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Toddy 25/09/2017

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

We don’t make a habit of sharing writing responsibilities on these pages, as you’ll know.  Special circumstances demand an exception.  We’ll miss you, Toddy.

As Richarlison burst through Alfie Mawson’s wet lettuce of a tackle and delivered the coup de grace on Saturday, you couldn’t help but wonder what Steve Todd would have made of it all.. Toddy set sail for whatever awaits last week and we’re all going to miss him terribly.

Back in the first Premiership (not, not etc) season a thriving regional supporters group community had built up around the Watford team, specifically on the away days. The Norfolk Hornets, with Toddy and the equally much-missed Steve Brister at the helm, were in the vanguard and The Yellow Experience fanzine regularly reported on the various adventures of Toddy and his crew over the following few seasons.

Later, with Look at the Stars in its pomp, Toddy also bought his unique humour and love of sailing to its pages as part of our ‘Since We Last Wrote’ match reporting. With the focus often on anything other than what actually happened on the pitch, Toddy’s whimsical genius was a perfect ingredient for those pages.

As far as words of tribute go, we could have filled Matt and Ig’s blog with glowing reference and stories of one of our best writers and much-loved shipmate. Instead, we present two of his best articles in his memory and hope his many friends enjoy the memories they invoke. If you’re reading and never met or knew him, take our word for it. You’d have loved him, too.

Sleep well, Cap’n,
Your bitchmaster and flooze
TYE, LATS editors/co-editors 1991-2004



1. Andy - 25/09/2017


2. Kyffin Jones - 25/09/2017

Nice one everybody. Shed another little tear, then raise a glass to absent friends. I first met the Steves at the Hardwick Pizza Hut RVP for Sheff Weds away 2-2 in the not-not season. You (Norfolk) Horns!

3. Ian DEll - 29/09/2017

A pair of f*ckwits …the best you would ever want to meet…and members of the old TUFF group

….only great memories…

Look at the stars and how they shine for you, and every thing you do…they were all yellow….

..so very true..

4. Andrew J - 23/10/2017

I have only just read the sad news. It can truly be said of him, once you had met Toddy, you would never forget him. He was Watford through and through, and like all of life’s best people, he was always genuinely pleased to see you again no matter how long it had been. As I recall, he started writing a novel about 15 years ago. I have no idea if ever finished it or found a publisher. RIP, Sir.

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