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Nottingham Forest 0 Watford 0 (02/12/2020) 02/12/2020

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Sorry.  No.  Just no.  Not that we were dreadful.  Not that an away point at Forest is a disastrous, not that we deserved any more (even against a ragbag bunch of whinging ghosts of Championship past – Arter, Knockaert even more objectionable with a silly little beard, Lolley less objectionable and admirably gutsy but an echo of a miserable afternoon).

Just…  there’s not much to say that you don’t already know.  We had a lot of the ball, but didn’t do enough with it.  Again.  We probably didn’t deserve to win.  Again.  We probably didn’t deserve to lose.  Again.  We still need to find ways to break down solid opponents that don’t cave in on us…  that way was often Fernando Forestieri in 2015 and it’s difficult not to be rueful about that bit in the summer when he looked like he might be coming back.  But with a squad the size of ours I guess that’s being greedy.

No.  Stop.  It’s quarter to eleven on a school night and I’m knackered.  Stop already.  There’s nothing new to say.

There will be on Saturday.


Foster 3, Ngakia 3, *Femenía 3*,  Cathcart 3, Kabasele 3, Sarr 3, Garner 3, Chalobah 2, Quina 3, João Pedro 3, Deeney 3
Subs:  Perica (for Quina, 74) 3, Wilmot (for Cathcart, 90) NA, Cleverley, Sierralta, Phillips, Crichlow, Bachmann


1. Kevin Shanahan - 02/12/2020

It was so diff to PNE game.

Forward line was an Andre Gray tribute act?

2. paullbaxter - 02/12/2020

I have never ever spent so much time shouting “forward” at the screen. If Chris Hughton had handed Ivic a note on how he wanted Watford to play he couldn’t have been happier. Our play is just so ponderous and it makes it so easy to defend against. Yet we are still near the top. The ratio of playing well to getting points must be close to an all time high. I suppose that that is a good thing but you sense that eventually this will come crashing down and we will return to the coach merry go round again.

3. Harefield Hornet - 02/12/2020

Yep – summed up perfectly. I think I’m starting to become de- sensitised now to this kind of championship performance/match/result as I’m just thinking OK yes another point – move on – another game will be along in 20 minutes etc. Wasn’t successful
In the ballot but good luck and well done to the 2000 that were!

4. Stuart Campbell - 03/12/2020

Some seven or so years ago I moved north from Northwood to Newark in the East Midlands. Almost everyone here supports Forest apart from a few County stalwarts, one or two Mansfielders and (my favourites) the fine folk who shout for Lincoln City. I’ve somehow been to the vast majority of Watford games pre-pandemic, long Saturdays, long train journeys, lots of expenditure. And, despite my grandfather status and looking to a fast-approaching 75th birthday, still do. So, fabulous to still get to the Vic regularly(and Wembley!) to join son and at least one grandson. I would have been at the City Ground tonight, bar Covid 19.
But dear God of ancient ‘Orns… I really am so empathetic with your co-editor, Matt. Not sure I can go through this flat footie dullness much longer. Last game on HiveLive we had both Tommy Mooney and Gary Porter. In their playing days they made me scuttle down Cardiff Road in eager anticipation.
We have some exceptional young players in the squad right now. Why do I feel so feel so dispirited? Is it my age or my geographical separation from the club I love… or has the magic really gone? What do you guys think? Do I just need an old Scottish Gramps’ strong dram? I can’t but applaud the way the club is being run, so why do I feel like a grumpy old fart?

Matt Rowson - 03/12/2020

I feel your pain Stuart.

I think part of it is the curse of being a big gun in this division. That’s not a fun thing to be unless you’re winning because you tend to get a lot of games like this. We need to either be clever enough to navigate a deep defence or quick enough to beat it there… we should be both, somehow we’re neither but much as we could have lost both tonight and Bristol I think we’re closer to getting there than to everything falling away.

I must confess that we don’t recall Gary Porter in the same way. Fine player obviously, great servant. But the period in which he was a reason to be excited was confined to a few early years in the mid-eighties for me.

5. Roger Smith - 03/12/2020

Perica might have come on sooner. After pleading for five subs to avoid burn out and injuries, Ivic studiously avoids using them.

6. Sequel - 03/12/2020

I could have kept a clean sheet for forest last night, and I’ve not played in goal for forty years.

7. Ray Knight - 03/12/2020

Luv the brevity of your report Matt. Summed things up perfectly. A point is OK and we move on. Arter’s antics were worth the £10 alone! Good wihes to all Hornet fans.

8. Harefield Hornet - 03/12/2020

Talking of Gary Porter – remember his hat trick when we can back from 0-3 against Bolton with twenty minutes to go! That was some game!

9. Nick - 03/12/2020

I was banking on your report lifting me up and beyond an otherwise dreary lunchtime but you’re absolutely spot-on. Nothing to see here. Move on.

Matt Rowson - 03/12/2020

Sorry Nick. Conscious of my responsibilities but I just couldn’t face it.

10. Old Git - 03/12/2020

The mystery for me is why Sarr is so unwilling to run at his full back and seems to prefer laying off a pass either sideways or backwards. Yet we know he has devastating pace.
And I think, Harefield Hornet, there were only 19 minutes to go….

11. Paultheshrink - 03/12/2020

That’s four games I’ve paid a tenner for; the result has been seeing one goal at the right end, and practically no goal mouth action. Time to cut my losses and stay out digging the veggie patch on a Saturday afternoon. Looking on the bright side, at least evening games of this sort don’t keep me awake late into the night with nervous exhaustion.

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