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Now then. 08/05/2013

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

Henry Grover. Charlie Peacock. John Goodall. Billy Biggar. Charlie White. Fred Gregory. Eddie Edmonds. Skilly Williams. Frank Hoddinott. Harry Kent. Fred Pagnam. Neil McBain. Arthur Woodward. Tommy Barnett. Taffy Davies. Billy Lane. Pat Molloy. Jimmy Bowie. Frank Mitchell. Dave Bewley.  Maurice Cook. George Catleugh. Ron Rollitt. Cliff Holton. Dennis Uphill. Les Simmons. Duncan Welbourne. Ken Furphy. Stewart Scullion. Keith Eddy. Terry Garbett. Tom Walley. Barry Endean. Andy Rankin. Ross Jenkins. Alan Garner. Roger Joslyn. Luther Blissett. Steve Sherwood. Graham Taylor. Ian Bolton. Steve Sims. Nigel Callaghan. Kenny Jackett. Wilf Rostron. Les Taylor. John Barnes. Nigel Gibbs. Gary Porter. Tony Coton. John McClelland. Glyn Hodges. Paul Wilkinson. Keith Dublin. Andy Hessenthaler. Richard Johnson. Paul Furlong. Colin Foster. Tommy Mooney. Craig Ramage. Kevin Miller. Robert Page. Steve Palmer. Alec Chamberlain. Gifton Noel-Williams. Paul Robinson. Micah Hyde. Peter Kennedy. Ronnie Rosenthal. Tommy Smith. Allan Smart. Nicky Wright. Neil Cox. Heidar Helguson. Marcus Gayle. Gavin Mahon. Ray Lewington. Sean Dyche. Ashley Young. Jay DeMerit. Clarke Carlisle. Ben Foster. Darius Henderson. Marlon King. Malky Mackay. Adrian Mariappa. Tom Cleverley. Danny Graham. Martin Taylor.

The Watford Observer.  Oliver Phillips.  Anthony Matthews.  Frank Smith. Terry Challis.  Trefor Jones. Vicarage Road. The Estcourt Tavern. The Nascot Arms. The West Herts. The Wellington. Druids. The Red (and Yellow) Lion. The Horns. From the Rookery End.  Blind, Stupid and Desperate. Look at the Stars. Clap Your Hands, Stamp your Feet.  Gladys Protheroe. Ann Swanson. BBC 3CR. Jon Marks. Fry Days. Martins. Critellis. Harry’s 50/50. WIFC. Watford Junction. The Rookery. The Football Cafe. Alan Cozzi. The High Street. The Rous Stand. Market Street. The Parade. Watford General. Occupation Road. Pie City. The Main Stand. The Harlequin. Elton John. The Scoreboard. Mike Vince. The Vic Road End. The Observer Clock. Z-Cars. Benskins. Iveco. Solvite. Eagle Express.  Herald & Post. RCI. Blaupunkt. CTX. Phones4U. Toshiba. Total. Beko. Burrda. The Happy Egg Co. Football Manager. Wembley 84. Kaiserslautern 83. Liverpool 70. Anfield 99. Old Trafford 79. Leeds 92. Wembley 99. St Andrews 99. Cardiff 06. Fulham 98. We’re out of your league.  Where’s your banner gone? Red Shorts. Black Shorts. Yellow everything.

Marco Cassetti.  Almen Abdi.  Jonathan Hogg.  Matěj Vydra.  Fernando Forestieri.  Manuel Almunia. Lloyd Doyley.  Joel Ekstrand.  Christian Battocchio. Jonathan Bond. Fitz Hall. Sean Murray. Ikechi Anya.  Troy Deeney.  Matthew Briggs. Jack Bonham. Adam Thompson. Steve Beleck. John Eustace.  Connor Smith.  Daniel Pudil. Lee Hodson. Tommie Hoban. Nathaniel Chalobah. Britt Assombalonga. Nyron Nosworthy. Mark Yeates.  Prince Buaben. Craig Forsyth. Neuton. Geoffrey Mujangi Bia.  Alex Geijo. Carl Dickinson. Ross Jenkins. Piero Mingoia. Gianfranco Zola.  Dodo Sormani. Giancarlo Corradini. Marco Cesarini. David Hughes.  Will Jones. Filippo Giraldi. Luke Warrington.  David Stephens. Ben Dixon. Ade Mafe. GianLuca Nani. Scott Duxbury. Giampaolo Pozzo. Raffaele Riva. David Fransen. Stuart Timperley. Rob Smith. Alan McTavish. Glyn Evans. Katie Wareham. Richard Walker. Michelle Ives. Gino Pozzo. Giorgio Gasparini. Kevin Powell. Jack Baxter. Mike Spanou. Montoniri Watanabe. Josh Andall. Richard Line. Craig Charles. Linda Finill. Chris McGuane. Barry Quin. Lesley Watts. Will Davies. Mark Jones. Mark Timmington. Dave Godley. Dominic Hayne. Peter Sharp. Robert Sharps. Elizabeth Sabri. Adam Carter. Derek Moon. Jackie Sheppard. Stephen Crabtree. Graham Lynch. Nicola Rees. Joe Bennett. Tom O’Connor. Roger Down. Paul Tait. Jack Tubbitt. Alex Ashby. Mark Jamieson. Liam McGarry. Steve Scott. Paul Clarke. Clive Hibbert. Ben Swift. Joanne Simonds. Cleveland Brandy. Gillian Winfield. Martine Capitelli. Jane Phillips. Karen Daly. Gayle Clarke. Neil Hart. Steve Williams. Helen Taunt. Chris Andrews. Robert Clarke. John Salomon. Paul King. Dave Byrne. Danielle Rutter. Matthew Harrington. Andrea Viglieno. Jack Denham. Gareth Jones. Greg Willerton. Huma Yousaf. Ann Watt. Anne-Marie Burn. Danika O’Riordan. Tracy Hamilton. Sam Perrinn. Ryan McGillivary. Jack Barber. Alex Kaufman. Natasha Hiscock. Harry the Hornet. The Bloke who sits behind you.  His mates.  Their mates. Your mates. Their mates. You.  Me.


Come. On. You. Horns.


1. straightnochaser - 08/05/2013

Inspired! 🙂

Sequel - 09/05/2013

We didn’t start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world was turning
(Billy Joel)

2. putajumperon - 08/05/2013

Southampton ’80 ?

3. Matt Rowson - 08/05/2013

…and anyone/thing wot I forgot (sorry…)

4. Every7years.... - 08/05/2013

Made me smile. We can do this!

5. Tybalt - 08/05/2013

Come On.

6. Simon - 09/05/2013

Loans.co.uk? 🙂 COYH

7. Kate - 09/05/2013

I wasn’t that nervous before reading that. I am now! Thanks!

8. Esp - 09/05/2013

Brilliant Matt and will no doubt cast up warm memories for many.
Although you never claimed it was an exhaustive list of iconic match day people and Watford features I always seem to buy my tickets from Jill in the ticket office who used to sit in front of me in the Main Stand and let’s hear it for Shorty too! Seeing the stadium and the Harlequin come into view from the train always makes me smile and gives me my first adrenaline rush and anticipatory pangs
I am gutted not to be able to go to to the 1st leg but to whoever’s going.

Matt Rowson - 09/05/2013

List is FT staff. I think.

petebradshaw - 09/05/2013

Brilliant Matt, let’s hope the club print this one out too!

The Harlequin? What’s wrong with it’s new name “Intu”? Everything. That’s what.

PS Filippo Galli. Mo Johnston. George Reilly. Ian Richardson. Kevin Richardson. Albert McClenaghan.

NickB - 09/05/2013

Don’t you mean ‘let’s hear it for Shorty, Ladeez and Gennelmen’?
Please can someone prevent said individual from asking ridiculous questions again at half time on Sunday? The Gavin Mahon interview was embarrassing.
Oh, and I wish I was called Cleveland Brandy.

9. Martin Coupe - 09/05/2013

How do you always manage to capture the mood so perfectly Matt? Genius. BRING IT ON!

Matt Rowson - 09/05/2013

hard drugs.

Pete - 09/05/2013

I thought Unilever made Ice Cream and …

You’ve been at the detergents again Matt!

10. ramsgate horn - 09/05/2013

God bless all , ive got butterflies but this is what the game is all about, chances like this, lets roar the boys into the prem
Thanks to Matt and Ian, for their continued good work on the blog

11. Luke Fairweather - 09/05/2013

What about a similar list of Leicester people but ending with… “we gave your boys one hell of a beating!!!”

12. Steve the Cheshire Hornet - 10/05/2013

Absolute genius, even after the less than inpsired first leg last night – however, being really anal, have spotted one slight typo, it was 1978 when the Golden Boys dumped Man U out of the League Cup at Old Trafford, I know because I was there!

13. Old Git - 10/05/2013

Ron Rollit, YES. Sometime in the late 1960s, I turned 16 and I became ineligible for a half-price season ticket. I wrote to Mr Rollit saying that I might be 16 but I was still a schoolboy and this was rather too expensive for someone who was not earning. I got my half-price season ticket. And the result : a lifelong (well, not quite yet) bond with this wonderful club.
There’s a brilliant picture of him in Ken Furphy’s ‘Portrait of Promotion’ gazing in mock horror at the mountain of ticket applications for the 1969 Man Utd replay. So glad the club acknowledged his passing last week.

NickB - 10/05/2013

Hear hear; he pretty much WAS Watford in those days. Nice man.

Old Git - 10/05/2013

I was at Old Trafford too, but have no idea what year it was! One does tend to forget things, you know……
I remember those two goals though. And that save!
Let’s have some more for the memory bank on Sunday.
Right now I am aggressively mowing the lawn. I have just stamped on a snail. Is that OK, ig?

14. JohnM - 10/05/2013

Wonderful, reading all the names sent a shiver down my back – summed up what it is to be a WFC supporter for the last 46years! Thanks a million
I tried to explain to my wife – but if you need to have it explained, you will never understand.

15. Soxon Hornet - 11/05/2013

Brilliant!! Having also just tried in vain to explain this to my wife and received a completely blank expression in response, I’d like to concur with the previous point. Very astute.

16. hornetboy84 - 11/05/2013

Pure class! Next time Matt is on the radio he needs to read that out in the style of a Norwegian commentator!

You orns !

How bloody long to go now ….

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