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Steve Brister’s Yellow Army! 17/09/2010

Posted by Ian Grant in Thoughts about things.

To say that the Norfolk Hornets are held in great esteem around these parts – and those parts too – is a bit of an understatement. To say that we’re quite fond of the group’s twin peaks, Steves Todd and Brister, doesn’t quite cover it either.

You meet many people when you follow a football club and even more when you write a fanzine. You get to know some of them well, while others remain nodding acquaintances; you vaguely lose touch with many of them over the years. But those people shape the memories that you hold dearest, the moments that sum up what makes your team so precious: their reactions mirror yours, their opinions, ideas, habits and quirks define your own, that comradeship stands alongside the team’s. Summon up a few of those memories – it’s never a chore – and I’ll bet that what happened on the pitch is only a part. If not, you’re doing it wrong.

So, my – our, if I may be so bold – relationship with Watford Football Club has been more funny, generous, warm, kind, loud, proud, daft, drunken, innocent, incomprehensible, rich, sunny, yellow and just damn wonderful for sharing various bits of it with the two Steves. They are, to put it bluntly, a bloody inspiration, now, then and always.

Sadly, Steve Brister is currently fighting a desperate battle against cancer. After his cancer had spread to his brain, Steve found an organisation called BT Buddies and was keen to get to speak to others going through a similar journey as him. He quickly became a moderator of their weekly online support group and helped BT Buddies enormously when he got Watford FC to help raise awareness of the disease.

A Just Giving page has been set up for all those supporting Steve, his wife Jackie and all the family. Over the past few days the yellow wristband (above) has appeared on Facebook profiles across the country (and the world!), so the page is where anyone wishing to purchase a wristband can make a small donation to Steve’s chosen charity. If you’ve got a spare quid or two, a donation would mean an awful lot.

Altogether now…Steve Brister’s Yellow Army!

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