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Watford 0 Nottingham Forest 1 (24/09/2011) 25/09/2011

Posted by Ian Grant in Match reports.

1. There are times when writing a report about a televised game feels fairly redundant, those at home having had better, repeated views of key incidents and some immediate studio analysis too. Not here, though. If you saw this on television, through a camera following the ball on its frequently directionless travels around the pitch, you saw considerably less than the full picture. You saw enough to draw some damning conclusions, I imagine. But if you were there, you saw it all: the collective, constipated horror of this new-look, old-feeling Watford side and its management team laid absolutely bare. There was nowhere to hide.

2. The first half was often so devoid of final third incident that you wouldn’t have known who was kicking in which direction had you missed the start. We let any home-side impetus – and to their credit, the Yellow Order keep trying to raise the atmosphere in the Rookery – drain away with a dull-as-dishwater half hour in which we mustered not a single half-chance. It was a performance that couldn’t have been more workmanlike if it’d turned up two hours late with a fag wedged behind its ear and its arse hanging out of some unpleasantly stained jeans.

The formation appears designed with containment in mind; containment not just of the opposition, but of our own creativity and imagination, as if getting too carried away might prove dangerous, as if risk and chance are things to be eliminated at all costs. Reinforcement of those ideas comes from the bench, with substitutions so numbingly conservative that they’re announced in the small ads of the Daily Mail rather than over the tannoy. The totality is a crumbling communist edifice, built with the thought that attacking is merely defending with the ball.

It’s as though we’ve spent the summer condemning shapelessness as the root of all evil, then defined a shape by banging six inch nails into the dressing room wall and tying them together with string. With John Eustace and Jonathan Hogg nestling in ahead of the back four, seven of our eleven players barely crossed the halfway line; the two wide players might’ve been further forward, but usually only by a matter of a few yards. Somewhere up there, Marvin Sordell ploughs a lone furrow with a coughing, spluttering tractor; in this context, ‘service’ counts as having another Watford shirt within thirty yards, let alone catching fleeting sight of the ball.

3. Only individual courage can enliven this act of collective labour. When Carl Dickinson stampedes up the wing to win a corner, or John Eustace ploughs through some tackles to drive in a shot, or Mark Yeates comes off the flank to play a quick pass and Joe Garner darts into the six yard box, we suddenly look like a football team again. We suddenly make our opponents turn around, we suddenly catch a passing whiff of some enthusiastic backing from the home fans. And then we’re back to banging long balls up to Craig Forsyth’s head, a relentless chipping away to establish a foothold, then put in supply lines to consolidate, then start a fresh bombardment of enemy positions, then push on north for tea and cakes in the oppo six yard box by Christmas. Ah, the linesman’s flag again.

There were chances to win this match, either side of half-time. Before it, the diving header from the tidy-but-indistinct Joe Garner was our first goal attempt…and very nearly our first goal, denied only by Camp’s fingertips. After it, the aforementioned dart from Garner finished with a frustrating header wide from Eustace’s chipped cross; that would’ve been a fine goal, a fresh air breeze amid the stagnation. As we finally made some runs into potentially dangerous areas, Forsyth might’ve done better when played through; there are so few hints of last season’s fluid attacking that anything mobile and fluent almost becomes an end in itself, for now.

But a side so blunt up front can’t afford to be anything other than sound at the back. And we are very much anything other. Quite how a defensive unit as well-established as ours can concede a winning goal like that is yours to decide based upon your personal preferences; I can see you drafting the comment identifying a scapegoat as I type. An instant deflation of our sails, and all our unimpressive visitors needed to take the points with little further worry, a scuffed Eustace shot late on aside.

4. Playing like this, we’ll do the same to other teams on our travels. But God knows, those of us who largely restrict ourselves to home games are in for a lot of unsweetened gruel in the coming months. The thought of enduring this once the winter nights set in is enough to make you shudder.

You know us, you know Matt and me, we don’t jump to conclusions. We don’t join in with the chorus just because we’ve lost; we’ll find a few positives, smudge the black and white into something in between, see the wider picture. But the problem here is the wider picture. It seems to me that we’re heading for the kind of impasse that Brendan Rodgers wedged himself into within a few weeks of his arrival; we’re heading for a point where the approach simply has to change, for a club cannot sustain an audience on performances this utterly charmless, whatever its league position.

Perhaps we’ve been spoilt by two seasons of remarkably bright, youthful, upbeat football. Perhaps it’ll take more time. But here’s the thing: give us something to hang onto. Give us a reason to look forward to it. It’s a job for you; it’s not a job for us. It just feels like extraordinarily hard work, and that’s not the same thing.

5. Thunk #5 is carried over for another day, there being nothing else worth saying.


1. Nick - 25/09/2011

My overriding thought on yesterday match is that are just so sloppy.

Sloppy when defending set pieces and the goal was a calamity, sloppy on the ball in airfield

2. hornetboy84 - 25/09/2011

Ian. Agree. And as I outlined after Barnsley with matt we something a little like Buckley to open teams up (and if satisfies everyone) not Buckley.

But what worries me more after that game is definitely the apparent cluelessness of the management and inability to reshape the team.

And even if we were going to revert to throwing it into the box for the last 20 … why did we have 2 situations where we had first Deeney then Big chris about to come on… and we had corners and free kicks and yet wait for those to be over before throwing in some presence….. I was in dispair at that point.

However – we should have won or at least drawn. Forest were poor and it was only an aberration that caused the defeat.

And can everyone leave Loach alone. Clearly Dickinson called Taylor so he ducked and Loach was out to collect for the flick off anyones head. he is a young keeper with huge potential with only 18 months left – so we either need him to sign an extension or sell him in January. And he should at worst be seen as a cash opportunity.

Frustrated – but with faith, but I might just drop mt Dyche a letter and beg him to be brave and just damn well go for it at home !

3. Chris Edwards - 25/09/2011

Agree with the assessment. My main concern is the lack of width that our attacking play has. Forsyth shows glimpses of neatness bur for me is not the answer. I think yeates might be better in the middle. But we cannot forget that despite the drudgery that we witnessed yesterday we still created 3 guilt edged chances and were otherwise solid. So ithere are positives.

4. The Great Big O - 25/09/2011

The nail’s head has been firmly struck here.

Thunk #4 particularly strikes a chord – given that there’s a game at home to Millwall on Tuesday night and I’d need to book a babysitter.

5. dr duck - 25/09/2011

Sobering stuff, especially given your reference to the bigger picture sense of realism/optimism we are privileged to on this excellent blog. Completely agree about your comment re expectations. Last season we were pre-season favourites for the drop (mainly due to available budget, as I’m sure we all hoped for slightly better but were then treated to even more). This season we are competing an an arguably (far?) stronger division with a weaker, less experienced starting eleven, squad and manager. Draw your own scary conclusions … Are there three teams worse off than us??

6. Dan - 25/09/2011

Re-posted due to errors.

I watched from home, I dropped my season ticket this season after 10 years of enthusiasm, dried up towards the end of last season – when the club started to celebrate staying up instead of commiserating for blowing the play offs – I decided I’d had enough.

Without gloating too much about £380 saved, I’m glad I’ve been proven right so far – yesterdays match (watched from the sofa) couldn’t have been more sterile.

We have a combination of a poor manager and some very unexciting players. I fear for WFC this season.

7. Tim Turner - 25/09/2011

Picking up on thunk 4, I have an uneasy feeling that this Watford team is going to provide conclusive proof of my long-held contention that there is no such thing as home advantage. The fact that a team as uninspired as ours is unbeaten in five away games (not counting a penalty shootout defeat at Brizzle Rovers) suggests that playing away is actually easier than playing at home, particularly if you’re lacking in creativity.

As far as I can see, Dyche is relying entirely on our two wingers to provide that creativity, and though I’m not ruling out the possibility that they may come good eventually, they’re falling short at the moment. If only we could bring on someone young and fearless from the bench – but Buckley has been sold, Whichelow and Bryan are out on loan, and introducing Sean Murray in the 91st minute doesn’t suggest that the manager thinks that much of him.

Maybe it will all come good over the winter. Stephen McGinn will return from injury, Prince Bauben will finally get fit enough to show he can live up to his exotic name, a Watford striker other than Marvin will actually score a goal… I’m not panicking yet. At the same time, I can’t deny that I’m worried.

8. MartinG - 25/09/2011

An excellent summing up of a extremely turgid game. At least we’ve got Tuesday’s game coming quickly for an attempt at redemption following that dross yesterday.

9. Esp - 25/09/2011

Fair report whether you watched the match on TV or were there in person well done Mr Reporter

The harsh criticism the manager is getting in some quarters completely dismisses the fact that the team picked yesterday had never played together before although the communications breakdown between the defence and keeper is a worry as similar goals have been conceded already this term

Finally fair play to ig for mentioning the Yellow Order in a positive light. I am amazed at the criticism and negativity the ringleader of this group Roy Moore is getting on certain forums for trying to inject some atmosphere into the Rookery. I’m extremely happy to see the momentum building but it would be good to see the age profile increase down in that corner. The average age seems to be about 19 so a few more mature fans lending their voices I am sure would be welcomed by TYO creators.

10. Andrew J - 25/09/2011

Thunk 4 was most interesting. The idea that we might do to others what Forest have just done to us. Against the league leaders away? I’ve got my ticket for Saturday’s game, and will be singing my heart out for the ‘Orns. But I won’t be putting money on the result. Maybe the pressure is off us when we play away.

11. Roger Smith - 25/09/2011

It’s only a mitigating factor, but a week of planning and strategy went out the window on Friday when Weimann was recalled.

If Garner was supposed to be a forward, he obviously didn’t get the message. In effect, we played 4-3-3 with the wingers staying wide and Sordell totally isolated. And surely, big Chris needed some crosses rather than hoofball down the middle?

However, we still managed to create enough chances to win the game. Let’s hope we can convert some against Millwall.

12. SteveG - 25/09/2011

The view from the sofa in Terrington St Clement… my mate Brian looked up quizzically from his i-Pad. King’s Lynn had just lost 0-1 at home. Clearly not a glory supporter. But Watford? On Match of the Day live? Why? We poured the beers and settled down for real ale and real football.

I didn’t really expect anything to match the demolition of QPR that had graced a previous appearance on the box, but this really was poor all round. Brian left the room to set the table for dinner with more enthusiasm than you would expect from a follower of football with a live game on TV. We didn’t really deserve to lose, but we certainly didn’t deserve to win and 0-0 would have been a fair summation of a dismal game.

Last season the whole was demonstrably more than the sum of the parts for much of the season. We missed a lot, but were being sufficiently creative that enough went in to counteract the leaks at the back and give us all a ‘feelgood factor’.

Yes there were chances yesterday – not many, though – and it doesn’t look as though we’ve got a striker who will convert a high enough percentage of these to win many games. Sometimes typos take on a life of their own – the ‘guilt edged’ chance conveys so much more despair… and the lack of creativity from midfield becomes critical.

It’s difficult to believe that Taylor would have ducked out of the way of the header if someone behind him hadn’t called for him to leave it. In a game of few chances we really could have done without kamikaze defencing. The defenders as individuals are all decent players at this level – but as a unit they are still not quite ‘gelling’ – in particular, the relationship between Mariappa and Loach seems one where trust is in very short supply.

Of course the options are limited, but we do have some. Ig’s point about Brendan Rogers is pertinent here – his best quality, I thought, was his ability to reassess the evidence and change his mind where necessary. Whether he saw it for himself, or whether there was a frank exchange of views with Malky and the senior players (or GT?) that season picked up when Rogers started doing things differently.

No panic. No stupid expectations. But we need a plan B.

13. smarkymark - 25/09/2011

Dr.Duck : Are you kidding – this seasons’ squad/team is more experienced than last season, the squad is far bigger and we don’t have to play the likes of Hodson,Thompson,Whitchelow in fact we can actually send them out on loan which is a good thing.
My main concern is the manager but I will reserve judgement until after the next couple of matches.

14. Highstreet Dave - 25/09/2011

Forest Fan in peace.
It’s always interesting to read “the other fan’s” point of view, especially when the writer has put some thought into the piece. Thanks for the read.

I thought you were the better side – if you had scored I think we would have crumbled pretty quick. It is interesting to find out that Camp saved Garner’s header, it was difficult to see from where I was. I hope Garner comes good for you – he is a great kid, and he shows so much potential, it’s just that he never quite matched it with performance at Forest.

Your boy Sordell got through a lot of work, I thought. If he could only learn to stay onside he would be quite a threat. We have had a couple like him and it is so frustrating when you lose momentum for something that simple.

I guess from a neutral’s point of view, that must have been the least inspiring match to watch (especially live on TV). We never play well when on TV, so I wasn’t expecting much – but it was pretty awful. There were times when I thought both teams got no wider than the edges of the 18-yard box, it was like watching a primary school match. You think you’ve got problems – but I think we had less clue than you! There, that’s the bragging rights sorted!

The winning goal was shocking. It was embarrassing for Watford from a defensive point of view, and it was embarrassing for Forest because the game was won off a shin in mid-air with no control, guile or thought. Even then it trickled over the line almost apologetically. Was the defender who ducked the header the same one who ducked the header towards the end of the game, at your corner?

Good luck with the rest of the season (except at the City Ground, of course). It looks like a long hard season for both our teams. I expect that ultimately our squad is strong enough for a top-half finish, but that’s about it, I think. You need a good home win, and then your players should pick up some self-belief. Coventry, Doncaster and Barnsley for the drop.

15. SimonL - 26/09/2011

I think Graham Taylor always said give it 10 games before you begin to judge the season. A lot has to change in the next 2 games to change the conclusion that would be written after the first 8 games of 2011/12.

Unfortunately, and unlike the impasse at the start of Brendan Rogers’ time, you have to wonder where is the change going to come from? While Rogers had his own very clear ideas on the game and his own people in Lampard Senior and Austin, at least he also had the alternative voices of Mackay/Dyche in the background, and it seemed the combination of the old (more) and the new (less) in both ideas and people pulled things round. Where is that alternative voice in the current set-up?

What is most frustrating is that (as was pointed out strongly on bhappy), the only justification for giving the manager’s job to Dyche was to keep doing what had worked so well – that elusive blend of youth, loan and experience combined with belief, energy, some tactical flexibility and a desire to play attractive positive football. Dyche unfortunately seems to have changed almost all of the above, which seems to completely defeat the rationale for his appointment. Why change so much? Why no premiership loanees? Why none of our youth? Can he get back to it? Who can provide him with an alternative view? Is it still even possible to think about getting back on track with the resources available?

However, before completely blaming Dyche for getting so off track, (and we do not know just how hard he has tried to bring in the quality component using loanees or missed transfer targets), Tuesday night provides a fascinating contest: Millwall are in a very similar position in terms of both resources and the results from their first 8 games; the key difference is that they do have an experienced and successful manager in Kenny Jackett, who is also immersed in the Watford way and history. Let’s see who prevails on Tuesday before condemning Dyche for his lack of experience (and clamouring for a replacement with the experience). If however we get through Tuesday and to 10 games played and nothing has changed, the signs will be getting very ominous. At that point we can only hope that GT can remember his 10 game rule and begin to exercise his chairman’s role, influencing Dyche, Bassini or both.

16. Jeremy Clarkeson - 26/09/2011

JC here

Don’t only blame the manager, the coaches are just at fault. In David Kerslake we had a much under rated coach.

Bring back the youngsters, Thompson, Hodson, Murray and Jenkins to start with.

If you are good enough you are old enough

17. Old Git - 26/09/2011

Perhaps it is wise to wait until after the Millwall game before posting any serious comments about the team but can I just ask the eejits who are persecuting Scott Loach to lay off him please? Saturday’s goal was not his fault. And he actually made a great save shortly afterwards. The sarcastic cheers whenever he caught the ball after the goal could go a very long way to destroy his confidence.

Sorry…have to make one serious comment. Why is Whichelow in Devon? Forest’s lumbering defence might well have been taken to pieces by his pace, touch and enthusiasm.

18. Mark Turner - 26/09/2011

First time I have seen Watford for a long time (sorry, I just dont get to games these days), and is was SO disappointing to see a fairly limp performance. Ignoring the goal for a moment, we created the only real chances and looked mpore likely to score in the second half than Forest.

The goal…stuff like that sometimes happens but the one you dont want is for the crowd behind to start to get on the players back – they need the support now more than ever.

Forsyth – he needs to be fined everytime he steps offside from a 60 yard pass – inexcusable for me and the shot when put through was tame; but I certainly would not be saying that at the match !

Sordell – blimey he needs support. If he doesn’t get it he’ll be knackered by Christmas.

Pictures of the ‘main stand’ were a little embarrassing but i did enjoy the halftime nostalgia trip 🙂

19. graemeb - 26/09/2011

I’m reluctant to call for the manager’s head after just eight games, and no doubt he is doing his best. But sadly this is beginning to look like a bad appointment. Whatever his tactical acumen — and here wasn’t much of that on show last Saturday — a manager must surely be able to inspire his players. It would be difficult to imagine a less inspiring figure than the beleaguered Dyche. The side looks bereft of quality, imagination and guile. And somehow you just know that this is not going to come right any time soon.

Along with most of the people who use this forum, I supported Dyche’s appointment because it represented continuity. There was a feeling that the way forward was to develop our exciting crop of homegrown talent. As Dyche had been doing just that in his previous role, he seemed the obvious man for the job. But Dyche has not brought continuity. Instead he has invested in a glut of journeyman signings, and while these have given the squad more depth, we now look like a mid-table league one outfit. Sadly I think we’ll be paying the price for some time to come.

This is my prediction. Watford will be in or around the relegation zone until the new year, at which point the owner will sack Dyche and appoint a new manager. We will narrowly avoid relegation, but as Dyche’s appointments take up most of the playing budget and we cannot off load-them to other clubs, the new man will have little scope to bring in his own signings. We will be forced to sell our best youngsters (Sordell, Whichelow,Thompson) to raise cash. We will then find ourselves relying on the next generation of academy players who aren’t quite ready for regular first team action. Sounds familiar?

I would have thought that our esteemed chairman for one would have seen this coming. His guiding hand on the tiller might have kerbed recent transfer activity. But unfortunately it seems that lessons of the recent past have already been forgotten.

20. Mark - 26/09/2011

smarkymark – Some MIGHT argue Whichelow and Thompson would offer more to the squad than those in it at the moment though.

We just lack any sort of pace apart from Sordell and thumping long balls via goal kicks clearly isn’t going to work.

Unlike us Forest weren’t going to be caught out in such a situation.

Taylor did indeed duck so presume somebody must have called….Loach or Dickinson?

Is there any real creative threat from midfield….and one up front at home is very negative for a team like us.

smarkymark - 26/09/2011

I agree about Whitchelow.With Weimann back at Villa we suddenly have less variation coming off the bench as Iwelemu and Deeney are both number 9s although Deeney proved he’s okay at RM. In fact another gripe at Dyche,when he brought Deeney on for Forsyth why didn’t he switch Teates to LM and play Deeney RM where he has performed well?

21. JohnF - 26/09/2011

Some interesting comments. Sordell was offside more than Forsyth so but perhaps it is because the ball is so slow in getting there. One thing was that the final ball into the front players lacked quality most of the time. With an improvement there we would have had some even better chances. The lack of quality smacks of lack of confidence, which will of course be greatly helped by the boos and jeers. Defensively I thought Lloyd actually looked to be our best defender and he supported the attack well. Tiny Taylor was not at fault with the stupid call from Dickinson. Perhaps we have too many new players who are becoming very conservative with the increasing lack of confidence. In spite of packed defences we have made a hatful of chances against Derby and Forest but no goals. This is the biggest concern. It is clear that tactical changes are required along with flexibility during the game; to be made changes when there is enough time for them to work. Forsyth looks to have promise and is a team player. I am less convinced about some others and Hogg looks very defensive in nature. I would say drop him back and push Eustace forward but his passing will have to be better and we will need to keep the ball and learn to move off it.

22. JohnM - 26/09/2011

I agree about Loach. He’s a far better keeper than many seem to think, and, certainly,my impression was that the goal not really down to him.
I have stated before that the larger squad means little if there is a lack of creativity—we have signed journeymen—players should only be signed if they are better than those already there. Far too many signings are not. It would seem better to have pushed one or two of the leading youngsters if financial constraints forbid the input of quality from outside.
Unfortunatly, witnessing the tactics, and having listened to S.D.’s post match interviews, I begin to feel he may not be up to the job (and yes, I did support his appointment, albeit reluctantly). However, I have always believed that we cannot judge a team before 12 matches are played. I am disturbed, however, that I cannot see where a short term improvement will come from within the current first choice squad. Buaben? Fully fit or not, why is he not pushing for at least a substitute appearance? Is he going to prove to be similar to one of those signings from the recent past that never quite make an appearance, and dissappear at the end of the season?
The tactics and plalyers put me in mind of a squad set up to play a containing, sterile, away team game. My previous thoughts of 16th place are looking far too optimistic—but lets see what happens over the next few matches.

23. Stephen Hoffman - 27/09/2011

To be fair though Ian, after that first awful month under Rodgers and despite the disgraceful way he left us, he got us to play some pretty good football for the next half of the season, which led to us surging away from the relegation zone. He did by realising we could be both creative and not just passing the ball backwards.

Under Dyche at present in some ways it is even worse thanthe first month under Rodgers. At least then despite piss patting the ball to nowhere we didn’t combine this with hoofing.

The question you have to ask yourself is do you think Dyche like Rodgers will change our playing style. I am not confident considering he said we were underdogs at home against what looked like a pretty awful Forest side. Again after the game he made excuses saying we were desperately unlucky and at present however bad we play Dyche isn’t willing to admit this.

Ian Grant - 27/09/2011

Yes, that’s very much the question I was raising: having backed himself into a corner, Rodgers did change the style, whether through his own initiative or under pressure from elsewhere, and the results were indeed effective. There’s not so much wrong that the same couldn’t happen here, were there willingness to re-think and compromise.

24. Stephen Hoffman - 27/09/2011

Hornet Boy you are in part right about the goal, but i have to disagree with you when you say Loach has huge potential. For the past two years as documented in the barnsley game by Matt, Loach’s development has gone backwards. He doesn’t make decisions well when its about when to come and when not to come off his line. He doesn’t inspire confidence in his defence because often he is as quiet as a mouse. This was in part to blame for the goal because both Taylor and Dickinson and most of the team to be fair didn’t seem to be sure if Loach was coming or going. Yes as you said Dickinson and Taylor also stuffed up, but the difference here is that Dickinson was one of the few to have had a good game up to then and Taylor was one of our best players last season. On top of this he is not good at collecting crosses and his kicks go frequently out of play or play or to the sides when it is impossible to do anything with it. Thats not to deny he’s a very good shot stopper, but his other frailties will mean at best he is nothing better than a mid table to lower Championship player. That’s not getting on his back, that is telling the truth.

25. Stephen Hoffman - 27/09/2011

Dan loyal supporter you are not. I sat through the drudge of the 1995/1996 season and 1996/1997 season as a season ticket holder. Then I would have killed for a season like last season, which considering our budget and injuries towards the end of the season we did bloody well. That you got rid of your season ticket on that basis for me is unbelievable and shows what a fickle fan you are. Being a fan means supporting your team through the thick and thin and not just jumping up on the bandwagon when once every ten years or so Watford have an amazing season and get into the Premier.

26. Johnny Boy - 27/09/2011

Quick comment as we will soon be on to thunks about Milwall.
To liven things up, and also being repetitive as I have said this before – get Forsyth more involved – the guy appears to be good with feet and head but rarely sees the ball.
Tell Hogg to play more forward and put in passes where it hurts or he won’t get a place, he did come to Watford for “more first team opportunities”.
C’mon Watford

27. Geoff McPherson - 27/09/2011

It was one of the most of the painful games I have watched in a long while, two very poor teams with little direction. I never thought I’d say this but watching an MLS game would have more skills, strategy and long term vision than what was displayed on Saturday.

28. Roger68 - 27/09/2011

Dyche’s main plan seems to be to bring in a lot of new players , and by creating “competition for places” to hope that something happens on the pitch. He hints in the latest WO interview that his solution to the current mis-firing performances is to bring in yet more new players on loan, and create yet more “competition for places–and hope this lights the spark. The trouble is that on current evidence, all the players he has brought in seem ordinary at best . Sometimes you can create a spark by rubbing two pieces of wood together,but if the two pieces of wood are called Iwelumo and Yeates , then even the best boy scout will rub in vain.

Why has Dyche marginalised so many of the promising young players who were developing so well last season , in favour of journeymen who lack flair, creativity or goal scoring potential? Some would say there is more experience in the squad now, more depth and more “competition for places”. But any half successful side needs at least three exceptional players in it, to bring the best out of the “ordinary” players, to change the game at a crucial moment or to win it — dough needs yeast to become tasty bread. This season we have no yeast, and Dyche wants to buy more flour. Maybe Sordell could be one of our exceptional players, but he could get discouraged in a failing side, and having compared wages with his young England team-mates, may be off in January.

The team assembled by Dyche (assembled, not developed) is proving very hard to identify with. It urgently needs to give the fans something positive to shout about , so they feel solidarity with it.. The Academy youngsters got this more unconditionally, and we would come to see them play because of who they are as much as for the results.This team cannot assume unconditional support. If it does not soon win over the fans, a proportion will start to stay away, or vocalise discontent. Not what is needed..

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