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“Rise and Shine”…. 10/01/2012

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

As ‘orns fans will surely be aware by now, Jay Demerit’s biopic “Rise and Shine” hits the big screen next week.  Telling the improbable story of Jay’s unusual trajectory through the world of football, frequently in a yellow shirt of course, there will surely be plenty for the Watford fan to enjoy.

As you will know, the film is a triumph merely in getting this far;  the $223,000 budget for the film was entirely “crowd-funded” (i.e. without the backing of a studio), making it reportedly the largest such independent exercise in movie history.  As if another excuse to go watch it were needed.

RISE & SHINE – THE JAY DEMERIT STORY from D&E Entertainment on Vimeo.

The guys at From the Rookery End have reviewed the movie; you can read their thoughts here, along with an interview with co-director/producer Nick Lewis.

The film is being screened by Odeon cinemas both next Tuesday evening (17th), and in matinee on Sunday 29th January.  You can find out more about the film, including locating your nearest screening, here.


1. Toddy - 10/01/2012

If you are a Watford supporter then you ‘have’ to see this film. If you are parent with children who want play sport of any kind then the ‘have’ to see this inspirational film – you will not regret it.

2. Nashinho - 11/01/2012

Let’s hope we don’t play Spurs on the Sunday so that I can take the kids to the film!!

3. stephen hoffman - 12/01/2012

This is a great film. Also I dont know who saw it last night but there was a brtilliant programlast night on clinical depression in sport by Andrew “freddie” Flintoff. It was extremely interesting and in the wake of Gary Speed’s tragic death, bought up some extremely important issues, which cannot and should not be ignored.

Jay’s story is so good you think its made up, but it isn’t! I for one wish him the best of luck for the rest of his career and I know my American and Canadian mates love him!

NickB - 18/01/2012

A great and heart warming story, but for me not a great film by any stretch. I thought it was worth seeing for any Watford fan and left with a slightly better view of the world, but it sure drags in places and one or two of the contributors are pretty dull.

Jay’s “agent” (he does the inverted commas fingers thing to distraction) is a scream and seems to know as much about football as the Dalai Lama.

Thought Boothroyd came across quite poorly – seems to have lost any charisma and humour, and a smaller presence than before. The World Cup footage was enjoyable, particularly the Landon Donovan song.

Could imagine it being a surprise hit in the States if a bit of money is put behind it. Here it seems more like a made for TV documentary that’s probably half an hour too long.

4. Kendean - 18/01/2012

only 3 in the Odean in Sheffield, but some bits good, espesially the play off final, drags on in other parts but a must for Watford fans

5. Dave Jackson - 18/01/2012

Very enjoyable watch. My 12 year old found it inspiring and is now even more determined to make it as a footballer.
Play off scenes are fantastic but now seem like ancient history.
Agree that one or two contributors are a bit dull but don’t let that put you off…it’s a must for all Hornet fans.

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