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Savile Rogue Scarf Competition Results 24/11/2014

Posted by Matt Rowson in Nonsense.

Many thanks to all those who entered our competition to win a Savile Rogue Watford scarf.   The objective was to name a Watford player past or present who had played competitively for each of the clubs in the Premier League and each of the other clubs in the Championship.  Beyond that, the winning entry would be the one whose 43 named players made the fewest number of Southern League, Football League and Premier League appearances for Watford between them.  (One for the anoraks, I appreciate.  I’ll try to come up with a more inclusive comp if we get this gig again….)

No player’s name could be used against more than one club, and each player used must have appeared in at least one competitive game both for Watford and for the team in question.

24 entries were received, of which 18 successfully put a name to each of the 43 slots.  Of these, the most winning entry in terms of Watford appearances was again received from Anders Flatas whose nominations made only 47 league starts for the club between them;  Anders defends his title, and having declined a scarf last year on the basis of no UK address is more than entitled to this year’s prize if we can navigate that obstacle… I’ll be in touch, sir. Commiserations to Paul Baxter, an honorable second for the second year running, and third place David Moore who beat traditional comp heavyweight Jem Whiteley into fourth.

After much fiddling around with spreadsheets I managed to beat Anders’ score by two appearances, but must confess to having employed the combined expertise of the entries, the composition of which is also detailed below, rather than doing the legwork on my own (are you mad?).  However this is only one possible avenue to this score… the insertion of Cliff Powell for Gary Plumley at Cardiff, for example, being one equivalent variant.

The most frequent error in entries was duplication… Scott Loach and Nigel Jemson just two names to have been allocated to two clubs simultaneously by entrants.

Other errors can loosely be categorised as either:

  • Naming a player against a team for whom he never played competitively
  • Leaving a team blank
  • In very few cases, putting a player down with no association with the club in question.

Been as generous as I can be re spelling…  happy to discuss or explain any queries, but please be polite… 🙂

So for those with an insatiable appetite for such data, enjoy:

Full Results Table

Club-by-Club Summary

Full Club-by-Club Listing

Player List in order of Most Nominations plus Detail!

Alphabetical player listing (for confirming your score!)

Note that both the Club-by-Club summary and the full Club listing are a little distorted by the occasions on which a player was nominated next to two clubs – since only valid entries are counted, the discarded lower entry in the team list is arbitrarily missing.

You can get a 10% discount off any Savile Rogue order using the HAPPY14 discount code.

That is all..


1. Anders Flatås - 24/11/2014

I’d like to thank my wife and Trefor Jones (Not necessarily in that order)
Also, thanks to Matt for doing these comps. They make international breaks a little easier to live with.

2. Jonathan Winsky - 24/11/2014

When I submitted my entry, I assumed that I would be unable to include players who had not made a League start for Watford, so there are a lot of players who counted as having made 0 starts who I was aware of but did not include. However, when I read the comments on the other article, I realised that I could have included these players.

Still, 7th is a decent finish, especially as this is the first time I had entered one of these competitions.

Matt Rowson - 24/11/2014

The devil’s in the detail Jonathan… but it DID say COMPETITIVE match in bold in the original article. Thanks for entering.

3. Keith Endean - 26/11/2014

found my mistake I blame the wife nagging when submitting my entry

4. Harefield Hornet - 01/12/2014

Enjoyed doing that without the assistance on any books but noting I only got 42 correct please can you tell me which player/team was incorrect from my selection?

Matt Rowson - 01/12/2014

Scott Loach under Ipswich and Rotherham

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