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Erstwhile undefeated QPR 1 Leading scorers in the division (again) 3 (10/12/2010) 10/12/2010

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Five thunks from in front of my TV, armed with a bottle of chianti.

1- Oh yes. I mean, bloody hell. My word. For all the lovable attributes of our squad, I never saw that coming… QPR started with a vim and a purpose and we creaked and wobbled and just about stuck with it. And then we scored, and never looked back. How many goals could we, should we have scored this evening? If you’re going to miss chances, do it at 3-0 up I suppose but… that was marvellous. And no, top flight scouts, Danny Graham, Stephen McGinn, Martin Taylor, Don Cowie, Scott Loach aren’t that good every week, far from it. And McLeish and Mowbray… no, you needn’t recall your lads just yet. They’re not ready, not nearly ready. Not ready for the bottom of Division Two anyway Mowbray. Snigger.

2- Adel Taarabt. What a silly arse.

3- We got a couple of decisions. As vs Leicester, we nod our respects to lady luck and carry on taking the piss out of the league leaders. It hurts like hell when decisions go against you, all you can do is take advantage when you get the breaks. For the record, QPR should have had at least one pen early doors, but you roll with the punches and QPR just rolled over. Danny Graham’s second… onside enough for me. Bothered, anyway. Three one against the league leaders. Did I mention that already?

4- Our star turn this season is that bottle of chianti, which so far has a 100% record in tricky looking away ties on the telly. Might start trying to sneak one in to home games. Kinda difficult to be inconspicuous about a bottle of red wine though….

5- Lee Dixon. “Comfortable” home win. How are you still in a job? Nigel Gibbs was always better than you anyway. Do one. Three one. Yee-effing-ha. That’s my weekend sorted.



1. Goldenball - 10/12/2010

What a complete performance, wonderful flowing football in the first half, followed by greater circumspection in the second (quite rightly); yet we still created a number of clear cut chances in the second.
Danny Graham was fantastic, the work rate phenomenal; M Taylor dominant yet unhurried; dynamic performance from Mutch; A Taylor I’d like us to sign; complete domination of creaking Derry & lackluster Forlan was the key for me.

Loving this WFC side at the moment, big credit to the boss.

2. NickB - 10/12/2010

Terrific Matt, speed rather than Wildean epigrams is just what was needed tonight.

Sure it was just the one bottle?

And if my neighbours read this, sorry, I was only watching the footy….

3. Nathan Lowndes: Football Genius - 10/12/2010

Worth remembering before the Norwich game that Peter Beagrie didn’t know where the goals would come from for us……

NickB - 10/12/2010

Good shout. We’re making complete idiots of every TV pundit that hoves into view.

This is truly a side to fall head over heels in love with.

4. Chris - 10/12/2010

Get your trousers on Warnock!!!

All the best from still slightly snowy North Yorkshire.

5. Esp - 10/12/2010

The lure of Xmas punters splashing their cash and needing cabs in SE London prevented me attending the cramped seating in the Loftus Road away end but I managed to sneak into a Bromley pub to watch the match – superb performance and I wonder if DM and mates went as crazy as they did in front of me 6 times at The New Den!?!?
I suppose your match summary would be classified as a glass balf full report would it Matt? 🙂

6. DM - 11/12/2010

Rowson, are you pissed ?

Get in. And some. And then some more.

7. Wrighty - 11/12/2010

Brilliant because it was unexpected, but also because it was just simply brilliant.

It was massively noticable in the different mindset and attitudes of the teams, we chased and harried constantly causing them to make mistakes and worry, this was exemplified on about 75 minutes when the camera honed in Danny Graham after yet another chase of Kenny and he was blowing like an asthmatic pit pony, but still chased a ball 30 seconds later.

Secondly and most importantly every time something went against them, both teams were a reflection of their manager, Watford queried the officials but never took their eye off the game, QPArse just whinged and moaned cos the whole world was against themand it wasn’t fair.

Abel Taarbat, hahahahahaha

8. drewoneone - 11/12/2010

Just superb – what more can we say? Everyone was at the top of their game, if only they could be every week………

As for Lee Dixon – stick to the Premier League as a “B” list MOTD pundit mate. Les Ferdinand’s cardy was looking a bit tight on him.

9. Wrighty - 11/12/2010
10. NRC - 11/12/2010

All of the above. Taking nothing away from the performance, which was brilliant, as you intimate Matt we did ride our luck a little and should remember that when it doesn’t go our way. That said, you have to create the situations in which to be ‘lucky, and we did that in spades. A true team performance.

11. SwindonDave - 11/12/2010

Matt – have to disagree on the wine, Friday is fish and chips with white wine, in this case Pinot Grigio.
Only complaint about the performance, we should have scored 6 with two hat tricks, otherwise we dominated every inch of the pitch from Loach who commanded under the high ball to Danny (non stop) Graham.

Matt Rowson - 11/12/2010

3-2 at Norwich. 3-1 at QPR. Proof’s in the pudding, Dave.

NRC - 12/12/2010

In that case I think we need to know what the pudding was as well.

SwindonDave - 12/12/2010

Same both times for me so maybe we’d have to both take a bottle with us next week!

12. rousman - 11/12/2010

Great team peformance, special mention’s for Danny Graham,Martin Taylor, Scott loach, John Eustace & Stephen McGinn. Hope they charge the scum who threw the bottle’s.

13. billyo - 11/12/2010

Gaby asks the panel for a prediction:

Lee: Home Win
Les: Home Win
Steve: Goals. & A Home Win

At least Steve has done some research. But balls to the lot of you. Oh how I laughed.

And if you were at the game, watch HT on the iplayer. The VT about our rise through the divisions made me cry like a baby. Though that may have been the 3 bottles of Doom Bar.

Matt Rowson - 11/12/2010

Dixon’s line was an emphatic “COMFORTABLE home win”, hence thunk five. Claridge was more circumspect, but did settle on a home win (probably).

The half time VT was, I am advised, put together by Watford fan Stuart Hutchinson and was a thing of beauty. Worthy of being shown at half time last night.

Pete - 11/12/2010

I hate to correct you Matt, but having got home from the game I felt the need to watch the whole thing again on Sky Plus – and Dixon said “CONVINCING home win.” Even worse than comfortable I think!

14. Simmo - 11/12/2010

1 thunk only. Have all the QPR fans become Colin’s like their manager?

15. Matt Lovett - 11/12/2010

Claridge is just about the only pundit who has a good word to say about Watford, although Leroy Rosenior did say that they were absolutely brilliant on Fighting Talk this morning. The HT film was beautifully done, and made a total mockery of the abuse that GT and WFC received at the time for their ‘crime’ of daring to take on the ‘establishment’ and regularly embarassing them.

16. duds - 11/12/2010

My only complaint was that warnock was actually quite gracious in defeat. I was looking forward to him blaming it all on the officials but whilst he did say they got some things wrong he admitted we deserved the win and by a bigger margin. God I hope I don’t start to warm to him

17. Red - 12/12/2010

I love football. Away against the top undefeated team the pundits give us no chance. Ha-ha. This week at home against the bottom team. What will the pundits say? But we know our team. I love Watford.

18. Kay Bee - 12/12/2010

Dixon deserves some stick for his pre-match score prediction, however compellingly logical; just as he deserves praise for eating his words at the end of the show and lavishing plaudits upon us.

So, um, there.

19. graemeb - 12/12/2010

Am I the only man on earth who likes Warnock? OK, he moans, but that’s not the worst crime is it? In the post match-interview he was gracious in defeat and didn’t complain too much about the decisions that went against him. It was especially nice to hear him admit that they “just couldn’t handle Graham.”

Harefield Hornet - 14/12/2010

It wont be especially nice when he slaps in a £2m offer for him in january though.

20. Hants Horn - 13/12/2010

I won two seats in Gulfair’s box above Warnock’s dugout for this match – thanks for the hospitality Rangers! One of the best Watford away displays I’ve seen for a long time – belief, effort and commitment right through the team. Great hornets support from behind the goal too.

21. The Great Big O - 13/12/2010

I watched it on the telly. And it felt so much better for being on the BBC rather than Sky.

Watford games on Sky always feel like something for a minority audience. Games on the BBC feel like the nation is watching. And against QPR I felt proud – imagining a hugely impressed nation marvelling at our football.

My mum – who’s been to only one game since she moved to the south coast 20 years ago – tuned in. She says she loved it. Thought the team were brilliant.

What with the emotive half-term montage, it was an evening to feel truly great about being a Horn.

22. Gerry - 14/12/2010

“Our star turn this season is that bottle of chianti, which so far has a 100% record in tricky looking away ties on the telly. Might start trying to sneak one in to home games. Kinda difficult to be inconspicuous about a bottle of red wine though….”

The trick, Matt, is to use an empty Ribena or Vimto bottle. Even the most zealous steward isn’t going to be sniffing every soft drink bottle taken into the Rookery.

I owe this tip to the FC United of Manchester fanzine Under the Boardwalk which has a long tip-filled article on sneaking booze into grounds. Very useful for those winter bore-draws when you need something to keep you warm and interested, now that you’re no longer allowed even hipflasks (that mainstay of the Vic Rd terraces all during my youth). Either that or a tab of E, though that might make you hug that fat mouthy bastard in front of you who keeps standing up and yelling abuse at all and sundry…

23. Harefield Hornet - 14/12/2010

Without wanting to sound clever afterwards I had a sneaking suspicion this one could go our way (see comments following Leicester report) My litmus test is the Rangers fans I drink with down my local – they were genuinely worried about this game because of our recent record against them and the fact their game at Hull was postponed, which broke up their momentum slightly. After riding out luck early doors there was only ever going to be one winner here. After the wife returned home from work at 10.00 I gleefully positioned myself in the pub to await their return from Loftus Road and I wasn’t disappointed with the reaction, you should have heard the moaning about the third being offside! Thankyou Watford for the most enjoyable two hours I’ve spent in the pub for ages. The three stooges on BBC did us proud as well with Lee Dixon revealing his inadequate knowledge of the Championship and the other two revealing their inadequate knowledge of anything. Onwards and Upwards, the Xmas fixture List looks almost inviting after this Jolly!

24. Luke Fairweather - 14/12/2010

It is now 15.21 on Tuesday and I am still smiling. Says it all really. There should also be a legal limit on the number of times one can watch the highlights on the BBC webthing without it becoming a tad, you know…


25. Back from Hammerau - 14/12/2010

I didn’t see any of the pre-match, half-time and post-match ‘expert analysis’ as I was watching at my parents and didn’t think it right to inflict it upon them, but it seemed the commentator and summariser were competing to see who could mention the ‘youth’ of our team most often, although I’d question whether the likes of Doyley and Mariappa have enough games under their belts to no longer be considered young, despite not being over 30.

As someone who doesn’t have Sky, the last time I saw a Watford game on TV was at the Reebok on a Sunday lunchtime in the 2000/1 season. And that wasn’t entire game as I was heading to Vicarage Road for a Saracens game.

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