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Bristol City 0 Watford 2 (14/09/2010) 15/09/2010

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Five thunks from an away game! Midweek! Woo hoo! And a win to boot!

1- Overriding conclusion has to be that there are sides out there with much bigger problems than us. A much bigger, more illustrious squad, albeit with a new forward line… but City were a spiritless, shapeless, shambles for much of the evening. Nonetheless, “you can only beat what’s in front of you” and we did so utterly competently. Best of all, we closed the game out at two-nil up… after a crazy and far too open ten minutes, we started keeping possession, making City run. The result was never in doubt. Really!

2- Don Cowie. My giddy aunt. Whilst I haven’t shared the reservations of some, it’s fair to say that we haven’t seen too many performances of quite this level of lunatic energy recently. In the first half, as Albert Adomah tried his wiggly legs thing in front of Andrew Taylor (and of us), Cowie simply strode in and took the ball. “Enough of this nonsense, man”. That set the tone, and Cowie didn’t stop moving all evening… one minute snuffing out City attacks, the next snarling in in midfield to win possession, the next overlapping and providing an option. Good work, that man.

3- Jordon Mutch. Whisper it, but he played rather well. Admittedly, the fact that City had so utterly given up the ghost in the second half that he wasn’t closed down, particularly, and profited. But even in the first, he snapped into tackles (once leaving the sorry Adomah on his backside), and his well-weighted chipped pass made the second goal at the start of the second while City still had something of a head of steam.

4- Swash Buckley is Rick Holden. Discuss. (credit to Rupe for this one). Much more convincing from Buckley, although if there was ever a game when a winger who will defiantly and repeatedly just run off with the ball is an asset, it was this one.

5- Watford fans don’t sing about Luton any more, I’ve noticed. The reasons for this are obvious, but it’s still kinda remarkable given that they dominated the repertoire as recently as three or four years ago.


1. somerset'orn - 15/09/2010

Well done Malky and the boys, that was a comprehensive and professional win, aided by the timing of the goals.

Yes, Mutch was rather good last night, getting on the ball frequently and this time using it rather better. He definitely does have something about him, fingers crossed he takes some confidence from this and continues to improve. Added to what was surely Don Cowie’s best 90 minutes in a yellow shirt, Eustace putting in his customary captain’s shift and Buckley providing a useful outlet, it was a dominant midfield performance.

And If all we have to do is find three teams worse than us to stay up, surely that’s one of ’em. Hooray!

2. Kris - 15/09/2010

What have the world come to when you can do 5 chunks and not include either goal scorer. Is Marvin Sordell the real thing? Can he be the next Kevin Philips and Loofer to emerge from the Vic? In any case he’s keeping our most expensive summer purchase on the bench. Well done Marv.

3. The Great Big O - 15/09/2010

Re Thunk Four.

Swash Buckley cannot be Rick Holden. Swash Buckley has never done the ‘chimpanzee’ celebration.

Gin n Tonic - 16/09/2010

He cant take free kickes either

The Great Big O - 17/09/2010

I remember Rick Holden saying “I wouldn’t piss on Steve Harrison if he was on fire”. Do we know how Swash Buckley feels about Malky?

4. NRC - 15/09/2010

Perhaps most impressive was the way the result wasn’t really in doubt after the second goal – despite recent examples to the contrary. Constant hassling, attack as the best form of defence mentality and a striker for a striker sub rather than a defensive time waster were all very encouraging. Loving the competition between three stikers, reminds me of the Hendo, King, Duke rivalry when the former kept out the latter first season back.

5. Apperley 'Orn - 15/09/2010

Re: Thunk 5

I wasn’t at Brizzle but, alas, one still hears a reasonable number of chants relating to the irrelevance that is Luton coming from the back right of the Rookery at home games. So much so that my little boy turned to me at the Coventry game and asked “what is Luton, Daddy?”

I merely responded that he will never need to know…

6. rousman - 15/09/2010

It is no suprise that the away form is better than at home,there are so many negative comments that you now here from different areas of the ground when things do not go to plan. when doncaster scored the late goal on saturday you would have thought we had been relegated. the players do here what is said at times,at the leeds game some idiot near me gave scott loach dogs abuse (no need) if you can not support the team in good or bad times stay at home. when you are at an away game the fans support the team no matter what!

7. Jimbob - 16/09/2010

Re: thunk 3 and Jordan Mutch:

“his well-weighted chipped pass made the second goal at the start of the second while City still had something of a head of steam”

That was John Eustace…

Matt Rowson - 16/09/2010

so it would appear. ho hum. it was Jordon Mutch in my head, I tells ya

Gin n Tonic - 16/09/2010

Must have been a lucky hoooof then 🙂

8. dougilawson - 16/09/2010

“Watford fans don’t sing about Luton any more”

They did (embarrassingly) at Aldershot a few weeks ago. Complete with the “you stinky gippos” part in a ground just round the corner from the largest Traveller community in England.

Made me feel momentarily sad to be a Watford fan.

Jeremy Clarkson - 16/09/2010

maybe not for this forum, but they are “stinky gippos”..especially when your wife has been through a car jacking carried out by them, and yes they were from near Luton!

Its all about opinions and mine is exactly that..c’est la vie

9. Simoninoz - 16/09/2010

It’s difficult to comment from so far away (although the Norwich game was on TV here) but I get the impression we have a club with (less than no) money led by sensible people. They have employed a manager with the nouse to understand that he has a limited budget but has the medium/long term permission to slowly build up from the bottom. Survival may suffice for this year on the pitch, but we also have to tempt investors before next summer. A higher finish than 21 would be more than handy. So far he seems to have the team and the teamwork to do this.
It’s scary and exciting to read (elsewhere) that Sordell is the next Luther. For an evocation of His first game you can’t go past this:
…and I was there!
Two Ross Jenkins? OK! Two Luther’s? Crikey…

10. John S - 16/09/2010

A highly accomplished team performance against a woeful rabble of individuals – perhaps a reflection of the respective levels of organisation and commitment on AND off the field at both clubs. Strange how some ‘supporters’ remain blind to this.
Movement off the ball was excellent and speed of passing maintained the pressure. Mutch had a very good game and, at the back, Mariappa was immense, well supported by his three colleagues.

11. Gin n Tonic - 16/09/2010

I thought the the diff was 442 players looked more comfortable full stop!

Mutch for me was MoM dictated play IMO. Played wellin a real central mid role can now see why he is so highly rated.

Thank the lord for DG!!!!!!!! This time last year people were saying he was slow not up for it… How times have changed.

Of DG how good was it celebrateing his second goal. Top bloke!

Defence looked shakey on few attempts that Bristol attacked thankfully it wasnt very often. Heart was in mouth a couple of times.

Hate to say it (not really) but without McGinn we are better. OK hes is young and time to still to develope. Lets hope he does but Mutch and Eustace for me in a 442

12. Gin n Tonic - 16/09/2010

Just one observation re Cowie if I may

IMO as the most expierenced outside midfielder (would say he was a ‘winger’) he has often been asked to play in front of Hodson to offer greater protection. I feel this has hinderd his forward play as he is worrying about anothers game.

Just a thoguht

Matt Rowson - 17/09/2010

He’s spent most of his time on the left flank, not in front of Hodson.

13. Esp - 17/09/2010

I wil not watch Cowie again without being reminded of his “Lunatic energy”……much needed in our side I would summise. Like matt I have never been a critic of his and so far he is my player of the season, although I am well aware that it is much to early to label him.
All we need now is a decent left winger and a bruising central midfielder and/or playmaker.
Mariappa and Taylor’s much improved performances of late at the back have also curtailed my recent calls to get Bennett in the side. ….and our bench is looking increasingly OK whereas at the beginning of the season I felt we lacked depth. Glass half full going imnto the Millwall game.

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