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We interrupt this broadcast… 21/05/2011

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

…to celebrate the most significant result of the tail of the season. Nine years after perhaps the most shameful decision in British football history, there’s a Wimbledon team back in the League.

You can celebrate who they beat if you choose to. That’s a detail to me, a bonus. The return of Wimbledon to the football league is a cause for celebration that everyone can share in. Except perhaps them up the road.

No replies to this post will be posted. If you want to share the celebration, use the time to lift a glass to the Dons fans celebrating in Manchester instead.

If you don’t, if you don’t get the whole Dons / MK thing, if you think we should have gotten over this by now then I’m afraid you never gotten it in the first place. Your opinion isn’t very important.

Normal services will resume shortly.

You Dons.



1. graham walker - 22/05/2011

Indeed Matt. The fact that it was Luton was, for sure, of lesser importance. This was a great day. Justice, vengeance, ecstatic celebration. There were tears !
I recall that some of you guys (Pete Bradfshaw was one) went to an AFC game rather than watch the ‘Orns at MK that time. Had I been locally-based I would have joined you. The day itself was memorable in so many ways. The moral high ground was claimed !
You Dons! Indeed !



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