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Watford v West Bromwich Albion (15/08/2015) 15/08/2015

Posted by Ian Grant in Match reports.

Sorry, folks. Because of illness (me) and other commitments (him), you’ll have to do without us for this one, and for Southampton too. Normal service will resume shortly.


1. JohnF - 16/08/2015

Hope you are well soon and that Matt enjoys what I suspect is holiday. Exciting game with much to be positive about but we should have won. The final ball was not so good and we will have to get used to teams shutting up shop in front of goal at the Vic. One thing is for sure everyone worked really hard and I thought the defence looked as solid a Watford defence as I have seen in some time. Some exciting attacking play but oh that final ball. Still it is early days yet and the team should gel even more as we play more games. Would have loved to have read your views.

2. RS - 16/08/2015

5 thunks;

⭐️ Get well soon
⚽️ Other commitments?
🐵 loving 3 three up for their corner(s?) I think they had more than one?
🙉. Re 3 Boaz going apoplectic as he pleaded for more cover; hilarious
🙈 look out Berahmi’s behind you…

3. Old Git - 17/08/2015

Well, that’s a fine state of affairs. Easing myself back into the working week always starts with the pleasure of a trip to BHappy, so now what am I supposed to do? Provide my own thunks? For heaven’s sake, don’t I have enough to get on with?
Anyway, lessons learnt on Saturday. Lucky not to lose that one. But don’t the new signings look good, both collectively and individually? This idea of having to ‘gel’ might not be as long a process as we thought. Get well soon, Matt. And ig, for goodness sake, get your life sorted!

Ian Grant - 17/08/2015

Other way around, Colin. And we’ll gladly provide free cake to console anyone who’s unable to find sufficiently enthralling coverage of events elsewhere*.

*Offer only applicable within ten yards of where I’m currently sitting. Offer expires……now.

Ian Grant - 17/08/2015
4. Old Git - 17/08/2015

OK, sorry….get well soon, ig. And Matt, for heaven’s sake, get your life sorted!

5. rsnmccoll - 17/08/2015

Get well soon, despite watching the games on HD over my breakfast here in Colombia, I rely on you guys to make sense of it all!

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