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Dirty Dozen : Brentford 30/04/2021

Posted by Matt Rowson in Nonsense.


Please note that the Brentford report will not be promoted on Twitter this weekend in line with the #socialmediaboycott which you can read about here

You’ll be able to access it by heading straight to https://bhappy.wordpress.com

“Dirty Dozen” is a feature that I write for the match programme;  mindful that the programme might be enjoying a slightly lower readership than is normal, I’m reproducing the pieces that were in the corresponding home programme prior to away games for the rest of the season (with the club’s permission).

Format is simple – twelve questions, how many do you know the answers to?

Feel free to enter your responses or scores in comments but I won’t be marking them. Answers at the top of the comments.

  1. Whose thunderous winner was decisive the last time we faced the Bees at Vicarage Road (prior to this season)?
  2. Which manager left Griffin Park to take over at Vicarage Road in August 1990?
  3. In which year did Brentford last win a league game against the Hornets?
  4. Which later Watford Player of the Season was the last player to join the Hornets from Brentford?
  5. In March 2005 the Bees signed two players from the Hornets on the same day. One was an ex-Player of the Year, the other a one-time leading scorer at Vicarage Road.  Name them.
  6. Which nicknames is older, Brentford’s Bees or Watford’s Hornets?
  7. Brentford owner Matthew Benham is majority shareholder of which European side, Champions League qualifiers in 2020/21?
  8. Four former Watford FC employees have taken charge of Brentford as either full-time or caretaker manager in the last 20 years. Name them.
  9. Which former Hornets midfielder was the Bees’ Player of the Season as they finished fifth in the table behind the promoted Hornets in 2014/15?
  10. Which Watford-born TV presenter was on Brentford’s pro books in the 1970s without making an appearance for the senior side?
  11. In April 1993, the Hornets beat the Bees 1-0 at Vicarage Road. This was the last victory in front of the Vicarage Road terrace, and relegated Brentford to the third tier.  Whose penalty was the only goal of the game?
  12. What would win in a fight between a Bumble Bee and a Hornet?


1. Matt Rowson - 30/04/2021

1. Matěj Vydra
2. Steve Perryman
3. 1977
4. Gavin Mahon
5. Marcus Gayle & Scott Fitzgerald
6. The Bees, by at least 60 years
7. FC Midtjylland
8. Ray Lewington, Garry Thompson, Andy Scott, Mark Warburton
9. Toumani Diagouraga
10. Bradley Walsh
11. Jason Drysdale
12. A Hornet. The hornet shell is much tougher; 30 hornets have been known to taken on hives of 30,000 bees.

10+: Busy Bee
6-9 : Honeytrapped in mid-table
0-5: Bumbling Fool

2. Graham smith - 30/04/2021

Q1. Wasn’t that at Griffin Park? Last time at the Vic was this season and a draw

Matt Rowson - 30/04/2021

Thanks Graham, amended. Sorry… these are obviously written prior to the corresponding home fixture and though I scan them to check they’re still up to date I obviously missed this one.

3. Mike Peter - 30/04/2021

6.5/12. 1, 3-7, RL/MW for 8.

Mike Peter - 30/04/2021

Oh, I got 12 too.

Matt Rowson - 30/04/2021

Good work

4. Sequel - 01/05/2021

Re: question 12; bumble bees, for their size, have puny stings. Putting one up against a hornet would be like taking on a tank with a pea shooter. Having said that, hornets are a bit like nightclub bouncers; behave yourself and they’ll leave you alone.

5. Edmund - 01/05/2021

100% on the natural history questions, took a roa-sting on the football history questions.

Matt Rowson - 01/05/2021

One out of two’s not bad

6. Kevin Shanahan - 01/05/2021

We missed 2 penalties the last time Bees beat Watford ending a run of 25 unbeaten at home I think.

Oddly our last game of that season was an away game at Swansea which Watford won 4-1. Next season Watford were promoted with Brentford and Swansea!

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