (rightly!) awarded Reading that first half penalty, well, I shudder to think. Having said that, i think we can afford to feel fairly self righteous whenever Reading don’t get the rub of the green. Nothing in the next 100 years will ever top the Atwell decision they benefitted from.

I blogged earlier in the season about Eustace and am delighted that he has ended on a high with most Watford fans firmly behind him. A great example of a pro footballer. He plays hard, but with a smile on his face – all to rare these days.

Highlight for me is the emergence of young talent. Hodson has looked composed, whilst Dale Bennett, Marvin Sordell and Michael Bryan provide cause for optimism.

Thanks to Matt and IG for their great work on here throughout the season. I know I’m not alone in making this website my first port of call come a Monday morning. Cheers fellas.

Oh, and before I go, if anyone is after a few decent pictures from the Reading game, I have just posted som on my blog RookeryThoughts. You can find it via the link on the right of this page in the Blogroll.

Matt Rowson - 28/04/2010

Wouldn’t argue with any of that. Except… that I still think we benefitted from the Atwell goal, perversely. We were being caned before the “goal” was given, the stupidity of the decision woke everyone up…

27. NickB - 28/04/2010

Never mind OG, let’s hope we can leverage our opportunities around the Academy piece going forward and not transition into Div 3

28. rookerythoughts - 28/04/2010

Matt, I agree totally about the Atwell decision in respect of that game. It was the spark that ignited both players and the fans, and there is no way we would have gone 2-0 up (and least not in the fashion we did) had that decision not been made.

However, in isolation, the decision to give that goal has to go down as one of the worst in footballing history. Perhaps a summer topic for these pages could be the search for a worse decision? A penalty awarded for handball after the ball struck Chris Powells’ head perhaps?…

Anyway, I’m delighted we avoided the drop – after all it was our only real target at the start of the season and I think that in review, there are more things to be positive about than negative.

True, the ground is a shambles and our finances rmain somewhat precarious, but at least we have decent people at the club, at least some of them with Watford very firmly in their hearts.

29. Paul Caruso - 28/04/2010

I don’t mean to bring an ill wind on such an occasion of jubilation as this, but perhaps someone can assuage my limited knowledge of the financial implications of this rights/bond/placement issue. Effectively is this not just a stay of execution and the spectre of oblivion appear over the hills again if close to £10.5 million isn’t found from scotch mist in a year? Where on earth is that level of funding going to come from in the current financial climate with other Championship teams for sale as well? I hate to foresee the football-indifferent, wealthy businessman, deputy chairman of the Conservative Party calling in debts against the ground in twleve months. This makes me very uneasy indeed…I welcome your thoughts?

Matt Rowson - 28/04/2010

Haven’t commened simply because I don’t know what to make of it. Whilst it does rather come instinctively to mistrust Ashcroft and question his motives, he’s done pretty well for us so far; the Russos threatened the future of the club, he bailed us out. That doesn’t make him infallible, or incapable of making a cynical call down the line, but with a limited number of shows in town we’ve not done too badly by Fordwat so far. My instinct is to trust Taylor and particularly Winter on this; they recommended the Fordwat plan from the off. Whilst it’s trite (and not quite accurate) to say “that’s good enough for me”, their testimony is worth quite a lot.

I guess in the worst case scenario, needing to find £10.5m in a year’s time is tough, but rather less tough than trying to find however many million overnight last December.

JohnF - 29/04/2010

Matt, I don’t think the Russos ever intended to push the club into administration. I think this was a case of trying to get the other major shareholders, including the one who’s profligacy got us in this mess, to the table to put their money where their mouths were. The Russos provided significant funds when the club was in dire straights as a consequence of the previous regime’s mad spending and were then about to be voted off the board with their money controlled by Ashcroft and Simpson. That there is significant ill feeling between the Russos and the other two parties is not in doubt and goes back to the manouvre by Simpson and Ashton, supported by Ashcroft’s representative, to get them off the board when they expressed concerns over the spending. Remember the wage bill went up when we were relegated from the premier league.

However, I too have concerns regarding Lord Ashcroft’s patience. He certainly isn’t going to bankroll us for long unless he can get his money back in some way.

Matt Rowson - 29/04/2010


I have a choice here between a long and verbose reply and a brief one. I opt for the latter…

I don’t agree with your take on the Russos.


30. JohnM - 30/04/2010

Well, that was a relief. I entered the Reading match expecting desperate football, a one goal lead, coronary-inducing defending for the last fifteen minutes, an injury time Reading goal and a desperate trip to Leicester needing a draw. In the event—in a manner of speaking—it was a (happy) let down.
Congratulations to Malkie. As someone who has always doubted his ability as a manager, I am never-the-less pleased he has achieved his first goal—keeping Watford up. I started the season with 51 points in mind, and we made it—who knows, we may even exceed it. Good luck to Malkie next season—continue to proove me wrong.
Financially, I agree that it seems unlikely that, in these depressed economic days, a buyer with deep pockets will appear. However, it seems we have a year to search.
I don’t see Ashcroft demanding his money at short notice—placing the club into administration by such a demand will loose him too much money. I just don’t see him providing more funds (which is obvious, I know).
Good luck to the club, and good wishes to all supporters for the coming season.

31. JohnM - 02/05/2010

Ummmm—Leicester? Did I say Leicester? Why did I say Leicester? Coventry. Senility creeps ever closer——

32. Kris - 05/05/2010

Didn’t know where to post this but here goes:

Any chance of a season review/season thunks? It seems to me we Watford fans have very different opinions of the season gone by – a season review/season thunks would (besides being an interesting read) be a good place to discuss/comment.

Also, Matt – your annual account of assists stats is awaited with great expectation.

Matt Rowson - 11/05/2010

Both are on their way Kris. Patience, please… moved house last week and it’s still utter chaos

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