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Dirty Dozen : Coventry City 05/02/2021

Posted by Matt Rowson in Nonsense.

“Dirty Dozen” is a feature that I write for the match programme;  mindful that the programme might be enjoying a slightly lower readership than is normal, I’m reproducing the pieces that were in the corresponding home programme prior to away games for the rest of the season (with the club’s permission).

Format is simple – twelve questions, how many do you know the answers to?

Feel free to enter your responses or scores in comments but I won’t be marking them. Answers at the top of the comments.

  1. Which two players scored their first senior goals for the Hornets in the League Cup encounter between Watford and Coventry last season
  2. Watford were the only League side to beat City in the FA Cup between January 1985 and January 1990. Which non-League side knocked the Sky Blues out of the 1988/89 competition?
  3. At which three stadiums have City played home games over the past decade?
  4. Later a Hornets captain, John Eustace was made City’s club captain by Gordon Strachan before sustaining a serious knee injury. How old was he at the time?
  5. The most recent League encounter between Watford and Cov prior to this season was a 0-0 draw at Vicarage Road in March 2012. Which prolific Championship striker made his League debut in that game, managing 60 minutes for the Hornets?
  6. Robbie Keane played his last game in Sky Blue at Vicarage Road in May 2000. Who scored the only goal of that game, and which club did Keane join that summer?
  7. City beat the Hornets 5-0 in a League Cup Quarter Final replay at Highfield Road in December 1980, ending a run that had seen the Hornets knock out Southampton and European Champions Nottingham Forest. Which future Hornet was amongst the scorers for City?
  8. Watford keeper Steve Sherwood memorably scored direct from a drop kick at Highfield Road in January 1984. But who was the City keeper beaten by Shirley’s strike in a 2-1 Watford win?
  9. Which current Premier League midfielder spent four years with City after joining from Rangers in 2012?
  10. The opening day defeat to City at the start of the 1983/84 season saw the official opening of what Vicarage Road landmark?
  11. City famously won the FA Cup in 1987, beating a Spurs side that had beaten the Hornets in a Villa Park semi-final. Which member of City’s cup winning side had been part of the Plymouth team beaten by Watford in a semi at the same venue three years earlier?
  12. Which striker scored his last goal for the Hornets at the Ricoh Arena in April 2009?  He had been signed from Győri ETO three years earlier who he rejoined for a third spell last summer.



1. Matt Rowson - 05/02/2021

1. Ismaïla Sarr and Adalberto Peñaranda
2. Sutton United
3. The Ricoh Arena, Sixfields Stadium, St Andrews
4. 21
5. Britt Assombalonga
6. Heidar Helguson, Inter Milan
7. Garry Thompson
8. Raddy Avramović
9. John Fleck
10. The Family Terrace
11. David Phillips
12. Tamás Priskin

10+: Cov-ered yourself in glory
6-9 : Need more Sky Blue Thinking
0-5: Godiva Awful

2. Roger Smith - 05/02/2021

Qu 6 has two questions, but you have only one answer.

Matt Rowson - 05/02/2021

corrected thx

Sequel - 05/02/2021

Oh dear, I’m a Godiva, despite being a regular in the 80’s. Dazzled by Digger’s brilliance, obviously.

3. Mike Peter - 05/02/2021

4 1/2 – 3, 5, 6, 12 and I got AP on 1. May well have got 10 but I managed to skim past it while going through them.

Matt Rowson - 05/02/2021

There’s a heavy emphasis on the 80s in this one, so rather relies on your age/memory. Not always so. I could have easily done two Dirty Dozens on the 1990s for the Bristol City prog, one on the 5-2 at the end of the 91/92 season alone. But didn’t.

4. Andrew Hinds - 05/02/2021

I started with 3.5/4 but needed the last one to get to 5/12 … and that included an educated but lucky guess (no.4), so I’m Godiva Awful! I have no excuse as I’m old enough to remember the 80s. Great fun, though – many thanks.

5. Harefield Hornet - 05/02/2021

Only 3, 5 and 7 right !! A fully paid up Godiva!

6. Vaughn Smith - 05/02/2021

Garry Thompson – I remember going to the first game at the Vic that ended in a 2-2 draw in torrential rain. Thompson was unstoppable, despite playing with a plaster cast on his wrist! After the exploits against Southampton and Forest it was a given that we’d beat Coventry that night…surely…such simple logic when you’re 9 years old eh?!

7. Edmund - 05/02/2021

A poor Godiva, despite being born in Coventry, having them as my second team, and going to some of those 80s games. But still good fun, thanks Matt. I’m most curious about question 2 – did a combination of Watford and non-league teams really knock Coventry out of the FA Cup in 4 seasons out of 5 or were there some other unusual circumstances which I missed?

Matt Rowson - 06/02/2021

We beat them twice, either side of their win in 87 including a rare Trevor Senior winner in 1988. Plus the defeat in the question covers the interval.

Edmund - 06/02/2021

Ah yes, I made the mistake of including January 85 as part of “between January 85 and January 90”, which of course it isn’t.

8. NickB - 06/02/2021

I read the title on Saturday evening and assumed you’d done the match report earlier than normal…

9. Simoninoz - 07/02/2021

Which completely useless ‘alleged’ striker scored our only goal in a victroious 1:0 FA Cup tie at Cov’s Highfield Road in January 1988? I was there. It was a bit sad really.

Matt Rowson - 07/02/2021

Mentioned above in comments I think

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