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Savile Rogue Scarf Comp Results 30/11/2012

Posted by Matt Rowson in Nonsense.

Many thanks to all those who entered our competition to win a Savile Rogue Watford scarf.   The objective was to name a Watford player past or present who had played for each of the clubs in the Premier League and each of the other clubs in the Championship.  Beyond that, the winning entry would be the one whose 43 named players had started the largest number of Southern League, Football League and Premier League games for Watford between them.

No player’s name could be used against more than one club, and each player used must have appeared in at least one competitive game both for Watford and for the team in question.

62 entries were received, of which 37 successfully put a name to each of the 43 slots.  Of these, the most prolific entry in terms of Watford appearances was received from Jem Whiteley whose nominations racked up 8986 appearances between them;  Jem wins the scarf… good work Jem, if you could reply to this posting with your address details I’ll pass them on to Savile Rogue.

See below for a link to the full results table.  A prerequisite for a good score was remembering Luther Blissett’s brief loan at West Brom under Steve Perryman; kudos too to those who remembered Andy Hessenthaler spending an odd loan under Peter Taylor at Hull after he resigned as Gillingham’s player-manager, or David Holdsworth’s one league cup run out for Bolton.  Beyond that it was a matter of deciding where to most profitably slot the likes of Bobby Downes, Neil Cox, Tommy Smith and Tommy Mooney – many appearances for the Hornets, and with spells at many other candidate clubs besides.

The optimum score, I believe, was 9110, the composition of which is also detailed below.  However this is only one possible avenue to this score… the mathematical complexity of the problem is suggested by the fact that Jem’s entry and the Optimum version linked below contain the same names against Aston Villa, Huddersfield, Cardiff, Derby, Stoke and QPR… but in a completely different configuration.  Many congrats if you can improve on the optimum claimed… rest assured that I’m past caring.

The subtlest of errors in nominations was the naming of a player who was once signed, or had a trial with the club in question but never made the stipulated competitive appearance.  This invalidates nominations for Tommy Mooney at Aston Villa, Nathaniel Chalobah at ChelseaAlec Chamberlain at Everton, both Tommy Barnett and Danny Drinkwater at Manchester UnitedJason Drysdale at Newcastle United and both Andy Hessenthaler and, the most frequent error, Stewart Scullion at Charlton Athletic (thanks Trefor…).

Other errors can loosely be categorised as either:

  • Putting a player’s name against two clubs (the second of which, arbitrarily, is invalidated)
  • Leaving a team blank
  • In very few cases, putting a player down with no association with the club in question.

In one case Burnley had been deleted from the list altogether.  Was tempted to award bonus points for this, but decided that this was possibly against the spirit of the exercise.  I will publish all entries as comments to the previous post (if you submitted a revised entry your earlier post has been deleted).  Been as generous as I can be re spelling…  happy to discuss or explain any queries, but please be polite… 🙂

So for those with an insatiable appetite for such data, enjoy:

Full Results Table

Club-by-Club Summary

Full Club-by-Club Listing

Player List in order of Most Nominations plus Detail!

Alphabetical player listing (for confirming your score!)

Note that both the Club-by-Club summary and the full Club listing are a little distorted by the occasions on which a player was nominated next to two clubs – since only valid entries are counted, the discarded lower entry in the team list is arbitrarily missing.  Also, the club-by-club list only lists one name as the most popular pick, even in the event of a tie.  Sorry about that, could have sorted but need some kip…

That’s about it, except to confirm that Savile Rogue have specified a discount code for BHaPPY readers…. specifying the discount code HAPPY at the checkout will get you 10% of all purchases.  The Watford scarf in question can be found here.

You will now be returned to your normal program…


1. Anders F - 30/11/2012

Great competition and excellent sum up Matt! Must have taken you a while..

Now, if I only had thought of McLaren, Mitchell and Underwood (getting Barnes to Newcastle and getting rid of my hopeless Hodges suggestion). Not including Paton at Swansea was extremely costly as well.

Thanks for doing it!

2. petebradshaw - 01/12/2012

If only I’d read the rules… I thought the total was games played for watford and the other club combined. Doh.

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