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DVD Review: Watford Season Review 2010/11 26/06/2011

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

Watford Season Review DVDIt’s an odd thing, a Season Review DVD. A no-brainer for Watford or any football club, selling a compendium of clips that you have the rights to to the only audience likely to be interested in purchasing such a thing. And yet the concept feels increasingly passé with the advent of BBC’s weekly highlights show and instantly available clips on the internet; the more so when, by this point in the summer, we’re all more interested in looking forward than back whatever the close-season comings and goings.

Which is a bit of a shame really; it’s not as if as football fans we don’t wallow in nostalgia, even when the going’s good. I should know. Last season, lest we forget, was one of the most enjoyable for some time; on the basis that the majority of us will only purchase a product such as this after a season that’s worth remembering it shouldn’t be written off lightly.

This is particularly true given the nature of last season’s side. A stout defensive outlook has its place, but a Season Highlights DVD isn’t one of them; instead, last season’s 50 league and cup games yielded 160 goals; 85 for us, 75 against. All are here, and the DVD’s no-bullshit format, rattling from game to game with next to no padding exacerbates the impression of avalanche. (Incidentally, I’m not a fan of watching people talking about football if the alternative is, you know, watching football, not even those with something interesting to input or context to provide – and these are precious few in number. No better way to watch Match of the Day than starting half-an-hour behind, forwarding through the guff between games to finish at the same time).

The highlights are briskly presented, with some inevitable inconsistency of detail; matches that were covered live on TV tend to be afforded more than just the goals, and the need to not omit the season’s two goalless draws entirely (no I’m not going to remind you) means that a lower interest threshold is set in these cases. It may also be true that some of the inconsistencies result from the fact that the team selecting the clips isn’t reviewing the games through my mind’s eye. This is suggested by the inclusion of Danny Graham’s spurned penalty in the opening minutes at home to Cardiff (which I must have slept through), but also the omission of relevant-feeling extra bits… the (clearly) offside goal in the closing minutes at home to Swansea when we briefly thought that we’d pulled back a three-goal deficit as we went very direct in the second half, Dean Leacock not being penalised for a fould on Graham at Derby, a game-turning moment.

But all in all it’s a decent addition to the shelf, and one that will be revisited. The action is snappy, overall the stuff you want is there and the stuff you don’t is not. Plus, this new fangled DVD nonsense (all my other season reviews are VHS…) means its painfully easy to flick between, say, Danny Graham’s mental winner against Leicester, John Eustace’s scissor kick against Coventry and (my personal fave) Andrew Taylor’s bomb against Pompey. I’m sure that my 1997/98 review, for example, will still be wound to the point on the tape just after Tommy Mooney’s winner against Bristol Rovers.

So… if you’re a nostalgia freak at all, this is one to consider, available from the club shop, Amazon and Play.com amongst others. Now, if you’re all going to Boreham Wood clap your hands…




1. rousman 2 - 26/06/2011

Andrew Taylor’s goal was my favorite as well. I think that had he been at the club when the vote’s were counted he would have won. It was a stunning strike. John eustace goal was good in its own right, but can not beat the ball hitting the back of the net with the power that Taylor’s did (well for me anyway)

2. jeremy clarkson - 27/06/2011

JC here

Taylor for me as well, he did some bootering that day!

SwindonDave - 28/06/2011

Only thing wrong with Taylors goal was it broke his duck and we suffered later on from his new found goal scoring ability!

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