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Watford 3 Burnley 2 (03/03/2012) 04/03/2012

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

3 Mar 2012 15:01

DM – Part timer

MR – Updates please, mouthy

DM – 0-0

DM – Oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhh…..   0-0

3 Mar 2012 15:18

DM – Throw in!

DM – turgid. like a conversation with Andy Townsend.

3 Mar 2012 15:30

DM – Beer.  5 mins early.  Stagnant.  And I didn’t mean the beer.

DM – Bar. Crowded. Decent pint.

DM – 0-1. Bad mistake Mariappa..

3 Mar 2012 15:46

MR – Thx for updates, esp arbitrary detail. Keep it up.

DM – Foul

DM – Half time. Putrid.

3 Mar 2012 16:13

MR – Am in Bradford visiting Will. Quite sunny but we passed Valley Parade… you can bet that’s still f***ing freezing.

DM – 0-2

MR- F***

DM – 1-2. Nyron headed in Murrray corner.

DM – Seriously, we are abysmal

DM – Better since goal

3 Mar 2012 16:33

DM – 2-2! Alex thingy, out of nothing!

MR – To quote Frances, some of our results have been more impressive on paper…

DM – 3-2! Troy! I can’t explain this.

MR – Will and I doing the Troydeeneyasajawa thing…

DM – Relentless madness. I f***ing love it.

3 Mar 2012 16:46

MR – Hang on boys

DM – Yep

DM – Great save Kuszczak, even Lee Grant clapped

DM – Bennett on at right mid! Pray…

MR – Jesus

DM – 5 mins !!  F***ing hell ref

Conversation ends


1. lukefairweather - 04/03/2012

Yes, this has mostly been a season of results rather than performances (with a few exceptions) however the last 30 minutes yesterday were just bonkers! A victory for inner belief methinks. Amazing! A game as wierd as the weather.

2. RGW - 04/03/2012

Disappointed you can’t manage thunks from Bratfud. Is there something in West Yorks water that inhibits intelligent thought? (Would explain a lot.)

Matt Rowson - 04/03/2012

not being anywhere near the game doesn’t help. kinda limits the potential for comment…

RGW - 04/03/2012

Doesn’t seem to stop others… 🙂

3. JohnF - 04/03/2012

The first half was as bad as I have seen in a long time and the tactics were completely wrong. Humping the ball upfield in the air to two very large centre halves is not sensible. Playing Buaben on the wing clearly did not work and Murray wasn’t involved on the left, not helped by a generally lacklustre performance. After the own goal I wondered just how many we would concede but to be fair they did turn it round. The introduction of a winger on the left wing made a big difference and Nyron was so determined to cancel out the own goal – that was a header of real determination. Suddenly we started to play with a bit of confidence with both wings involved and we stopped just lumping the ball forward. Garner did well with two assists and looked so much more comfortable with wide players out wide. The defence still looked wobbly and why oh why don’t they practice simple ball control ( I can’t believe that control like that comes after practice).
Once we started to get lots of balls in the box, I didn’t understand the logic of warming up Iweluma and not introducing Trotta who has a great goal scoring record.

However, another mad match at the Vic and three more points.

Roger Smith - 04/03/2012

I wouldn’t have minded either Iwelump or Trotta, but with both Garner and Deeney running on empty, and a tough midweek game on Wednesday, surely we should have used a third sub?

Iwelumo would have been a useful outlet for the defence, and with a proper winger might have got his head onto a cross. Trotta would surely have sparked some life into a flagging attack against tiring defenders.

4. Red - 04/03/2012

0-2. I doubt the manager, team commitment and why I am there. It rains, look there’s a rainbow and we start playing football. A coincidence-I think not. 3-2. That’s why I love football.

5. DM - 04/03/2012

Text message match reports are the future. With hindsight, I feel I totally encapsulated the game…

Take a dollop of Burnley complacency, stir in a generous spoonful of renewed confidence after Nyron’s goal at the right end and you have a recipe for the mother of all comebacks. Great stuff Watford.

6. hornetboy84 - 04/03/2012

Good Stuff DM … very similar to the conversation I was having with my mate – only he was sitting beside me!

The site of Deeney and Garner spreadeagled with exhaustion on the pitch at the end of the 95 (! ) mins summed it up for me. We are spectacularly unspectacular but enough heart and desire to be solid mid-table in this unimpressive league…. but against better sides its poor.

Results against top 6 (w1 d2 L 6 f5 a 19)
Results against bottom 7 (w5 d4 L2 f16 a10)

So dont hold your breath for West Ham game.

And what was that rain about! – At one point we were watching the screen and according to the pictures it was like playing in a power shower cubicle – but we couldnt see anything on the pitch … was someone just pouring water over the camera from above as a joke?

Matt Rowson - 04/03/2012

i hope you didn’t have to resort to pointing out throw ins to each other?

Hornetboy84 - 05/03/2012

No. But it was so boring and insipid for a while we did consider keeping a count to see which side of the pitch won

7. nick - 04/03/2012

Maybe Dyche was lulling Burnley into a false sense of security by making it look like he was going to bring on big Chris.

1st half was truly dreadful. The team seemed to have the first touch of a drunk Sunday league player.

Second half showed a tremendous amount of character, especially after recent results.

8. Fran - 04/03/2012

Matt, sorry to disappoint you, but that result wasn’t anything like as impressive on paper. We were dreadful for the first half and booed off (a little unfairly) at half time. Once we woke up, it was mental. I love leaving the Vic with my heart racing and a huge smile on my face. Although, having met Sarah at the end, I was concerned that this game would not have the thunks it so richly deserved. So I was delighted to see this. Great stuff

9. MartinG - 05/03/2012

Bizarre performance. The first half was so boring I kept thinking my watch had stopped. Then after the second goal I thought that’s it, damage limitation now.
And then they suddenly started playing football. After last week I thought Garner and Kacaniklic were lucky to be in the squad but ended up thinking either of them could have been man of the match.

10. Sequel - 05/03/2012

We played with a narrow formation in the first half, presumably with the intention of nullifying Burnley’s sneakily clever midfielders. As soon as we worked out that their defence had even less confidence than ours, we awoke from our torpor. We got no help from the officials though, as usual. I lost count of the number of times players were pushed in the back while jumping for a header.
And can someone tell me who the ref was applauding after Eustace was crunchingly tackled in the second half, the tackler or the tacklee?

11. Old Git - 05/03/2012

Tacklee? After my rants about loanees last season, I have to say that this is a quite BRILLIANT word.
There is also settee…..meaning a person who is set. This could apply to a very overweight person who has been left on their own for too long without moving. In fact, it is more than likely that this is the origin of the more conventional use of the word settee, as being something large and soft that can be sat upon.
And what about goatee?…a person who is goated. Coffee…a person who is gobbed on accidentally.
And squeegee….someone who is squeeged. I remember this happening to Martin Paterson when he was at Scunthorpe. He got beautifully squeeged by Danny Shittu.

NickB - 05/03/2012

Shame Cottee (a baby or A Fulham player?) won’t be playing on Wednesday night…

Sequel - 06/03/2012

How about bettee? As applied to Mr Boothroyd. I bettee won’t last the season….

12. Harefield Hornet - 05/03/2012

Even given some of the high quality farce we’ve witnessed this season, this one really took the biscuit. We’ll obviously cut Adrian some slack after the great season he’s had and similarly Nos but christ what were they both doing! – The OG was an even better header than the 2nd!

Great fightback though and so improbable it made it even more enjoyable and definitely Garner’s best game in a yellow shirt to date.

Keep the faith!

13. Johnnyboy - 05/03/2012

What a game – the first half as summarised – zzzzz. Second half – what the f—–g hell happened. Just after we scored the first, a voice behind me said “great but where are the other two goals going to come from” and I knew exactly what he mean’t because at that stage we still didn’t look like we were going to score but boy we did and it was a fantastic ride.Only disapointment was that we did not claw back the 0-2 from one of the more arrogant teams in the division like Reading or Leeds

14. Jeremy Clarkson - 05/03/2012

JC here

DM…Less words..less thunks…better quality reporting..and not a thunk out of place…none of those turgently long words and analogies that get in the place…just straight forward stats..and Mr MR calls himself a statman!…B**ocks

Matt Rowson - 06/03/2012

I think you’ll find that should be b***ocks

DM - 07/03/2012

Whatever, Matt. He’s right – even if he slightly annoyingly starts every post with JC here, he’s right !!

Matt Rowson - 07/03/2012


NickB - 06/03/2012

Fewer not less.

Get in the place??

Turgently??? – what a great word; wish I’d invented it.

More Prescott than Clarkson, methinks.

15. Old Git - 06/03/2012

The turgent tacklee turgently tackled the inturgent tackler. Turgently.

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