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Tomorrow. 26/05/2013

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

who do I want to win, Brighton or Palace?  Palace it is, then.  Sasa Curcic.  Andy Johnson.  Alan Smith.  Phil Barber.  Clinton O’Morrison. will we get tickets?  when will they come?  who am I sitting with?  what can I take in?  confetti?  flags?  food?  drink?  nervous, nervous, nervous. what to wear?  will it rain? where do we meet?  what if we win?  what if we lose?  what if it goes to penalties?  Holloway. Rrrrrrghhhh!  Shut it, Holloway. watch that clip again then.  And that one, the one of the pundit.  And the ones from the crowd.  That can’t all be for nothing, can it?  come on guys, come on guys, come on guys, let’s win!.  Cloyd Doyley. playing chess.  cutting up crepe paper.  can’t concentrate at work.  no time to not concentrate at work.  Isn’t it Monday yet? Come on, come on, come on!


First, you gotta enjoy the ride.  Whatever happens tomorrow this is a great day and a great thing.  Whatever happens tomorrow, days like this don’t come along terribly often;  if we might be better able to cope with promotion this time, maybe, there’s no escaping that seven years ago, seven years before that too, this was the highpoint.  Don’t waste it. You don’t get the time back…

Next, there are no guarantees.  One-off game, anything can happen, eleven versus eleven.  But luck helps.  And who could argue that this season of all seasons, in the context of what went before, we haven’t fallen on our feet.  Much as there is much about our club that we love and have long loved and will continue to love, none of these things contributed to the Pozzos picking us.  We were low hanging fruit.  We got lucky.  So as far as luck goes, we’re a lucky side this season.

Big match mentality.  Not “freezing” on the day.  Nobody who saw the second leg will have any concerns on that score… it’s still the most striking thing about the day, not the dramatic finish, not Vydra’s extraordinary goal, but the calm, confident focus.  We weren’t affected by the occasion, never allowed doubt to creep in, not for one second.

Then there’s ability.  And if there’s an overriding theme to this season it’s how quickly and consistently this team has grown, improved, developed.  Yes, we wobbled briefly, but everyone did… Palace’s wobble was greater.  But we’ve continued to grow, to develop.  We’re a better side than when Palace drew at the Vic in February, let alone when we won at Selhurst on the opening day, in another world.  And we’re much better than Crystal Palace.  That guarantees nothing.  But it’s not a bad start. If they score a hundred goals, we’ll score a thousand.

Bring it on.


1. djdsouza - 26/05/2013

Was worried about Kevin Phillips getting his traditional goal against us, but I believe “If they score a hundred goals, we’ll score a thousand.”

2. Keith Hannigan - 26/05/2013

Watford 1001, Palace 99

Tell Rachie.

3. Rookster - 26/05/2013

I just can not wait for tomorrow. 99 was one of the most amazing days of my life and although at times I’ve struggled to feel connected to this team at times, it almost feels with the events of Leicester and the heartbreak against Leeds on that final day we are all in this together again. Come on you golden boys! Yellow!

Arakel - 27/05/2013

I’m surprised to see someone say that they struggle to feel connected to the team. I could understand that at the start of the season, but now? After seeing just exactly how much these players care? After seeing Battochio and Forestieri partying with fans after Leicester? This is the most connected to the team I’ve felt in a long, long time. These players care, and they want it. To me, loan is a just a word on the paperwork; they’re Watford players where it counts.

I don’t mean this as a dig, I am just honestly shocked that people are struggling to relate to our current team.

4. Chris - 26/05/2013

Yeah … something like that. It has been a great journey this season and whatever the outcome the future is still bright.

5. NickB - 26/05/2013

Yes!!! Effing yes!
That really hit the spot: taken me from ‘ I’m not sure what to think’ to ‘I really know what I think and I’m 110% up for it’.
Thank you.
Come on!

6. ramsgate horn - 26/05/2013

Yes Matt, positive and pragmatic as ever. Myself and my boys are excited but nervous, It will be gutting to lose after a season like this but at the end of the day this year has got to be a platform for years to come. Hopefully with the Pozzos in charge we are a work in progress and on our way up soon.
I say this in case it doesnt go well but we are capable of winning although Palace will be tough opposition, Lets hope we do ourselves justice play the sort of football we are capable of playing
I PRAY WE WIN AND ALL HORNETS HAVE A GREAT AND MEMORABLE DAY WITH MEMORIES THAT STAY WITH US FOREVER, good luck and god bless all im nervous as we speak but yes this doesnt come along every day lets grab the chance

NickB - 26/05/2013


7. Roger Smith - 26/05/2013

I hope that GZ has read them your report of the Leeds game: forget the Premiership; forget the occasion; forget Wembley. Keep your heads, play your football and WIN THE GAME!

lillian - 26/05/2013

Strange – all of these comments could have been written by Palace fans – Good luck?
Well lets just say we understand each other!

8. Big Al - 27/05/2013

When the stadium was being built, i rather rashly (and perhaps drunkenly) avowed that i wouldn’t go to Wembley until Watford played there. When Sprinsgteen announced a concert there this June, I weaseled a bit and said that I had only meant for a football match. But then along came this team, this season, and the culmination in what is already shaping to be a glorious day regardless of the result. How am I feeling now that the day is here? Content, to be honest. That I get to see us play there, that it feels like an appropriate denouement to the season, that in an otherwise awful week for this country 90 minutes in resplendent sunshine will remind me of just why I fell in love with this beautiful game to begin with. And sometimes that’s reward enough. Anything else gladly accepted though.

9. The Great Big O - 27/05/2013

The morning of the game has arrived and I’m strangely relaxed.

Both times we were in the play-off final before, there was a strong sense of needing to grab the opportunity to win promotion because we’d overachieved and it might not last. I don’t feel anything like that this time.

All season, at every game, I’ve felt confident enough in this team’s ability and approach to be patient. I’ll be patient this afternoon, and – if we don’t win – I’ll be patient next season. It’s the football that Zola gets his team playing – regardless of personnel – that allows me to feel like this. Loans are temporary, class is permanent.


Leggatts 'orn - 27/05/2013

No more sleeps!

Susan Cooper - 27/05/2013

Both times we got into the play-off finals previously we won, scoring 5 goals and conceding none, so lets all get behind our team, and make it three out of three, with maybe 10 goals scored and none conceded!!

10. JB - 27/05/2013

“Zola is my equal”

Never in a million, billion years. More deluded, delusional, vacuous claptrap from their manager….

Our team, our manager our club – there is a quiet determination and strength of purpose about how they have conducted themselves this week.

This is not actually about today, but today is another step on a journey, a journey that just 12 months ago none of us would have believed possible. It is a journey that won’t end today, whatever the result – today will just determine which path we take next. A crossroads then.

Vydra, Abdi, Cassetti, Ekstrand, Chalobah, Battoccio, Pudil, Anya – it is has been a privilege to have watched you this season…loan players? Don’t make me laugh…|

Deeney, Almunia, Hall, Lloyd, Hogg. Have I missed someone?….Oh yes FORESTIERI! Our players, but largely indistinguishable from the rest in terms of quality, in terms of commitment, in terms of truly understanding what it means to be part of our extraordinary club.

To Gianfranco and his coaching staff, I salute your amazing achievements this season and wish you all good luck in the game today.

To the Pozzo family, I say thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for our club thus far and all that you will do in the future.

To all Watford supporters, I hope you stay safe and have a great day – Look at the stars, see how they shine for you..!

11. Richard - 27/05/2013

Buena vibra, come on boys, hollering from Bogota, Colombia

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