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Helping Hands 2021/2022 25/05/2022

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

The thing about assists is… there isn’t really an unique definition.  No “official list”, no panel of ex-players formalising decisions as there is with goalscorers.  So… my definition is on the generous side, hence the numbers of assists below are higher than you’ll find elsewhere.  I would include a critical pass even if it were deflected, a shot which is saved and the rebound converted.  I’d also include being fouled for a converted penalty (unless the penalty were converted by the same player – you can’t assist your own goal!).   Other folks use meaner definitions.  They’re allowed to be wrong.

There’s a danger here of this article basically reflecting… “it was a bit rubbish, wasn’t it?”.  But it was a bit rubbish, wasn’t it?  Half as many goalscorers as last year and eleven providers of assists to last year’s seventeen.  Anyone would think that relegation was less fun than relegation.  They’d be right…

Last year’s article described Sarr’s contribution as ridiculous. No less so this season;  even allowing for injury interruptions and so forth, five goals and three assists was pathetic… the more so when two of those assists came on the opening day.  Relevant comparators are Cucho and Dennis – Cucho managed comparable figures from similarly spasmodic game time but with more moderate expectations, whilst Dennis may have tailed off – two goals and one assist since the turn of the year – but was hotter in his hot streaks, albeit he played half as many games again.

He wasn’t the only disappointment.  Imrân Louza was a relatively bright spot in a miserable season and tended to operate from deep – nonetheless, he was often on set pieces and so no assists (or goals) is disappointing.  Hassane Kamara was the only defender to score but didn’t manage an assist despite his positive play (albeit his figures are distorted by his only being signed in time for the even-more-miserable second half of the season) whilst João Pedro, for all that he is touted as a number 10 to build the team around, managed one assist, and that at a crumbling Everton.

Silver linings are few and far between, but Kiko’s six from only 26 starts is healthy from right back, a contribution to bear in mind before we start taking to much for granted, whilst Adam Masina managed his first assists in three seasons despite being restricted by the Danny Rose experiment and the more successful Kamara signing to 14 starts.

Vaguely planning to do both the End of Term report and a season preview, but with a narrower window and Stuff and Things restricting time it may boil down to one or t’other.  Any preferences welcome…

Assists Apps Gls Assists vs
Dennis 7 30+5 10 AV (h), Ev (a), Ev (a), MU (h), MU (h), LC (a), MC (a)
Femenía 6 26+2 0 NC (a), MU (h), MC (h), NU (a), CP (h), Ar (h)
Hernández 4 14+14 5 CP (h – LC), StC (h – LC), Ev (a), Ar (h)
King 4 28+5 5 NC (a), NC (a), NU (h), WH (h)
Sarr 3 21+1 5 AV (h), AV (a), Br (h)
Masina 2 14+2 0 Ev (a), Ch (a)
Kucka 2 22+5 1 So (a), Bu (h)
Cleverley 2 29+1 0 AV (h), Br (a)
Sissoko 2 37+1 2 Ch (h), Br (h)
Fletcher 1 3+3 2 LC (a-FAC)
Rose 1 8+1 0 NU (h)
João Pedro 1 16+13 4 Ev (a)
Foster 1 27 0 MU (h)
Cathcart 1 28+4 0 Ev (a)
Conteh 0 0+1 0
Forde 0 0+1 0
Deeney 0 0+2 0
Elliot 0 1 0
Morris 0 1 0
Nkoulou 0 2+1 0
Kalu 0 2+2 0
Gosling 0 3+3 1
Etebo 0 5+5 0
Tufan 0 6+3 0
Sierralta 0 8 0
Kayembe 0 9+4 0
Sema 0 9+12 0
Bachmann 0 13 0
Kabasele 0 13+4 0
Troost-Ekong 0 16+2 0
Kamara 0 18+1 1
Samir 0 19 0
Louza 0 19+3 0

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1. David Lewy - 25/05/2022

Review please, as a preview is somewhat meaningless until transfer window closes.


Matt Rowson - 25/05/2022

Cheers Joonz

James - 25/05/2022

Preview please, we may not know who the playing staff will be, but it would be good to know who the competition are going to be, and if they are a basket case of a club or a promotion rival 😊

Matt Rowson - 25/05/2022

Cheers James

2. Adam Cummings - 25/05/2022

As a season preview wouldn’t make much sense before July 30 (or arguably August 31) maybe an end of season report would be more interesting…if more painful.

Matt Rowson - 25/05/2022

thx Adam

3. Nick - 25/05/2022

For the love of GT make it a preview not a review please Matt!
Is there really anything worthwhile left to say about 21/22 anyway?

Matt Rowson - 25/05/2022

We have a split vote… cheers Nick

RS - 25/05/2022

I’m with Nick; preview please!

As has been said, not much left to say about what has been…

Sequel - 26/05/2022

It’s going to be nigh on impossible to forget this utter tsunami of a depressing season, so, a preview gets my vote.

MartinG - 28/05/2022

Preview please Matt. Last season is dead and gone.

4. skipton65 - 25/05/2022

That’s a tricky one, as I always look forward to both. However in the circumstances, as my thinking is we will not bounce straight back this time round, the preview would be much more useful and probably entertaining as well. It’s my intention to immerse myself more fully in the next season so all the insight you work hard to accrue would be of more interest than commentary on players who are highly likely to be axed. Thank you for this season’s hard work, it is always a pleasure to see your report come online. Enjoy the summer break.

5. Kyffin Jones - 25/05/2022

Season preview, please, Matt

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6. ron908 - 25/05/2022

Really love all your posts / blogs re WFC. Top man! I have 2 season tickets in UGT for myself and the son who lives near London. I will be in Northumberland next season, hoping to get to as many games as possible next season. Will certainly be at the away game c Sunderland. ( We went last time to witness S’s only win of the season)

Will keep looking out for you to say hi and thanks Cheers Andrew >

Matt Rowson - 26/05/2022

Thanks Andrew

7. Jon Preston - 26/05/2022

Definitely review. One of the joys of this site is occasionally going back and looking at the season reviews for players and your thoughts for them for the next season. Looking in hindsight is interesting. Your points were definitely valid at the time but occasionally events overtook things. The Pozzo takeover being a case in point. Looking forward to whatever you do.

Matt Rowson - 26/05/2022

Thanks Jon

8. Stuart Campbell - 26/05/2022

Always look forward to your splendid posts, Matt. But this coming year will be different for me as I’ve decided to hang up my season ticket in favour of grandson 2. Age and distance travelling for home games has finally caught up, so bhappy will be even more important than ever. As to the tricky choice, I’d choose preview – purely because it allows for optimism! Hope springs eternal! YouOrns🤠

Matt Rowson - 26/05/2022

Thanks Stuart. Hope the youngster appreciates your sacrifice.

9. Tapps - 26/05/2022

I always enjoy your insightful reviews of the season just gone especially as this one will no doubt be served with large dollops of pathos. I imagine the season preview takes a lot longer to compile?

Matt Rowson - 26/05/2022

Thanks Tapps. They’re both hard work – in a sense the preview is easier cos it’s compartmentalised (keep track of transfers, browse messageboards for headline concerns/expectations, write stuff). The review is more of a slog – finding different things to say.

Nick - 26/05/2022

Is this you getting behind “vote preview” Matt?!

Matt Rowson - 26/05/2022

Good grief. Not at all, I like them both, I just like my family too… and there’s something else coming which requires attention and is, um, better than either…

10. Old Git - 27/05/2022

End of term report please. If you do that then it will give us the opportunity of telling you that you’ve been over generous in your assessments of pretty much everyone.
And on consideration, I think the Vialli season was worse. And relegation to the Fourth Division wasn’t much fun. The memory of Scully’s forlorn late penalty to bring the score back to 2-3 against Walsall in our must-win-last-match-of-the-season still sends me into spasms of gloom. Never has the word ‘trudging’ felt more appropriate as those few of us still there made our way back to the the High Street station.

11. Dave - 27/05/2022

Another vote for a review. I always enjoy coming back and reading the old ones.

12. St.John the roving hornet - 27/05/2022

It is an important philosophical debate which speaks to our times. Do we learn more from history or the future. Or in this case, do we learn more from why we signed an inconsistent but talented Slovakian full-back who had lit up the Belgian second division, or from whether we expect Huddersfield to use a deep lying playmaker? And where do you have unique insight? For me it is the review all the way. Learn from history.

13. Tim - 30/05/2022

Thanks for everything Matt excellent reports and God knows it’s been important to have something to enjoy in a god awful season .for me I’d prefer and end of term report .although I always look forward to both. Its good to sum up the players who may leave . A way of drawing a line under a crap year and moving on . If your pushed for time we will have to do our own research on our prospective opponents
See what the consensus is and thanks again.

14. Vaughn Smith - 31/05/2022

Preview please.

crisb - 31/05/2022

review please

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