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Helping Hands 2009/2010 12/05/2010

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

Here we are again. Listed below an account of this seasons “assists”, tallied up by ploughing through match reports, youtube, and any other source of information at hand.

As ever, my figures differ from those tabulated on the Official Site, which will in part be down to differing definitions of what constitutes an “assist”… here I’ve defined being fouled for a converted penalty as an assist, although that didn’t actually apply in practice since all the penalties we scored this season were won by their scorers, and assisting your own goal doesn’t feel quite right (else the lead at the top would be even clearer). No assist for being fouled for a converted free kick, and if a cross is flicked on then both crosser AND flicker-on get the assist. In this respect the table differs from that in previous seasons so you’re not comparing like with like if you look back at the 2008-09 or 2007-08 equivalents – only the flicker-on assisted previously. That’s stats for you, welcome to my life…

Thoughts? Well my instinctive response on seeing who topped the table was “well that’s surprising”, followed by “well no it isn’t, really”. Despite his lean goalscoring streak mid-season, few could dispute Graham’s overall contribution; a successful season for last summer’s recruit all round. Slightly alarming that (at least) six of the top nine are varying degrees of unlikely to be with us next season, but big respec’ as ever to Tommy Smith for a very significant contribution to our early season form.

Finally, slightly disappointing to see that Lloyd didn’t manage an assist this time round after six over the previous two seasons, but it’s the “one” in the fourth column that we’ll all remember…

Assists Apps Gls Assists vs
Graham 7 40+9 14 Bp (h), LC (h), Mb (a), Ip (a), ScU (h), QPR (h), IpT (h)
Cleverley 6 35 11 SwC (a), ShW (h), ShW (h), ScU (h), QPR (h), BrC (a)
Cowie 6 43+1 2 Ba (h), PlA (a), PNE (h), QPR (h), WBA (h), Rg (h)
Lansbury 5 35+4 5 ShW (h), PNE (h), ScU (h), Bp (a), BrC (h)
Smith 4 5 2 DR (h), NF (a), NF (a), Bp (h)
Harley 3 20+20 1 Ba (h), Rg (a), ShW (h)
Helguson 3 26+3 11 Bp (a), PNE (a), Rg (h)
Hodson 3 32+2 0 LC (h), LC (h), Rg (h)
Eustace 3 42+3 4 Ba (h), Rg (a), ShW (h)
Bryan 2 1+6 0 LC (a), CvC (a)
McAnuff 1 4 0 Bt (a – LC)
Buckley 1 4+2 1 CrP (h)
Taylor 1 17+2 2 ShU (h)
Jenkins 1 22+4 0 NF (a)
Mariappa 1 49 1 BrC (h)
Brooks 0 0+1 0
Massey 0 0+1 0
Oshodi 0 0+1 0
Henderson 0 0+15 0
Sordell 0 1+5 2
Lee 0 2 0
McGinn 0 2+7 0
Ellington 0 2+16 1
Williamson 0 6 2
Severin 0 6+5 1
Hoskins 0 6+13 3
Bennett 0 8+2 0
Cathcart 0 12 0
Demerit 0 26+2 0
Doyley 0 46+1 1
Loach 0 47 0

Unaccounted for:

Helguson vs Sheffield United (h)
Graham vs Scunthorpe (a)
Helguson vs Cardiff (a)
Sordell vs Coventry (a)



1. Kris - 12/05/2010

So soon after I ask for this season’s helping hands you duly deliver. Thanks.

I agree the lack of Doyley assisted goals is odd. I also note that no goals have been assisted by our goal keepers. This suggests to me that our style of play HAS indeed changed – either that or our forwards have been unable to convert hoofs to goals?! In our promotion season I recall Foster as being relatively high on our assists list.

I see Smudger has 4 assists (and 2 goals) in 5 games. While most of us see Cleverly as adequate replacement, he only has 6 in 35. That’s a lot lower than I expected it to be.

I’m trying to find a meaningful conclusion to go with the figures but I am struggling to find one. A fair few assists from our wingers but not really as many as I’d think we’d have. I guess I will conclude that Graham IS more important than his goal tally suggests.

Good job Rowson!

2. DM - 12/05/2010

Thanks Matthew.

Interesting that Cowie and Cleverley had 6 each – Cleverley’s overall contribution is superior thanks to the sheer amount of goals, but still slightly suprised these two created the same amount. And Bryan shows up well with 2 assists in a very small amount of actual time on the pitch..

Matt Rowson - 12/05/2010

several of cowie’s were set pieces, from memory, the assist for Lloyd’s goal a significant exception.

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