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“Tales from the Vicarage, Volume II” 19/12/2013

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.


The best read amongst you will already be in possession of “Tales from the Vicarage, Volume I” which was a highlight of last Christmas for many.

Twelve months on, “Tales from the Vicarage, Volume II” is a second compendium of writing on the Hornets in a variety of styles from a variety of authors. This list of authors includes both of this blog’s co-editors, which makes a glowing testimony kinda delicate from a socially acceptable self-promotion point of view.

On which basis the only reasonable thing to add is that on the basis that last year’s book was a stonker, this one’s bound to have something going for it…

You can order the book, or read further details, at the book’s website here, or order from Amazon.

Alternatively the book is on sale from the magnificent Watford Museum, and at Waterstones in Hemel Hempstead.

That is all.


1. wheathampstead hornet - 26/12/2013

A great read. I recommend it. Particularly like the chapter on the background to the Pozzos, chapter 6, that a mate recommended while we were free wheeling against Millwall earlier today.

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