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Everything’s Gone Green 23/09/2011

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

It won’t have escaped your notice that things have been getting a bit hairy down at Plymouth recently.   The imminent danger of liquidation is a daily reality at Home Park;  players have not been paid, staff being paid by the (now ex-) manager out of his own pocket, administration, debt…

You wouldn’t wish this on anyone, frankly.  Certainly not on Argyle, with whom we’ve had some memorable encounters down the years (including the Cup Semi Final in 1984, a Cup Quarter Final in 2007, and any number of splendid away trips involving pasties and cliffside walks).

Unless you’re sitting on a few million idle quid and are looking for an investment opportunity your chances of directly, positively influencing the outcome are probably limited.  However a Fans Reunited event takes place down in Plymouth as Argyle take on Macclesfield Town tomorrow (Saturday), a fantastic event, so get yourself there in a Watford shirt if you’re in the area.

Mindful of the support they received in the first, stunning Fans United event thirteen years ago (!), Brighton’s fans are going green as they entertain Leeds United in the Championship tonight; fans of other clubs are encouraged to follow suit.  With Watford’s game against Forest tomorrow live on BBC2, a temporary shift to wearing green is a small sacrifice, and shows a little bit of visible solidarity with the suffering Argyle fans, so recently in our division and now fearing for their club’s existence.


1. Brian - 23/09/2011

Good posting Matt.

Seeing as we were so close to admin ourselves we as much as anyone should be showing at least moral support for the Pilgrims, who knows where we could end up in a few years, perhaps we may need the favour returned.

Should they go bust I will continue to blame the greed of the PL and of course Sky television … How anyone could subscribe to either I really don’t know but personally I’d rather draw my own nails!

2. Esp - 23/09/2011

My only green top is an old Watford football jersey from 2006 or 2007 with BOOTHROYD printed on the back.
Knowing the disdain and disregard the man is held in some quarters at the Vic dare I wear it?
Would I leave Occupation Road alive and/or unscathed?
Thoughts of the BHaPPY subscribers welcomed.

Matt Rowson - 23/09/2011

you could wear it inside out? Or hide your shoulders under an open jacket….? 🙂

3. Esp - 23/09/2011

Good call Mr R – better still could Sean sign a goalie called Boothroyd in the next 24 hours? Or could an out of work manager get his gloves on? (cue: he’s better at spending than saving type jokes)

On a more serious note I admire and fully support the big English football families’ support of Plymouth Argyle’s cause which of course isn’t the first and won’t be the last such case, sadly. Thanks for bringing it to our attention sir.

4. Albert Tatlock - 23/09/2011

Good cause and well worth wearing something green tomorrow. Brings a smile to the face when remembering at one home game the Argyle fans were singing “you dirty northern …” to us.

Looking forward to the game – though likely to be an armchair viewer. COYO

5. Nicholas Chainey - 24/09/2011

I’ll be wearing a green tshirt which no one will see, so I’ve gone for a green beanie as well. Y’all will prolly see me selling 50/50 tickets at the Rookery/Occupation Road corner.

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