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Helping Hands 2018/2019 23/05/2019

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

In the wake of Saturday it doesn’t hurt to look back on what has been a very decent season by any reasonable standards.  As in the previous eleven years of this article it’s an entirely selfish pursuit;  I enjoy watching all the goals again and compiling it, you probably know this stuff already if it’s your Sort Of Thing.  Nonetheless…  pausing only briefly to reiterate the generous definitions that I apply to an “assist” (the last pass, obviously, but also the shot that was parried for a follow-up, being taken down for a penalty, both the flick-on to a cross AND the cross itself, and so on) we continue….

The first name to pick out is of course the one at the top of the table, the magificent José Holebas.  Whilst the quality of our set piece deliveries is occasionally grumbled about there’s little doubt that a left back who can provide seven assists, “proper” assists mind… crosses and that…  not to mention three goals, a lot of charging up and down the flank like a loon and a whole load of yellow cards at the age of 34 is a fine, fine thing.

Just behind him Abdoulaye Doucouré is at a healthy 6, up from only 3 last season.  Significant, perhaps, that last season’s 3 came at the very end of the campaign under Javi Gracia, who has tended to field Capoue rather than Doucouré as the deeper sitting of the two central midfielders.

Gerard Deulofeu comes in at 5 having missed the first two and a half months of the season, despite which three of the five came before the turn of the year. Also on five Roberto Pereyra; all but one of his assists (and all of his goals) came in 2018 but while his goals were largely at Vicarage Road, all but one of his assists came away from home.

Further down the list, Étienne Capoue had his best assist tally of his four seasons at Vicarage Road despite holding down a deeper midfield role; his three assists compare to four in his first three seasons here.  Kiko Femenía meanwhile yielded a slightly disappointing two after none last year, a slightly disappointing return for his furious overlapping.

Otherwise, most notable are curios in the appearance list.  It astonishes me that Stefano Okaka made as many as three sub appearances before his return to Italy.  Tom Cleverley had his injury problems, but it’s still a little startling that he made fewer starts than Domingos Quina, similarly that backup left back Adam Masina managed practically as many starts as first teamer Andre Gray.

Will return soon with the End of Term Report.  Enjoy the summer…


Assists Apps Gls Assists vs
Holebas 7 31+1 3 BHA (H), BHA (H), TOT (H), TOT (H), CHE (H), CPA (A), TOT (A)
Doucouré 6 37+3 5 BUR (A), MAU (H), WOL (A), WOL (A), CAR (H), CAR (A)
Deulofeu 5 28+5 12 SOT (A), MAC (H), CAR (H), CAR (A), LEI (H)
Pereyra 5 36+0 6 EVE (A), EVE (A), WHU (A), WHU (A), CPA (H – FAC)
Hughes 5 37+3 3 FUL (A), NEW (A – FAC), EVE (H), CAR (A), FUL (H)
Deeney 4 32+5 11 BUR (A), CAR (A), LEI (H), MAC (A)
Sema 3 12+10 1 CAR (H), BOU (A), WOK (A – FAC)
Masina 3 15+5 0 REA (A – LC), HUD (H), WOK (A – FAC)
Gray 3 16+18 9 FUL (H), FUL (H), WOL (N – FAC)
Capoue 3 37+2 4 CPA (H), HUD (H), CAR (A)
Janmaat 2 20+2 0 CPA (H), SOU (H)
Femenía 2 27+7 1 TOT (A – LC), HUD (H)
Cleverley 1 6+11 1 QPR (A – FAC)
Quina 1 7+6 2 NEW (A – FAC)
Success 1 13+22 4 MAU (A)
Mariappa 1 25+7 0 TOT (A – LC)
Cathcart 1 40+1 3 CP (H – FAC)
Okaka 0 0+3 0
Peñaranda 0 1+1 0
Prödl 0 1+1 0
Navarro 0 3+2 0
Wilmot 0 4+2 0
Britos 0 5+1 0
Chalobah 0 7+6 0
Gomes 0 8 0
Kabasele 0 20+3 0
Foster 0 38 0

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1. Roger Smith - 23/05/2019

How come the total number of starts – 503 – isn’t divisible by 11 to give the number of games played? It’s 45 + 8/11.

Matt Rowson - 23/05/2019

almost certainly because I messed up somewhere. I will investigate…

Matt Rowson - 23/05/2019

Found a mistake with Caps’ appearances. The sum is now 506, which is the correct figure given that we played 46 league and cup games.

2. crisb - 23/05/2019

interesting the change in Deeneys contribution from the first 2 prem seasons to the second 2. I think this is probably a combo of both declining ability due to age and the fact that playing with Ighalo really suited him in the first season. He still wins so many balls and rarely have we made use of that this season, but as the figures show we’ve also found other outlets.

my slight doubt over the next season is that we have a lot of regular starting players who I reckon have peaked now and are possibly due to start creeping down (you could say the entire starting back five, caps, pereyra, deeney, cleverley), so we could definitely do with freshening up the squad.

Pereyra in particular has looked so woefully out of tune in 2019 that I’m beginning to wonder if he’s not carrying some chronic injury that he is terrified of aggrivating. As a 28 year old (arguably the prime age) with plenty of experience he really should have been relishing the second half of this season, but he genuinely seemed unable to rise to it.

Harefield Hornet - 23/05/2019

Pereyra – yes baffling erratic form – started like a house on fire and disappointing for lots of the season- still the odd moment like the assist for the Palace FA cup winner – but not enough? Bit harsh on Cleverley as has been out injured most of the season!

3. Nashinho - 24/05/2019

What stood out for me is the number of double assists:
Holebas 2 v BHA (H) and 2 v TOT (H) = 4 of his 7 in the first 4 games.
Doucouré 2 v WOL (A).
Pereyra 2 v EVE (A) and 2 v WHU (A) = 4 of his 5 in 2 games.
I realise that in 3 of these games 2 goals were crucial to gain a point or 3, but maybe the achievement of Deulofeu and Hughes creating in 5 matches is more impressive?

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