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Competition – Results 08/12/2011

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

Thanks to all those who entered our Saville Rogue quiz.  And apologies for early teething problems;  fortunately Stuart Sale spared my blushes with an early correct answer. So… the full roster of those awarded the 32 – including several who appeared in squad lists without making it onto the pitch – is as follows:

1999/00  Mark Williams (22+2,1)

2000/01 Stephen Brooker (0+0, 0), Tom Neill (0+0, 0)

2001/02  Jerel Ifil (0+0, 0)

2002/03  Elliott Godfrey (0+1, 0)

2003/04  Stephen Kelly (13+0, 0)

2004/05  Johnnie Jackson (14+1, 0), Danny Cullip (4+0, 0)

2005/06  Les Ferdinand (0+0, 0)

2006/07  Sheku Kamara (0+1, 0), Cedric Avinel (1+0, 0)

2007/08  Theo Robinson (0+0. 0)

2008/09  Lewis Young (1+3, 0)

2009/10  Billy Gibson (0+0, 0)

2010/11  Danny Drinkwater (3+9, 0)

2011/12  Jonathan Hogg



1. Steve Thomas - 14/12/2011

Interesting Matt that out of that list, the only No 32 doing anything in the first team is the current incumbent, Mr Hogg. Although Steve Brooker and Theo Robinson have made a bit of a name for themselves, away from Vicarage Road.

keep up the blog, thanks

Matt Rowson - 14/12/2011

Stephen Kelly didn’t do too bad; Irish international and in the top flight with Fulham. Mark Williams played for Wimbledon for a while; Jerel Ifil has had a reasonable career, played for Aberdeen for a bit, Johnnie Jackson at Charlton is on his way back to this level and Drinkwater is technically still a Man United player. But I guess 32 is very much out on the fringes.

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